I Survived 100 Days in Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft... Minecraft Hardcore 100 Days

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Corinthius 6 meses atrás
500 likes for 200 days!😊 (We did it! 200 days coming soon 😃) Join My Discord:
Karry Dejesus
Karry Dejesus 9 dias atrás
melon block
melon block 10 dias atrás
Link of a hardcormode plase
Joie Belgira
Joie Belgira 20 dias atrás
Hi Iwoyd Kiel Kitty Kgak dito JdtIdg idtIdkvD kfKfs Ksr Di
Menka Rani
Menka Rani 23 dias atrás
That is herobrine skin if that real herobrine than he will fly
Gamingator 24 dias atrás
Hi can u make a video on house to make the base u made it is so cool pls
Dominik Berisha
Dominik Berisha 3 horas atrás
On day seven he has a full diamond armor and pick ax and Florida
Mark zirdk
Mark zirdk 17 horas atrás
I like the background music
Joey and Polly
Joey and Polly 20 horas atrás
Look it's a fu_ goat
Bahu Thanwin
Bahu Thanwin 21 hora atrás
6:48 Corinthius: fighting for his life on day 34-35 Me: just jamming out to pigstep
Dommy 220
Dommy 220 21 hora atrás
Dude that’s not hero Brian hero Brian would kill him
sonic speed_11
sonic speed_11 Dia atrás
Hello i like this sieres
UwU Playz Gacha
UwU Playz Gacha Dia atrás
I still think he talked with hero brine and that's just another player xd
Angelpiggy Dia atrás
Ainslee Whited
Ainslee Whited Dia atrás
I liked that he said that he had no levels
Jayhona Johnson
Jayhona Johnson 2 dias atrás
Sure UvU
Robin Nixon
Robin Nixon 2 dias atrás
R. I. P animals you will be missed
Storm Thunder
Storm Thunder 2 dias atrás
Call the horse gallop
Faris Witcher
Faris Witcher 2 dias atrás
It was very funny when he said some weird looking cows 🤣🤣
Althenny Villareal
Althenny Villareal 4 dias atrás
You're building is amazing
TheBeastTheorist 5 dias atrás
Except i dint have any levels YOU HAD OVER 30 LEVELS
Tara Backman
Tara Backman 5 dias atrás
Faris Witcher
Faris Witcher 5 dias atrás
I love how he talks so softy
Julia Lennon
Julia Lennon 6 dias atrás
This man is the new official dream
Eshaan Kapse
Eshaan Kapse 6 dias atrás
I hat herobrine.
O Delta
O Delta 7 dias atrás
Tin Mg Wai
Tin Mg Wai 7 dias atrás
FROGGY_FROPPY 8 dias atrás
200 pleaseeeeeeee
Laxmi Karki
Laxmi Karki 9 dias atrás
I am fool noobda
Laxmi Karki
Laxmi Karki 9 dias atrás
Reza Noval
Reza Noval 9 dias atrás
The house seems familiar hmmmm🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
sasuke comel
sasuke comel 10 dias atrás
I'm so hate enderman😤
CreeperV ANDROID 10 dias atrás
The herobrine is fake he dosent die in lava
LazyUnicorn 11 dias atrás
*ahem* F A K E
TallGordon78 11 dias atrás
your freind was herobrine.
Your local commenter pico
Herobrine is a good friend I know 😊
Hackfresse Ahoi
Hackfresse Ahoi 11 dias atrás
Corinthius: * regenerates using golden apples and health potions. * Suspicious Stew: Am I a Joke to You?
Dennise Deudor
Dennise Deudor 11 dias atrás
Hedrobrine is a player or computer?
Lonely Gamer
Lonely Gamer 12 dias atrás
You are really good at building 👷‍♂️👏
Jim Ellis
Jim Ellis 12 dias atrás
Can you please tell me how to code herobrine back in pls?
Dragons and more
Dragons and more 12 dias atrás
I’ve been searching info about heribron
Steven zhan
Steven zhan 12 dias atrás
Kill herobrine
·Blue· 12 dias atrás
this is were the 100 days hardcore minecraft legend was born... 5 months ago...
Caleb H
Caleb H 13 dias atrás
Abdiel Roban
Abdiel Roban 13 dias atrás
Joshua Guthie
Joshua Guthie 13 dias atrás
This Siris is aosome
Ricky Brown
Ricky Brown 13 dias atrás
Not smelting
Ricky Brown
Ricky Brown 13 dias atrás
He said shmelting
Gabriel Gunia
Gabriel Gunia 13 dias atrás
you are such a good bulder
Gabriel Gunia
Gabriel Gunia 13 dias atrás
how did you recode herobrine back in
PocketMinecrafter 13 dias atrás
Finally someone using sword
Nicole Stoughton
Nicole Stoughton 13 dias atrás
I love the thumbnail
Mk Kkk
Mk Kkk 13 dias atrás
Chiken army will take over the world!
Poland ball
Poland ball 13 dias atrás
That’s not herobrine u did not code it that is just your friend the movement of it is NOT bot movement and if u really coded it u would be a genius
Roland Connolly
Roland Connolly 13 dias atrás
13:45 SmallishBeans: 🙂
John O'Rourke
John O'Rourke 14 dias atrás
100 days on a server with LOTS OF noobs.
