I survived 24 hours in the deep dark

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It's very dark here

Honestly didn't think I'd finish this video. It took a month and a half to edit but it's done!

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-Epidemic Sound-

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20 Mai 2022



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Comentários 5 064
I hadn’t been this scared in Minecraft in 10 years. Thank you for carrying me as far as you could!
kitchengun 21 dia atrás
One thing I noticed when I discovered the huge ancient city DIRECTLY underneath my base is that as long as you keep sneaking and have some wool you can basically just break all the shriekers and be in peace
The most original youtuber
Honestly I've been playing minecraft for several years now and nothing is going to make me more scared than the warden...
CerealBox 21 dia atrás
I absolutely love this update for the deep dark biome, let alone the endless redstone possibilities we have with sculk
Toshi Inu Hutani
is it just me or does branzy seem like such a fun friend
The Happiest Bowl of Cereal
Just letting you know; it takes about 20 iron golems to kill a single warden and there will be at least like 3 iron golems left after which is absolutely preposterous.
I was wondering what happened to Rekrap's perspective of Branzy's first attempt of conquering his fear of the warden. Pretty funny but also scary if I wasn't just watching.
Doosin 21 dia atrás
Just found the deep dark in my survival world. It is absolutely chilling when I'm in legit survival.
svchangelic 21 dia atrás
i literally just found this channel and his videos are so easy to watch, i can't stop binge watching lmao
Magda Zapałka
Magda Zapałka 14 dias atrás
Imagine surviving for 12 hours in deep dark, looting an ancient city, running away from bunch of Wardens just to die to fall damage.
Dragon_Ninja_218 14 dias atrás
Props to not only surviving the full 24 hours and defeating not one but two Wardens, but going beyond and fixing up the city as well.
Ichengo 14 dias atrás
Only someone like Rekrap would subject themselves to living with a Warden for 24 hours
LapisWolf329 Dia atrás
Rewatching this video after watching lifesteal makes it hit different in a whole new way. Great stuff, rek!
eioshen boboi
Rekraps the type of person to ask "Is anyone gonna live with a warden?" and not wait for the answer.
Temton g Temton
Temton g Temton 11 horas atrás
I love how the deep dark has such strict rules it makes it more intense
All the adventures you have with your friend is astonishing.
xXdolphin2029Xx 14 dias atrás
For wheat you can go to the redstone room close to the so called “portal” get bones from chests bone meal the grass and get seeds. I tried this challenge myself and found that helpful 😁 love ur vids btw❤️
Im so glad I subbed to this channel... It's unbelievably enjoyable
シ︎Unusual Jacklyn !!
that fix-up idea is actually the same I've been having. so far, i'm 23% done with it. the bridges are hard to replicate.
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