I Survived 1,400 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1400 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist:

Tutorials I used for this video:
Mob Switch:
Turtle Farm:
Obsidian Farm:

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea!

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24 Jul 2021



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Comentários 8 023
aesthetic 4 horas atrás
the more and more i watch this man, the more attractive he gets.
uzairuddin mir
uzairuddin mir Dia atrás
When he started the series who saw a TURTLE FARM coming
Synatica 2 dias atrás
6:25, love to see that happiness in his face when he sees the obsidian.
Tamara Whitney
Tamara Whitney 2 dias atrás
TTeam 2 dias atrás
Mine diamonds!!!
Brown Monke
Brown Monke 3 dias atrás
You should do a collab with wadzee
Red Riot 5000
Red Riot 5000 3 dias atrás
13:04 circle
Charlie Li
Charlie Li 4 dias atrás
Okay, I have to admit the happy kids thing is very lame
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
cpatain anapat chanal
cpatain anapat chanal 4 dias atrás
your face like pewdiepie
Wyatt Larkin
Wyatt Larkin 5 dias atrás
next ep aet only goldeb apples' /';/
Adam Sundermann
Adam Sundermann 5 dias atrás
If you takeoff your armor your tools will get repaired faster
Adam Sundermann
Adam Sundermann 5 dias atrás
The game is so easy you can only have it off for once a week
Rianne de Groot
Rianne de Groot 5 dias atrás
I started watching the series a few days ago.. the fact that i learnt so much from it is amazing
Julie Bourne
Julie Bourne 5 dias atrás
I was screaming at my screen telling him to use a totem instead of a bamboo in day 1303
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T 5 dias atrás
There should be a advancement for completing every advancement
Serenity Harris
Serenity Harris 5 dias atrás
I just love binge watching these hardcore vids
Cheeseball Pete
Cheeseball Pete 5 dias atrás
"And this poor village will never be terrorized again" *chuckles* "Except by me"
Maximations 6 dias atrás
People who haven’t watched all the vids:why so many wither skulls? People who have: meh it’s normal
Clare Hemsley
Clare Hemsley 6 dias atrás
That’s a lot of obsidian
y m
y m 6 dias atrás
I need 100k likes in this video
Lyss Fong
Lyss Fong 6 dias atrás
You say *diamonds are for peasants* well I am in PSV VERSION aka no updates :c
SharkTorpedo 6 dias atrás
Imagine if the shulker farm broke and when he went back to the spawn chunks there were shulkers everywhere lol
Jem 6 dias atrás
Next Saturday 1900 days please ❤️❤️💯💯💯...cant wait !!!
Fording Jai
Fording Jai 6 dias atrás
Love this video
Jiaqi XU
Jiaqi XU 8 dias atrás
when you realize he's holding an ax after seeing the trader
Raven _
Raven _ 8 dias atrás
when ur the 100k st like 😏
MemeSauce 8 dias atrás
Guess who got the 100K like 😏
brooklynn mcphail
brooklynn mcphail 9 dias atrás
SB737 in day 2000 be like: Okay guys, I just finished my bedrock farm.
Jacob Shattock
Jacob Shattock 10 dias atrás
When you fined a desert villige there is a desert pirermid near you.
Hilal Al Jabri
Hilal Al Jabri 10 dias atrás
Do you to make another right just wait or break it without any mending I’m trying to craft it againI’ll diamonds because you say diamonds for peasants
Neve  LF
Neve LF 10 dias atrás
I love how when he said “no turtles were harmed in this video” a turtle suddenly DIES
دع القلق معا نبداء الحياة MF
Like he build almost impossible thing
دع القلق معا نبداء الحياة MF
Every build he makes is just op
jacksen hilditch
jacksen hilditch 11 dias atrás
i love how he got rid of all hostile mobs so he got rid of his pet creeper and endermen
Ralph Ortega
Ralph Ortega 5 dias atrás
It gets rid of them spawning so if they have a name tag or something they'll stay
ISHAAN SINGHAL 12 dias atrás
Give your world seed
Marcko Magto
Marcko Magto 12 dias atrás
Lets go to 3m
Fire karma
Fire karma 13 dias atrás
Yooooooo how in the world do you do this SB737?
Fire karma
Fire karma 13 dias atrás
Fire 🔥
Gibby XD
Gibby XD 13 dias atrás
I just relized somthin the part where he put the polar bear and panda bear that reminded me of the show called "we bear bears" i think
firelarmrn 13 dias atrás
Is it just me or is everything is renewable in this game
Elizabeth Johannes
Elizabeth Johannes 13 dias atrás
Well you have a panda and a Polerbear butt not a bear if only there was a bear in the game
Dr-Mythe 13 dias atrás
to think the baby thing probs would be still at 2.2m if u didn't shout it out basically every video LOL
h2h2 14 dias atrás
Lapis is the only thing I have more of than SB
NaNer BorCraft
NaNer BorCraft 14 dias atrás
VhonPlayz Roblox
VhonPlayz Roblox 14 dias atrás
Alpha Montages
Alpha Montages 14 dias atrás
RDX GAMING LUCK 15 dias atrás
whatagoat5 15 dias atrás
sb: no way to farm god apples me: turn your world to 1.8 and craft it
Donna Singh
Donna Singh 16 dias atrás
U built so many farms keep it up bro ur doing a good working process there
tyler paine
tyler paine 16 dias atrás
but now your creeper farm wont work
tyler paine
