I Survived 200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In A Void Only World.

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Surviving 100 days in a void only world is not a joke, this has been a super difficult challenge but I'm definitely having fun with it! so drop a like to tell me you want more! #minecraft #100days #minecrafthardcore
100 days in a void world ➡
100 days ocean series ➡
Credit to @Luke TheNotable ​for the original idea
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11 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
The Zenuna
The Zenuna 5 horas atrás
Paul why don't you change it to a stone farm instead of a cobblestone farm?
The Zenuna
The Zenuna 5 horas atrás
Look up Mysticat farm!
The Zenuna
The Zenuna 5 horas atrás
Commented too quickly but you don't need Redstone to get an automatic cobblestone/stone farm
Fernando González
It would be awesome if you put a beacon inside of the piramid because it fits perfectly
Ultra SaltyRug
Ultra SaltyRug Dia atrás
Amazing job!!
kristoff wei castro
This is how many times Eren titan screams in every 100 day videos || || \/
Alonso Gutierrez
Alonso Gutierrez Dia atrás
How did you get the elytra
Giel Heintze
Giel Heintze Dia atrás
This is so much fun pls more
Robert Calvert
Robert Calvert Dia atrás
Please 300 days.
Tsz Ki Chan
Tsz Ki Chan 2 dias atrás
u can make a minecraft slime asmr XD
Lamont o-o
Lamont o-o 2 dias atrás
Paul: *casually punches baby slime*
Roman steele
Roman steele 2 dias atrás
Does any one know the seed
Zander Majors
Zander Majors 2 dias atrás
You should hollow out the sandstone under your house and create different levels
Eli Callahan
Eli Callahan 2 dias atrás
There was no commentary on day 84-100
Ruben Emanuel
Ruben Emanuel 3 dias atrás
Prim Water
Prim Water 3 dias atrás
300 days pls
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 3 dias atrás
Mr. Happy
Mr. Happy 3 dias atrás
You can get lapis from cleric
Jesse Suremann
Jesse Suremann 3 dias atrás
Paul: Spends all his time looking for lapis Cleric: Hello darkness my old friend...
Anushka Jadhav
Anushka Jadhav 4 dias atrás
Smite V does insane dm to the wither
SHADOW GAMER 4 dias atrás
Cleric gives lapis and red stone
challenge master
challenge master 4 dias atrás
You can also get lapis from villagers (the one you sell rotten flesh to)
James Protogen
James Protogen 4 dias atrás
there has been a lot of floating grass so you're not going insane, my guess is that sometimes grass can count as part of a structure but because there's no grass blocks it just floats
sunken crazy
sunken crazy 4 dias atrás
More void
sunken crazy
sunken crazy 4 dias atrás
More void
sunken crazy
sunken crazy 4 dias atrás
More void
sunken crazy
sunken crazy 4 dias atrás
More void
sunken crazy
sunken crazy 4 dias atrás
Zayaan Hamid
Zayaan Hamid 4 dias atrás
The Gamer
The Gamer 4 dias atrás
I don't know if Paul edits his own videos but whoever the editor is, their timing with memes if perfect.
The only one
The only one 4 dias atrás
Your fiancee??
Shawn Wilder
Shawn Wilder 5 dias atrás
Fortune is better than silk touch because FORTUNE gives 15 gold nuggets and silk gives one ingot or 9 nuggets
Sebastian Josh Miñoza
Pls 300 days
Sara Toborowsky
Sara Toborowsky 5 dias atrás
Baby booon
Baby booon 5 dias atrás
Your 956k subscriber your welcome! Play more, make more content, be you. Thanks for the video you definitely remind me of forge and Luke and I like that commentary. Keep going! And cause of covid stay NEGATIVE
Bryan Akwila Sibarani 1216057
enderman farm
Thomas Otwell
Thomas Otwell 5 dias atrás
You make a 300-day challenge if you haven't
Lord Bida
Lord Bida 5 dias atrás
You can get redstone and lapis lazuli from a cleric
michelleamckay 5 dias atrás
The grass was thair the hole 100 days
TheSimplestBaguette 5 dias atrás
GamerSupps slurp slurp CODE: PaulGG, and yes im plugging Paul's stuff
BaummitDrip 5 dias atrás
Pls 300 days
Pedro Marinho
Pedro Marinho 5 dias atrás
Pls make 300 days in void
Nightmare Boy
Nightmare Boy 6 dias atrás
Heyy dudddddddy! You forgot cleric can give you lapis
Ses Tio
Ses Tio 6 dias atrás
Link download world please🙏
Giyu Tomioka
Giyu Tomioka 6 dias atrás
petition for 300 days without watching the video yet
William Afton
William Afton 6 dias atrás
paul why dont you fix a shipreck and make a floting ship and claimet has yours
Vrinda Khurana
Vrinda Khurana 6 dias atrás
300 days video
Abdu_ff editor
Abdu_ff editor 7 dias atrás
Wher is 300 days?
