I Transformed the DESERT TEMPLE in Minecraft Hardcore

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2 Dez 2022



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aCookieGod Mês atrás
brand new COOKIE MERCH is out! only on sale for a limited time, so get some before its too late! :D
John Michael Devibar
John Michael Devibar 16 dias atrás
btw you are the best yotuber doing the painfull builds
POVILAS GUDIŠKIS 26 dias atrás
POVILAS GUDIŠKIS 26 dias atrás
POVILAS GUDIŠKIS 26 dias atrás
POVILAS GUDIŠKIS 26 dias atrás
SUPER Plays Mês atrás
The amount of effort he puts into this is insane. I feel bad that his world got corrupted.
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Cook 8 dias atrás
I agree🙂
ThunderBacon Mês atrás
Andyboii Mês atrás
Wow u have 69 likes on ur comment 😮
T S Mês atrás
🙋‍♀️ hi 🎉
ShatonDiego-_+ Mês atrás
serhii vorobey
serhii vorobey Mês atrás
its crazy how patient he is with building repetitive detailed things! keep up the insanely good work
•zy• Mês atrás
Finally! I've caught up with ur latest episode! I just randomly saw u in my YT recommendations and I've been binge watching ur hardcore series for 4 days now. Your builds are always amazing. Can't wait for the next episode ^^
12A Mês atrás
the amount of work this man puts in for US is incredible 🙌 tysm!
Gachauserace Mês atrás
Why is his voice so calming. I like just listening to him talk.
Melanie Westrick
Melanie Westrick Mês atrás
You should not feel guilty you managed to save the hardcore world and I’m glad. You already put soooo much effort into that world and that video.
Janice Garson
Janice Garson Mês atrás
The J Gaming
The J Gaming Mês atrás
I agree your right
Jude Appiah
Jude Appiah Mês atrás
The Concept of Joy
The Concept of Joy Mês atrás
And we dont want to start another world FOR THE 3RD TIME
Miko Rigland Brodtkorb
Yeh thats right🍪🍪🍪
pedream Mês atrás
aCookieGod, sou aqui do Brasil e não falo Inglês, só queria dizer que eu sou um grande fã seu e amo seus vídeos, são muito bom. Mano é serio.
Christo Bosman
Christo Bosman 26 dias atrás
do i love it
Christo Bosman
Christo Bosman 26 dias atrás
i hav no ideyer wat you are saein
JSpeed Mês atrás
Cookie tries so hard for his videos. And they always turn out great
Ruhina Samad
Ruhina Samad Mês atrás
I have been following u for quite a while now and i am head over heels in love with ur videos. i think that ur builds are very unique. Since the concept of the wall of leaves started i always wanted to be up there. So i am hoping that next episode u will shout me out. Thank You.
Princess Lovie Mae S.Dalumpines
can we just appreciate the thing that he create video's over night and he doesn't tell us how hard it is bc he wants us to not worry about him. 💕♥️❤️
ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉Craftee20
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Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan Mês atrás
The amount of effort he puts into this is insane. I feel bad that his world got corrupted.
Semimania_864 Mês atrás
Kuranosuke the muffinhead
​@Clawedcastle 15:55
Kuranosuke the muffinhead
​@Clawedcastle A Minecraft world getting corrupted is something that happens on occasion. An issue arises that messes with the saved data. In some cases, it will be a partial corruption that means you can just put stuff back to how it was. In other cases, an entire world is corrupted, stopping you from opening it at all.Jul 13, 2021
Clawedcastle Mês atrás
When did it get corrupt!!!???
Logan Stone
Logan Stone Mês atrás
yeah man
enderman Mês atrás
I saw you with netherite, and for that, you earned my respect. I am a noob, but I'm planning to be as good as you one day.
