I tested 100 LEGO Boats!

The B3
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25 Nov 2022



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The B3
The B3 2 meses atrás
Which boat is your favorite?
Soviet union
Soviet union 4 horas atrás
The titanic one it's so cool like it has interior as well Союз нерушимый республик свободных Сплотила навеки Великая Русь. Да здравствует созданный волей народов Единый, могучий Советский Союз! Славься, Отечество наше свободное, Дружбы, народов надежный оплот! Знамя советское, знамя народное Пусть от победы, к победе ведет! Сквозь грозы сияло нам солнце свободы, И Ленин великий нам путь озарил. Нас вырастил Сталин - на верность народу На труд и на подвиги нас вдохновил. Славься, Отечество чаше свободное, Счастья народов надежный оплот! Знамя советское, знамя народное Пусть от победы к победе ведет! Skvoz grozy siialo nam solntse svobody, I Lenin velikij nam put ozaril. Nas vyrastil Stalin - na vernost narodu Na trud i na podvigi nas vdokhnovil. Slavsia, Otechestvo chashe svobodnoe, Schastia narodov nadezhnyj oplot! Znamia sovetskoe, znamia narodnoe Pust ot pobedy k pobede vedet! Мы армию нашу растили в сраженьях, Захватчиков подлых с дороги сметем! Мы в битвах решаем судьбу поколений, Мы к славе Отчизну свою поведем! Славься, Отечество наше свободное, Славы народов надежный оплот! Знамя советское, знамя народное Пусть от победы к победе ведет!
VR chat man
VR chat man 7 horas atrás
Mickey Mouse
Thomas Walters
Thomas Walters Dia atrás
Małgorzata Mayer
Eddie Sharps
Eddie Sharps Dia atrás
My favourite was for Titanic, Britannic, the Olympic
Raspian Kiado
Raspian Kiado Mês atrás
0:04 I'd imagine the reason that most of the "wooden" style ships fail to function and turnover easily, is due to the fact there isn't enough weight in the bottom of the ship to keep it upright. Old wooden ships with sails, had heavy stones or gravel in their bottoms, so that they were sunk far enough to resist being flipped. In turn, allowing them to build taller, harder to flood in the open ocean, ships. Edit: I mean, outside of the fact, the complex shape allows gaps, in turn points for water to flood and sink it.
TornadicStorm 21 dia atrás
@The B3 You forgot boilers on the ship, meaning it literally can not move.
Oklaf Trahlegne
Oklaf Trahlegne 22 dias atrás
A few of the boats that capsize might swim after adding a weighted keel. It's parts 1118 and x149.
Ethan Pattison
Ethan Pattison 24 dias atrás
Kinda. The actual technical idea isn’t to “sink” it low enough so it doesn’t capsize but it’s to add more weight as to lower the centre of gravity. A lot of what keeps ships from capsizing like that is the location of the centre of gravity. If it’s below a certain point, it won’t capsize just like that but if it’s above that point, it will just immediately flip over. I’m not a complete expert on this but I’m a Marine Engineering cadet so I need to learn some of this stuff
DELBOURG matthieu
DELBOURG matthieu 26 dias atrás
Well wooden boats from the middle ages onwards literally had a Lead Keel to keep them upwards.
River Allen
River Allen Mês atrás
There isn't enough weight in that booty to keep me from tapping 👌💯
Cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo
There was a larger premade hull... Lego once made a cargo ship. It came with 4 containers and a little dock, and it did in fact float.
DELBOURG matthieu
DELBOURG matthieu 22 dias atrás
@The B3 kinda sad that you didn't even test if the Titanic floated.
The B3
The B3 Mês atrás
It’s really cool! I wanted to buy it but kinda blew my budget on the Titanic lol
K0QUY Mês atrás
3:59 The crystal hits Ed so he became the snow gurdian this explains why the friends in the boat were the people from 22 Ville and why they look similar
Optimistic Bricks
Optimistic Bricks Mês atrás
Amazing video and story telling! So well constructed and thought out. Keep it up!!
RJMBricks 2 meses atrás
to be fairrr, a lot of those boats "floated" just not upright 😂 Awesome video bro!
The B3
The B3 2 meses atrás
Yeah apparently plastic doesn’t sink that easily so I had to be more picky 🙃 Thank you!!
