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In this video, I tested 100 LEGO boats to see if they float... or sink, taking everything I learn to build the greatest possible LEGO ship at the end for the Captain minifigure. Some of these results will surprise you-it was a lot of fun! (Also featuring the MASSIVE Lego Titanic set)
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💡 Inspiration for various boat designs:
• Zelda Wind Waker - LEG...
🎶 Music credits:
• Batman 1966 theme song...
Italian Music, Kevin MacLeod - Bushwick Tarantella from BRvid Audio Library
• Gilligan's Island Them...
• My Heart Will Go On - ...
• Avengers Theme Recorde...
• EPF - The Command Room...
• Pirates of the Caribbe... \
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25 Nov 2022



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Comentários : 4,2 mil   
@TheB3 Anos atrás
*NEXT EPISODE:* *PREVIOUS EPISODE:* Which boat is your favorite?
@kiptynbricks5193 Anos atrás
The one you made at the end
@BuddsYT Anos atrás
Yours, truly creative
Yours and the Bowser ship
@msnola35 Anos atrás
You should name the next guy or girl, miss or mister Bob
At 9:45 Your boat was the best because at the end of the video 😏 hmm hmm🤭
@TDBRICKS Anos atrás
This video was educating, entertaining, and inspiring!
@Orion779 Anos atrás
@suki89186 Anos atrás
@LordMalhuse Anos atrás
@nhhh1088 Anos atrás
Omg hi I'm aubbed:D
@tinajones2113 Anos atrás
Why the ice burg
@SacredBricks Anos atrás
Such a good video man! Loved the mini popular ship builds
@TheB3 Anos atrás
Thank you!! I really enjoyed shrinking the sets like that, kinda want to do it with other icons soon...
@4418wolfy Anos atrás
@XavierOfficial1 Anos atrás
I think this is the SacredBricks comment with the least likes I have ever seen.
@juanraymundo2006 18 dias atrás
@nateharder2286 2 dias atrás
a vintage technique to make boats watertight is to use a wax crayon in between the bricks and plates. Also stager the pieces, like a brick wall, to increase strength and prevent the little cracks from turning into big cracks. @@TheB3
@BoogabooFilms Anos atrás
7:55 That Is The Most Un-Needed And Un-Usual Scott The Woz Refernce Ever. Thank You.
He's doing the lords work
This game blows
@coIrhy Anos atrás
This game blows
@ProwerTheFox7 Anos atrás
_This_ game blows
@Ultra_rocketmus Anos atrás
sihT emag swolb
@dabort 10 meses atrás
@heheheha4124 Anos atrás
We need Ed's backstory cuz he's such a sigma, letting the 22vill residents stay in his boat. Now that's what I call a giga Chad move
Haha he’s definitely a chad! But I think it’s more then him being a chad, he’s helping his friends! Because he was once a guardian of 22vil himself
@papapalpy Anos atrás
@@ClassicStudStudios INDEED HE WAS
@dwdxcz5414 Anos atrás
@papapalpy Anos atrás
yall better watch the evidence before you disagree 😤
@Derpyman5290 Anos atrás
@tippydaug525 Anos atrás
3:34 I loved Gilligan's Island growing up, this is beautiful to see
@HalfAsleepChris Anos atrás
@TheB3 Anos atrás
Thank you!! I should have built one in the bag 😉
@axolo3657 Anos atrás
@@TheB3 Probably should’ve added some Lego frogs.
Maybe destroy a UCS falcon or 2…
@zoonibutt9334 Anos atrás
Hello Chris!
Your mini boat recreations of other LEGO sets deserve more attention. Absolutely phenomenal work!
@TheB3 Anos atrás
Thanks!! Maybe I should shrink more sets sometime 🤔
@PouDaGoat Anos atrás
@@TheB3Yeah, It would be cool if you made a video on shrinking LEGO sets
@Da-choppa Anos atrás
@@TheB3 dude you should! That would be awesome
Would you call it...astonishing?
@_Revengist Anos atrás
@@TheB3 The Minecraft crafting recipe still works in Java, but you need a wooden shovel on Bedrock
4:59 What do you mean? You just perfectly brake it in HALF, and then you can FIT it in the bathtub, thus accomplishing BOTH recreating the tragedy and fitting the ship in the water
@zoonibutt9334 Anos atrás
However, The Buoyancy Would Be Different, Which means its not Accurate.
