I spent a day with NIHACHU: "Against All Odds"

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9 Ago 2022



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AnthonyPadilla Mês atrás
come back next for *I spent a day with PHILZA* 🔴FREE LIVE SHOW - I spent a day with LIVE: BEHIND THE CURTAIN ▸
Michael Kim
Michael Kim Mês atrás
I can’t wait
Khamûliane Mês atrás
In your CC is a mistake. She says: "English, Deutsch, and Español" not "English, Dutch, and Español" 😊🌻
Lily Sasaki
Lily Sasaki Mês atrás
yo july 15th is my birthday!!!
Lacey MILL
Lacey MILL Mês atrás
CPGamingYT Mês atrás
Do an interview with smosh
Golem64 Mês atrás
I've just got a huge idea : record yourself asking questions and stuff, and then some years later this recording will interview you as you could say "I spent a day with myself" or something like that, that would be so cool !
CarefulFlower 2 dias atrás
@We are Family okay so theres something called real life. And I know it Will be hard to do, but you Can start finding a hobby you like! Cleaning, walking, Reading, Drawing, and many more. If you get angry or just wanna bully/make Fun of others, go on a walk, Through a forest or the town/place you life at! You Can start going different ways or stick to one route. Pets Can also support people a lot, I love hearing my cat purr while I try to Fall asleep. You might not find much you like, but same here, I hate sports and just exercising in general (other than walking) And sometimes this might seem boring for many, but Reading a book is Nice, find a genre you like, find a Series you like! Apologies if this didnt help, and if my grammar sucked.
Hipster_Gaming 21
Hipster_Gaming 21 2 dias atrás
I literally do this every year for the past few years! It’s a great way to see how you’ve grown
dreamteamXD 3 dias atrás
I love this idea
Taboada gaming
Taboada gaming 4 dias atrás
that would be bad exposing someones life to public is illigal you will need permision
Kallmelyly 9 dias atrás
@We are Family what did you say about
Mês atrás
i never really watched niki, but this really opened my eyes to her. i related to her so much on how content creation is an escape from our real lives, and how our mistakes and experiences can help us learn and grow. loved this video!!
gio 21 dia atrás
same i relate sm
Y e s.
Y e s. Mês atrás
@Strawberry yeah
Strawberry Mês atrás
@(..Luis..) its a current time dead channel that's why they pop up in comments to steal others viewers -_- we see this all the time currently
(..Luis..) Mês atrás
Nutella Mês atrás
Brody Mês atrás
it sucks so much that shipping ruined Niki's and Wilburs content together. I love their content together and their chemistry. But you can like a duo and not describe one of the people as a sidekick. Niki is so empowering, i love her :)
Pink boi
Pink boi Dia atrás
I know I feel like they could be siblings
Memes but it’s bro
Memes but it’s bro 27 dias atrás
Agreed Nikis awesome just because someone helped you get someone doesn’t mean that you didn’t do anything when a teacher shows you how to do something and because of those teachers you can make your career won’t mean that they deserve your success same here Wilbur may have helped niki to get here but she did so many amazing things on her own that she 100%. deserves all her success and has worked so hard you get here
Brody 29 dias atrás
@Crystal playz Literally couldn't have said it better myself. I totally agree on like all of this damn. I hope you have a great day too :D (god this is such a break from the other fighting happening under my comment lmao ty for this
Crystal playz
Crystal playz 29 dias atrás
I agree I see lots of people that tend to forget that be friends or a duo or whatever with someone mean that one of them is a sidekick for example a tubbo and Tommy or wilbur and Niki and etc.. Just because one person is more popular or maybe more talkative and the other one isn't doesn't mean that if that they aren't they own person you can still be friends with someone and be your own person likewise it same thing for ship just because content creators hang out a lot on camera does not mean that they dating or that they in a romantic relationship just like how you hangout and joke and talk to your friends they do the same or just because they do something like for example hugging, sitting near each other and etc.. does not mean sh-t loving physical affection, such as hugging or touching one another does not mean they're in a relationship And if they were it not your business If they want to tell us then it they choose And they privacy it the same for when they not hanging out on camera just because we don't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen neither is it our business to know it they relationship we are simply watching it from the outside we don't know what goes on the inside and unless they want to say it's not our business Contact creators are human too they have they own life out of Internet And just like how you would want people