I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Greece in Hardcore Minecraft FT. GODS

Mud Flaps
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I Survived 100 Days In Ancient Greece FT. GODS in hardcore minecraft... here is what happened.

This was super fun to film! This 100 days video is definitely my favorite so far!

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I survived 100 days in ancient greece. Like lukethenotable, surviving 100 days in modded minecraft in ancient greece is tough. Just like painful, beppo, corinthius, forestbono, fixxit, and others we will be survivng these next 100 days. This is modded minecraft in modded minecraft 1.12.2 -- its like a lets play :)

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15 Mai 2021



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Comentários 2 811
Mud Flaps
Mud Flaps 2 meses atrás
Only a pog champ comments on this video. Also I know Kratos and Zeus dont actually like each other lol.
Thomas Norkevicius
Thomas Norkevicius 20 dias atrás
I like the ending is a lot but it seems like you rush them a little bit like in The beginning you take your time and show the world and then just rush the vid
Themba Lonzi
Themba Lonzi 22 dias atrás
You should have said to your men Spartans what is your profession
Charlie Kruger
Charlie Kruger 23 dias atrás
Well actually Zeus should be the most powerful because Zeus saved all of the gods but like the primordial gods Zeus is terrified of Nyx even though Nyx Is Zeus’s Grandmothe.
Monster Gamers
Monster Gamers 26 dias atrás
Part 2
ty Gordon
ty Gordon 29 dias atrás
i like u shut the door and say so nothing get in like u took his home down
Pratik Vaishnav
Pratik Vaishnav 8 horas atrás
Hi you did pretty well but just your voice is a bit annoying or bit to heavy
Pratik Vaishnav
Pratik Vaishnav 8 horas atrás
And still I hope that you hit 10m as you did pretty well
Epic Kaiden
Epic Kaiden 22 horas atrás
Bruh you left out Poseidon my favorite Greek god
Zinx optix
Zinx optix 2 dias atrás
Where is credit to forestbono
FEARNGAB 2 dias atrás
bedwars master
bedwars master 7 dias atrás
this video is humiliating
bedwars master
bedwars master 7 dias atrás
only by the fact that I saw a dragon I can understand that the guy who did it didn't even know what is greek mythology, this video is *********
scepterover 7 dias atrás
Is it me or when did he defeat posiden
blue mage
blue mage 13 dias atrás
4:13 you saying something about the arab countries with that skin modpack? didnt know they had suicide bombers in ancient greece
Braxton Talevski
Braxton Talevski 14 dias atrás
Where us your fire dragon
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin 14 dias atrás
So no one is gonna talk he miss a ruin nether portal
this is the way
this is the way 15 dias atrás
Love all of the vids
Chaos Temporary
Chaos Temporary 17 dias atrás
Day 13 was pretty cool of you.
Chaos Bringer Animation
I would like to see him surviving the norse mythology XD XD
Mc Roland
Mc Roland 19 dias atrás
ya that guy is completely safe siak no walls lol he could not aford wood or stone
Dorret Kirton
Dorret Kirton 19 dias atrás
All your videos are good alcohol tiene subscribing
Dorret Kirton
Dorret Kirton 19 dias atrás
All your videos are good alcohol tiene subscribing
Ahmed Maahy Fayaz
Ahmed Maahy Fayaz 20 dias atrás
He sounds kinda like lukethenoatable
rinchin bayar
rinchin bayar 20 dias atrás
It’s already 50k likes NOW DO A PART 2
lemonlotus94 L
lemonlotus94 L 22 dias atrás
You know centurion armor came after Ancient Greece
Themba Lonzi
Themba Lonzi 22 dias atrás
No hate but why did resources sound like rezources 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 its so funny because of your accent in the video but the video was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as hell
Manzo Morales
Manzo Morales 22 dias atrás