Kingpigaxe Mês atrás
As an owner of the destiny’smbounty (the Lego ninja go movie) I can confirm that it does indeed float. I made many memories with that thing. I still have it sitting on my shelf to this day.
gamer meme
gamer meme Mês atrás
At 3:58 if you pay attention you can see the amethyst from 22ville you know the blue one that the snow guardian was keeping(I was paying attention to see recently and it actually showed that he's the snow guardian because he was what we had the same clothes overlaid I don't know how to explain it but I saw it)
badgerjoey Mês atrás
The tugboat made from different sections would have floated well but you needed the weighted keel piece - a key part from back when theses pieces were around
Ted H
Ted H Mês atrás
Oh my gosh, its him! Ed's the ice warrior from series 22! he looks exactly like him, and the people he's helping are the other residents from 22ville and Ed needed a new job because he lost the job of looking after the sapphire after Joe and the moon warrior got it, not only that but when it cut to Ed as a kid for a split second in the background the sapphire appears in the background! IT ALL MAKES SENSE! IT MUST BE TRUE!!!
um canal de um Paulin
3:02 ghe bedrock edition boat craft requires a wooden shovel, the java one doesnt.
ice prince Alex
ice prince Alex Mês atrás
Man this guy has the best lore of any cmf figure You made a ship captain cool now I need to get this figure
F. Karnstein
F. Karnstein Mês atrás
In the late 80s or early 90s I had a boat that consisted of three parts (front, middle and back) the middle part of which could be left out to make a short, stocky boat. It had a smooth black hull and a grey deck with studs. Do you happen to know what set this was from?
Allan Narvaez
Allan Narvaez Mês atrás
I just started watching b3 and he's amazing the best content I've seen
RagedLun3r Mês atrás
You have to balance the weight of the boat so the boat can float.
To be fair those sectional boat hulls came with weights that attached to the bottoms to keep them from rolling over in the water.
Ri Me
Ri Me Mês atrás
All the other boats had excellent design! However Number 66 really blows
Person Man Man
Person Man Man Mês atrás
4:59 What do you mean? You just perfectly brake it in HALF, and then you can FIT it in the bathtub, thus accomplishing BOTH recreating the tragedy and fitting the ship in the water
Zooni Butt
Zooni Butt 16 dias atrás
However, The Buoyancy Would Be Different, Which means its not Accurate.
pknutt arlott
pknutt arlott Mês atrás
8:00 You are missing a piece to the tugboat set, a weighted keel it keeps it upright. I had those pieces when I was a kid in the late eighties early nineties.
Vitanera Mês atrás
I have a question: does it float because of the air trapped inside the lego blocks?
JD135 Mês atrás
This was such a really cool video. It makes me want to fill up my bathtub and make a Lego boat
shadeh Mês atrás
Now that is quality content
MasterBuilders 2 meses atrás
The brick separator boat is my favorite. Really funny video, great job!
The B3
The B3 2 meses atrás
I really thought that one had a better chance of staying afloat... oh well, thank you!!
Great potoo bird
Great potoo bird Mês atrás
ofc the ship needs work to actually "float" but otherwise its a beautiful build
Top Sauce
Top Sauce Mês atrás
“Even though we’re not doing the best-“ *pans camera around to see myriad upturned boats floating lifelessly on the surface, a tableau of never ending misery and irreparable destruction*
Gamermagicz Mês atrás
These are literally my childhood videos
Mikey Parker
Mikey Parker Mês atrás
I don’t know how you did it, but this video felt much longer than it actually was!
TopazTurkey Mês atrás
I think ed is the snow guardian because the company name is king the same thing as a snow guardians dog, and the “unexpected events” that happened in Ed’s life with him having to guard the frost sapphire. And his friends are the 22 Ville residences. And noticing in the homeless shelter the snow guardian is not there.
Old Time Games
Old Time Games Mês atrás
3:45 this made my day. Seeing a Phineas and Ferb reference just tickles something in my brain
The B3
The B3 Mês atrás
It was all of our childhoods 😊
PopularSlime Mês atrás
I’m super excited for when you do the snowman, he is my favorite in the whole series
Planet Shlorpian
Planet Shlorpian Mês atrás
I was today years old when I found out Lego City boats could actually float.
heheheha 2 meses atrás
We need Ed's backstory cuz he's such a sigma, letting the 22vill residents stay in his boat. Now that's what I call a giga Chad move
Alonsky23 2 horas atrás
I should think you should call Ed “Captain Edward John Smith” the captain of the titanic
Isako123 6 dias atrás
@Emu Johnson you and at17 to
Isako123 6 dias atrás
@Boi Boy ok you to
Isako123 6 dias atrás
@engine 65 ok Also you
Isako123 6 dias atrás
@DJ Holt you to
Paula Lopez
Paula Lopez Mês atrás
My favorite boat was Ed’s boat that you made I love it
Claude Barnum
Claude Barnum Mês atrás
They are missing a keel, or a counter balance on the bottom, a lot could possibly stay upright.