to respect you in certain ways they do too I really don't understand how people don't understand that and I just want to say that I'm not saying they're perfect angels are that they're always right what I'm saying is contact creators are human, too the only difference is that all of their lives are publicized and they're always being watched if someone does something wrong, then I correct them and move on about your day but those who shame and ridicule them I'm not people who want to see them grow or get better as a person they just want to bring down and shame people to make themselves feel better and again, content creators aren't always the best and sometimes those who decide they won't get better deserve what they have coming to them but I guess my main point is treat content creators like human beings and respect their privacy and their boundaries we're all humans trying to coexist on a planet together there's so much bull crap that goes on in the world, especially right now that spreading any kind of positivity if you a little is doing everyone a favor fighting solves nothing and the same goes for disrespecting someone's boundaries or privacy they don't deserve to have that happen to them, even if they do, there's no point snooping that low if you don't like someone's content, it doesn't mean that they're bad, it just means that you have a different preference, and you don't have to agree with everything a creator does, and or says again at the end of the day, they're human just like you and not everyone needs to like you or them at the end of the day just respect people's boundaries and privacy, there's really no reason not to. I mean, you would want the same for you anyways, that was the little rant I went on for a little bit anyways thank you for reading if you got this far, you deserve a cookie, but I can't give you that so how this virtual cookie instead, you earned it 🍪🍪🍪 Hope you have a good day wherever you are ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ
MiraGrace Studios
MiraGrace Studios Mês atrás
Honestly, Niki is one of the coolest people I know of. Possibly one of the bravest as well. The things she's had to go through are straight-up nightmare fuel (and I'm sure nightmares are prevalent) but the fact that she's still here, she's still a streamer, and *she's still smiling* just increases my respect for her tenfold. Thank you for the lovely video, Anthony, and thank you for being yourself, Niki.
OCforEverything 23 dias atrás
Bro I see you on moonkitti QND here lmao why do I just see you in all my fandoms jajaja
Jeonfilms_ Mês atrás
‎ٴ Mês atrás
same, bruh
Rhíwdiliel Mês atrás
After learning of Technoblade's passing (rest in peace Blood God, Technoblade never dies ❤️), I got incredibly upset and started wanting to distance myself from MYCT and whatnot. But after watching this interview and Techno's final video, him and Nikki reminded me that no matter how many bad things happens to that community and the content creators in it, some of them will always maintain a beautiful spirit, and they deserve all the support they can get :)
Rhíwdiliel Mês atrás
@Diver Yes, thanks for the reminder /s
alli 053
alli 053 Mês atrás
Rhíwdiliel Mês atrás
@King Vidster Yeah okay that's fair!
King Vidster
King Vidster Mês atrás
@Rhíwdiliel It is but it just reminded me of the movie.
வினுதா Mês atrás
I'm starting to think Anthony is secretly a certified therapist
I think so too lmao
Zach Dolgin
Zach Dolgin 10 dias atrás
He’s empathetic and genuine. That’s what makes him a cool guy.
Diego Uriarte
Diego Uriarte 11 dias atrás
Cristobal Barra
Cristobal Barra 19 dias atrás
@Dr Muraleedharan Nair and somehow he only look a few years older than me, I'm fucked up or he has inmortality
lilo. Mês atrás
Oh my god, the second the word "kidnapped" was spoken my heart literally sunk. I could have never been aware that this awful thing happened to Niki, i’m so sorry Niki.
Epic Ninja boy
Epic Ninja boy 7 dias atrás
@Emily Leblanc and that's exactly why they should seek help
Emily Leblanc
Emily Leblanc 11 dias atrás
@lilo. they could be thinking it’s normal because of trauma yk
A Person
A Person 21 dia atrás
Same and kidnapping is really scary (I mean I haven't experienced this) and when I heard kidnapped I was in shock
lilo. 21 dia atrás
@Mohammed Isaac Kidnapping is not normal if you really think that please seek help
Mohammed Isaac
Mohammed Isaac 21 dia atrás
kidnapp is a normal thing. it happened with me when i was a child
Josslovespuccino Mês atrás
Niki deserves EVERYTHING she has worked for, the world doesn’t deserve such a sweet and kind person!!! WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU NIKI!! ❤️💗💖
lopsided lizzie
lopsided lizzie 24 dias atrás
@toijg avnnr this is such a confusing sentence
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Mês atrás
pretty frequently and doesn't deserve it. Nikkie as came so far in life and in her career. Keep up the good work, and take a break if you need too.
