I Survived 100 Days in the Pacific Ocean on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

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I Survived 100 Days in the Pacific Ocean on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..
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We had 3 objectives in this "100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in the Pacific Ocean" video. Objective 1: Build a enormous Submarine. Objective 2: Defeat the Gigas the Giant Crab. Objective 3: Eliminate the Leviathan, king of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

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All our models in the video made incredibly by MexBot, ArtsByKev, Ticxo, TheAnonim, Ycar, Enderdude, V11, Anthony, LittleRoomDev, 宵閣玖鑰, JoWekker, TheLoungeMC!

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15 Mai 2021



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Comentários 7 477
Painful 2 meses atrás
Andrew J
Andrew J Dia atrás
Waffle Shark
Waffle Shark Dia atrás
Omg hi painful
Ibelieve Dia atrás
Luke Baltazar
Luke Baltazar 2 dias atrás
Heyo my buy
Neyla Manzano
Neyla Manzano 5 dias atrás
Vismay Gamer
Vismay Gamer 50 minutos atrás
Nester is in the vidio ???
Jo Ablid
Jo Ablid Hora atrás
wheres cloudberry?
chase creegan
chase creegan 2 horas atrás
its discount raft, love it
Jhona Mamaid
Jhona Mamaid 3 horas atrás
He is soo cool
SkyeSucksAtThisPoint 3 horas atrás
Sheesh i can literally boil gigas in one whole pot if he was real
Laurie Beasley
Laurie Beasley 4 horas atrás
You are soooo awesome!
liquid ff king
liquid ff king 5 horas atrás
What if this was in real life (・・;
HRC Gaming
HRC Gaming 7 horas atrás
3:06 dont look at days
Alex Street
Alex Street 11 horas atrás
Men finds four emeralds
Melissa parisza
Melissa parisza 11 horas atrás
this is raft..
Pig Dude
Pig Dude 12 horas atrás
Nice video
Alexandre ngotsoungui
Alexandre ngotsoungui 12 horas atrás
I could watch forest play all day And everyday and until he posted a new video
Dylan Saavedra
Dylan Saavedra 14 horas atrás
Humans while having babies in lots of Pain Gigas while having babies VIBE
Naruto Boy123
Naruto Boy123 14 horas atrás
Let's go you got 1 million subscribers
JEHEIM ROBERTS 15 horas atrás
Pls name the parrot Perry
lasagna 15 horas atrás
This is raft but Minecraft version
Trevor Rupan
Trevor Rupan 16 horas atrás
Delphina Rozario
Delphina Rozario 17 horas atrás
Make a Vedio with painful pls stay together with painful
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 17 horas atrás
You should name the parent Polly Polly the parrot and because it kind of rhymes
Allan101 17 horas atrás
This is raft in Minecraft
Turtzing 5610
Turtzing 5610 18 horas atrás
12:37 noice
ボバArcightMakes 20 horas atrás
Am I the only one that felt like this this was just any normal 100 days
MARCO$ALAJAN 20 horas atrás
Good job forrest bone for 1m!!
László Gulyás
László Gulyás 22 horas atrás
ez a vide o nem tartalmaz
Desi Ayers
Desi Ayers Dia atrás
He didn't even show pain falls video in the description does he hate him or something
AK NINJA Dia atrás
It’s not stage one sail boat its stage 10 boat
Aguinaldo Dias
Aguinaldo Dias Dia atrás
In the parrot Perry
Layne Mccoy
Layne Mccoy Dia atrás
The uninterested woman sicily improve because snowplow arguably box across a craven washer. average, tasteless uganda
Rohan Rohan
Rohan Rohan Dia atrás
Btw either for a vote we should call the parrot either A:Akalia B:Forrest C: Pain or D:Venti
Yaima Middelkamp
Yaima Middelkamp Dia atrás
I like your videos it’s just why do you always have to make the day so fast
Yaima Middelkamp
Yaima Middelkamp Dia atrás
Your videos are the best.
luisakk Dia atrás
So eu que cheguei pelo ei mine?
Nightlight Dia atrás
You talk really quickly!😳
Anh Phan
Anh Phan Dia atrás
Hey. Does the crab sound like silverfish
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall Dia atrás
We love you forest
King Timothy
King Timothy Dia atrás
big fan forrest and pain
Sils Dia atrás
This guy remember me as piececontrolcile
William Wallin
William Wallin Dia atrás
alex phanhoangalex
alex phanhoangalex 2 dias atrás
Modpack pls
The Predator
The Predator 2 dias atrás
Now Forrest IS SO SHINY
The Predator
The Predator 2 dias atrás
Giga is dancing to IM SO SHINY
The Predator
The Predator 2 dias atrás
So the leviathan is scary but the crab... IS SO SHINY
