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I straightened my hair and went undercover at Vidcon to prank Dom, Brent Rivera, and the whole Amp squad!
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Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.
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SnapChat: SofieDossi
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1 Jul 2022



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YouTube Anos atrás
can we talk about the versatility?! 🤯🤩
GamerGia💜 Anos atrás
Doctor Wee
Doctor Wee Anos atrás
What u??
Anika Anos atrás
PulSar -_-
PulSar -_- Anos atrás
What’s really versatile is her imagination for these crazy looking inventions lol
Tiara Anime
Tiara Anime Anos atrás
BRvid?? ?
Katherine Kaiser
Katherine Kaiser Anos atrás
I think she actually looks beautiful with straight hair.
croissant Anos atrás
shes beautiful either way!! we love your videos sofie!
narsaku canada
narsaku canada Anos atrás
I know this isn't something you see much, but I wanted to share a few experiences I've had this year in the hopes that it helps someone in need. Love you all.
沐宸 Anos atrás
@narsaku canada you are spammig this everywhere for everyone to know, I know that u wanna share it but I think it’s annoying in my opinion, sorry.
Micheal Scott
Micheal Scott Anos atrás
ok, can we all just agree on how sofie is beautiful with straight hair?? no matter how you look sofie we will always love you, thanks for putting a smile on our faces!!🥰💗💗💗💗
Maha El samaloty
Maha El samaloty Anos atrás
I love that
Maha El samaloty
Maha El samaloty Anos atrás
Well done
Konavlaza Editz [UASSP]
Geiselyx I got a question. Did u hear anybody that asked?
Patricia Mbululu
Patricia Mbululu Anos atrás
-𝓲𝓭𝓴- 10 meses atrás
i love how sofie is always so energetic in the begining of almost every video! :)
Alistair France
Alistair France Anos atrás
Honestly I wouldn't recognize you right away, it would take me sometime to realize it's you, and besides your curly hair I think you're energy is a huge part of you, you're always so pumped and happy that it exudes onto wherever you are, not many people have this type of energy, you're a really good person.
Chess! 11 meses atrás
aww thats so sweet of u
Shania Haneef
Shania Haneef 9 meses atrás
Hey Sofie you actually look really good in that straight hair
Sofie Dossi
Sofie Dossi Anos atrás
Would YOU have recognized me with straight hair??!!! Also, remember to Presave my song "Bunny": 🐰❤
Kay🤍 Anos atrás
When does it officially drop
KaylaGamer Anos atrás
KaylaGamer Anos atrás
also sofie i have a youtube Channel w my nephew
Ethan Broome
Ethan Broome Anos atrás
Hello Sofia tell dom I said hi
Wolflover Anos atrás
I love your videos Sofie
jasmine Anos atrás
Let’s all appreciate how amazing ,funny ,kind softie is and you can tell she puts so much effort into her videos
Busy Being Free
Busy Being Free Anos atrás
It's Sofie not Softie.
SOFIE 3 meses atrás
​@Busy Being Free8t was a mistake while typing chill
this.is_maggie Anos atrás
But she literally looks like a different person with straight hair and glasses!!! ♥️
Zainab Ali 👾
Zainab Ali 👾 Anos atrás
I knowwww
Grace Anos atrás
I luv liv too
Directioner Anos atrás
Hey fellow fan of livieee✨❤️💫💫🤝
Zara Coe
Zara Coe Anos atrás
Annie Cooper
Annie Cooper 4 meses atrás
I love your content. You make me feel better about myself. 😂
ThatGurllea Anos atrás
Thank you for making these videos! I've had a tough past couple of years, and I'm sure everyone has. You really make everyone's day! We love you!
🩷 pretty_preppy123
🩷 pretty_preppy123 3 meses atrás
The hair looks so pretty I can’t believe she straightened it looks so pretty ❤❤❤
Rose Cox
Rose Cox Anos atrás
I never knew your hair was so long when its straight. You look amazing with straight hair. I love it
Ava S
Ava S Anos atrás
Can we talk abt how Sophie looks AMAZING with both straight and curly hair! Litterally slay!!!
YAHUsha Anos atrás
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless him! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him! True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better! Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤
YAHUsha Anos atrás
Your worries (yes, anxiety), depression, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING will melt away and be NO MORE when you lean on God and put your trust in him! When I have physical pain, I literally pray and the Lord quells it, that I am healed! Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name. The world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous.
brittany garland
brittany garland Anos atrás
I agree 100%
Lordina N
Lordina N Anos atrás
Love how much effort she puts in these videos love her content❤️🥰😍
Erika B
Erika B Anos atrás
i like her to
BlazinWolf+ 9 meses atrás
Ok I just have to admit socks looks great with straight hair. I love all of you keep up the great work!