Bluestar Mês atrás
I already thought Niki was a strong person, but man, my respect for her just quadrupled, and I really admire how kind she is and the way she's willing to point out the sexism in the streaming/gaming community. And I've always admired how tactful and kind Anthony is with his guests. He's such a good interviewer!
havannah Mês atrás
I really was not expecting Niki saying, "I got kidnapped when I was a kid" It really shocked me It's such a huge remark that, despite people looking as if they had an amazing childhood or they're live has been great since the day they first opened their eyes, you have to think about what goes on behind the scenes Not everyone's lives are smiles and rainbows
EnderGamerBoi Mês atrás
I wanted Anthony to have an interview with Technoblade, but that won't happen. Unless Techno breaks God's system, and brings him up to heaven.
Mork 21 dia atrás
He absolutely will as soon as techno defeats God he will allow for Anthony yo ascend from the mortal plane for the interview
nice gender bro
nice gender bro 22 dias atrás
@3rr0r_404 I did actually, just for some reason it didn't @ the person properly.
3rr0r_404 26 dias atrás
@nice gender bro no- why? Also you responded to the wrong comment lol
nice gender bro
nice gender bro 26 dias atrás
@YourLocalNirvanaFan yo is ur name freddy e? (al here)
Maverick 27 dias atrás
@Pibblepott Jinglebottomshire he is not technoblade now, he is technogod
HauntingGh0sti3 Mês atrás
It's terrible to see that Nikki can barely ever hang out with Wilbur anymore because of shipping and people telling her that she's only where she is because of will
the greater good
the greater good 13 dias atrás
@Guard Video in the buckling under pressure segment
HauntingGh0sti3 Mês atrás
@Guard Video when she's talking about how streaming became her career and how she blew up
Guard Video
Guard Video Mês atrás
Where does she talk about Wilbur? I can’t find it
A Person
A Person Mês atrás
Nihachu is so sweet and she doesn't deserve a bad childhood, a stalker, and being bullied. She always has WAYYYY TO MUCH anxiety. I mean I have anxiety to but she has it pretty frequently and doesn't deserve it. Niki as came so far in life and in her career. Keep up the good work, and take a break if you need too. Edit: ty for everyone who agrees and the person who replied is so right.
Skyte100 28 dias atrás
Add losing her friend Technoblade to the list.
Unique Destiny
Unique Destiny Mês atrás
I’m not a big streamer watcher, but I love Dream SMP so much. I love Niki‘s role in the Manburg arc and am so inspired by it. Learning of how she’s been through so many struggles in her real life and works through them with such an amazing outlook and passion to help others is so inspirational. Thank you! 👏🏻
lectures dentist
lectures dentist Mês atrás
hyunlvx Mês atrás
I started to notice how Nikki was seen more with Jack after a while instead of Tommy and Wilbur and hearing her talk about how she can’t even have a public friendship with Wilbur anymore because of people shipping them so much. I really wish Nikki had the safety and the space to be friend with who she wants publicly and not have to hide her friendships because people can’t keep their opinions to themselves… it’s so sad.
WrenTheBird Mês atrás
She’s such a strong person. It’s amazing to see how far she has come, and heartbreaking to hear her relationship struggles and how she didn’t feel like she could interact publicly with Wilbur anymore. So proud of how far Niki has come, she is really awesome and such a safe space for me. 💛
I'm convinced Anthony is a therapist. The way he guides conversations and interviews is insanely good
Amuse Mês atrás
Nihachu is such a sweet human being, and I also love her take on "feminism", she wants everybody to be equal and that's what it's all about. Love you Nihachu
Maelle Mês atrás
Niki is such a strong girl and she doesn’t deserve how some people treat her. And Anthony does such a nice job doing these interviews, making them feel comfortable and secure. Keep up the work❤️
Derp E
Derp E Mês atrás
@Maelle No need to apologize it's all fine
Maelle Mês atrás
Derp E
Derp E Mês atrás
@Maelle What? No I was saying yall shit on sut nack Good job they deserved it I would never say anything bad about Niki and NOBODY deserves to be kidnapped. Sorry for the misconception there.
