I survived Hardcore Minecraft as my full time job for a year - This is what happened

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Over the past year I've grinded a single Hardcore Minecraft world as my full time job... in hopes of making it just that.
Spoiler... it worked out. In this video you'll see how all of that went down.

This past year we had a lockdown, Dream SMP, Origins SMP and Hermitcraft were all amazing. Dream, TommyInnit and TechnoBlade became superstars. We all watched Minecraft Manhunt all the time while Luke TheNotable, Forge Labs and everyone survived 100 days in everything. It's all Minecraft but in my case it was one continuous grind. One chance, one hardcore world and honestly one magical journey. Enjoy!

Credit goes out to
For inspiring me to see Hardcore Minecraft as a creative challenge.

Script & Editing - Loony
Custom animations & FX - MrCrisFX

World download link will be provided after I die in this world, or "finish the world". The first one could happen any day, but let's hope it doesn't (at least for a long time). The second one won't happen in the next two years. Sit tight, I will make it worth the wait.


SEUS Renewed -​
Sildur Vibrant Extreme:
Builders QOL

Sky Resource Packs:
Dramatic Skys -

Connected Sea Lantern Resource Pack:

00:03 The Stories Time Tells - More Than Family
00:33 Eyes of Yours - Edgar Hopp
00:55 For The Living - Dream Cave
01:28 Sense Of Space - Jakob Ahlbom
03:48 The Challenge - March Torch
04:02 Fine On My Own - Gamma Skies (instrumental version)
05:12 Never Say No - Clarence Reed
06:14 Finding Melody - Gavin Luke
07:14 Forever to Run - Howard Harper-Barns
07:53 Outcast - Jon Bjork
09:09 To All The Glory - Howard Harper-Barns
11:32 In The Name of Pride - Wendel Scherer
12:36 Tyranny - Dream Cave
13:03 Valkyries of Valhalla - Dragon Tamer
14:38 And Then We Fell from the Sky - Across The Great Valley
18:22 Isotopes - August Wilhelmsson
18:47 A Night You Won't Forget - Trailer Worx
19:53 Adventures of the Young Hero - Grant Newman
20:44 Light Utopia - FormantX
22:23 Until Now - August Wilhelmsson
24:09 Castles In The Sky - Across The Great Valley
26:16 Apollo - Dream Cave
26:37 Battle of the Brains - Experia
27:27 Apollo - Dream Cave
28:23 Eyes of Yours - Edgar Hopp
29:28 Island to Island - Adriel Fair
30:28 It Starts With Us - Airae
32:20 Radiate - At The End Of Times, Nothing
34:05 Day One - Lagua Vesa
35:19 Slow Motion - Elliptik
37:02 Colossus - Dream Cave
39:16 Never Say No - Clarence Reed
40:39 The Great Journey - Dream Cave



