I Survived 1,100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist:

Tutorials I used for this video:
Music Disc Farm -

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea!

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12 Jun 2021



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Comentários 0
Liviu Ionut Rusu
Liviu Ionut Rusu 4 horas atrás
Laik theat
Aaraya Jain
Aaraya Jain 9 horas atrás
3:55 You don't mine trees, You chop them. 😂
navsis plase
navsis plase 10 horas atrás
Bro diamonds are not for peasents OK see how could you make netherite Armour huh with iron that's what u thought
Black Phantom
Black Phantom Dia atrás
You don’t have an enderman head
JackOnCrack Dia atrás
STOP MAKING DURATION 1 ROCKETS! You have a massive creeper farm! Just put three gunpowder for every 1 paper.
Madhavi Nvl
Madhavi Nvl Dia atrás
Sb is the only one who uses honey comb for building
Moritz Flessa
Moritz Flessa Dia atrás
i know what to do with the diamonds make a throne!
Gretta Welch
Gretta Welch Dia atrás
Make diamonds are for pesetas merch pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Supremo Dia atrás
day 3000 be like okay guys im going to make a barrier farm now
Da Cat And Gecko
Da Cat And Gecko Dia atrás
I don’t give a frick just take the god dang diamonds!
Da Cat And Gecko
Da Cat And Gecko Dia atrás
Diamonds are not for peasants they are for rich peasants
Ayush Wankhede
Ayush Wankhede 2 dias atrás
SB ignoring diamonds Me- Kill me, kill me, KILL ME NOW !!
Lotte Trouwborst
Lotte Trouwborst 3 dias atrás
Can you make video's how you make that kinda farms, like the villager farm pls? I like your video's btw
SB737 3 dias atrás
Watch the previous episodes, as I do everything in the videos
giarto ato
giarto ato 3 dias atrás
DrAg 3 dias atrás
U said a levere it’s a lever
Nowak 18
Nowak 18 3 dias atrás
"But get,what's the point of playing minecraft if we don't get ridiculous amounts of items we don't even need?" *SB737*
SwaggyQuez 3 dias atrás
tower of slavery perfect
CorruptedCamel 3 dias atrás
yo mama
Elicia Loring
Elicia Loring 3 dias atrás
6:09 day 1069
✨Luke Mande✨
✨Luke Mande✨ 3 dias atrás
Sb737: "Diamonds are for peasants" The Peasants:
WONG JUN LAM Moe 2 dias atrás
Goosy 3 dias atrás
make the bamboo farm a bit taller it just makes sense since bamboo grows more.
Ben Gillis FNF Fan
Ben Gillis FNF Fan 4 dias atrás
He has the 3rd longest hardcore world I know in second place LTN and 1st Is loony with almost 5000 days
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 2 dias atrás
@rocky balboa irl and not minecraft that's the thing
rocky balboa
rocky balboa 2 dias atrás
@Kashmir Andal it was 5 years old his world
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 2 dias atrás
@rocky balboa philza also stopped at 5000 sadly
rocky balboa
rocky balboa 3 dias atrás
Michele Rozek
Michele Rozek 4 dias atrás
Yeet nice armor
Mike playz
Mike playz 4 dias atrás
Fnaf music man
M,r,zuce 1'2'3
M,r,zuce 1'2'3 4 dias atrás
please automatic chicken farm with world
Biiig Chicken
Biiig Chicken 4 dias atrás
You know your OP when your at the point red stone is more precious than diamonds.
rocky balboa
rocky balboa 5 dias atrás
13:28 omg look what happened comment and keep this up top for me to fool more people
Logan Ingraham
Logan Ingraham 5 dias atrás
At the start it was really hilarious when he said I expand my tower of slavery.