Silvershot7857 Minecraft
Hey Forrest! Can u make 200 days 4 all of these?
R A I N C L Ø U D 2 dias atrás
Name your Parrot “JungleBono” if not, “Nemo” or “guppy” would be nice.
Kzz 2 dias atrás
as a person with thalassophobia i feel terrified
joemama mamajoe
joemama mamajoe 2 dias atrás
*r a f t m o m e n t*
Shark Roblox
Shark Roblox 2 dias atrás
You never die
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
Leshhh goooo
Pivot Man
Pivot Man 2 dias atrás
Hey bro huge fan! I have a question.. what is the average amount of attempts it takes to make these videos?
Mint & Ravali
Mint & Ravali 2 dias atrás
James Davies
James Davies 2 dias atrás
he only one getting subnautica vibes from the submarine
Rama linga
Rama linga 2 dias atrás
U have pretty good patience on transferring every item 3 times
C0nstruct 2 dias atrás
The starter phase is like raft
Lalhriatpuia Hriata
Lalhriatpuia Hriata 2 dias atrás
Good luck
Sebastian gaming PH
Sebastian gaming PH 2 dias atrás
He forgot his parot :(
Ridley hate,s samus Cgtfbjjh
Jumbo is the only guy to not die in 100 day videos
Nath Yisrael
Nath Yisrael 3 dias atrás
this video is a whole time-lapse
j hernandez
j hernandez 3 dias atrás
hold up wait a min something an't right he said 12 but he had 10
Evil peashooter
Evil peashooter 3 dias atrás
I like th one cloud
Evil peashooter
Evil peashooter 3 dias atrás
I like orcas
Jennifer Novoa
Jennifer Novoa 3 dias atrás
Emani Onasile
Emani Onasile 3 dias atrás
Brian Ho
Brian Ho 3 dias atrás
Wasn’t jimbo xnestorio
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan 3 dias atrás
This is a cool video
2029 Deshawn Minja
2029 Deshawn Minja 3 dias atrás
You forgot your parrot
🌟Chibi lil niko💜
I like how he has a resperation aqua infinity helmet and doesn't even deside to use it.
dudzzz 3 dias atrás
Vim pelo EIMINE 🇧🇷🇧🇷
luisakk Dia atrás
Eu tambem
Miss Kvetchman
Miss Kvetchman 3 dias atrás
name it Charles
Slime Oddish
Slime Oddish 3 dias atrás
I love cloudberry
dariusenner 3 dias atrás
name modpack plis
Kumar Tamang
Kumar Tamang 3 dias atrás
I wish cloudberry was there🐼🐉🏐
Rhys_717 3 dias atrás
@forestbono can I get a cape code
Ray Nasri
Ray Nasri 3 dias atrás
Can you make a 400 to 500 day video
Ray Nasri
Ray Nasri 3 dias atrás
Please i liked and subscribe your video
White Leafs
White Leafs 3 dias atrás
Finally u hit 1 Mill wiews/subs!
White Leafs
White Leafs 3 dias atrás
Yes Forrest congrats u deserve even more subs!( edit:) And painful of course ur the best!
ErwinApril Burro
ErwinApril Burro 3 dias atrás
Water berry?
ErwinApril Burro
ErwinApril Burro 3 dias atrás
Cloud berry?
Ushree Sarkar
Ushree Sarkar 3 dias atrás
Congratulations for your 1m subs well done 😃😊
Yvonne Marie Hardy
Yvonne Marie Hardy 4 dias atrás
So wait, its raft, but, minecraft
Zaiben Allen Sabuad
Zaiben Allen Sabuad 4 dias atrás
It could've been better if there are no scripted scenes
Kimphoung Bui
Kimphoung Bui 4 dias atrás
Wow so cool
Jonny_Boi 4 dias atrás
Alternative title:minecraft but its raft
Vojtech Kucera
Vojtech Kucera 4 dias atrás
This is not minecraft but subnautica+raft
Sessue Christiansen
Sessue Christiansen 4 dias atrás
Name the parrot cutey
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas 4 dias atrás
You should name the parrot forest JR. Or painful JR.
Dj Stone
Dj Stone 4 dias atrás
Larry Wallace
Larry Wallace 4 dias atrás
Good job Forrest keep going
Issabella Poth
Issabella Poth 4 dias atrás
How does this man find like 10 emeralds every single Minecraft hard-core like do you like the hardest thing to get in the game
Botobi Mixima
Botobi Mixima 4 dias atrás
Why you want to beat the s*** out Mr krabs bro he just wants money
ẓαɢяєԀ •
ẓαɢяєԀ • 4 dias atrás
Its like raft/subnautica in minecraft, I love it!
Stephanie Cooper
Stephanie Cooper 4 dias atrás
nelson 4 dias atrás
You’re 100 days is so good,same with painful
tranlegia phu
tranlegia phu 4 dias atrás
This vid is my fourth 100 day at your yt(I’m subscribing
yukii. 4 dias atrás
all the videos are so cool.
Queen Fyyy
Queen Fyyy 4 dias atrás
Parry The Parrot!
Girls and women Empowerment Network
Dude bulid a robot dragon human
Kyle Cheng
Kyle Cheng 5 dias atrás
Leviathan? Chug jug with u
Arujunaa Suppiah
Arujunaa Suppiah 5 dias atrás
The Lord's recovery hyms
I need your with me with my minecraft
I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft
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