Conthegamer Mês atrás
7:39 why do you need a pool on a boat when you got a pool everywhere off the side of the boat
Alfafeiro Player
Alfafeiro Player Mês atrás
AFF que edição rápida demais, as vezes menos é mais
Slight Ketchup18
Slight Ketchup18 Mês atrás
I love watching your vids!
Hmm... The King Of Hmmms
3:01 It's because you might be on a consle version or bedrock since both need a shovel in the middle
gabe verkruyse
gabe verkruyse Mês atrás
I wonder for the other boats that sorta fall over maybe if you add a ballast underneath it would float
PilotBug Mês atrás
0:17 The captain of the titanics name was actually Edward J Smith
AstonishingStudios 2 meses atrás
Your mini boat recreations of other LEGO sets deserve more attention. Absolutely phenomenal work!
Mecha Sonic
Mecha Sonic Mês atrás
@The B3 Ive read a comment above this having a theory about ed's backstory, some also say he was the snow guardian of 22-ville, can i have your opinion on this?
100th like
jj Mês atrás
@The B3 Zelda’s boat is from wind waker not twilight princess. If you look and wind waker and twilight princess side by side there’s a big difference in art styles
Litten Mês atrás
You shold do this whith cars
Marinodix Mês atrás
@The B3 I Know What The Next Minifigure Name Is, It's Tom
OHIO DOG 28 dias atrás
5:32 my favourite part
Łukasz Walczak
Łukasz Walczak Mês atrás
They made the lego RMS Titanic, they made a lego Captain E.J Smith, all we're missing is Olympic- also, it's nice knowing that atleast you know about the Titanic's siblings, not many do, and said not many also call the Titanic a cruise ship, so, eh-
Justice Productions
Was NOT expecting that ending LOL Edit: Happy Holidays!
John Bishop
John Bishop Mês atrás
5:35 they did the Australian flag dirty in the titanic set, I hope that’s just a printing flaw on just this set and not the rest 😅
Ulxinez Mês atrás
I dont know if you'll see this but you need to add Ballast on the sides so it doesnt ger wobbly, its used in real life
Ahmed Uqaili
Ahmed Uqaili Mês atrás
The Minecraft boat recipe for bedrock and pocket edition require a shovel. It's normally 5 planks on java edition
scoots291 Mês atrás
I remember a long time ago I had this 3 piece Lego boat and I would play with it during bath time and it did float......until I separated one of the pieces
scoots291 Mês atrás
Doing a Google search it might have been a 1982 tug lego model 4005
☆ShinyMew112 Mês atrás
once i saw the "zip-lash boat" im so glad you slammed it into the toilet... was hoping to hear a "this game blows" to go with it but oh well lol
TD BRICKS 2 meses atrás
This video was educating, entertaining, and inspiring!
Some guy
Some guy 5 dias atrás
:O the man himself
Monica Bui
Monica Bui 9 dias atrás
Wow 😮
Slusshi 19 dias atrás
Omgggg I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ yo Tie or is it Ty?
Ye Htut Min
Ye Htut Min 27 dias atrás
I subcrb td brick
soap boi 2
soap boi 2 29 dias atrás
@John Orr ??
jammer playz
jammer playz Mês atrás
bogbo Mês atrás
I was waiting for the yellow submarine set but you never did it :( though it probably would’ve sunk
TheWestNomad Mês atrás
Now I want a return of the Lego agents series
Patsy 19 dias atrás
The storytelling in this video is outstanding along with the editing
The B3
The B3 19 dias atrás
Thank you! I try to prioritize story when planning/making a video, so I appreciate that 😄
Paradoxe Gaming
Paradoxe Gaming Mês atrás
My favourite boat may be the titanic. Obvious, its legendary, big and majestic
STRONG CAT (Flipaclip and Roblo Videos)
Ed just looks like *Edward* John Smith (captain of the *Titanic* )
Art Buenafe
Art Buenafe Mês atrás
6:54 if you slow mo in time you might capture freaky image
ChebyPattern Mês atrás
What I think is a bit wrong with this experiment is how there were custom made mini versions of existing blueprints, meaning from the start there was even lower chance for the build to stay somewhat horizontal.