KillerPoshPeepsicles 679
U were building a creeper farm in this ep but u already have one, can’t you just get discs from that
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 2 dias atrás
he needs skeletons
KES.Official 7 dias atrás
12:08 tommy
Kyi phyu Chan myae
Kyi phyu Chan myae 7 dias atrás
Ur the king Minecraft player
F 7 dias atrás
the king of redstone
Chris Mosteller
Chris Mosteller 8 dias atrás
SB should build an auto miner like the one from friend or foe. That way, he could get infinite redstone
Giovan’s Vlogs
Giovan’s Vlogs 8 dias atrás
I just knew that “SB” is actually sonic boom
Sabrina'sWorld 8 dias atrás
the smp
Sabrina'sWorld 8 dias atrás
ok 77777 yyyy 8888 ffff
Hajir Rohani
Hajir Rohani 8 dias atrás
22 sebellinin da--
Lisa MacVarish
Lisa MacVarish 8 dias atrás
Andrea Suerte
Andrea Suerte 9 dias atrás
U survive 1050 2 2000
Andrea Suerte
Andrea Suerte 9 dias atrás
Wow you are so cool 😊👍
DrCrumbs 9 dias atrás
Lol we have a monument near out base and were draining it and i went to drain it one day and he had all the sponges so we were literally just placing gravel and breaking it and it was about a fifth of the way done when we started and half the way done when we ended so i feel your pain but times 5
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 10 dias atrás
Everyone was talking about the diamonds because you can make a room out of diamond blocks
Happy gaming
Happy gaming 10 dias atrás
make a witch farm for redstone
Sb is rich but still go mine redstone then trading with willager and surport the economi
ADynamicBagel_X 10 dias atrás
guys dont tell sb about stonecutters
vaishali gadakh
vaishali gadakh 10 dias atrás
don't say crazy to wadzee. he does not do small project and this is a giant project.
kylix zelQ
kylix zelQ 10 dias atrás
Day 1100 but he make flight duration 1 firework and not flight duration 3 😉 why??
Galoxio 10 dias atrás
"But hey, whats the point of playing minecrafit if we dont get a ridiculous amount of items we dont need?" -sb737
Allan Donaldson
Allan Donaldson 11 dias atrás
hi sb737 i love your episodes make a endermen farm please. you are so funny.
Toijam Ibomcha
Toijam Ibomcha 11 dias atrás
Sb-day47 full Netherite Me-day 2000 full leather armor
Spidomatic 11 dias atrás
New armor: gets released Sb: NETHERITE IS FOR PEASANTS
he missed cyan wool
Said Aslamov
Said Aslamov 12 dias atrás
6:20 how did the redstone he placed turn to a dirt block?
arlene andal
arlene andal 11 dias atrás
I think its a glitch like what happened to the snow
envy wookie lol :)
envy wookie lol :) 13 dias atrás
People in 100 days -he used creative mode he has a stack of blaze rods People now- he has 20 shulker boxes of blaze rods
Killswitch4351 13 dias atrás
If diamonds are for pencents than nethite is to since you need diamond tools to make netherite tools
Anres Shrestha
Anres Shrestha 14 dias atrás
Hey, please make a tutorial building an exact replica of your gold farm.
George Capodistrias
George Capodistrias 14 dias atrás
Shoutout to tommyinnit
sCyber 14 dias atrás
Ok guys and I've finally finished my castle made of Netherite blocks, diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks, and Netherite scraps, with of course 9 full beacons shooting out of every tower in the corner. Plus a lava moat with all source blocks. And we can't forget the dragon egg at the top of the middle of the front of the castle and dragon heads and elytras lining the top of the walls. It looks ok... But it could use more stuff.... Maybe some guardian laser towers.... Maybe elder guardians... Yeah I.
enam alsrayheen
enam alsrayheen 15 dias atrás
Who is winning at hardcore, wadzee or SB?
arlene andal
arlene andal 15 dias atrás
umm that one penguin can win
Masibulele Ncongwane
Masibulele Ncongwane 16 dias atrás
Fun fact: if you look at the NetherRealm pickaxe it looks like a stone pickaxe but enchanted
Nicholas Verrelli
Nicholas Verrelli 16 dias atrás
Sb u now wadzee he is better at Minecraft then you
Game Chips
Game Chips 16 dias atrás
This mans channel is growing faster then elon musks bank account
ANANT CHAURASIA 16 dias atrás
You are cheating
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 15 dias atrás
why would he cheat when the builds he made in this video takes like 10 minutes?