Si Ling Gladys Ng
Si Ling Gladys Ng 9 meses atrás
Who is socks?😂
Klutzy Marinette
Klutzy Marinette 8 meses atrás
@Si Ling Gladys Ng who do u think lol
Michal Rachmil
Michal Rachmil Anos atrás
Sofie never fails to entertain us🥰❤️
Annika Gokhale
Annika Gokhale 10 meses atrás
she looks good either way straight or curly hair
Incognito Anos atrás
You’re amazing Sophie you have really helped to keep me entertained during the pandemic 😷❤️ Thank You so much!!!
Mimi A.
Mimi A. Anos atrás
Isint pandemic over?
Mimi A.
Mimi A. Anos atrás
I spelt isn’t wrong 😑
Alyssa Dudarenok
Alyssa Dudarenok Anos atrás
It’s Sofie
🦋Sonika Naik🦋
Can we all appreciate how much efforts she puts into these videos!!! Sofie you never fails to entertain us!!! You r my inspiration!! keep up great work!! LYSM Sofie!!
Bristol Slocum
Bristol Slocum Anos atrás
Bristol Slocum
Bristol Slocum Anos atrás
Sofie is my idol not urs
AMOD S Anos atrás
No 🤪
Vishwas Naik
Vishwas Naik Anos atrás
Malvini Family
Malvini Family Anos atrás
I love how she is always in a good mood
Fiona Berry
Fiona Berry 7 meses atrás
I love you with straight hair Sofie it looks good on you!
Lucy the Barrel Racer
hi sofie, you have really inspired me to become a contortionist! all your videos are AMAZING and I just want to say thank you for making awesome videos for us!
Megan Krauter
Megan Krauter 7 meses atrás
You look so good with straight hair.
Lyndsey Strait
Lyndsey Strait Anos atrás
🤣 This is a pretty neat experiment/prank! I enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions!
Dean Wagner
Dean Wagner Anos atrás
Can we just take time to say she has such nice strait hair
diana rendon
diana rendon Anos atrás
She is so funny I laugh everytime i watch her videos, she really makes our day, love you Sofie!! ❤ Thank you for entertaining us and making us smile everytime!
Crystal Cone
Crystal Cone 6 meses atrás
Hey hey hey yo yo yo
Alex180 Xbox
Alex180 Xbox 10 meses atrás
Why does Dom look so innocent and normal after knowing what he has done😢
arjun 10 meses atrás
Guys if ur confused but dom was cheating on sophie for 2 years and the wjole amp world lnew but didnt tell her
its_your_girl 10 meses atrás
well yes. But what really happened was. First when they started their relationship dom was 16 or 18 I belive. He liked Sofie but sofie really liked Dom. But dom was not ready for an actual relationship together so he was going to tell sofie that he was way too young to actually start a relationship together. But Dom did a wrong thing and did not tell Sofie and moved on. Then Dom Cheated. But little did you know the AMP world knew this whole time but did not tell Sofie. I am so sorry for Sofie and it’s best we don’t remind her this.
Chloe D Vloggirl
Chloe D Vloggirl 9 meses atrás
yup he fooled us all
FlowerTheCat 9 meses atrás
Dom was 17 and Sofie was 19 when they started dating
FlowerTheCat 9 meses atrás
But they didn’t confirm it until he was 18
EverythangYunjin Anos atrás
Sofie slays with straight hair, It looks great on you!
jimbon bonna
jimbon bonna 9 meses atrás
Girl just too say you look amazing with curly hair and straight hair
sami p
sami p Anos atrás
you look gorgeous with or without straight hair Sofie! ❤️
Della 🍆 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
ok, can we all just agree on how sofie is beautiful with straight hair?? no matter how you look sofie we will always love you, thanks for putting a smile on our faces!!
Kavitha Ravishankar
Kavitha Ravishankar 6 meses atrás
you look soo good in straight hair!!
totallyflippedout Anos atrás
She looks so good with straight hair.
Lorretta 626
Lorretta 626 11 meses atrás
She looks beautiful both ways, curly is unique and I like that about her besides her bendabilities but straight does make her look very grown
Ajmo Sutra
Ajmo Sutra 6 meses atrás
What does grown mean
Gavin Monroe
Gavin Monroe Anos atrás
Can we take a minute to appreciate how good and positive and funny Sofies videos are!! Much love and I was at vidcon too!! ❤️
Sofie Dossi
Sofie Dossi Anos atrás
aw thank you! It was SO fun!
Avani Anos atrás
@Sofie Dossi hey sofie happy relatated birthday my birthday is the same birthday as yours 21st June did you know it’s international yoga day on 21st June
Stone Anos atrás
Like the straight hair
Destorydan Anos atrás
@Avani omg me too!!!!
