I Spent 48 Hours on a Japanese DESERT Island

Abroad in Japan
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Japan has 6,852 islands. Around 430 are inhabited, but that number grows fewer each year. ⛩️ We sail out into the Sea of Japan to spend 48 hours on Tobishima Island in search of long lost 8th century treasure armed with questionable equipment.

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21 Ago 2021



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Abroad in Japan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Natsuki's bought some new pirates pants and he's certainly put them to good use. WHERE would you like to see us explore next?
Chris is such a British adventurer and I love it. Willing to go anywhere, but also incredibly afraid of any sort of heights, bugs, danger, wild animals, and ghosts.
Seeing how smooth Natsuki is in Japanese really makes me appreciate how much effort he puts into English for the viewers. Takes a lot of courage & perseverance to keep working at this language, and Chris obviously has no trouble understanding his Japanese, so he's just doing it for us.
Love how they come across an abandoned temple (which is a pinnacle of Japanese urban legends and modern ghost stories) - and make no fuss about it.
Through the magic of editing, Natsuki’s pirate pants are back!
I love how Natsuki is just so committed to being a pirate looking how he has fixed his snapped sword the next day
Benjamin Forman
The thing I really like about Natsuki is that he CONSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY grinds stereotypes under his heel. A Japanese person who doesn't like seafood, is willing to use his limited English without fear, will splash his personality all over the landscape. Bonus points: a very masculine hairdresser.
Flowers of Icetor
That temple looks like the starting point of some shounen anime. Kid moves to the island w his fishing parents, all grumpy about moving to what seems like the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Kid learns about the pirate history of the island and decides to go treasure hunting, but a storm hits while he’s on the beach and he takes shelter in the old abandoned shrine. Inside he hears strange noises and goes to investigate, and finds the ghost of some famous, notorious pirate and they have incredible supernatural pirate adventures!
Sytske Valk
As a non native speaker, I always get confused between the words “dessert” and “desert”, so I was expecting an island full of ice cream, cakes and puddings!
Suchart Boontid
In addition to being a well shot and excellently edited video, your friendship, Natsuki's child-like sense of wonder and the beautiful and mysterious island made me feel like I've just watched a great adventure movie. I love everything about this video from the treasure hunting to the cats. More of this, please, Chris!
Grey Fox
Chris: "What are we going to do today, Natsuki?"
God, Natsukis enthusiasm for life and having fun is unmatched. I love the videos with Natsuki and I'll definitely need to pay him a visit and get my hair cut by him once I finally get to go to Japan as repayment for all the joy and entertainment he's provided
gLiTcH Uri
Chris's sarcasm and natuki's optimism is pinnacle friendship and we love to see it
lior yunfh
This was the most ridiculous episode of AiJ I've seen in a while, and I'm 100% living for it. Fuckin' love Natsuki...
I’m 100% Japanese but still haven’t been able to discover such a dope place like this 🤭 I’m enjoying your content !! Arigatoooo
Sam Wilkinson
I love how this sarcastic British man and this crazy Japanese man are a highlight to my day whenever I see them, this video definitely proved to be a fun adventure and I always seem to learn something on Abroad in Japan.
Can you imagine the alternate reality where they actually discovered some long lost treasure or historical artifact?
I love how your friend was so committed to the pirate bit and even had the little metal detector! LOL he was so funny and I can see why you are friends. This video just made me laugh and it was so fun to watch both of you explore the island.
This whole episode was obviously conceived to give Natsuki the chance to dress like a pirate - again.
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