arlene andal
arlene andal 15 dias atrás
someone back there has no proof
Claire And Jack Plays
Claire And Jack Plays 17 dias atrás
Glitched snow
Ethanos 17 dias atrás
thats just over 3 minecraft years congrats
CorruptShadow 17 dias atrás
SB: clearing out the water around the ocean monument Loony: am i joke to you THE HEART OF THE SEA
Gaytri Devi
Gaytri Devi 17 dias atrás
Carter Brown
Carter Brown 17 dias atrás
Tré King
Tré King 18 dias atrás
I have not seen this in a long time🤨🤨
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 19 dias atrás
Hi 🙋!!!!!!
The Ink Demon Plays
The Ink Demon Plays 19 dias atrás
Take the dimines
Spiddy 19 dias atrás
Tommyinnit u mean
dorj bayar
dorj bayar 19 dias atrás
Sb at day 2000: We are making a bedrock farm.
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 17 dias atrás
Stolen comment
Elaine Rayandayan
Elaine Rayandayan 19 dias atrás
Idol what your seed in world pless
Edward Mitchell
Edward Mitchell 19 dias atrás
Sb sounds a bit like Stamos long nose when he laughs
:delta: 20 dias atrás
you could use all of that sugar cane to make paper and you could get ink and a feather to make a book and quill to write abt what u did in mine craft!
Barbara Holste
Barbara Holste 20 dias atrás
I love this sires!
Meha Patel
Meha Patel 20 dias atrás
Big fan bro and can u give me shout out Het Patel
RG900 20 dias atrás
When a world has more stuff than your main world
Malachi Playz
Malachi Playz 20 dias atrás
This man is more stacked than I am in my MC creative wrld
TVm 21 dia atrás
you are the best
Mr Krishn Ki Gaming
Mr Krishn Ki Gaming 21 dia atrás
when you said you no what your sound like wisp
Kashmir Andal
Kashmir Andal 21 dia atrás
literally thousands of people say that and he sounds like wisp
SGTO Gaming
SGTO Gaming 21 dia atrás
me know how to break 10 pieces of bedrock in 1 go
Free Fire
Free Fire 22 dias atrás
Casually uses blaze rods as furnace fuel.
Ruth Murphy
Ruth Murphy 22 dias atrás
oh sory i did not wach far inuf
Ruth Murphy
Ruth Murphy 22 dias atrás
please could you tell us about your plan to drain a ocean monument
Seth jester
Seth jester 22 dias atrás
raid farm makes tons of stuff infinite redstone included
Templezinho 22 dias atrás
Ik idk why he doesn't use it
_Calebu 22 dias atrás
Hey can you make a 1500 download release
Matthewgaming 23 dias atrás
everyone says redstone we shouldn't have that sb737 i need more redstone
ElliottSuperS 23 dias atrás
yes but you need diamonds to get netherite (:
Aaron stickman
Aaron stickman 23 dias atrás
Bhai why dont you use optifine it boost fps but you have a best gaming pc but optifine campatible shaders connected glass hand held or droped ligting items will light up extra function use that
Victor Huffman
Victor Huffman 23 dias atrás
-sb okay time to build the 5000th afk spot
MobilePlays 23 dias atrás
I dare you to restart
Aiden Liekz Mudkip
Aiden Liekz Mudkip 24 dias atrás
"whats the point of playing minecraft if you don't have a ridiculous amount of items that you don't need?" -SB737, day 1061
Gee clan
Gee clan 24 dias atrás
Banana Boy
Banana Boy 24 dias atrás
El Bronco
El Bronco 24 dias atrás
What’s up lonely sandwich 🥪😟
Bogdan Rotaru
Bogdan Rotaru 24 dias atrás
gulf management international pvt. ltd.
Let me in your Minecraft would
Hanna Martens
Hanna Martens 24 dias atrás
When is the new episode coming on youtube?
Amtova 24 dias atrás
Diamonds are for peasants! Guess Im A Peasant (GIAP)
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