another beautiful vid again btw
Manzo Morales
Manzo Morales 22 dias atrás
19:57 he secretly tried dream's farm clutch from manhunt
ROEL Noo 22 dias atrás
Put song on the back ground
Gabe Younggreen
Gabe Younggreen 24 dias atrás
Why do you sound like a robot
Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan 25 dias atrás
Noooo at the beginning he didn’t get the ruined portal
Starlight 26 dias atrás
This is a really good video,but i feel like ice and fire is so mainstream Mud Flaps didn't think about the lore enough.Ancient Greek Mythology does not mention any dragons.He should've gone in the config or files and disabled them,at least.Also,he does not explain why he chose to fight "the gods",it's pretty weird,he should've made a backstory.
joshymk2000 26 dias atrás
I love ur vids bro
Szymon O
Szymon O 27 dias atrás
those dragons are only T3 try finding T5 edit: nevermind you also found T4
renjunism 28 dias atrás
when you shut the door to that poor man you just robbed, I instantly subscribe... *I stan a man of culture*
NeonXel 29 dias atrás
Kratos is not even real r u dumb? Ares is the god of war u play "god of war" so u think it exist dumbo
ty Gordon
ty Gordon 29 dias atrás
i like u shut the door and say so nothing get in like u took his home down
ty Gordon
ty Gordon 29 dias atrás
pls play citieskyline sim4 cat and dog im uur bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!! scp 999 if someeone says no then kill them only and harold find a drug that make him speak englidsh
berserk_mike 29 dias atrás
Kratos or ΚΡΑΤΟΣ how they called him in ancient greece is not the god of war he is the reincarnation of strength also you forget that there are three brothers ZEUS HADES AND POSIIDON
TerraTuso Mês atrás
Alternate title: Mudflaps Becomes Kratos
Ricky Chatha
Ricky Chatha Mês atrás
ZegerXd_ Mês atrás
Hou are the but king Vert cool. Vid man its A like for me
Nancy’s Got Talent
What about Poseidon
Andy J
Andy J Mês atrás
which mods did you use
TheBaconAvenger Mês atrás
A lot of historical inaccuracies with mobs and structures most seem to be drawn out of medieval but its a very well produced video and excellent narration
Ruaridh Gibson
Ruaridh Gibson Mês atrás
Ya do know that the gods are immortal
Anime Flunky
Anime Flunky Mês atrás
‘’ I’m a pog champ and don’t get down too easily’’ *runs away*
anamstreit Mês atrás
rl craft mods uh lol you shod be good at building your house is so bad lol love your vids mud flaps
Waldon D'Mello
Waldon D'Mello Mês atrás
What a narration !!
Niqkera Moultry
Niqkera Moultry Mês atrás
😞 sad
jecii sadeo
jecii sadeo Mês atrás
The numberless perch ontogenically test because nail unfortunatly sneeze after a bawdy employee. pretty, subdued goal
Ayman Riad
Ayman Riad Mês atrás
u talk like this is an old legendary story i love it it brings more feeling into da 100 days
Abn Mosman 3
Abn Mosman 3 Mês atrás
Best video you made
Edward John Ride
Edward John Ride Mês atrás
ancient egypt pls
pp Mês atrás
Do 200 days
OzzodistroyoYT Simpson
How is a dragon stronger then hades
Minemaster 23
Minemaster 23 Mês atrás
Just wish I knew what mod the weapons were from.
Charles Hall
Charles Hall Mês atrás
I believe it is from the Divine rpg mod or the dragon mod not sure which one.
Zenaida Pancito
Zenaida Pancito Mês atrás
Not how the house looks but atleast you have a home btw
Tn Junior
Tn Junior Mês atrás
200 days
S.A Mês atrás
yeet yofeet
yeet yofeet Mês atrás
i would have said mystical babes instead of mystical creatures
Jo Futrell
Jo Futrell Mês atrás
Mud flaps: we are spending 100 days in Ancient Greece Me: oh my goodness Percy Jackson Vibes Me 2 seconds later: this is nothing like the books 📚
Kate Swicegood
Kate Swicegood Mês atrás
Kratos is not the God of war, kratos is a video game character. The real God of war is Aries/Mars.
Kate Swicegood
Kate Swicegood Mês atrás
I'm sorry if I got the gods mixed up.