Izzy Beamer
Izzy Beamer Anos atrás
@Sofie Dossi sofie i love you ive idolized you for ever im so happy
Pixiesticks Anos atrás
Can we just say that she’s always happy in her videos and I appreciate that so much
Aroha-Rose Tairua
Aroha-Rose Tairua 11 meses atrás
Gracey Anos atrás
Your videos never fail to entertain me 😊
Sueann G
Sueann G 9 meses atrás
you looked so pretty with straight hair and i love your vids
Alyssa Martin
Alyssa Martin Anos atrás
I've lost track of how many times I just replayed the bit where you surprised the amp world members on stage! That was an epic prank! Would love to see more similar pranks!
bubbles Anos atrás
can relate😂❤ it was fun
Alyssa Martin
Alyssa Martin Anos atrás
@bubbles The looks on their faces were priceless!
Ava Joven
Ava Joven 3 meses atrás
You look so beautiful with straight hair!
♥Brooklynn♥ Anos atrás
You look sooo good with straight hair!♥
God is Great
God is Great Anos atrás
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort she puts on to her videos so we can be entertained 🙂
R Lamb
R Lamb Anos atrás
I love it so so much Sophie Your videos are so fun And it brightens up the day when I watch them for me We all appreciate you for trying so hard to make your videos good and trust us they are🤗😍
Sarah fakraufon
Sarah fakraufon 6 dias atrás
Girl you look beautiful with straight hair I love it so much
violet Anos atrás
I love watching sofie’s videos she is so funny and puts so much effort in to the videos
Jesse Pass
Jesse Pass Mês atrás
Honestly you look just as pretty with straight hair
Lovinglife_123 Anos atrás
I love watching Sofie’s videos they always put a smile on my face 😁
Franny Zick Meehan
Franny Zick Meehan Anos atrás
ItzMe Anos atrás
Love your vids Sofie thanks for putting so much effort into these so we can enjoy !!!!!!!!
rose Anos atrás
Everyone literally everyone has to agree she looks so beautiful with straight hair
Kåre 11 meses atrás
She was so beautiful with straight hair!
Kelly Stuart
Kelly Stuart 8 meses atrás
Your really right
You are just a bundle of sunshine!! I love your videos🤗🤗🤗
Aroha-Rose Tairua
Aroha-Rose Tairua 11 meses atrás
yes i think so 2
IChangedMyName 11 meses atrás
She’s so nice. Pretty and popular! The whole package
Indi and zigi
Indi and zigi Anos atrás
Your hair looks so good when it’s straight
Kelly's Corner
Kelly's Corner Anos atrás
Can’t we all appreciate all the time and effort Sophie puts into her videos!
Golfer Girl
Golfer Girl Anos atrás
Sofie Dossi
Sofie Dossi Anos atrás
lancia the nice
lancia the nice Anos atrás
Sobia Karim
Sobia Karim Anos atrás
@Sofie Dossi sofie your the best and I appreciate you entertaining us thank you sofie for everything
User User
User User Anos atrás
@ Sofiedossi i wish I could be at that panel to see you guys you and the amp squad
5:26 it was so cute how people recognised you and the way you cheered for dom
krishna veni
krishna veni 9 meses atrás
I would not blame them… I would’ve had the same reaction…😂
Tranquil Soundwaves
You look beautiful with straight hair! I love both!!💗💗
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott 10 meses atrás
I loves Sophie's slap to wake Zack up it was iconic!
ItzMaddxerabbit Anos atrás
You look georgous with straight hair Sofie!!
Kennedy Bow
Kennedy Bow Anos atrás
I love this❤❤❤❤❤🎉 When you got on stage I bursted out in 😂 and everyone around was asking if I was okay
A Person
A Person Anos atrás
I love your videos they are hilarious and make everyone happy and laugh! ❤️
Melithia Kario
Melithia Kario Anos atrás
Hahah same
Sabrine Anos atrás
True haha
Mia Sierra
Mia Sierra 9 meses atrás
You look so beautiful with straight hair
craigsmith solar
craigsmith solar Anos atrás
She looks really pretty with straight hair!
Aroha-Rose Tairua
Aroha-Rose Tairua 11 meses atrás
i agree
Keystone Delivery
Keystone Delivery 11 meses atrás
The fact that Zak put the avocado spread on his armpit 🤣🤣🤣🤣
DISHA ROUT Anos atrás
She looks sooo beautiful even in straight hair
Iraniya Innoos
Iraniya Innoos Anos atrás
Oh my gosh in my opinion. You definitely look good with straight hair
Aycid Anos atrás
thats a perfect prank right there, the unpredictablness and humor and idk it was just fantasticly funny.