Eva950 Mês atrás happy you were able to get your world back and I’m happy that the cookie army shall stay happy. 😊
Aimed Boat
Aimed Boat Mês atrás
@Těxt me on telěgram @OfficialJoshemve 🤔
Těxt me on telěgram @OfficialJoshemve
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Jahneah Suizo
Jahneah Suizo Mês atrás
Congratulations on your new build Cookie God! Everything is appreciated.
Infi86 Mês atrás
U inspired me to start playing survival and build. Thank you, cookie for your time and effort put in these videos.
Franca nwanne Okafor
This man did all it takes to make us Cookie army happy. This man should be appreciated
sporna rian
sporna rian Mês atrás
He builds so good,I could never built that good.He should be the king of BRvid and Minecraft 😄
American Panda
American Panda Mês atrás
I've always wondered, do you create your factory's and farms from your own ideas or memory or do you follow instructions, and of you do follow instructions where do you get them from because I'd really like to make some epic factory's in my minecraft world too
Aubrey’s Art
Aubrey’s Art Mês atrás
It’s ok aCookieGod we are fine with it I am very glad you did that I wouldn’t ever want to loose my world either you had the full right to do so you have done so much work just to post and keep us happy and entertained! We love you keep it up! Your the best BRvidr out there I look forward to watching you everyday!
Agilexeditzz TM
Agilexeditzz TM Mês atrás
I really appreciate your hard work in your video s and I just want to say thank you for the content you create for us
Brenda Baker
Brenda Baker Mês atrás
I like the build so much, but I feel like there is just one thing missing. A treasure room would finish this build magnificently, but with multiple traps like hard parkour courses, piston traps and instant arrow traps. But I mean, it's not like a temple is supposed to be dangerous and all, I just feel like the build needs a treasure room. Think of it as a reward for how much effort you have put into the build (definitely not just rewarding yourself....). But anyhow, admire your building skills they are very good!
Rider Sheldon
Rider Sheldon Mês atrás
i love your builds your my favorite youtuber thank you for the hard work
DarthCalzone Mês atrás
I love how he fle w for 5 mins to village for a crafting table but there were trees in the mesa behind him.
Robert Reeves
Robert Reeves Mês atrás
Yo Cookie I’m so glad you did ““cheat”” cause it would really suck to lose this amazing world to such a stupid bug … keep being awesome man !!
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
Great fan,❣️❣️you. Use the 👆👆👆 above name toacknowledge our price ❣️❣️. You are among the shortlisted winners
Sophia Brew
Sophia Brew Mês atrás
The pain Cookie goes through to inspire and bring us content is too much let's just appreciate him
Tiffany Deranger
Tiffany Deranger Mês atrás
OVERCARD Mês atrás
yair gadelov
yair gadelov Mês atrás
Never be in Minecraft play I’ll be a Roblox player
Frosted Uuyast
Frosted Uuyast Mês atrás
Are u bot
Lisa Weber
Lisa Weber Mês atrás
hen ko
hen ko Mês atrás
simplesmente perfeito, cookie
Tèxt on telěgram@CRITDRINKER
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Error.303 Mês atrás
i love that he has enough determinaition to do al that work when im even too lazy to finish the game
Min Xiao
Min Xiao Mês atrás
the actual houses(well, most of them)where actually rectangular with room on the roof for playing and drying
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
Great fan,❣️❣️you. Use the 👆👆👆 above name toacknowledge our price ❣️❣️. You are among the shortlisted winners
DOGE Mês atrás
Amazing keep up the great work ❤
John Doyle
John Doyle Mês atrás
He is currently one of the best youtuber out there. The amount of effort he puts in his videos is unreal. Keep up the good work 👍👍
RioBlob 12 dias atrás
@Jason Jones i agree
Magma player
Magma player Mês atrás
I agree
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Mês atrás
@Leo Lee but I may not think I’m cool saying that. 💀
Leo Lee
Leo Lee Mês atrás
@Jason Jonesyou may think you’re cool by saying that as well 💀
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Mês atrás
@Jake Mitchell you may think ur cool but ur not
Can you make a tutorial for this and some of your other builds ? They are amazing
Lolkpoj Hi
Lolkpoj Hi Mês atrás
You do this to keep our army happy thank you man love you ♥️
Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins Mês atrás
I think it was actually pretty smart what he did to get his world back, props to you CookieGod
alexander_innit_ Mês atrás
Cookie, You're a god at building, even more than that... but I'm forever holding a grudge against you for not removing the 2 slabs on the roof.