Samuelle Halliman
Samuelle Halliman Mês atrás
Sorry it's Pluto To correct you
Reap3R 21
Reap3R 21 Mês atrás
im greek.
Mr. Know-It-All
Mr. Know-It-All Mês atrás
You should've said "This is Sparta!!!" 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
Jacob Castillo
Jacob Castillo Mês atrás
Wait wait wait u got a army???!!!
محمد القحطاني
Hi I have a ps4 Can i play this mod are nat
Christian987 Mês atrás
Don't feel bad running from dangerous because "A person who always running from a dangerous is life longer than a person who face the danger"
GOD G4MER45 Mês atrás
Mudflaps the speach you made was so so good😥
Zarrell Dillard
Zarrell Dillard Mês atrás
Broooo you so annoying
Zarrell Dillard
Zarrell Dillard Mês atrás
Why talk like that
Ares or Kratos
Andrew Lindley
Andrew Lindley Mês atrás
Guess I’m poggers
billy whitham
billy whitham Mês atrás
If you were wondering what it would sound like if John Mulaney played Minecraft this is it
sikimoni baruah
sikimoni baruah Mês atrás
Battle began years ago but he said it when its on half and why hedas God of underwold light on fire
Jeffrey Middaugh
Jeffrey Middaugh Mês atrás
Tbh, you wouldn't really be able to kill Kratos
Mosammat Shoraia Akhter
Make a 200 days of this.
Naruto Sage E X
Naruto Sage E X Mês atrás
can you do one in the norse world when you serve the gods
Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen Mês atrás
The awesome oval precisely appear because dry elderly remain about a political den. harsh, itchy hyena
Nathan Metcalf
Nathan Metcalf Mês atrás
This dude is the minecraft kratos
Wyatt Kragel
Wyatt Kragel Mês atrás
You are democracy
Jasmine Pallanes
Jasmine Pallanes Mês atrás
You think you’re a horrible Wilda’s sing me
Cassandra Guillot RE/MAX Elite
This entire video is just shit!!!
Cecillion Mês atrás
Part 2?
eren sertay berberoğlu
Man ,where do you find maps like this it is really good
Seth Santiago-Blake
I closed his door so then nothing can get in ( no walls )
softaTmig Mês atrás
Why does this guy try so hard to sound like LukeTheNotable?
flashaki V
flashaki V Mês atrás
I am from Greece and this is not true
squish nation
squish nation Mês atrás
You missed the nether portal
Benjamin moen Falstad
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis Mês atrás
Wanna know why I hate zues because he r his own sister and created the minitore by turning into a bull
william simmon
william simmon Mês atrás
The three adult eventually inform because brochure externally share between a unequaled octave. tacky, striped lynx
John Alvertis
John Alvertis Mês atrás
I would like to point out some things. First of all I think you all now this and I think this was a joke but Kratos isn't the god of war but in fact Ares is. Lastly I would like to tell you another fact ( btw if any of you already knew that mad respect;) Hades is not in fact the god of the underworld , but Pluto is. You see Hades is the name of the underworld and thus a location not a person. Anyways awesome video and thanks everybody who read this through. Good day to y'all!
Karan Goradia
Karan Goradia Mês atrás
20:00 leap of faith ?
Woooooooooooooooooow coooll😃😃next episode plssssss🙏🙏🙏subscribed and like Don next ep plsssss
Joseph Kitchen
Joseph Kitchen Mês atrás
Im sorry to say but the god of war is Aries not Kratos
Alberto Marti
Alberto Marti Mês atrás
and Kratos???????
9th hokage kokushibou
I would have joined hades team
Hudson Fryer
Hudson Fryer Mês atrás
Iron farm, lol
Christian Colwell
Christian Colwell Mês atrás
Ayo did I just see esp
Shannon Daher
Shannon Daher Mês atrás
I just love his sarcasm 😂😂
gaming acount
gaming acount Mês atrás
Maria Siodina
Maria Siodina Mês atrás
I love your videos
PA1N Mês atrás
Ill make sure to close his door so none can get in Like wat you raidid hes basa lmao
gaming acount
gaming acount Mês atrás
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