Maelle Mês atrás
@Derp E are you saying that Niki deserved to be kidnapped?
Maelle Mês atrás
@Derp E are you saying that Niki deserved to be kidnapped?
A weirdo under your bed
Niki is such a role model for young women like me
V Mês atrás
I just absolutely love her attitude!! That kind of mindset, like "wherever I go, I'll be fine" is just about the most important thing a person could have to do well in life. Circumstances etc. of course matter and not everybody is able to adapt, but looking at her and what she's been through, she's surely made a life for herself.
Ukaria Mês atrás
Niki’s smile is literally so beautiful, it makes me smile so hard knowing someone as kind as that, that’s gone through so much can still genuinely smile Love you Niki
Jh Mês atrás
Nikki is so sweet and strong, they make things that are terrible or very difficult into something that is very positive by working to help others through that stuff and learning from experience, thank you so much nikki for all of your wonderful content
FormalFlamingo Mês atrás
As someone who has barely watched Nihachu but seen her in other peoples videos, holy shit. Gained so much respect for her and the positive vibes being put out by her. This video is really an example of a great interviewer and a great interviewee (?) meeting!
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw Mês atrás
"so I got kidnapped when I was 6" I'm sorry, WHAT Goddamn that's crazy and she still stays strong in spite of so many troubles
Andy Silva
Andy Silva Mês atrás
Ty Mês atrás
I'm so glad this video is making people feel this way :D
NatePotate Mês atrás
i was going to say the same thing
Maelle Mês atrás
I love Niki, I found her in twitch in my recommended list.. I’m honestly glad twitch recommended it to me :) she’s an awesome streamer!! And she is so strong!
Bucket Mês atrás
I totally agree with niki and how she knows that everyone has hardships, for me (a male) even at the young age of 12 I felt that I had to be tough and couldn’t show emotion etc mostly because I was the oldest male in the house due to my dad being at war
SMToon Story
SMToon Story Mês atrás
*she's really such a sweetheart. I hope everything she strives for works out for her*
coffeegirl18 Mês atrás
Thanks Niki for being able to talk about this. That sounds very traumatic but I'm happy that you're alright now. I tried streaming and the instant comments freaked me out. I'm happier being behind the scenes or talking about Film. Also is that one of Milk_gore's hoodies?
Its so sad to hear about the hardships and struggles she went through but im really glad she overcame them and was able to get where she is today! I cant imagine how scary and frustrating some of those situations wouldve been and she is amazing for powering through!
H F 3 horas atrás
@ConstantK Just because it's family doesn't automatically mean they are safe? Blood relatives have assaulted and murdered family members, so even if you precieve a stranger to be more dangerous that's not always the case. Most crimes are more likely to be someone you know, sexual and physical assault, kidnapping, even murder so unfortunately a stranger being more dangerous is actually statistically not true.
Splashforce Gaming
Splashforce Gaming Mês atrás
@ConstantK her moms ex did not love her. Did you even watch the video
ConstantK Mês atrás
@The Ravenclaw Blobfish my point was she knew him well, very well. Not the same has being Kidnapped by a complete stranger. She wasn't in any danger at all. Not even a bit.
The Ravenclaw Blobfish
@ConstantK no that is still very much being kidnapped. Especially if he had no custody, which at this point he wouldn’t have because him and her mum were divorced.
ConstantK Mês atrás
@Xiph1980 damn right
Stranger In A Dark Alley
she's really such a sweetheart. I hope everything she strives for works out for her
Arianna Pagdanganan
Can I just say that I learned and discovered Nihachu from a clip where she had to speak German for 1 minute because her chat told her so and Ranboo was like "...what? What did I do--"
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Mês atrás
1:20 mad respect to Nihachu for opening to Anthony about this, she is really brave for talking about such sensitive topic on camera
misscrackwood Mês atrás
I know nothing about the streaming world so have no idea who she is, but she seems llike a very sweet girl who went through so much shit, she deserves the whole world! She definitely gives ''older sister you can safely talk to'' vibes and I'm here for it!