John O'Rourke
John O'Rourke 14 dias atrás
Hill kill all of them!
Aicha Ahmed Mostafa Kamel Fouad Fouad
You should call him cinmen
THE PRO GAMMER 14 dias atrás
Art For You With Tyler Thorpe
You got some crazy imagination but I only see survived herobrine and your crazy imagination is good
DetectiveHyper 14 dias atrás
The voice is so calming😊😊😊
phat pham
phat pham 14 dias atrás
herobrine is funy
Simon Gluckman
Simon Gluckman 15 dias atrás
Tha was crazy how you got full diamond armor on day 8!
NickiGames 16 dias atrás
Better title idea: Minecraft hardcorist vs annoying ass piece of code Edit: can we also appreciate how he uploaded a run where he died, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE?
P.o.t.t 16 dias atrás
Riiiiight “recode” herobrine into the game
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 16 dias atrás
Awesome and cool!
Point- Ambush
Point- Ambush 16 dias atrás
Your friend being herobrine 😂🤣😂 aka “I coded my friend”
Max Brown
Max Brown 16 dias atrás
Mega Ultra Hardcore sounds like something a kid would say
HADES 17 dias atrás
herobrine was your friend but its still content
Danish Rana
Danish Rana 17 dias atrás
name your horse coco please
Danny gamer 10
Danny gamer 10 17 dias atrás
True O'Brien can't like Christian T uses antique brick honeyblock even exit again he can work on any Block in 10 seconds you got a better actually do her Ryan game I actually down the mod for that every house I built exploded
LenJin Lee
LenJin Lee 17 dias atrás
Love he's building is so good
LenJin Lee
LenJin Lee 17 dias atrás
He is really good at building 😀
Michael Mcloughlin
Michael Mcloughlin 17 dias atrás
I wish I could build as good as you
Cyndal Banas
Cyndal Banas 18 dias atrás
I would be to scared 😳 to play with hero brine I would have to be with my bro and trap him with him 😏😏😏🤣🤣🤣
Assad Kashoob
Assad Kashoob 18 dias atrás
Don't eat the brad it's laffs loaf
teng teng cheah
teng teng cheah 19 dias atrás
U have a bit laggy
Zeinab Mohamed
Zeinab Mohamed 19 dias atrás
Be careful when you leave coco herobrine might kill him/her
GAMERZ ZONE 19 dias atrás
Sorry but I stole you wall design
LenJin Lee
LenJin Lee 19 dias atrás
He's build is nice!!!
Julien Creel
Julien Creel 20 dias atrás
on day 8, the door of your house got closed and .30 seconds later, it opened, was Herobrine trying to jumpscare you?
svetlana vasilieva
svetlana vasilieva 20 dias atrás
Corinthius:(walks up to a random animal and kills it) Also Corinthius:The animal sacrefaised itself.
Cristiano 7
Cristiano 7 20 dias atrás
I live your builds so much
Anime 20 dias atrás
a legend was Born.
Noreen Mehfooz
Noreen Mehfooz 20 dias atrás
N_jaw 21 dia atrás
I love this video
ERROR3.653 21 dia atrás
I know herobrine isn't an NPC in this video and stuff but your channel is great! +1 sub P.S. I've never found diamonds in survival mode before, any advice?
Acey Nakahara
Acey Nakahara 21 dia atrás
I really like his voice 💕 It's so soothing hsusjwbdbe
Acey Nakahara
Acey Nakahara 21 dia atrás
I really like his voice 💕 It's so soothing hsusjwbdbe
Althenny Villareal
Althenny Villareal 21 dia atrás
Amazing build congrats!!!
Judah Thomas
Judah Thomas 22 dias atrás
Poor guy
Krizhyra Jurthel Lagarde
But im a herobrine fan doh
Quantum Hallow
Quantum Hallow 22 dias atrás
I like his builds it’s so beautiful
Souless 22 dias atrás
The end credit break the fourth wall and it told you that the journey is never ending
Erica Chambers
Erica Chambers 23 dias atrás
He has some drip with those gold boots
Rajeef McKenzie
Rajeef McKenzie 23 dias atrás
You are the best
butterfly315 23 dias atrás
Co co
Menka Rani
Menka Rani 23 dias atrás
That is herobrine skin
Khozam Yousef PAKV
Khozam Yousef PAKV 24 dias atrás
Mongkul Thang
Mongkul Thang 24 dias atrás
Luc Giddens
Luc Giddens 24 dias atrás
My dads name is luc
Luc Giddens
Luc Giddens 25 dias atrás
Call ur hourse hairabrine slayer
fieq_punisher 26 dias atrás
"weird looking cow" what a legend!!
Iqbal Raza
Iqbal Raza 26 dias atrás
This is his first ever video
Maceo Ryan-Hess
Maceo Ryan-Hess 26 dias atrás
Herobrine - the most deadly terrifying beast to wander Minecraft, here all the guy does is breed chickens
Reyansh De
Reyansh De 27 dias atrás
why did you kill the animals you can only regenerate your heath with limited things
Soups034 27 dias atrás
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