@maxthompson7107 Anos atrás
3:51 I love the inclusion of the improvised Perry LEGO.
I love the Scott the Woz reference you put it. It happens so quickly that you need to pay attention to find it.
@elvenbuttress Anos atrás
I caught the reference first try
@hamukari Anos atrás
This game blows!
@lunatpr5594 Anos atrás
3:07 That Lego Sniffer is so cute!
Hey bro nice vid! And as always have a nice day!
@BRICKSrCOOL 10 meses atrás
I love ya vid
@Flaxolotl_ Anos atrás
I love all the variety and creativity in all of you Mocs (in this case boats) and how you put so much effort into these! Great job!
@stopmotionkid426 Anos atrás
How are you 6 hours early
@CynderHound Anos atrás
Here's the thing that most people forget about boats is there is literally almost another half of a hull below sea level. They are rarely flat bottomed.
@xandervanbrunt4609 9 meses atrás
The speed run segment of you just chucking boats into the bathtub was pretty funny 😂
@Quionol Anos atrás
3:02 They only changed the recipe in bedrock edition (pictured in the video) and basically you need a wooden shovel in the middle for it to be a boat. Java remains unchanged. 7:56 "This game blows!"
@AscheRoblox Anos atrás
scott the woz moment
@jaimemagpayo5241 Anos atrás
Um hi 👉🥺👈
@coIrhy Anos atrás
This game blows
@felivi2006 Anos atrás
This game blows
@Cole279 Anos atrás
This game blows
@Josh_isDonaldDuck 11 meses atrás
You earned my subscription the moment you tested the Zip-Lash Boat.
@conthegamer Anos atrás
7:22 “just a duck”
@Patsy7 Anos atrás
The storytelling in this video is outstanding along with the editing
@TheB3 Anos atrás
Thank you! I try to prioritize story when planning/making a video, so I appreciate that 😄
@andreabaldwin9291 7 meses atrás
⁠the monopoly 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👊👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🧠🧠🧠
@Gameprojordan Anos atrás
I had that blaze responder boat set as a kid at 1:13! Talk about blast from the past. Still have the hull and the black outfit fireman in my box too
@blobfishgang8774 Anos atrás
I love the lore of this series
@joshtheidiot2577 Anos atrás
When this series was announced even I knew that the snow guardian and the boat captain looked similar and now that similarity is part of the lore
@Snowbird2701 10 meses atrás
7:55 how dare you throw chibi robo zip lash down the drain!? I loved that game
@liamisawsome Anos atrás
Turkey name : Tom 5:20 The old friends that are blurred out are the characters from 22-Vill
@eslag124yeniguc2 11 meses atrás
İ am Turkey🇹🇷
@MasterBuilders Anos atrás
The brick separator boat is my favorite. Really funny video, great job!
@TheB3 Anos atrás
I really thought that one had a better chance of staying afloat... oh well, thank you!!
@Fabrizio_Ruffo Anos atrás
There was a larger premade hull... Lego once made a cargo ship. It came with 4 containers and a little dock, and it did in fact float.
@TheB3 Anos atrás
It’s really cool! I wanted to buy it but kinda blew my budget on the Titanic lol
@tyrionas Anos atrás
@@TheB3 kinda sad that you didn't even test if the Titanic floated.
@toxictrap1993 11 meses atrás
@@tyrionas yeah it's unfortunate that his bath couldn't fit the titanic.
@tueric1981 7 meses atrás
@@TheB3 can you try the titanic in pool
@tonorp2103 11 meses atrás
“Just a duck” My favourite part.
I love how every time you watch these videos over and over again. You could find secrets and lore every time you watch it like how in the backstory part, it shows that eds life took a different turn meaning he was wanting to be a sailor but he was task to guard the frost sappire. And when you said they forgot something. They were going there to get winston because he fell of the ship.
@nateharder2286 2 dias atrás
a vintage technique to make boats watertight is to use a wax crayon in between the bricks and plates. Also stager the pieces, like a brick wall, to increase strength and prevent the little cracks from turning into big cracks.