[ Quionol ]
[ Quionol ] 2 meses atrás
3:02 They only changed the recipe in bedrock edition (pictured in the video) and basically you need a wooden shovel in the middle for it to be a boat. Java remains unchanged. 7:56 "This game blows!"
FeliVi 13 dias atrás
This game blows
colrhy Mês atrás
This game blows
Jaime Magpayo
Jaime Magpayo Mês atrás
Um hi 👉🥺👈
Asche Roblox
Asche Roblox Mês atrás
scott the woz moment
Steamgames2006 Mês atrás
Well, you can also build a aircraft Carrier or a destroyer, you know WW2 SHIPS
Foxy Loaf
Foxy Loaf Mês atrás
Ah yes the king of red lions, my favorite twilight princess boat
Jacob Audette
Jacob Audette Mês atrás
Hey The B3 when is the next episode of 23 vile is coming out?
Bacon Gamer
Bacon Gamer Mês atrás
in bedrock it takes an extra wooden shovel to make a boat i think
Doctor Lego Productions
The one that everyone wanted but no one saw coming…
Brinerk UndWas
Brinerk UndWas 18 dias atrás
It’s because the video was a premier
RnDok 23 dias atrás
Happy face
Happy face Mês atrás
You know what happened on 1666 its ... you say
João Agostinho
João Agostinho Mês atrás
@Amber Desantis no he’s has a good gaming chair
Parry Thor
Parry Thor Mês atrás
@CHock Chack yes
306jkd Mês atrás
3:03 You need a shovel for Bedrock Edition
DANIELKNIGHT1985 Mês atrás
6:46 I really want to see the Lego Titanic in the pool
Faillord Mês atrás
2:50 it's windwaker. That's why he is sailing. Twilight princess is the one we're the princess of twilight follows you around.
Frenchie Sottises
Frenchie Sottises 16 dias atrás
I suggest looking at typical harbor tugs when it comes to how they stay afloat. They usually have very deep hulls that not only balance out the weight, but also help dig into the water. Adding bricks to the bottom is a nice start, but I would round it out some more. It might solve the wobbling problem.
Rayyan in south park🇺🇦
I love how every time you watch these videos over and over again. You could find secrets and lore every time you watch it like how in the backstory part, it shows that eds life took a different turn meaning he was wanting to be a sailor but he was task to guard the frost sappire. And when you said they forgot something. They were going there to get winston because he fell of the ship.
Lego Cooking
Lego Cooking Mês atrás
Hey bro nice vid! And as always have a nice day!
Red Cat
Red Cat Mês atrás
You forgot another big boat Hull, that one ocean transport ship
Colton Wheeler
Colton Wheeler Mês atrás
8:12 u can see a elf hat cuz of the battle they are having
Brite Streak
Brite Streak 2 meses atrás
Love the lore details you guys pack into these! It's always fun to watch out for them
TakoyakiMyFavoriteFood 11 dias atrás
This video was honestly perfect, I could just sense the immense effort from this
Raptor Mês atrás
I don’t understand why BRvid recommended this video to me, an adult male who hasn’t played with Lego in the last 6 years.
Pieter Boelen
Pieter Boelen Mês atrás
Are we talking flotation or stability? If a boat capsizes and floats sideways or upside down, it's still technically floating. So don't all things LEGO mean 'float *right side up*'. Just being pedantic because of my profession dealing with real life ships and stability.
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Mês atrás
As a zelda fan, it pained me when you said twilight princess instead of wind waker
Flaxolotl 2 meses atrás
I love all the variety and creativity in all of you Mocs (in this case boats) and how you put so much effort into these! Great job!
StopMotion Kid
StopMotion Kid 2 meses atrás
How are you 6 hours early
Adam Goss
Adam Goss Mês atrás
Not sure if you know, but the "tug boat" you test about the 8:00 mark, with the shaped black hull? That's the old set 709 police boat from the late 1970s. I had one when I was a kid. It will not float UNLESS you have the weighted red keel piece - part x149. Or a similar part. I don't know if it's the smooth hull or the height of the boat hull, but it cannot remain balanced on water without a keel. I'm also not sure if you can make a sufficient keel from bricks. However, I think you could float a Lego boat of your own making without a keel if you do it catamaran-style with parts sticking out to both sides to spread the weight and mass out. I noticed a lot of the boats that didn't float in your video were taller than they were wide. I don't know the physics reason WHY such models won't float properly, but that seems to be a basic pattern. You need width or a weighted keel.
