I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

Safiya Nygaard
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We tried following a fancy soap art tutorial! A huge thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video - you can check Wix out here:
And if you want to visit my old Wix website, you can check it out here!
So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps. So I decided - why not try and make a fancy bar of soap, myself, from scratch? So I followed a colorful, swirly cold-process soap art recipe from Soap Queen TV with interesting results. I've tried following makeup tutorials and nail art tutorials before, and this was by far the hardest one!
You can check out Soap Queen TV here:
And the Soap Queen blog here:
And the Brambleberry store here:
Also, all of the images on our soap "store" are from the Soap Queen blog! Links below to all of those recipes:
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Assistant Editor: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley
Graphics: Nathan Procell

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23 Mai 2019



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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 4 meses atrás
hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf
Jasmine Zaharia
Jasmine Zaharia 10 dias atrás
Hello Safiya. Would you like to try a zero g flight (experience weightless) and review it? I think it would be and awesome story to tell and you would be the perfect person to review it!
Lilaphil 2.0
Lilaphil 2.0 16 dias atrás
a h
Rypey ‘
Rypey ‘ Mês atrás
The soap turned out unique and actually, pretty!
mmtruooao Mês atrás
... collab with royalty soaps???
ChewieXOX29 Mês atrás
Two seconds th show will go on
aqua Seawing
aqua Seawing 21 hora atrás
this was made on my birthday
Ashley Landsberg
Ashley Landsberg Dia atrás
4:08 JACK!! MARK!!!
Destinie Bartley
Destinie Bartley Dia atrás
“bitch don’t die”
kbierer052507 Dia atrás
Tyler is the best hype man
Veronica Sonsino
Veronica Sonsino Dia atrás
7:35 I thought she was going to say “because were making soap”
nathalhices Dia atrás
15:00 come on... did you guys throw that away??? It's soap already! Ugly, but still soap
rainbug Dia atrás
This is a company that makes natural and artisan soaps. This lady started it in her garage, right here in South Africa.
Indro Cringe
Indro Cringe Dia atrás
Sorry but I found the cross cutting between Saf and the tutorial hilarious. Anne Marie: *lightly drizzling the liquid*, Saf: *scooping it like laying a brick wall*
Amelia Khalid
Amelia Khalid Dia atrás
The top of that soap is... great?
Bailey Reese
Bailey Reese Dia atrás
My mom has one of those laser thermometers to look for ghosts
shannon Warner
shannon Warner Dia atrás
pls collab with her!
syreni ericksen
syreni ericksen Dia atrás
the yellow looks like mustard lol
syreni ericksen
syreni ericksen Dia atrás
its glumpy & clumpy XD
also made soap in our organic chemistry lab. I wished I knew this side of youtube back then. Should've rocked my exams in Saponification lol
Falon Peddle
Falon Peddle 2 dias atrás
Bring in the dancing lobsters?! That brought out a memory from deep deep down! Amazing.
Mim Zeck
Mim Zeck 2 dias atrás
I love the concept of this video, and it was really fun and relaxing to watch. You should totally do this again!
Airhove Galsim
Airhove Galsim 2 dias atrás
Can you make a clone
Kris KRIS 2 dias atrás
This stressed me out
spongebob 2 dias atrás
i thought wix was a candle company 😂😂
Sara Doc
Sara Doc 2 dias atrás
Rikae69420 YT
Rikae69420 YT 3 dias atrás
It is amazing and smells amazing
Rikae69420 YT
Rikae69420 YT 3 dias atrás
Go to lush!
Kiwi’s Vlogs
Kiwi’s Vlogs 3 dias atrás
Lush has great soap and lip scrub
Winter 3 dias atrás
Please make a new soap!
Sudheeran S P
Sudheeran S P 3 dias atrás