@Boboever Anos atrás
6:08 gotta love the rocks guest appearance
@BSTfilms2020 Anos atrás
Ok so I have a theory. So Edward is actually the ice guardian from series 22. We know this because when it showed ed as a kid in front of the TV, you could briefly see him with the ice guardian torso at 3:58 And the passengers in his ship at 5:20 are the series 22 figures after the tragedy that happed in the movie theater episode. Love the series keep up the good work!! Also the turkeys #Name should be Tommy or Tom for short
@Chris-gx1ei Anos atrás
Short Correction: The king if Red Lions is from Zelda The Wind Waker, not from Twilight Princess And nowadays you need alsona wooden Shovel to have Paddles for the boat if you wanna craft one in Minecraft
@christiankuan8420 Anos atrás
I cried when I heard “twilight princess” lmao, I’m thankful I’m not the only one.
@@christiankuan8420 only if you play on bedrock
@christiankuan8420 Anos atrás
@@jahelefrancois2375 What? What does bedrock have to do with the legend of Zelda?
@@christiankuan8420 Sorry i tag the wrong person
@vtrang44 Anos atrás
I died when he said twilight princess
@Nerdtendo6366 Anos atrás
That’s quick Scott the Woz reference was incredible :)
@TheB3 Anos atrás
I tried to blow right past it...
@aviationdude1 Anos atrás
There is a larger hull piece which is used in the 60109 Lego City Fire Boat, measuring at 20 studs wide and 35-40 studs long (I own the set but don’t have the exact count off the top of my head)
@_BMBricks_ Anos atrás
The one that everyone wanted but no one saw coming…
@DelilahTheDoggi Anos atrás
Ha yea
@amberdesantis2097 Anos atrás
Are you a time traveler? You posted before the video came out
@jerryrucker3986 Anos atrás
Wait how did you post this comment before the video came out?
@DelilahTheDoggi Anos atrás
Wait what yea
@Heavy_but_UNGOC Anos atrás
I made a lot of Lego boats and some tips are 1:balance with the extra pieces on bottom, if you put the right piece under the other boat's they would float 2:balance out so it is not much higher or sink, basically, don't make a boat that floats so well it becomes unstable 3:for walls make 2 layers with intercalating connections so the water can't pass and in the wall is supposed to be fully under water make it 3 layer. Bigger pieces make it better. 4:make the under parts hollow with air to become more floatier but less stable, or use hollow water filled that make more stable but more heavy and surprisingly not much less flotier
@pknuttarlott4934 Anos atrás
8:00 You are missing a piece to the tugboat set, a weighted keel it keeps it upright. I had those pieces when I was a kid in the late eighties early nineties.
@matthewwoelke1250 Anos atrás
Just when you hit Ed with the hull of the ship made me laugh
I suggest looking at typical harbor tugs when it comes to how they stay afloat. They usually have very deep hulls that not only balance out the weight, but also help dig into the water. Adding bricks to the bottom is a nice start, but I would round it out some more. It might solve the wobbling problem.
My favorite ship is crossing the Delaware River boat and gravy boat because it makes an amazing sound
@YouNoBeau Anos atrás
2:49 B3:next we have the king of the red lions from Zelda twilight princess Me a Zelda nerd:that’s from windwaker!
@madisonbostic7525 Anos atrás
I had that same reaction
@YouNoBeau Anos atrás
@OlieNomad 8 meses atrás
I wanted to comment that word for word 😂
@Sergeantbrick Anos atrás
I love the B3 and his effort, this reminds me of when I made Lego boats and put them in my sink hoping they’d float
@TheB3 Anos atrás
I think we all did that as kids :) It was fun to relive some of those memories for sure!
@bertiebadger4221 Anos atrás
If you pause at the right time on 3:57 you can see the frost sapphire and ed slightly turning to the snow guardian, so my prediction this is the frost guardian in another reality where he never met his brother or knew about the sapphire, also tbh the popcorn kid might be is brother so they might get their relics to fight the elf on the shelf. 23 ville finale?
@BricktasticLegoIdeas 6 meses atrás
Wow, I’ll never regret subscribing and watching all of your fantastic videos!