the amount of time and effort for these vids and his wrist hurts its honestly amazing to see you doing these for the cookie army u deserve 10 mil subs (im not a bot)
Bob Deez
Bob Deez Mês atrás
He deserves more really
he deserves 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 subs
Yasir Rodwan
Yasir Rodwan Mês atrás
no 1000000000000zillion
Ivo Havener
Ivo Havener Mês atrás
He needs 12 mil
Architecture Kid
Architecture Kid Mês atrás
Georgia Brooker
Georgia Brooker Mês atrás
Dont feel guilty you saved this series! You've already lost one series dont lose another! Ps: Is this how your first series deleted?
Abby Mês atrás
Why don't you make a nether highway thingy? I swear you always forget stuff, and this will save you time flying back to base from ur projects 😁
InsaneCatMan13 Mês atrás
What you did to get your world back is completely fair. Don't feel guilty, you did what anyone would have done.
Ilze Karlane
Ilze Karlane Mês atrás
Cookies builds are awesome. I'm recommending this, but maybe he could make a seperate channel called 𝙖𝘽𝙪𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙂𝙤𝙙. Anyone agree with me?
Kenji Lim
Kenji Lim Mês atrás
This man is just going to remake every structure in minecraft better. I still can't believe how godly the editing is and how much time he spends just to entertain us weekly.
John Denny
John Denny Mês atrás
Yo cookie I just watched all your hardcore season 2 so many sick builds keep up the good work
Ricky Hernandez Jr
Ricky Hernandez Jr Mês atrás
The pain you go trough just to make us happy and entertained
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olivergarden_0 Mês atrás
technoblade never dies
Těxt me on telěgram @aCookieGodYT
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Tomboyyy Mês atrás
I never heard cookie happy to use granite and jungle wood
Notskulihen Mês atrás
Bro, dont feel guilty. You did what you had to do to keep the cookie army happy
Frank Haeldermans
Frank Haeldermans 2 dias atrás
YES he make us happy
Fathimath Rausha
Fathimath Rausha 4 dias atrás
@PitchSkullBlack its no longer hardcore
PitchSkullBlack 5 dias atrás
@Fathimath Rausha He can as it's meant to be. He just saved thousands of hours of progress by doing this. What's the big deal.
@Alexander The Conqueror 🦜what
GH0ST_218 10 dias atrás
Der Klemm-Crafter
Der Klemm-Crafter Mês atrás
In my opinion you were absolutely right when you cheated, so you don't need To feel guilty, its alright! And your Building Looks Like the Others - Mindblowing!
B3Y0ND_ Mês atrás
Hey just a fun fact you dont need to waste that much sand to make sandstone just put it in a stone cutter Hope this helps!
Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan Mês atrás
Did anyone notice that in every video he posts his builds always start as a mob spawner 🤣🤣
Kyle Babu
Kyle Babu Mês atrás
I am actually learning about ancient Egypt so you made this video perfect timing.
ItzEveInnit_ Mês atrás
The amount of hours this guy puts into this videos is crazy! Keep up the good and hard work :)
jsmith1208 Mês atrás
130 likes and 4 replys? Let me fix that
Teresa Massey
Teresa Massey Mês atrás
You had to cheat and that was the only thing you could do so I’m glad you cheated
King Studios
King Studios Mês atrás
@ItzEveInnit_ You now have a stack of likes
I do things
I do things Mês atrás
Nah his builds suck I can do better he he he😅 Joke I’m subbed his videos are crazy good😊
Carmen Sanchez
Carmen Sanchez Mês atrás
Blakelon Schmidt
Blakelon Schmidt Mês atrás
Yea tbh, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You’ve put ALOTTTT of work into this world. And for it to go corrupt, I’d do the same thing.