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
1:20 mad respect to Nihachu for opening to Anthony about this, she is really brave for talking about such sensitive topic on camera
The Ravenclaw Blobfish
@ConstantK it wasn’t her dad
Tommy Mês atrás
@Tommy How about you mind you're own business.
bear hugz
bear hugz Mês atrás
@Tommy Maybe I'll take yours ;)
Rwen Aldrich
Rwen Aldrich 25 dias atrás
“Bravery isn’t the absence of fear. Bravery is acknowledging that the fear exists and knowing that you’ll be stronger for staring it in the face.” Well aren’t you fancy Mr.Anthony Padilla. But really That was a really good point.
melikedaotters Mês atrás
Wow I have SO SO SO much respect for Niki. She is such an amazing and strong woman with a great mindset. This video is so inspiring. Niki, if you ever read this, I hope you’re doing well and we’re all so amazed by your strength and proud of how far you’ve come. Keep doing you 💜 And Anthony, yet another awesome interview. I really enjoy these and look forward to more people you bring on.
Spamilton1739 Mês atrás
Anthony will probably never see this, but he should spend a day with people with restless leg syndrome. It's a common condition, and if people understood it might help people like me suffering from this condition. I'm constantly being judged for leg twitching, and the pain making it hard to sleep. If you have this condition or know someone with it, help make sure he can see this
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman Mês atrás
She’s some girl! She’s coming across as very humble and sweet! Just a lovely girl all round, I think! A wee gem! ☺️ I THINK I’ve heard her name floating about but this is my first time seeing any footage of her and she is definitely some girl! She’s got a strength in her that’s rare! She’s a trooper! And I wish her the best of everything there is for her present and her future! Bc she certainly deserves it! 🥺🥰💞👌
Beth Shea
Beth Shea Mês atrás
It's so heartbreaking to me that Niki felt like she couldn't publicly interact with Wilbur anymore. Remember chat: don't pressure them into making content together, you can have a healthy friendship in private and even if they weren't friends (not saying that's the case) that's what I like to call, say it with me, 'not our business!'
Beth Shea
Beth Shea 26 dias atrás
@MicroSmokeSleet my personal philosophy is unless i find proof the ccs said they were dating in a recent ish time i assume they aren't
MicroSmokeSleet 26 dias atrás
I mean I dead ass thought they were dating lol.
Zoemickey Mês atrás
Beth Shea
Beth Shea Mês atrás
@Kasia so true
Kasia Mês atrás
Not a content creator but I feel like that's the reason I toned down some (non-romantic) relationships because of basically shipping etc. We as society really should learn to mind our goddamn business and not bully people into changing the way they interact with one another. Because you're right, even if we as viewers love to see certain creators interact, at the end of the day they're still real humans with their own thoughts and feelings and it's their life, not ours.
CCK Mês atrás
She’s the person I can relate to the most, she seems so real
Brinzley21 Mês atrás
Honestly I never really got into watching Niki but now I definitely will, I had no idea she had been through so much. I’m so happy she’s happy and in a more stable place now!
Jeremy Thelen
Jeremy Thelen Mês atrás
I just saw a little girl in a homeless shelter with her mom. Nihachu's story reminded me of a mom that moves place to place, and doesn't have a stable home.
Civilized Goose Co
Civilized Goose Co Mês atrás
I wish you got in a "i spent a day with Technoblade" before the tragedy that happened
lars nilsson
lars nilsson Mês atrás
21:15 “Designed by women for women, right women?” Women: Woo! -AnthonyPadilla and women 2022
Ash_jpn Mês atrás
Niki is the sweetest person ever, but yet she has gone through so much but pushes to makes us smile EVERY day. Love you niki. ❤️
MadHatter Mês atrás
I'm very happy to see Niki in this interview. She is really sweet and really strong for opening on camera. Love you both
jip 2 dias atrás
niki is absolutely incredible. i want people to give her the recognition she deserves!
