i tried making minecraft lava cake

julien solomita
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i am so sorry for this //
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12 Set 2019



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Comentários 8 179
Zoe Tranter
Zoe Tranter 19 horas atrás
get julen on the GBBO train and he will bake errything
Lauren Bee
Lauren Bee 21 hora atrás
Poor Julen having a real-life psychological breakdown. I don’t bake for this reason - Cooking is fun, baking is torture. We know best - recipes be damned.
Christina Chapman
Christina Chapman 23 horas atrás
I am laughing so hard my cheeks and tummy ache!
Christina Chapman
Christina Chapman 23 horas atrás
LOL!! I FEEL this so much! This is exactly what would happen to me in the kitchen. BUT I still love to experiment and make up new things! I love you videos so much! Even more when Jenna comes in with her sweet, lovable self! Thank you!
LuLu G
LuLu G Dia atrás
Look at that cross section tho!!! 😭
Alex J
Alex J Dia atrás
Babe, it’s L A Y E R C A K E.
are you kidding me right now
I was on the verge of tears when he flipped the hot cake.
J.R Cody
J.R Cody 2 dias atrás
I feel like there was a point when Julien knew the recipe was gonna fail so he turned up the aries
friarpark 2 dias atrás
“Do you care that everyone around you is upset?” 😂
Eleanor C
Eleanor C 3 dias atrás
I have been a cake decorated for like 5 year and this video made me so upset😂
Paige Umholtz
Paige Umholtz 3 dias atrás
Julien's heavy breathing is comparable to Kermit's.
Carly Thomson
Carly Thomson 3 dias atrás
I watch Julien for Julien not really for the food so I enjoyed this video.
Dollface MUA
Dollface MUA 3 dias atrás
We forgive you. Don’t give up. 🤣
HowToBambi 3 dias atrás
That fondunt ain't right
My Keys
My Keys 3 dias atrás
This dude really made his own fondant! I amazed
Jilly Bear
Jilly Bear 3 dias atrás
Someone gotta get claire for BA test kitchen to help this poor aries
grace h
grace h 3 dias atrás
i think all julien needed for the fondant was more powdered sugar -- it gets weird if it doesnt have enough powdered sugar
grace h
grace h 3 dias atrás
not to brag but i literally make the BEST marshmallow fondant i'm weirdly good at it
Elizabeth Morales
Elizabeth Morales 4 dias atrás
Julien you should audition for the show nailed it on Netflix lol
allygator 20
allygator 20 4 dias atrás
Maybe.... baking just isn’t juliens thing
Anna G
Anna G 4 dias atrás
Is that carrot cake I’m fckin screaming “Why is it soaking wet”
Anna G
Anna G 4 dias atrás
I’m gettin anxiety that he has food coloring on the counter
ayla gold
ayla gold 4 dias atrás
iTs lAva fRoM miNeCrAfT
Karolina o
Karolina o 5 dias atrás
I like the 6:04 oven transition
Beth Morse
Beth Morse 6 dias atrás
this video made me laugh so hard. also i feel your pain of now having to clean up a mess for what seems not worth it hahaha
Shazik 7 dias atrás
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. THANK YOU!
Eva 7 dias atrás
Wait I'm actually wondering which part of the cake was so crunchy??
ItsMe Eleasha
ItsMe Eleasha 7 dias atrás
Child julien-mum look wat I made u Jenna-wow it looks good Jennas 🧠-wtf is it?????????????????
Linus❤︎ 7 dias atrás
I want to try the concept of making a lava cake, but actually try to make it right😂
Banana in Pajamas
Banana in Pajamas 7 dias atrás
julien, your breath is SO FREAKING loud
Giovanni Atencio
Giovanni Atencio 8 dias atrás
how popular minecraft is getting "recently" bruh.
Kelly Dempsey
Kelly Dempsey 8 dias atrás
When you said tiny whisk my mind went yaaa tiny rick
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 8 dias atrás
Potaito potato 🥔 🤣
lillie450 9 dias atrás
As a baker who has done vegan, gulten free cakes before I was crying laughing during this video. So much fun! Please, please keep baking 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jöergen 9 dias atrás
julien can you make a box jump tutorials
Alexandra Geiger
Alexandra Geiger 9 dias atrás
Oh god please stop overbeating the cake!
Animor Romina
Animor Romina 10 dias atrás
I really enjoyed this episode. It spoke to me on a personal level unlike anything since my grandma forgot how to get cobblestone in minecraft. Thank you kind sir for giving me this immense joy and overwhelming amount of nostalgia. *wink* ;)
L W 10 dias atrás
Can someone who is a professional baker now try to make the minecraft lava cake now 😂
Hannah Muncie
Hannah Muncie 10 dias atrás
Make a gaming Chanel
Bani Roka
Bani Roka 10 dias atrás
This made my day
Annabel Louise
Annabel Louise 10 dias atrás
This made me laugh so much
Gaga4 Makeup
Gaga4 Makeup 10 dias atrás
Every baker ever is cringing! You tried and that’s the important thing lol but how do you not know what fondant is? 🤔
Brittany 2H
Brittany 2H 11 dias atrás
3 minutes into the video and Julian, who measures spices in Spazzy handfuls, is going to bake! Oh, this is going to be a disaster! I'm here for it
Michelle Blank
Michelle Blank 11 dias atrás
When he zoomed in on the cake and it was still wet I did a Jenna thing and said julienuhna! And Kermit is even crying at this abomination lol
Caiti Rose
Caiti Rose 11 dias atrás
Anybody else’s hey google respond when he said “hey google?” Lol
tara bubb
tara bubb 11 dias atrás
Every time you go 'bep bep bop bep' I just keep thinking of the animated Julian on the memes 2 video lol Aries spirit !! Lol
PENGUINO THE GREAT 12 dias atrás
Jacqueline Half
Jacqueline Half 12 dias atrás
i watch this video all the time cause its funny and my cake i baked turned out just like that cause im gluten free and sucks
Uriah Panganiban
Uriah Panganiban 13 dias atrás
holy shit is this entire channel just cooking videos full of chaotic energy and stress? if so im so in
What is life
What is life 13 dias atrás
"Why are you serving cake with ice-cubes" 😂😂😂😂😂
LikkleLaura 13 dias atrás
That orange fondant looks like the same consistency as Starburst. Like WHAT
Atlistic 262
Atlistic 262 13 dias atrás
Low key, I can hear the spirit of Jenna in the background yelling “JULIEN” as he was contemplating the box jump
baby prospect
baby prospect 9 dias atrás
13catherinem 14 dias atrás
i'm fucking crying!! this is so bad
K.S J16
K.S J16 14 dias atrás
The funny thing is I think he set out in making this serious but when it was raw he thought you know WHAT 😂
Auditing Chicago
Auditing Chicago 15 dias atrás
Hey could u help me with my channel to boost it?
Candice Cooper
Candice Cooper 16 dias atrás
I have never laughed this hard. My favorite part of this series so far.
Bitchy Pig
Bitchy Pig 16 dias atrás
Pleaseeeee bread gloves with Jenna
AzraelDarkblade 16 dias atrás
everybody loves a good dumpster fire :D
Katameez 16 dias atrás
Julien literally supports whatever crazy stuff Jenna does in her videos. Why can’t she do the same for him?
Casualkoi 17 dias atrás
It looks like a shit with corn in it...
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