Omg I also watch those soap videos So satisfying
Pam Sysiuk
Pam Sysiuk 3 dias atrás
"Let's bring in the dancing lobsters"
Daphne Vandine-crane
Daphne Vandine-crane 3 dias atrás
I have made a wix website Not so easy
rose hunt
rose hunt 4 dias atrás
try this soap art Safiya
ColourMeGin 4 dias atrás
Anyone come here from watching royalty soaps? 😂
annabelle scott
annabelle scott 4 dias atrás
I need more of this!
Dillan Heisz
Dillan Heisz 4 dias atrás
10:46 wtf
kadi abusaida
kadi abusaida 4 dias atrás
Please part 2
Creative Cailyn
Creative Cailyn 4 dias atrás
Waw sweetie thats a first I have never heard him say that Relationship goals
Ruby Zamora
Ruby Zamora 4 dias atrás
she literally could've just bought pre-made glycerin, melted it, colored it, and put it in the mold XD
Ruby Zamora
Ruby Zamora 11 horas atrás
@MMV4799 Depends on the amount of technique you put into the design. Also depends on the skill level and the person.
MMV4799 12 horas atrás
But that's not soap ART. It's just soap
Creative Cailyn
Creative Cailyn 4 dias atrás
“Bitch dont die” Said by a wise philosopher *cough*SAFIYA *cough*
quiltea56 4 dias atrás
I think your soap looks great! Are you married Yet? Little bars of soap would make great "Shower favors". Love watching you all. God bless
m m
m m 4 dias atrás
You have kid veiwerz
vapor 5 dias atrás
I just realized the background music is the PH theme-
Lucas Brinster
Lucas Brinster 5 dias atrás
its an emergen blender
makenzie michalak
makenzie michalak 5 dias atrás
you know what thats the best soap ive ever saw
vincent colella
vincent colella 5 dias atrás
hao :D
North Draws
North Draws 6 dias atrás
You know that feeling... that... *urge....* to eat the fancy soaps... *on display...*
Apatite Facet 24XJ
Apatite Facet 24XJ 4 dias atrás
Safiya's soap looks like lemon bars but blue
khouloud zaidi
khouloud zaidi 6 dias atrás
my mom used to make soap and she always warn me not to touch it while making it "it will melt my hand" that's what happen if i touch it
Grace Eunson
Grace Eunson 6 dias atrás
I love watching all of your videos. Since you are so creative, i think you should make a video of trying out Five Minute Crafts.
xXComplexXx 6 dias atrás
when the soap is this thick 18:57 , all i can think of is the dinner scene from "Hook"
Mytical Heart
Mytical Heart 6 dias atrás
Is it just me when I watch these videos I feel like IM doing it and MY hands are dirty and I can’t inhale :/?
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez 6 dias atrás
Who else wants saf to try this again just to see if her soap gets better
Unicorn ForEvs
Unicorn ForEvs 6 dias atrás
That's how now I make like 500 a week This video I do soap art now
So_Relatable 15
So_Relatable 15 6 dias atrás
I want more of these! This was amazing, thank you for putting the work into these!
Emmery 6 dias atrás
My birthday was on the 21
spacepancake ツ
spacepancake ツ 6 dias atrás
20:43 That looks like the Meat loaf with toothpaste from The Amazing World of Gumball
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly 7 dias atrás
4:08 my 3 favourute youtubers ! I’m content
Chaiora Haylestrom
Chaiora Haylestrom 7 dias atrás
Hook swirl and sinker
Gabrielle Swanger
Gabrielle Swanger 7 dias atrás
Safyia took chemistry the year I was born
Chloe Grimshaw
Chloe Grimshaw 7 dias atrás
You should have named the soap website safs bad science and if you made anymore ‘bad science products’ you could sell them on there!
Pappii Acee
Pappii Acee 7 dias atrás
If lye so bad y tf is it use in the soap we wash our pussy with?!
that 1 gay girl
that 1 gay girl 7 dias atrás
23:20 end product
Anna Wilner
Anna Wilner 7 dias atrás
do a bad makeup science - frankensoap
Miranda D
Miranda D 7 dias atrás
Ok but can we get another soap vid saf???
A Person
A Person 8 dias atrás
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