I Built TOO MANY Automatic Farms in Hardcore Minecraft!

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Transforming the mushroom island in Hardcore Minecraft
I spent 300 hours transforming the mushroom island to a massive skull shape with a huge city on top! This project required building 30 automatic farms. Please check out the creators below who made some of these farms.

ilmango -
Shulkercraft -
ianxofour -

There were a few farms I did not include here. That is because there were no video or channels to link, but huge thanks to them!
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14 Ago 2022



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THANK YOU A TON FOR WATCHING!!! I hope you enjoyed!
The dedication this guy has is honestly incredible
The amount of effort put into this one video is insane.. That wood farm looks AWESOME! And to think this is only 1/4 of the actual main build..
I love this build really enjoyed
It’s cool that you’ve built so many things on such a large scale! Also in survival hardcore, I bet this castle island is gonna be epic!
I can’t believe how constrained he is. I can barely sit still for 1 hour when playing Minecraft.
Incredible this guy is a real talent his every single build is even more and more crazy
This guy is the most underrated Hardcore BRvidr...
It's honestly incredible how fast he's able to complete these projects AND make a video for us
You know it's gonna be a good day when Wunba surprises us with this banger
Most of us don’t appreciate how long it takes wunba to make these kind of projects because he speeds them up.
Alex Sahy
even if i had 100 years, i still wouldn’t be able to complete a project as big as this
The fact that most of this is just making farms is kinda funny, the dedication to this build and all of your builds is incredible, keep it up dude 👍
Harishini weerasekara
I remember watching his stream months ago when he was still doing the terraforming part of the island , his dedication and effort made this masterpiece of a kingdom
Satyakanta Pradhan
I honestly would never in a hundred years be able to complete just one of these farms but he completes 30 farms in 1 video.
Cannot believe someone actually compiled this many hours in 20 mins vid, would deserve a serie on this one, very nice work, also how someone come with ideas like this, i build a small house, make a small farm, get some animals and get tired of the game, but i never thought about converting a FULL island, gonna think about it, the bioma i'm in is desert, and i like using cobblestone for almost everything
Matt Murdock
Man you gained a new subscriber.
Kıvanç Kaan Algül
The amount of hours this guy spends for these videos are insane and this is the reason I support this guy! Even sandiction doesn't spend that much time for his videos!
I think the wood district would be more accurately fit the farming district, can’t wait to see how this progresses!
Rylan Chan
Wunba, I just found your channel and started watching your videos, I only subscribe to people who's content I love and won't get bored of. You're dedication and quality of your hardcore videos are amazing! I like how you don't let the subscribers/viewers count affect your video quality and how hard you try. I think you've earned my subscription and that you are VERY underrated. Overall, I would like to sum up with the word "wow". :)
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