Abibakrin Mês atrás
"Bravery isn't the absence of fear, bravery is acknowledging that the fear exists and that you'll be stronger for staring it in the face." That hits really really deep, especially for me.
Abibakrin Mês atrás
@Henry Marks Holy sh*t you're right it does. thank you!
Henry Marks
Henry Marks Mês atrás
Replying so u know this has likes
Izzy_theBUNNIE Mês atrás
I think that this really shows the hard work that streamers put into their life also it shows that no how hard it was for you as a kid if you push through that pain you can get far (also you should do an episode with aimsey)
shae Mês atrás
Her talking about coming out makes me feel better because I feel the same way as I don’t have to come out I don’t think I’m ever gonna come out to my family if I date the same gender I do and they can find out that way
PlayswithSquirrels Mês atrás
I love Niki and being part of the community around her dearly. I remember the negative reactions after the love or host and it's still frustrating to hear how badly it affected her. But it also makes me so happy that she now feels comfortable with revealing all of these parts of her life. Niki continues to empower women and influence a lot of people's lives. Proud of you both!!
Tanisha Hooper
Tanisha Hooper 18 dias atrás
What an incredibly strong person, i absolutely love watching nikki and she really does provide a positive escape when you need it, she is just such an AMAZING person!!
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Mês atrás
I love these more personal interviews! It's so nice to delve into people's backgrounds and actually see them for who they are and not as what they're like for the camera
ֺ Mês atrás
@Brad Phillips Wtf
Brad Phillips
Brad Phillips Mês atrás
i am never telling my girlfriend that her best friend made out with me.
Dont read my name! 🔥
FruitytheAxolotl Mês atrás
@CoolingRain don’t reply to them, I heard it makes them harder to report.
Pufflez Mês atrás
I love Niki, she's literally one of the sweetest people that walk this planet
100 Days
100 Days Mês atrás
damn bro what she has went through just makes me realize how little I’ve experienced
Anne T
Anne T Mês atrás
Niki is so strong and wise. Especially her speech at 17:07🥺
lupus Mês atrás
It’s really great that Anthony shows us the things which we didn’t know before and let us learn more about famous people
Ryder Cuff
Ryder Cuff Mês atrás
Since the first day I saw Niki she was so small, now look at her! She’s a beautiful woman who deserves everything she’s earnt, I’m so proud of her.
Damica Marshall
Damica Marshall Mês atrás
@Sut Nack I wouldn’t call that a red flag as she’s continuously working on it and seemingly doing better
Sut Nack
Sut Nack Mês atrás
i mean yeah kinda a red flag with mental issues but that seems like the thing people wanna see now adays on social platforms so
Ryder Cuff
Ryder Cuff Mês atrás
@Raging Reyan no thanks
Rebecca Solesto
Rebecca Solesto Mês atrás
aww I feel bad for her, shes a brave girl and adorable. I hope Anthony sit down with Shane Dawson
SylentBee 14 dias atrás
Niki is just so amazing!!! Despite all the tough things in her life, she tries to make others happy and stay happy herself!!! She deserves all the kindness and compassion in the world!!! Thank you Niki!!!
Re’Ahna Ward
Re’Ahna Ward Mês atrás
Niki is so inspiring and she does make me feel less along whenever I see her or just listen to her voices ❤️
avathema Mês atrás
she’s such an inspiration ! its been so cool growing up with her and her content
Kayli Marshall
Kayli Marshall Mês atrás
i can't believe she actually went thru all of that with her childhood. she is so strong💕
Johnic 21 dia atrás
​@Sut Nack When you bait at least put effort in.
Princessallstar 365
@Sut Nack dude... She was kidnapped when she was just a child and managed to suppress the trauma by facing it. How is that not strong?
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw Mês atrás
She really opened up with, "I got kidnapped when I was 6" like I knew nothing about Niki but she was cool in the DSMP so I watched this, and I was STUNNED. Like, wtf??? This sweet, wholesome girl went through all that shit? She's stronger than I could've ever known.