@TheB3 6 meses atrás
Cool face reveal lol
@BricktasticLegoIdeas 6 meses atrás
@@TheB3 my face reveal?
@claudebarnum7760 Anos atrás
They are missing a keel, or a counter balance on the bottom, a lot could possibly stay upright.
@tommykammers1847 10 meses atrás
Just throwing one of the boats in the toilet was hilarious
8:28 Ah Phil Swift the number one enemy of boats
@YesImAYoshiFan Anos atrás
I like this ville a LOT MORE than the other. I love how you get better and better. Keep the great work!
@Britestreak Anos atrás
Love the lore details you guys pack into these! It's always fun to watch out for them
@user-us6pz7ec6xHarley 7 meses atrás
@pikminfan6778 Mês atrás
4:36 It's over 9000!! I know it's an outdated meme, but I can't help myself!
@gamermeme1783 Anos atrás
At 3:58 if you pay attention you can see the amethyst from 22ville you know the blue one that the snow guardian was keeping(I was paying attention to see recently and it actually showed that he's the snow guardian because he was what we had the same clothes overlaid I don't know how to explain it but I saw it)
@artemissapphic 9 meses atrás
Seeing that coast guard boat brought back memories
@lukiminecraft3063 Anos atrás
8:59 scary
Good job on this house/boat as always! The sea captain is one of the best in the series (in my opinion) and I have been awaiting this video since the titanic scene in the last one. Keep up the good work!
@TheB3 Anos atrás
The captain's definitely in my top 3 as well, so I put in the hours to make a video he was deserving of :)
@Lilmadbilly Anos atrás
Wait I don't want him to destroy his
@k0quy Anos atrás
3:59 The crystal hits Ed so he became the snow gurdian this explains why the friends in the boat were the people from 22 Ville and why they look similar
The Phineas are Ferb one really got me good XD
@tgmonkey5422 Anos atrás
I think the robot should be the proof of concept arcade :D also, this was a great video!
@Nullis_V01d845 3 meses atrás
5:45 most satisfying noise
@JOSHSLEGO Anos atrás
4:31 Well, if it reminds you of the titanic, that’s not good.
@Railman1225 Anos atrás
3:02 That IS the recipe, only it’s in the Java edition. Bedrock forces you to use a wooden shovel(for the oar, which is both smart and kinda annoying at the same time)
@Whywouldyounot Anos atrás
This is very entertaining and creative. For boat hull 69 and 70 I remember there being a weighted Lego keel piece to put on the bottom. As you explained. The reason most of the boats capsize is Lego being too light and thus the boats centre of gravity too far from the centre of buoyancy.
@shred_zed1 11 meses atrás
I love how much Mark Rober has inspired your videos. He's truly one of the best
@puffycat9498 Anos atrás
6:06 I love how you used a rock with The Rock's face on it instead of Maui
@johnnymccraze 9 meses atrás
This is the kind of quality content the internet was created for.
1:48 That is perfect!!!
@LBCS Anos atrás
Edward failed his job to protect the ice crystal in 22ville so he decided to finally live out his dream of becoming a sailor and took his old 22 friends with him on the boat to live! I think that is his backstory!!! 3:57 is my evidence!!!!
@papapalpy Anos atrás heres my theory
@theamazingguy5502 Anos atrás
I didn't notice it at first but I came up with that after the snow warrior didn't show up in the turkey one
@BL0XYST1NG3R Anos atrás
@aStupidGecko 6 meses atrás
The zip lash boar got me good
@MaverickMaws Anos atrás
“I sawed this boat in half!” caught me so off guard
@KoopaGaming-jx6tx 4 meses atrás
Nice hand writing B3
@Borgirking_gaming Anos atrás
its all about the width of the base of the boat. and also keep in mind, that the taller the sail, the sinking happens
@blubba818 9 meses atrás
You got me with that Scott the Woz reference. Was not expecting that.
@Pugo_Bigdog Anos atrás
5:07 very true
@VAXXGTVR Anos atrás
I’m super excited for when you do the snowman, he is my favorite in the whole series
You should get the city exploration ship from 2020, I have it and it is an absolute behemoth and it floats in water
@Ninetimesthrethousand 11 meses atrás
The lego guy with the boat costume looked halarious 😂😂
@nicovespruzzi6963 Anos atrás
'dwarfs a dwarf' One of the most legendary lines of all time.