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Comentários 15 530
venom gamer
venom gamer 7 horas atrás
Thanku 🙏
Andrei Lupu
Andrei Lupu 17 horas atrás
why does this guy talk about minecraft (a game) like this was his life journey.. i mean it s great what he did there but it s only a game not a life
Bufu Dia atrás
This. This right here is minecraft.
Minion 'Q' Minionton
When I was clicking on this video, I assumed it would be one of those where they stay in a Minecraft world 24/7 for however long. They are mediocore and boring. I don't watch BRvid a lot and this was one of the first videos I've sat down and watched in a while. I didn't even get bored. You kept it entertaining the whole time. I'm in awe. This is absolutely amazing. It's so insanely impressive I have no words. You've EARNED a like and subscribe even if I may never watch your videos again. This is the least I can do to truly show how impressed I am. Continue on with what you are doing. You're amazing
Bartekdzien Dia atrás
Tom Nicoll
Tom Nicoll Dia atrás
Love love love, this is amazing!! (Will let the smooth stone nerd poles go)
Joakim Gregoire
Joakim Gregoire Dia atrás
how tf have you played minecraft for 3 motnhs, and then be able to pull of 1. one of the craziest minecraft world ever 2. Youtubing skills like never seen before. 3. this masterpiece of a video. I gotta say i dont believe it. Wtf. Crazy for you man. Nothing but repsect.
Joakim Gregoire
Joakim Gregoire Dia atrás
amazing story. i just have no idea how ive played minecraft for 10 years +, and you're talkinga bout stuff ive never heard, thought of, or even to begin with done. Congrats on turning your life into what you dreamt it to be. Crazy.
NJPeace Dia atrás
U are awesome bro
MrGulogMan Dia atrás
100/100 absolutely amazing keep it up
austin tea
austin tea Dia atrás
Does anyone In the world have enough free time to binge this journey? Didn't think so.
Vermisst. 2 dias atrás
This guy has a nice voice to listen to, I wonder how legendary he will sound when he is like 50 years old
zhewar zhhwar baxtyar
zhewar zhhwar baxtyar 2 dias atrás
Derrick Victor
Derrick Victor 2 dias atrás
Watching this video was amazing! It inspired some build ideas for me and at the same time showed me how I’ll-equipped I am to build… 🤣
b00gus 2 dias atrás
Huh. I've never thought of flat night only worlds to train myself.
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 2 dias atrás
More subscrbers now.
nopri adi
nopri adi 2 dias atrás
I really like it when you said "the journey started with a fist and a tree" because no matter how far have you go in minecraft, it all started like that 👌
Minoverody 2 dias atrás
Well shit, who else hit that sub button @ 42:07 ?
Minoverody 2 dias atrás
Yo, barely five minutes in and I can tell you’ve really went all in (thanks to quarantine) and I have got to say WELL DONE. I’m excited to watch this story unfold and also see where you take this channel.
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 2 dias atrás
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
MrPonthus 3 dias atrás
"I needed to be WAY more careful" *starts bridging over lava*
raensaeck 3 dias atrás
Well. I just made a small house and wheat farm.
Ruruxo 3 dias atrás
I came here thinking "I'm busy now, so I'll just save it to watch later" and now I'm dealing with goosebumps, deep emotions and a shorter deadline to my project. And I don't regret a single moment of it. Such an inspiring narrative needs to be appreciated!
Loony 3 dias atrás
Thanks for that comment and best of luck with the deadline, you got this!
Ziggy 3 dias atrás
You easily have the best early game strats. To say you're bad at this game is insane. You did so good!!
scrypp 3 dias atrás
girls: "Boys don't cry" boys: 6:13
Manuel Reyes Cuenca
Manuel Reyes Cuenca 3 dias atrás
Time traveler kills a fly Looney hit the ground too hard (when you were half a heart with the horse)
Cro Playz
Cro Playz 3 dias atrás
My first subscribe and was loony but not this account it was called "omer saleem" and I was his 68k sub and now he has over 500k and he can make it over 10m everyone is with you loony do not ever give up..........
Zeazor 3 dias atrás
I have followed you since 20K
BananaBro9607 3 dias atrás
I have watched this so many times ever since it was first uploaded. It brings back nostalgia because this is the first-ever video I watched of Loony.