Reese jordan
Reese jordan Mês atrás
watching this makes me realize how much of a genuine person niki is just by the way she’s presenting her stories, i love niki
Zak Ikin
Zak Ikin Mês atrás
I only knew niki from knowing jack and had no idea she’s such a complex and heartwarming human
Ayisha Mês atrás
Nihachu is so brave, kind, inspiring and beautiful. She's dealt with so much herself but is always trying to help other people, she deserves the world honestly
Sunny'feather Mês atrás
Its amazing listening to Niki's story, what she went through and how she came to be Niachu. Beautiful ❤
DJ Drummy
DJ Drummy Mês atrás
She’s literally the most wholesome person and deserves the whole world
Martin Šilhár
Martin Šilhár Mês atrás
@SamDoesGaming enough internet for you buddy
Andrea Lázničková
@SamDoesGaming do u even know whats simp at this point 💀
Skull Ops
Skull Ops Mês atrás
@SamDoesGaming dude
SamDoesGaming Mês atrás
Ok simps
Clarenix Mês atrás
absolutely agreed!
Maud Geboers
Maud Geboers Mês atrás
this episode had me crying my eyes out. Niki has such a sweet soul and its so sad all of that happened to her. Its so sweet of her for trying to help other, she deserves so much of this world!
Bingus Mês atrás
Niki is a very very strong person
anna Mês atrás
I love this woman so much, she's so inspiring!!!
lucy !
lucy ! Mês atrás
niki is literally such a sweet person. she's so sweet to get viewers and tries her best to reply to every dono, she's been through a lot and she still puts on a happy face for her viewers and she's so so inspirational and strong. I love her sm
Chill With Gil
Chill With Gil Mês atrás
Respect for Anthony not pushing and making his guests feel comfortable, one of the best interviewers out there!
Chill With Gil
Chill With Gil Mês atrás
@Reecy Puffs yeh yeh
Reecy Puffs
Reecy Puffs Mês atrás
@Chill With Gil My discord ? I’m sorry I am confused
Chill With Gil
Chill With Gil Mês atrás
@Reecy Puffs Bro what's your disc?
Reecy Puffs
Reecy Puffs Mês atrás
@Chill With Gil ^^ always gotta help a homie
Chill With Gil
Chill With Gil Mês atrás
@Reecy Puffs That was prolly one of the most bro things I've ever seen
Lizzy Moon 🌙
Lizzy Moon 🌙 Mês atrás
Niki is amazing, I’ve watched her for some years and I love her so much ❤️ (not in a weird way) her childhood is terrible.
Lizzy Moon 🌙
Lizzy Moon 🌙 Mês atrás
26:22 y e s with the “I know there’s some things you can tell your parents cause it’s embarrassing or “ and it continues, this part was amazing. Cause I am a young female and I probably would ask about this to her. She gets it and I’m happy about that, she’s everything good.
Horizon Harris
Horizon Harris 8 dias atrás
i absolutely love that anthony relates himself to the person he’s interviewing and makes an somewhat uncomfy thing more relatable and more understood
Your momma
Your momma Mês atrás
Niki is such a strong person, I can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been for her. Niki is an amazing person and a strong human
Bella Blue Bee
Bella Blue Bee Mês atrás
It’s sad that she had to stop creating content with Wilbur because of people shipping them it’s messed up that it got to that extent it should have stopped way sooner than it did. Also Niki is awesome she is my comfort streamer she is the best streamer on a sad day. (Btw I miss the Niki and Wilbur content the way their personalities bounced off each other made those videos the best for a rainy day and should all be put in a wholesome moments compilation🙂
ᕼOᑎK! Mês atrás
Very happy to see Niki’s interview! Niki is a very sweet person just like Anthony, and I’m happy that Niki is telling us a bit more about herself! Thank Niki and Anthony for this interview!
Mariya 0ver L!ve
Mariya 0ver L!ve Mês atrás
I love these more personal interviews! It's so nice to delve into people's backgrounds and actually see them for who they are and not as what they're like for the camera
TSU_comics Mês atrás
Nearly every time I watch an episode from this series I'm just in awe of how so many people have been through such horrible horrible things, and yet at the end of the day they still get up and just keep going. It's all both scary and inspiring.
