I Survived Minecraft on 1 Heart

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25 Nov 2022



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Parrot: "Surviving on one heart is practically impossible"
"that was the most nerve-wracking thing i've ever done,never am i going back out"
(casually treating a game like the story of a sad betrayal)
The master of replaymod b roll. Storytelling on point as always
Vanilla Dip
theres a glitch u can use with god and regular gapps where if u eat a god app then a regular gap right after, the game thinks your absorption is from the regular gapp so when it runs out, u lose 2 of the 8 gained hearts but keep the other 6 permanently. If u do this a bunch u can get as many hearts as u want
What a wild ride, surviving on 1 heart is probably pretty darn nerveracking. Great video and story as always Parrot! :)
This is just me whenever I play a lifesteal SMP and lose all my hearts
Let’s appreciate what parrot makes. In his shorts, he said he usually has a lot of homework and is taking a lot of AP classes. He still find and makes time to create these amazing videos. A true creator.
Wow Parrot! Incredible storytelling as always.
You have such loyal friends I'd be dead by now cuz my friend would kill me
DragonAir Aviation
When I see a video titled like "Surviving 100 days in Minecraft Hardcore" or "Surviving on 1 heart" and I start watching it, it's usually boring, but this video is indeed not boring, because all your videos are epic
The amount of dedication put to this, is amazing. Kudos to you, Parrot! ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Ultra Hardcore gives similar vibes. Disable natural regen in a survival world, super intense. The only way to heal is healing items like gaps and pots. You basically have to speed run gold to survive a trip to the nether to get potions. I died multiple times and had to make new worlds (yes I played in hardcore mode). I actually haven’t played it in a while, maybe I should.
This guys content gets better every day. he survived minecraft on 1 heart, what a legend. we love you parrot! keep it up (:
Can we all appreciate how much effort and time parrot puts into his videos
parrot’s content is just insane. the dedication, the editing, is just mind blowing. it’s 100% worth the wait
I’m surprised that parrot has got this far with one heart! I would die in the first few seconds.
I love how its just minecraft but he still makes it seem like its an actuall war.
I love the duality of Clown pierce doing a video on teamwork and friendship and parrot doing a video on loneliness and doing it yourself
Tactical Droid
Is no one gonna talk about how he controls the whole server, yet still doesn't abuse his powers and makes it fun for everyone? Good job parrot :)
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