Dilek Mehmed
Dilek Mehmed 4 meses atrás
you look really good with straight hair
maggs_weird Anos atrás
She looks so good with straight hair and glasses! It's a full-on new identity! lol
Dogs for life
Dogs for life 8 meses atrás
You look gorgeous with straight hair
Sweetie Anos atrás
The straight hair actually look good on you Sofie.❤️I love it🥰😍❤️😘
Ghost Outcry
Ghost Outcry Anos atrás
Keep the straight hair you suit it so well!
Doggurllll 6 meses atrás
You look BEAUTIFUL with straight hair!🤩😍
Rheanon Short
Rheanon Short 11 meses atrás
She looks so different and beautiful like she always is
Psychopath Perspective
Sofie, you 'll always look beautiful. Stay as kind and funny as you are! You are a role model for everyone
Presley Gray
Presley Gray Anos atrás
She's a queen like she looks actually really nice with straight hair it's looks so pretty
Aroha-Rose Tairua
Aroha-Rose Tairua 11 meses atrás
i htink so 2
Mel 10 dias atrás
sofie your hair is amazing straitend and curly either way you look good
I think she actually looks beautiful with straight hair.❤
liam jacques
liam jacques 6 meses atrás
you look beautiful with strait and curly hair, but you do look more recognizable with curly hair
dsscam Anos atrás
The most beautiful face in the world on top of all the charm and all the talent. I fell in love with her even more with her straight hair in a previous video. The glasses made her even MORE beautiful. Sofie, you're one in a trillion. (I think I said that last week). I usually hate BRvid ads, but I don't even mind the beautiful Sofie now popping into all the videos I watch with her shoe endorsements.
Wanuby Anos atrás
can we take a moment to relize that sofi looks good with any hair style
Emme Anos atrás
Ur hair looks so good straight and also curly!!! I loved all your inventions especially the spread a molly!
India “Flamingo”
She looks beautiful with straight hair
angel Anos atrás
Let’s all appreciate sofies vids take so much effort and shes a hard working woman
Exotic 3 meses atrás
Sofie looks so beautiful with straight hair like AHHHH
Nevaeh Jenkins
Nevaeh Jenkins Anos atrás
While everyone is saying how good she looks with the straight hair and all I'm trying to comprehend that Zack used the guacamole bar thing as deodorant then she puts it on the bread like 👁👄👁 also I agree that she looks amazing with both curly or straight hair.
Itz Toca Halle 🍂🍁
Ya! Same Gurl! 😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮😅😅😅😅❤❤❤❤
RDL Anos atrás
Ya! Same Gurl!😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤
Itz Toca Halle 🍂🍁
@RDL ??? What was the point?!
Don’t read my channel banner
This was a great episode of a freshly baked sofie dossi video❤︎︎♡︎♥︎
Imma duck
Imma duck Anos atrás
I want to say one thing even though you probably won’t see this Thank you so much, I used to watch you and think Lyra, silks and contortion was soooo cool and 1 year ago I started doing silks and Lyra and stretching everyday to do contortion all thanks to you. My friend also does aerial because of you. So for that I want to thank you, you are the reason I do aerial Even though you won’t see this, Thank you💗
Rachel's Fun Videos
Rachel's Fun Videos 7 meses atrás
Did she really just slap Zak with a giant hand? I WANT ONE. 🤣
MIAPIAPIE Anos atrás
I like how Hudson is helping you out by filming! So sweet! ❤️❤️
AUDREY Lin 9 meses atrás
Sophie you look great in straight hair and those glasses
Video edited
Video edited 9 meses atrás
The people in the background:
Lovely☆Daizy 8 meses atrás
Yeah i Will not lie. I AM too late
safiqa Anos atrás
you look so pretty in straight hair, and in your natural hair too of course.
Mia Hall
Mia Hall Anos atrás
I think you look BEAUTIFUL with straight hair!
Mibsamy Martinez
Mibsamy Martinez Anos atrás
You look so pretty with straight hair and glasses!😊
Vaiga Prabin
Vaiga Prabin 11 meses atrás
ALEXX,Edits &rblx🦋
She looks so pretty with straight hair oh my God I want her to do straight hair every single video she does❤️❤️❤️
livingf0rhim 10 meses atrás
of course dom wouldn’t recognize her
Selah B
Selah B Anos atrás
Love you so much Sofie! Thanks for the great content!💕
Sofie Dossi
Sofie Dossi Anos atrás
thank YOU!!💕
SalsaTheFirst Anos atrás
I totally agree! you are amazing Sofie!
Rose_Blitz Anos atrás
@Sofie Dossi Omg I luv you and the amp squad
Ahana Lil
Ahana Lil Anos atrás
I just LOVE your videos! Thanks for the AMAAAAAAZING CONTENT!!
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