I Traded My Favorite Car for this 1,100+ Horsepower GT500!

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13 Ago 2022



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Comentários 2 116
With the Gt500's being out for so long, I'm honestly surprised I haven't gotten one until now! This just isn't how I saw it all happening.. 😅
Dev Bhatia
This is the proof that people who have got interested in cars by just working on them can never be satisfied with absolutely perfect, smooth and fast cars. The raw feeling of self builds just makes us connected to the car even more....
Josh Buchanan
Can definitely say I'm glad you traded the McLaren for this car and not the gt350. I definitely will be more inclined to watch videos on the gt500. Great choice brother! 💪
Mr. Clutch
Imagine having over 2000hp in your two car garage… Both Mustangs… Both Shelby’s 😂😭 To think about how far you came 2 / 3 years ago is crazy man, best wishes!
Donnie C
Glad to see some whine back on the channel! The mclaren was a beautiful car but we all knew Gavin can’t stay away from a stang
Richard Sonnon Jr
Honestly over everything I'm more happy to see your dad there and you and him growing your relationship.
Kyle Fife
Seen this happening for a couple days now! I follow Kyle, and have been for a while!!! Super stoked to see you in the new Shelby! Can’t wait to see what you have in stored for this GT500!!! Congrats Gavin!!
Connor F.
Sad to see the 600lt go, but the GT500 is insane! Could we possibly see a 720s in the future?
Kyle is loving the 600. So dope to see 2 content creators swap cars. Wish y’all made content.
Bubu's Garage
I'm glad the GT350 is still with Gavin. Can't wait to see new content with the GT500. Maybe one day will get to see Lucifer vs Diablo 👀
I love this content and I can’t wait for you guys to get a shop again and start getting back to the old routine 👌🏽😌
Rich ard
Congrats gavin, can't wait for the future uploads with this beast 🔥🔥🔥
Tyler Atwood
So glad it wasn’t the gt350 I got scared when I saw the title
Victor Alfaro
Gavin’s reaction is everything congratulations brother!!!
Mad Bull
I just wanted to say that I loved the content of you ripping the McLaren in the mountains. I look forward to you doing it in some other vehicle as well… maybe even the GT500.
Alex Brake
A couple things... Im happy that you're happy. I liked alpha, i understand why you decided to get out from under it. I definitely think you should have kept a car for you/that you love. Youre gonna have a ford lot at your house now that youre getting rid of the very few non-ford cars you had. Good luck, keep it up! Always enjoy content.
Michael Curle
The roll racing content better be coming up soon. This thing is sick and can't wait to see what you do to to make it yours.
Rayniel Vazquez
I know I’m not the only one who’s sad and happy at the same time, not because it’s gone but because gavin be making hella sacrifices just to bring us content I’m so sorry to see the mclaren gone but with every down side there’s an upside and new beginnings start with ending chapters keep it up Gavin you the G here 💯
Loved the 600lt but seeing the 500 next to the 350 is such a killer combo and with hank too? and the black car coming soon? jeez. Worth it, plus the extra cash and less payments
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