Woods Mês atrás
i love niki so much, she is by far my favorite content creator and i always feel super safe and happy watching her content. it’s super inspirational to hear how she came back from the hardships she’s had to deal with. i also would most definitely listen to the podcast that. i’m talked about as well, it sounds super interesting
Kai Di Angelo
Kai Di Angelo Mês atrás
Niki is such a sweetheart and I don't know why but I feel like if she hugs me I would feel so secure and good. Also I totally understand her fear of mirrors, in my room all of them are hidden because I'm terrified of them since I was a kiddo.
Lonely Pizza Slice
Lonely Pizza Slice Mês atrás
Despite not being necessary a fan, i have so much respect for nihachu, shes cool af.
Dillan Mês atrás
Oh my goodness. I’ve had so many terrifying dreams about myself being kidnapped, and I get often Panic Attacks because of them. I couldn’t imagine it actually happening to me in real life. She is so strong. We love you Niki ❤️
Phoenix Feathers
Phoenix Feathers Mês atrás
Niki’s such a kind soul who’s gone through a whole lot! She really hasn’t done anything to deserve anything negative that has gone her way
P Foss
P Foss Mês atrás
One of my favorite episodes yet!!! Niki is unbelievably strong and my respect for her has grown so much by watching this video
JD Mês atrás
Niki finding the good aspects and the positive parts of the tough situations she's been through it so admirable. She's such a ray of sunshine and I'm so glad we got this interview!
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Mês atrás
I love these more personal interviews! It's so nice to delve into people's backgrounds and actually see them for who they are and not as what they're like for the camera
Rat 5 dias atrás
I love niki so much not in like a weird way but she is just genuinely a beautiful kind and very clever person
Vincent Lara
Vincent Lara Mês atrás
I have mad respect for Niki and everyone who comes on Anthony's channel and open up about really sensitive stuff
Casserole Mês atrás
i’ve always really liked niki but after seeing this i learned how much i really resonate and relate to her, she’s such a strong woman and such an inspiration.
Josslovespuccino Mês atrás
I want Niki to know that sharing her experiences actually works a lot! Knowing that you’re not alone and that you can cope with bad feeling in more healthy ways, really helps ☺️💗
shannysolo Mês atrás
Anthony you are changing lives and perspectives every single day. I honestly am so proud of your progress, and how much of an impact you have on our lives in such a positive and eye opening way. And Niki, ever since love or host your vibe and energy has always been something I have highly respected. You are genuinely such a fun creator and I am so so proud of you. Don’t let anyone bring you down, you deserve the world 🤍🤍
Kathi Somnus
Kathi Somnus Mês atrás
This was such a lovely interview and conversation. Niki is an inspiration and seems like such a lovely and smart person! She's done so much good, I'm so incredibly proud. :]
Khaos Mês atrás
man, I just wanna give her a really big hug.
R Miller
R Miller Mês atrás
I’m an avid fan of Niki, and that’s increased tenfold with this interview. She’s been able to take so many things in stride, keeping such and amazing attitude and outlook on life. We love you Niki!!
Kim Meier
Kim Meier Mês atrás
Niki IS my escape..she saved me many times and i couldn’t thank her enough…i wish i knew her irl because she is the only person i would ever want to be friends with.
Ella Oliver
Ella Oliver Mês atrás
I love Niki so much, I feel so comfort whenever I'm watching her videos or even just listening to her voice! I feel like she's my older sister, haha. I'm so proud of Niki
alary Mês atrás
Niki deserves the world and I'm so proud of her. She's gone through so much and she's still so strong and positive. And she's funny and sarcastic and so sweet. She's such an amazing and inspiring person to me.
@Sut Nack plus what is the word “stop” going to do, like its not like we are going to change our minds. Its just a waste of your time. 🙄
@Sut Nack lmao imagine Replying at seeing the word “strong” like dont you have a hobby instead of hate replys? 😃
Charlotte Emwanta
Charlotte Emwanta Mês atrás
@Sut Nack The word Strong has many different definitions.
nina ._.
nina ._. Mês atrás
@Sut Nack bro you're obsessed, replying to every single person
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