robonick360 4 dias atrás
What’s up wit the smooth stone?
Hiro Le
Hiro Le 4 dias atrás
Hi loony, you won't believe me but it's me, IroncrowgamingYT, I'm on an alternate account, you probably don't remember me but I remember you, this world turned from a grassland to this unbelievable hard-core customer built world. I'm very proud of this server, do you think you could make a copy of this world and sell it to other people probably on a USB chip, thanks.
Hiro Le
Hiro Le 3 dias atrás
Wow, I'm speechless, you actually remember me! :D my day just got better!
Loony 3 dias atrás
Hey! Thanks for still being with me on this journey. One day when it's over you will get a download for free!
Arth Patel
Arth Patel 4 dias atrás
Me who can only build boxy shapes 👁️👄👁️
This made me cry because I never saw this before
Ceceri Raffaele
Ceceri Raffaele 4 dias atrás
what shades do you use
Danny Yee
Danny Yee 4 dias atrás
You are insane you are more pro then me in creative mode💪🥇
dawid wilga
dawid wilga 4 dias atrás
And now imagine he's death on that world...
Arnab Bhattacharyya
Arnab Bhattacharyya 4 dias atrás
Who doesn't know Triggered Insaan in India
Eliazar Burk
Eliazar Burk 4 dias atrás
He im a noob i only survived 300 day Me that cant survive 50 days
Connor Davis
Connor Davis 4 dias atrás
Hahahaha Techn- LOONY
C N 4 dias atrás
What the actual fuck am I looking at. Untold levels of block autism. Impressive.
sleepy 5 dias atrás
and thus this man has given everyone the inspiration to start a hardcore world and record the experience
M Chanel.
M Chanel. 5 dias atrás
Where r u from? U lowkey sound dutch idk
J Moo
J Moo 5 dias atrás
Over dramatic af
effecteyvee 5 dias atrás
this video is so dramatic and I can't tell if i love or hate it 😭😭
George Hemmings
George Hemmings 5 dias atrás
looney: as we started building looney vill … large city pops out of nowhere
Nicolol123 5 dias atrás
Can we have a download link of your map, its incredible!!
Becky Walter
Becky Walter 5 dias atrás
u enspired me to start a hardcore world
Fasi 1977
Fasi 1977 5 dias atrás
This hacker
Khanvix 5 dias atrás
Pikachu Dude373
Pikachu Dude373 5 dias atrás
It’s like living in a dream 🛌
Sri Siddharth Satish
Sri Siddharth Satish 5 dias atrás
Please tell me when he came up with the name Loni it didn't say technoblade for a second ❓
Cardo Atkins
Cardo Atkins 6 dias atrás
Wow I thought you said you was a noob🧐🧐
Lefastor Songra
Lefastor Songra 6 dias atrás
1.5k hours in a year is like 4.1 hour per day is not a full time job at all. :(
Galactical-Z 6 dias atrás
Can I ask who Dani is?
Hashbrown297 6 dias atrás
Now fight the wither on bedrock
Architect 6 dias atrás
This is insane, amazing map and gameplay dude. If you think you're inexperienced you should see my worlds 😂
XmanneX 6 dias atrás
Wow just the way you speak is amazing
Deceived One Gaming
Deceived One Gaming 6 dias atrás
freaking sickkkk mannn
White House Gaming
White House Gaming 6 dias atrás
rip dani 😭
Jean Kirschtein
Jean Kirschtein 6 dias atrás
david larose
david larose 6 dias atrás
Carl.Uchiha 6 dias atrás
this shit is so fake bruh😂😂 a really good builder tho fr
Loony 6 dias atrás
Meanwhile here's all the early episodes:
Loony 6 dias atrás
Haha it's actually real though, almost entirely happened on stream too. I've recently moved to a new apartment and haven't been able to stream because of internet bandwidth, so the world has been on pause. When that's fixed in a little while I'll be streaming 5 or 6 days a week again. Come check it out for yourself sometime by then :)
X!chara 6 dias atrás
SKY Gremory
SKY Gremory 7 dias atrás
never in my life have I watched a 42 min long video on youtube. BUT MY GAWD WAS THIS GOOD man I am at a lost of words :D
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 7 dias atrás
Wow holy hell! That was the best intro to a channel I have ever seen! Idk what content you make I'm in!
Your Antagonist XD
Your Antagonist XD 7 dias atrás
The perseverance you show in this play through will all your close calls lost horse dragon fights mind boggling builds farms wither fighting and more is absolutely incredible remarkable to me and if I could make categories from the best it would be pvp - techno speedrunning -dream building - loony survivalism - loony and idk many good redstoners but the best I’ve seen is mumbo jumbo
Akif MC
Akif MC 7 dias atrás
This video motivated me... thank you!