tyler paine 16 dias atrás
its bc of mob limits
Alexashimmer 16 dias atrás
Will the peaceful hack work in the nether as it is bedrock at the top
TaseyMinecraftYT 16 dias atrás
TaseyMinecraftYT 16 dias atrás
Cooo Booo
Cooo Booo 16 dias atrás
Cooo Booo
Cooo Booo 16 dias atrás
TaseyMinecraftYT 16 dias atrás
Custom Drip Electronix
Custom Drip Electronix 16 dias atrás
15:34 looks like red among us
Ben Boulder772
Ben Boulder772 17 dias atrás
Rip to your pet creeper
Rosscelot 17 dias atrás
What would happen to your mob farms? why do they still work
Pyxlz 17 dias atrás
SB: diamonds are for peasants. Me: then why tf u putting urself in diamond armor in ur 100 days thumbnails SB: listen here, u little sh-
Shawn Howington
Shawn Howington 17 dias atrás
You really need to get a grizzly
Genius74o 18 dias atrás
please make another diamond beacon too
Jeffery Bob Junior
Jeffery Bob Junior 18 dias atrás
SB: I'm not going to bore you with the details One second later SB: So what I'm doing here...
Sharky 28
Sharky 28 19 dias atrás
Does someone know if we can break en portal frame like at 11:30?
Yee T
Yee T 19 dias atrás
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten so that who ever may believe in him may have eternal life. John 3:16 Jesus died for you so why don’t you live for him. Humble yourself and come before Him and call upon His name. Ask for forgiveness so that your sins may be washed away. This life is nuthin compared to life in heaven. Remember even demons believe in God.
William Farnum III
William Farnum III 20 dias atrás
Hey SB if you actually read this I am a subscriber and would like for you to to have a bedrock download of your world at 2000 days I do not own java
Basanti Joshi
Basanti Joshi 20 dias atrás
You can actually get bad omen and switch into peaceful then no pillagers will spawn and you will automatically win the raid
Frederick Meana
Frederick Meana 20 dias atrás
Wow you are very smart
Raju Prasad
Raju Prasad 21 dia atrás
All Pro player need redstone like you
AMIT RATHORE 21 dia atrás
love from india
Ayush 21 dia atrás
Petition to request Mojang to add a normal "Bear" mob so we can see SB complete his "We Bare Bears" trio
YeeterMcEater 3 horas atrás
WaVe 14 dias atrás
y m
y m 21 dia atrás
i need 100k likes in this video
doggo of the shiba tribe
doggo of the shiba tribe
doggo of the shiba tribe
mutiara galuh
mutiara galuh 21 dia atrás
mine the all piramid ther is a sicret rom
PoUsTee 21 dia atrás
Can anyone tell me how his glass is like bedrock version??
Diarmuid Hayes
Diarmuid Hayes 22 dias atrás
you can mlg in the nether with power snow
Carlin Kohn
Carlin Kohn 22 dias atrás
U can make notch apples with gold blocks around the apple daaa
y m
y m 22 dias atrás
i need 100k likes in thia video
22 dias atrás
How are diamonds for peasants if you used diamond armour in a smithing table to create nether it’s armour
Neil Gaming
Neil Gaming 23 dias atrás
bruh cursed breaking bedrock
Rayden Tan
Rayden Tan 23 dias atrás
10:22 lol 13:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xavier Franklin
Xavier Franklin 23 dias atrás
How are you so good at Minecraft
Max Adams
Max Adams 23 dias atrás
SB has earnt so many ads it is almost annoying.
Brubomb34 24 dias atrás
Sb: Running low on something Also sb: makes a farm for it
ElecMan 24 dias atrás
Did you take a year to do all of this
Reyansh De
Reyansh De 24 dias atrás
well the wither mob switch does stop zombies from spawning it does not stop phantmes from spawning
Durt2Durty Gt
Durt2Durty Gt 25 dias atrás
“And this village never get terrorized again, Except by me” lmao I laugh so hard
H DOG 25 dias atrás
Sb:diamonds are for peasants Also Sb:video thumbnail him in diamond armour
XTREME 25 dias atrás
Is it possible to make a powdered snow farm?
Will Dog
Will Dog 25 dias atrás
That is an amazing panda 🐼 I love your videos so much
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell 25 dias atrás
Don’t mine diamonds they bad they only good in the beginning state and your not a beginner your a pro
Mahesh N
Mahesh N 25 dias atrás
slools KING
slools KING 25 dias atrás
موسيقى واثم وكذا يعني
Erick The Angel Fox
Erick The Angel Fox 25 dias atrás
SB : "notch apples are still very rare " Me : * laugh's in aquatic update where u can craft them*
I ate king p for breakfast
The recipe was removed long before the aquatic update Unless you’re playing on console I think
xXGalaxywolfXx 26 dias atrás
15:51 the fact that he said “create” is so funny
y m
y m 26 dias atrás
i need 100k likes in this video
PWR Up 27 dias atrás
Why did he mob proof the panda when he and an anti mobs machine
SarahlColl 27 dias atrás
Why do you have been so many ender chest
Ranesh Wickramatillake
Ranesh Wickramatillake 27 dias atrás
Your Videos are amazing. I love this series. I can see you and you're channel growing, if you keep this up!
Dan McTigue
Dan McTigue 27 dias atrás
I have not seen a mob in forever
Lee Yik Luon
Lee Yik Luon 27 dias atrás
Sb was like omg im under 600 levels
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