Sjöwallö Ingebrigtsen
This is very entertaining and creative. For boat hull 69 and 70 I remember there being a weighted Lego keel piece to put on the bottom. As you explained. The reason most of the boats capsize is Lego being too light and thus the boats centre of gravity too far from the centre of buoyancy.
Brandon 20 dias atrás
I like how the Lego ever given just immediately capsizes so that it’s fully upside down lol
professional shitposter
3:02 You are playing the wrong version of Minecraft. There is Bedrock (cross platform version with small differences from the original like crafting recipes) edition and Java edition (original PC version) the Bedrock one is crafted with a shovel in the middle
DeezNutz [ • ]
DeezNutz [ • ] Mês atrás
5:30 heck yes! 🦅🇺🇲
Kim Pollitt
Kim Pollitt Mês atrás
Elf on the shelf destroyed the ship because you NEVER accept him. 9:45
J Renee Hogan
J Renee Hogan Mês atrás
All the elf appearances 6:46 behind the boat 6:54 talking to him 7:31 in the hull 7:32 in the corner 7:38 under the stairs 7:40 in the top left corner of the screen 7:43 behind the fuzzy ship 8:11 in the hole to go down stairs 8:14 behind the boat again 8:58 in the crate 9:01 behind the railing 9:11 behind ed creepy 9:18 under water 9:46 ice burg 9:51 nighty night. Btw sorry If I missed any it took so long to find the ones I did bye
Lituru RP
Lituru RP Mês atrás
Nice job
MinecraftBean79 Mês atrás
Captain Ed has a twin, Captain Edward Smith, captain of the RMS Titanic
Sergeant Brick
Sergeant Brick 2 meses atrás
I love the B3 and his effort, this reminds me of when I made Lego boats and put them in my sink hoping they’d float
The B3
The B3 2 meses atrás
I think we all did that as kids :) It was fun to relive some of those memories for sure!
Hylian Hero
Hylian Hero Mês atrás
2:50 I believe you mean Windwaker good sir.
PJthegreat_nyan Mês atrás
Lol imagine that Captan Ed is the snow or ice guardian from 22-vile
AT17 Mês atrás
100% he’s going to be, everything points to it
Kayla A
Kayla A 20 dias atrás
3:00 You need a wooden shovel in the gap now to make a boat. Meant to be representative of the oar. It was that way on Bedrock for years and they made it that way on Java a few updates ago in part of their effort to improve parity between the versions
thehappistsyt Mês atrás
i have no clue who b3 is but this video caught my eye
BST Studios
BST Studios 2 meses atrás
Ok so I have a theory. So Edward is actually the ice guardian from series 22. We know this because when it showed ed as a kid in front of the TV, you could briefly see him with the ice guardian torso at 3:58 And the passengers in his ship at 5:20 are the series 22 figures after the tragedy that happed in the movie theater episode. Love the series keep up the good work!! Also the turkeys #Name should be Tommy or Tom for short
Sybrandy Family
Sybrandy Family Mês atrás
I think it's a Elf on the Shelf multiple times in this video!
Front man
Front man Mês atrás
Ed is the snow guardian i show proof he said some of ed’s old freind which the colors match the scheme of from 22 ville one more point if you slow it down when he is talking about the shows that made ed want to sail the seas you can see a flash of the frost sapphire and ed turns in to the snow guardian when he is little
Railman1225 Mês atrás
3:02 That IS the recipe, only it’s in the Java edition. Bedrock forces you to use a wooden shovel(for the oar, which is both smart and kinda annoying at the same time)
Mikelgo404 Mês atrás
Well if the Beatles' Yellow Submarine sinks they have an excuse
JoshTheIdiot25 2 meses atrás
When this series was announced even I knew that the snow guardian and the boat captain looked similar and now that similarity is part of the lore
Carly Milner
Carly Milner Mês atrás
did you tip them over on purpose?!
Bluey Vr
Bluey Vr Mês atrás
2:51 oh no (if you do not know what I’m talking about just keep on looking to the left and put your speed all the way to the lowest possible )
Lukas Jacobson
Lukas Jacobson Mês atrás
Titanic floating test, I need it now. Give it to me
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