Bob Low
Bob Low 7 dias atrás
Man's literally said he's bad at the game and look how far he had gone. Ive been playing Minecraft and on my hardcore the first 10 days I didn't even find diamonds, go to the nether, end or fight the wither. I'm really slow at starting a world.
antonio guglielmetti
antonio guglielmetti 7 dias atrás
Wow this is amazing. Puts everything I've done in survival to shame. Although I did build a 21,000+ (one stair block is a seat) seater church in creative and that's the only thing that can remotely compare to any of this.
GamerBoy10 7 dias atrás
I can’t chat in the live chat
Pragnadeep.P 7 dias atrás
Let's all watch the video in 0.25 speed overnight to boost Loony's subscribers
zakir Ali
zakir Ali 7 dias atrás
Dev Mahatme
Dev Mahatme 7 dias atrás
George Riley
George Riley 7 dias atrás
That he was able to feed himself for a year off this is a towering monument to everything wrong with this country.
Miko Dy
Miko Dy 7 dias atrás
This guy is litterally phil's brother
lord ZZZ
lord ZZZ 8 dias atrás
I thought this was gonna be another typical hardcore world but this is just magnificent beautiful and inspired
Zaint Agpasa
Zaint Agpasa 8 dias atrás
haven’t been this excited to watch minecraft since i was a little kid watching skydoesminecraft
Loony 8 dias atrás
Massive compliment, thanks!
Its Matt
Its Matt 8 dias atrás
ikaw ba yung loony sa tiktok yan pala yung voice mo soo cool
Vũ Junior
Vũ Junior 8 dias atrás
Imaging loading this map on my low end pc
Citrus Things
Citrus Things 8 dias atrás
I like how you say you "decided" this would be your full time job and completely ignored how lucky you have to be for that to happen
Ade 8 dias atrás
So expressive, could even write a poem lol. Loved the video
Ade 8 dias atrás
So many highs and lows, and showing so much growth.
ess h
ess h 9 dias atrás
see you in hermitcraft next season! ❤️
Mohammad Kalbouneh
Mohammad Kalbouneh 9 dias atrás
I loved the story telling .. I'm new to Minecraft and i find your story a good thing to keep me going in Minecraft
Tomahawkin Taco
Tomahawkin Taco 9 dias atrás
I’m sorry but there is no way in hell this dude only has 3 months of experience, die a couple times then survive 1,000’s of days on hardcore and build like that.
Kuga 9 dias atrás
I don’t even play or watch minecraft but this felt like a movie
mynameis KOEN
mynameis KOEN 9 dias atrás
... now i wanna make a HC world as well... Thanks this is gonna Cost me HOURS XD Great vid, truly. I am blown away by your sheer determination.
That one Anime kid
That one Anime kid 9 dias atrás
Bro this is the best 100 days I’ve seen and this guy is one of the best builders ive seen
Ryan Stanney
Ryan Stanney 9 dias atrás
This guy is so humble, "I'm a terrible player, here's my mega base"
ꜰʀᴀᴜᴅ 9 dias atrás
This guy is probably one of the best snd most calculated builders I’ve ever seen. Wow. I feel like a connection to him man, he’s so thankful and such a great guy. Amazing, truly amazing bro.
Roan Baas
Roan Baas 10 dias atrás
why do i smell dutch
Anuiei 10 dias atrás
vikash jain
vikash jain 10 dias atrás
incredible hard work ... man you did something that most people would do in creative
the Dabbing Panda
the Dabbing Panda 10 dias atrás
Bruh this guy IS loony fr
the Dabbing Panda
the Dabbing Panda 10 dias atrás
@Loony aw man your so humble this comment literally has no likes
Loony 10 dias atrás
haha what's in a name ;)
Oscar Riley
Oscar Riley 10 dias atrás
we need a world tour
Oscar Riley
Oscar Riley 9 dias atrás
@Loony thanks
Loony 10 dias atrás
Here's the most recent one, enjoy!
Oscar Riley
Oscar Riley 10 dias atrás
crazy world, can tell your an artist
Dimitri Gegas
Dimitri Gegas 10 dias atrás
I’ve played Minecraft a total of probably less than 15 hours in my life and this was still one of the best BRvid videos I’ve ever come across, amazing.
Lavizhhh 2.0
Lavizhhh 2.0 10 dias atrás
This is honestly just such a beautiful, inspirational video 👑 Please never stop LOONY The creations are so mind boggling and phenomenal on a level I can't put into words 👏 Danny is so proud 🤍
Blake Nisbet
Blake Nisbet 11 dias atrás
Loony hope for the best and prepare for the worst
Blake Nisbet
Blake Nisbet 10 dias atrás
Loony do you remember me
KauTi0N 11 dias atrás
HumanOddity69 11 dias atrás
"When all else fails fist a tree." Mahatma Gandhi
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