I Tried The Blender Challenge w/ The Dolan Twins And It Was Gross | Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp
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The Dolan Twins challenged me to the Blender Challenge, AKA worst cooking show on the internet, and it was really gross. Still fun though! Afterwards, I taught them how to be real professional actors!
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11 Jun 2019

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Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp Mês atrás
I had a super fun time shooting with the Dolan Twins! Who should I do a video with next?
Samantha Mendez
Samantha Mendez 4 dias atrás
Millie or liza koshy
rylands life
rylands life 8 dias atrás
Emma chamberlain
lizzie locklear
lizzie locklear 22 dias atrás
Stranger Things cast, or Dobre Brothers
Niranjana Babu
Niranjana Babu Mês atrás
Annie leblanc
Hope Blake
Hope Blake Mês atrás
Emma chamberlain!!
Samara Carneiro
Samara Carneiro 2 horas atrás
Put subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, because not everyone speaks English. Please💖
The boss Of the bosses
The boss Of the bosses 4 horas atrás
Moriarty’s music from Sherlock Holmes
Sofía Chirino
Sofía Chirino 4 horas atrás
8:07 are you sure that's not vinager?
Sunflower Honey
Sunflower Honey 4 horas atrás
stranger foods
Crystal & Ireli
Crystal & Ireli 6 horas atrás
They all fine ion care 😍
Gimarlee Vlogs
Gimarlee Vlogs 6 horas atrás
I love you Noah ❤️
Pixel Gamer
Pixel Gamer 6 horas atrás
It’s official The Dolan Twins watch *Stranger Things*
Ali Kelso
Ali Kelso 7 horas atrás
Aww I remember when E and Gray first posted this same video concept💓
Red Sonja
Red Sonja 8 horas atrás
Lol, with the clockwork orange music as well.
María concepcion Tovar
Cookies and Cream Gacha
I love you noah!
Joy Christian
Joy Christian 9 horas atrás
Who else loves crickets
aaliyah lawrence
aaliyah lawrence 9 horas atrás
i’ve eaten the crickets and they aren’t even bad 😂
Emily Grenton
Emily Grenton 10 horas atrás
Look out how tiny Noah is compared to the Dolan Twins
Kairah Landrum
Kairah Landrum 11 horas atrás
Noah you are awesome
Cs Kerem
Cs Kerem 13 horas atrás
1 mil in a month
danielle gélinas
danielle gélinas 13 horas atrás
Naenae Byrd
Naenae Byrd 13 horas atrás
No one: literally no one: Not a singlesoul: Greyson *Opens liquid Smoke for Noah* 4:59
faith bourque
faith bourque 14 horas atrás
Noah is a mood this whole video I can't stop laughing at the faces he makes😂😂😂😂
Kadance Ellis
Kadance Ellis 20 horas atrás
I want to be the next Millie Bobby brown I think that would be awesome can you please tell her that I said hi and I am one of her biggest fans you are to but ya live all if you guys
Kadance Ellis
Kadance Ellis 21 hora atrás
Hi Noah I just wanted to say that i love you and the whole cast of stranger things and I was wondering how you get into movie films
emily cornell
emily cornell 21 hora atrás
Eat it or wear it
EXTREME VIBES 22 horas atrás
Does Millie Brown have a channel let me if she does
loucas em comum
loucas em comum 22 horas atrás
No entendi nd mais eu te amo muito mesmo sou super sua fa y love
House Phone
House Phone 22 horas atrás
Noah spitted in it and then mixxed it
Ashlee Ahumada
Ashlee Ahumada 23 horas atrás
i love the dolan twins but...i still love you more! mwah💘
Pauleen Cua
Pauleen Cua Dia atrás
Next do a collab with D&D!
Cynthia Hernandez
Ima make a BRvid channel just so I could make a video with naoh🥺😭
Laura. tv
Laura. tv Dia atrás
Amezinggggg 😍
sisgeee Dia atrás
you should do Improv fridays with your friends! I loved watching you do improv with the dolans!
Ella Tellkamp
Ella Tellkamp Dia atrás
3 of the worlds greatest legends in one video together👌
Danilyn Schools
Danilyn Schools Dia atrás
Noah* most of this stuff is bad Grayson*no there’s some good stuff Noah* most of this stuff is bad tho 🥺
Jaslene Adriano
Jaslene Adriano Dia atrás
You can’t eat a banana peel I’m worried now
Phoenix Dia atrás
“Is it bad? Noyes”
Dolly Segura
Dolly Segura Dia atrás
RANCH SODA. Once u smell it u can't unsmell it
i don’t know anymore
*i can’t have that, i’m dairy free*
Sienna Greenway
Sienna Greenway Dia atrás
Hey I love you videos and stranger things the movie I’m a hug giant big fat fan your my favourite character
Anabel Barajas
Anabel Barajas Dia atrás
No entiendo nada de lo que dicen pero me encanta Noah 😍😍
Sofy Jung
Sofy Jung Dia atrás
Anabel Barajas siii :3
Dassi YL
Dassi YL Dia atrás
5:06 Noah was probably like I hope it is I’m consuming it th
Extra Carisma
Extra Carisma Dia atrás
Omg hi
Comedy Productions
Noah 1 month in BRvid almost 1 million subscribers
The Angie Bella
The Angie Bella Dia atrás
Omg just looking at it the drinks was nasty 💀I almost threw up
Diana Rios
Diana Rios Dia atrás
“I can’t have that I’m dairy free.” -Ethan Dolan
Davyn 11
Davyn 11 Dia atrás
Noah love this content keep up the good work you are awesome can’t wait for your next video love you no homo❤️
Davyn 11
Davyn 11 Dia atrás
I love this do more of this kinda videos
offical Dia atrás
can u plz stop growing up go back to being will :(
Natalie Cardenas
Natalie Cardenas Dia atrás
I’m gaging so hard!
Tajwar Abdullah
Tajwar Abdullah Dia atrás
In front of them Noah was like a baby
MR. 5787
MR. 5787 Dia atrás
Alguien que hable español ?
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