DINO 260
DINO 260 Mês atrás
He spends so much time on these its crazy
Michel Shoieb
Michel Shoieb Mês atrás
Very cool videos keep going❤
Kelly plays
Kelly plays Mês atrás
you say you not good at building, but I say your the best builder AND youtuber I've ever seen your sounds are hilarious! :D
Kadiax Mês atrás
I know this is kind of silly but the moment at 21:08 made me happy as a trans guy, thank you for your videos man they really help me calm down ♥
Renu Mishra
Renu Mishra Mês atrás
When you say can we leave it and then you design it that pain i can also feel that
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Mês atrás
You Built THIS In 24 Hours In Hardcore? Meanwhile I Can't Even Do A Normal Desert Temple In 4 Years!?!? Keep Up The Good Work Bro. It's Just Insane. Also 11:31 Cutstone
Emil Rosenkvist
Emil Rosenkvist Mês atrás
thank you cookie for giving me so many ideas to do in minecraft
Belial [JustBel]
Belial [JustBel] Mês atrás
I loved how it turned out, and I'm glad you could save your world, but I'm triggered by the fact that you never built a portal to get home faster than just flying...
Qti124q Mês atrás
Because our cookie isn't that intelligent
Random_gaming21 Mês atrás
I am too lol😂
Jo Bro
Jo Bro Mês atrás
I somehow miss how you collect the materials but otherwise it was a very cool video
Afshan Raja
Afshan Raja Mês atrás
Just stared watching you play minecraft and hardcore AMAZING CLIPS!!!
foxlit Mês atrás
Bruh I've seen so much of your videos and I know things that can make your projects easier
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
👆👆Thanks for the feedback, Expect more video very soon send a directiy message I have something for you 📦📦📦📦
exgaktai gamer
exgaktai gamer Mês atrás
Can you try to remake the village? Cuz you already remake the desert and the jungle temple
Geezlarry Mês atrás
I would much rather watch you building all these insane projects than see you have to restart your world. You chose wisely and were honest, which is good enough for me! 🙂Keep up the great work, you videos are awesome and funny!🙂
Congratulation 🎁🎁you have been selected among my random winners this week contact me on telegram for your prize 🎁🎁🎉
Wacky RR
Wacky RR Mês atrás
I love your video's it's so good I'm like watching this for an hour with my brother btw I subscribed.
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
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QuMeeeL88 Mês atrás
Yay! I survived to 6 am! Time to Cookie God's new videos!
Sowmya Kiran
Sowmya Kiran Mês atrás
Hey bro, we don't want you to lose your hardcore world again. We'll pull a blind eye We DO NOT want a repeat of last time
Zoe Bhai
Zoe Bhai Mês atrás
This inspires me more than how good I am at building😅
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Jim Ramsay
Jim Ramsay Mês atrás
This is so cool you can make anything you work so hard just to keep us interesting for like 10 minutes and you work for 10days thank you
Clover Mês atrás
It’s actually 23:40 mins he keeps us distracted for
JHMGamez Mês atrás
You got red terocatter
Ihsan asrama
Ihsan asrama Mês atrás
13:26 have you event build a wool farm?did you remember it?
Kurt Gagne
Kurt Gagne Mês atrás
I ❤ how he adds everything t make us happy
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
👆 🎁 picked 🎉 DM
Saiserus Mês atrás
cookie: its over pillager... i have the high ground! pillagers: no... cookie: long live the king. lol
Bobby and layla!!
Bobby and layla!! Mês atrás
Hi cookie! I love your videos!! You inspire me a lot and I’m really great full 😊 maybe one day I could be on the wall of leaves?
𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈 𝙈𝙀 👉@WilliamOsman0
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the random gamer
the random gamer Mês atrás
This man is so dedicated to keep his viewer's entertained for like 20 minutes while he does it like for many many hours thank you for the content
Retaj Alkurdi
Retaj Alkurdi Mês atrás
Many many hours? More like days
Liliam Evans
Liliam Evans Mês atrás
Please guys unless there’s a verified mark in the name it’s not the creator and actually a virus that, if you answer you get hacked
@Joey B very tru
Car Explosions 151
Car Explosions 151 Mês atrás
i agree
Muhamad Satrio Sakti Ajihak
light wolf
light wolf Mês atrás
and after all this, you need to build a villager prison, err i mean home! for the baby villager who wondering about your world
OP_headshotFV Mês atrás
I recently watched your videos i rlly loved it and i subscribed and your jokes are good dont worry man
𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈 𝙈𝙀 👉@WilliamOsman0
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weirdos Mês atrás
He is my favorite BRvidr and one of the best his content is amazing
peter griffin
peter griffin Mês atrás
Hell, but hey a least doing so much for the cookie army And we appreciate it 😀
Smart villager 🤓/Ohio villager
Cookie Always upload high quality and entertaining video thanks you
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
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Hikari Mês atrás
You’re my only source of entertainment these days 😭🙏
x y
x y Mês atrás
when u said on ur twt that your latest work were not saved, I almost cried with you, all that hand pain down the drain. take care of your hand, don't want hand problems when you're older!
Business Monkey
Business Monkey Mês atrás
Inspired by the Egypt,Greek architecture. Amazing
Tèxt on telěgram@CRITDRINKER
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Alexander Limas
Alexander Limas Mês atrás
The amount of time and effort he puts into his videos is crazy!! Love the dedication!
brianfriske Mês atrás
It’s been like so long Since you transformed a structure.
Jamie Foot
Jamie Foot Mês atrás
The amount of times I try a create a mob farm and it fails. Cookie: So yeah I accidently created a mob farm...
Maddison Chiem
Maddison Chiem Mês atrás
I love your Videos I have never found a desert temple even though I’m a girl I still Love Minecraft
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
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Priyanshu Kabir
Priyanshu Kabir Mês atrás
You can use the sand duper for concrete powder
SamSpeed22 Mês atrás
I really appreciate how many hours and him being funny he does for us. Thx Cookie!
uu Mês atrás
He was taking that he was doing it for days
jsmith1208 Mês atrás
31 likes and no replies? Let me fix that
salwa ejaimi
salwa ejaimi Mês atrás
I have good idea, it’s a diamond factory same the gold and Iron factory if it’s hard you can try emerald factory if both yards you can’t do it okay
Abram Rajesh
Abram Rajesh Mês atrás
He remakes all of the things in the over world that all if it will be remarked, love your channel and content
Hunter_12 Mês atrás
Its ok cookie we still love youuuu!keep it up😊
fish. Mês atrás
The roofs of the secret village are made out of the dead skin flakes from the Egyptian people.
TheLegitSurvivor Mês atrás
as a new member of the cookie army you have been always making me laugh and made me entertained, so from me... thank you for making this channel and you might even change my life...
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ @SpartanAndPudgey
wow👆 you just won giveaway telegram to access your price
Carl Soll
Carl Soll Mês atrás
Great save. Good play Cookie 😏👉
babythebabyslings Mês atrás
your videos are AMAZING :)
babythebabyslings Mês atrás
i just subed
Sliker5000 Mês atrás
The old desert temple is so lame compared to the one you made.
𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈 𝙈𝙀 👉@WilliamOsman0
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julia bero
julia bero Mês atrás
i like your design of the desert temple cookiegod
XxpeAchAyZsxX Mês atrás
We Appreciate you cookie 🤞🏽❤️
Plushie world
Plushie world Mês atrás
him: so I got some red concrete. Me: THATS RED TERRACOTTA
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