i tried making a bloomin' onion

julien solomita
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10 Out 2019



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Comentários 5 856
Kailee Pettigrew
Kailee Pettigrew 3 horas atrás
Now I wanna get a tattoo of a bloomin onion and a banner that says "pobody's nerfect"
Amber Bradford
Amber Bradford 15 horas atrás
i am Australian and i have no idea what this is
Ciara Cates-Wilson
Cook live Julien
lllHyPhEnlll Dia atrás
Best is at 8:46 where Julien starts the music edit, and hits a closeup shot that doesn't focus. Then he trys to back it up a bit to focus. Still doesn't focus. So he just goes right to the bread crumbs shakin in the bowl. :D ahahaha. I died laughing.
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Dia atrás
I didn’t know I needed Julian’s humour until I discovered him through Jenna. I cackle
PC POLICE 2 dias atrás
Josh peck?
Lyra Soanes
Lyra Soanes 3 dias atrás
Major Aries energy
Ashley 3 dias atrás
Honestly, best American pronunciation of Worcestershire sauce I’ve heard in a while **chef kiss**
Carolyn Vanasse
Carolyn Vanasse 3 dias atrás
When Julien was doing the slow and calculated Epbepbepbep trying to pull apart the onion I was LAUGHING
kelly unleashedsky
kelly unleashedsky 3 dias atrás
I use pancake batter with spices, I dip in dry pancake batter with spices, then wet batter , then dry. turns out perfect
Sw33t 5 dias atrás
Oh my god it’s literally 3am and I can’t sleep wtf
Haluka Kanagawa
Haluka Kanagawa 5 dias atrás
It looks like the queen of night flower
Aliya Jade
Aliya Jade 7 dias atrás
Julien: -cooks- No one: Absolutely no one: Jenna: -every video- "That's not allowed."
Tory, BTS Trash
Tory, BTS Trash 7 dias atrás
IDK about elsewhere but bloomin onions are common fair/festival food in Canada (or at least Ontario and Saskatchewan). I actually don't think I've ever seen a bloomin onion outside of a festival here lol
I Miss Ryan Ross
I Miss Ryan Ross 8 dias atrás
Hello, there, again.!?¿
888888 88
888888 88 8 dias atrás
is he asian? that's how asians cook we don't measure
peepgirl 92
peepgirl 92 9 dias atrás
I'm so glad I clicked on your channel, I've been watching you cook for like 4 hours and I'm so content. Love you and your vids man! 🤙
Liza Kneebone
Liza Kneebone 9 dias atrás
this isn't even a thing in Australia.. I have never had this and I am Australian
Valerie Thomas
Valerie Thomas 11 dias atrás
2:17 3:17 6:06 6:21 6:47 7:01 7:38 7:49
• Viofish •
• Viofish • 12 dias atrás
literally takes him 55seconds to tell us that its a bloomin onion
xxIluvyouguysxx 14 dias atrás
The Aries energy in the beginning is a lot and I’m also an Aries
Izzy Moten
Izzy Moten 14 dias atrás
I'm Aussie and yeah....We don't have blooming onions!!! You guys invented it!!!
l ٌ
l ٌ 14 dias atrás
i love how you can just tell what he's about to say from his face before it comes out of his mouth. wonderous.
Chiara Dominque
Chiara Dominque 15 dias atrás
"you might not be Australian" BUT I AM AUSTRALIAN
tiger fox
tiger fox 15 dias atrás
sorry never heard of a bloomin onion until i first went to the states in 2010 and went to an outback steak house must say i do love the americans interpretation of australian cuisine - they obvs never heard of a vegemite and cheese sanga - from an australian
Kaia Ö
Kaia Ö 15 dias atrás
I think worcshester sauce or however you spell it has sardine in it!!
xxIluvyouguysxx 14 dias atrás
Not sardines, anchovies
Holly Lemons
Holly Lemons 17 dias atrás
I would've used a Vidalia Onion.
Äddison Leigh
Äddison Leigh 17 dias atrás
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Julian: pobadys nerfect
Äddison Leigh
Äddison Leigh 17 dias atrás
I want a friendship like Jenna and juliens🥺
AlessiaAnnihilation 17 dias atrás
Wait. do they have a vegan Worcestershire sauce? It usually has anchovies in it.
Sudeshna 17 dias atrás
Stay blessed. Besides being an enthusiastic chef, you are a good person.
Mirabelle 18 dias atrás
An onion ring but the onion bone is still attached
Hunter Lee
Hunter Lee 19 dias atrás
I love julien but I really miss baby faces julien without the stache
Yazmin Martinez
Yazmin Martinez 21 dia atrás
LMFAO !!!! I couldn't stop laughing when he started adding the spices :'D
Ava Counsel
Ava Counsel 21 dia atrás
as an aussie i've never heard of a bloomin' onion but thanks for celebrating us heheh
Pascal 22 dias atrás
Nobody: Untrained bartenders on bar rescue with the jiggers: 07:21
Renee Noonan
Renee Noonan 23 dias atrás
It’s alright if you’re not Australian. Because Australians don’t eat blooming onions! Just onions underneath Bunnings snags.
Iris Dixon
Iris Dixon 23 dias atrás
bloomin’ onion is like a family of onion rings but they never cut the umbilical cord...
Abi J
Abi J 23 dias atrás
I grew up eating them when I would go to the fair. It’s soooo good!
Christina LaBelle
Christina LaBelle 24 dias atrás
Thank you for sharing, Bloomin onions are one of my faves
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