AlaskyHuskyG 7 dias atrás
yes 300 pls
NEWSTEF15_Yt 7 dias atrás
He could get the oak sapling
hillsun gamer
hillsun gamer 7 dias atrás
You can get Redstone from trading with villager
Crad the Chad
Crad the Chad 7 dias atrás
FURTONE GIVES MORE THAT SILK TOUCH C. MON GUYS with furtone let's say you get 13 nuggets per one one in silk touch you get 9 nuggets get it now 13 more than 9 it's easy dum players
Blue shark Bailey
Blue shark Bailey 7 dias atrás
You should have done that in the nether
no no
no no 7 dias atrás
One thing to say. Nice. ,
Medh Rajeshirke
Medh Rajeshirke 7 dias atrás
You could get redstone from cleric
SARGE YT 8 dias atrás
I will sub after cookie wins! (Btw love your vids)💙❤️
Alanea Alder
Alanea Alder 8 dias atrás
Witch farm= Red stone, gunpowder, glowstone, sticks...
Anthony McBride JR
Anthony McBride JR 8 dias atrás
hoper clock ?
DX-Gamer 88
DX-Gamer 88 8 dias atrás
U can trade emerald for redstone.. AND LAPIS
DX-Gamer 88
DX-Gamer 88 8 dias atrás
U can trade a emerald for lapis to a cleric I think, no u can on second trade
SkullsXDj19 8 dias atrás
Can we get 300 days in this world
esthermaria33 8 dias atrás
Kyle 8 dias atrás
Why do you still not have a netherite sword
Lizelle Swart
Lizelle Swart 8 dias atrás
Rip which cat
Izabela Dziobek
Izabela Dziobek 9 dias atrás
buy pumpkin pie
Chuckerz 9 dias atrás
you can get redstone and lapis from trading with clerics
Grassheater HD
Grassheater HD 9 dias atrás
You can buy some lapis from clerics
Nathan Bulman
Nathan Bulman 9 dias atrás
You should go to a Woodland Mansion there's Gardens in them then you can get dirt
Mylles Oloken
Mylles Oloken 10 dias atrás
dadny hello kwkw
dadny hello kwkw 10 dias atrás
Junrey Gaming
Junrey Gaming 10 dias atrás
I saw falling villager in day 104
Carmen Castillo
Carmen Castillo 10 dias atrás
Do another do another Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd avoid Ward Boyd world
Bobthe Wabbit
Bobthe Wabbit 10 dias atrás
Weres 300 days
ToastersUnited 10 dias atrás
Void world: i care about my villagers. Lets talk to them. Ocean world: time to get sent to the clapper
Rexton Hart
Rexton Hart 10 dias atrás
Paul, if you put two blocks above the lava and water at your cobblestone generator then the cobblestone won’t go into either of them and it will all go into your inventory and none will go to waste
Endernites bros
Endernites bros 11 dias atrás
More void world plz
Endernites bros
Endernites bros 11 dias atrás
In the last 100 days u left lapis in a shipwreck
Furnii2630 11 dias atrás
Make a iron farm
Blazing Productions
Blazing Productions 11 dias atrás
i forgot paul had an elytra so when he jumped off the temple I had a heart attack
Electedneoyt 11 dias atrás
Day -1
jose luis del palacio
jose luis del palacio 11 dias atrás
Bruh the zombies are powerful because UR in harcore
Carson St
Carson St 11 dias atrás
Use lava in a furnace not coal.
XavoS XD
XavoS XD 11 dias atrás
you can trade for lapiz
pointThink 12 dias atrás
Pillagers only spawn on grass and sand
Leonidas Doukas
Leonidas Doukas 12 dias atrás
Is 300 days coming???
poseidon aquaman
poseidon aquaman 12 dias atrás
Do more void hardcore survival or maybe a nether hardcore survival
Saswati Sahoo
Saswati Sahoo 12 dias atrás
Can you please make a part 3
Mher Ryan
Mher Ryan 12 dias atrás
I'm new here HAHAHAH and I enjoy how u make me laugh u just made my day =)
Delaney Herber-Boles
Delaney Herber-Boles 12 dias atrás
yummy yummy pls do 300 days
K haijes
K haijes 13 dias atrás
Jude Kelly
Jude Kelly 13 dias atrás
Can you do 300 days please
czPlolp 13 dias atrás
Pls more!!!!!!!!
M. Ebad
M. Ebad 13 dias atrás
Hi I am
Maddix Hovis
Maddix Hovis 13 dias atrás
The wondering tester had a oak sapling
Hudson Hawkins
Hudson Hawkins 14 dias atrás
More ocean 100 days
Kody Wilhelm
Kody Wilhelm 14 dias atrás
more ocean world
Kody Wilhelm
Kody Wilhelm 14 dias atrás
300 dayz
Aaron Jei Fontanilla
Aaron Jei Fontanilla 14 dias atrás
I think you can place mushrooms on any overworld blocks (stone, cobblestone, etc.) As long as the place is as far from the light as my dreams to work for Discord.
Grayson Cho
Grayson Cho 14 dias atrás
Chris Georgia
Chris Georgia 15 dias atrás
Him not buying lapis and red stone from clerics drove me insane
Tr3way 2 dias atrás
@R Gaming Polska less go
R Gaming Polska
R Gaming Polska 3 dias atrás
same edit: and redstone
Nguyen Phan
Nguyen Phan 3 dias atrás
Tr3way 5 dias atrás
@Driek Vanderheijden cleric but yes
Lord Bida
Lord Bida 5 dias atrás
How to summon Roblox in Minecraft
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