@imjustgonnabanzai7763 10 meses atrás
man seeing the elf hide behind eds ship was just amazing detail
@Mrjace Anos atrás
7:14 *BAT BOAT!* 7:17 *BAT RAFT!* 7:20 *BAT DUCK FLOATY!* 7:23 *JUST A DUCK!*
I used to love to build custom Lego boats and play with them in the tub. I’ve had a surprising amount of experience in truly aquatic Lego build’s because of this. One benefit/drawback of Lego boats is the fact bricks tend to have air pockets both between and even trapped underneath them. This can lead to some additional buoyancy in their design, but also some in parts of more detailed designs that SHOULD be under the water. Like the keel (basically the spine of the ship’s hull that runs down the central underside.). The smaller more, unbalanced, or more vertical the ship is, the more prevalent these issues can become. This is often due to more of the ship floating further above of the water than it would ideally be. Adding more weight in strategic locations to builds can help sometimes, because it can put more of the hull under water, thereby increasing its bottom weight and helping hold it upright,
This video was honestly perfect, I could just sense the immense effort from this
@3rdDarkwood 9 meses atrás
Oh. My. God. I had that tugboat @8:00 when I was a kid ... ~30+ Yrs ago! Talk about nostalgia
@gamermagicz Anos atrás
These are literally my childhood videos
@user-xf6pz8fr8v 7 dias atrás
7:14 bat boat 7:17 bat raft 7:20 bat duck floaty 7:23 just a duck
@pilotbug6100 Anos atrás
0:17 The captain of the titanics name was actually Edward J Smith
@antonskanal2703 Anos atrás
I have followed this Channel for Quite some While now, and i just have to say that i have never seen a Channel With so much effort, i mean theres Sound to every little thing you do, and the things you do while building, is so intertaining theres really tought about everey little detail Both in the builds but also the videos . Great job man this Stuff is just fantastic to Watch
@marcellaj3628 Anos atrás
I can’t wait to see Ed’s boat! 9:04
@user-br4ds1pk5f Mês atrás
the tiny stream boat willy set look awsome👍
@ionobru Anos atrás
I think Ed is the winter knight from series 22 because at 3:57 the crystal falls from the sky and it flashes to the young design of the winter knight after saying it’s what he dreamed of doing before his life took a different turn also why else would he help the series 22 mini figures
@KB_BALCOM 11 meses atrás
The duck was my favorite XD
9:13 the two mini figures are actually Cornelius parent’s. How I know because of this quote “We can’t find him anywhere.”
@chebypattern Anos atrás
What I think is a bit wrong with this experiment is how there were custom made mini versions of existing blueprints, meaning from the start there was even lower chance for the build to stay somewhat horizontal.
@chrissyredington7962 9 meses atrás
@tanyawoods9940 Anos atrás
I love these videos of yours please please keep making such a great work on these videos I love you bills and all of them are just so great and tories are just amazing for the characters
@Dat1Guy_MPG 9 meses atrás
I’m in year 7 but in year 6 I learned about titanic and I love ships now lol
@HenriqueLSilva Anos atrás
Probably the only changes needed for a perfect boat would be to make it less prone to flooding and reduce the weight. Probably the reason why most Lego boats that do float have those pre built one piece
@PokeMario 7 meses atrás
Thank you for including the titanic my fav movie
3:49 curse you perry the platypus!
@megamixelfan Anos atrás
@Cookierunenjoyer Anos atrás
A platypus?
@kaylaa2204 Anos atrás
3:00 You need a wooden shovel in the gap now to make a boat. Meant to be representative of the oar. It was that way on Bedrock for years and they made it that way on Java a few updates ago in part of their effort to improve parity between the versions
@Dont-readthis Anos atrás
8:11 and 8:14 is that the elf on the shelf? And didn’t B3 say that he was challenged to a sun race? Coincidence? I think not!
@Dont-readthis Anos atrás
And I’ve been seeing other elf on the shelf sightings as well in the last episode!!!
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