I Spent 37,094 Years Making Humanity Regret Existing - WorldBox

Let's Game It Out
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I Spent 37,094 Years Making Humanity Regret Existing - WorldBox God Simulator - Let's Game It Out


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More about WorldBox - God Simulator (from Steam):

WorldBox is the ULTIMATE god simulator and sandbox game!

Create your own world or destroy it using different powers.

God Simulator. There are a lot of powers in your toolbox that can be used without mana or resources.
Living world. Creatures have traits and needs. Animals will look for food. Greedy kings will try to get more lands.

Use different tools and brushes to design and populate your world.

Fantasy Races. There are 4 civilized races in WorldBox. Humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. Each with its own design and specific race traits.
Civilizations. Races will form kingdoms, colonize new lands and will sail to far continents that you'll create.
Diplomacy system. Kingdoms will fight with each other. Towns will rebel. Empires will fall. It's your choice to help or watch them fight.

Many fun and crazy abilities that you can use:
Destruction powers. Lightning, tornadoes, acid rain, nukes, meteorites, plague, dragons and even UFOs.
Different creatures. Demons, skeletons, zombies, tumors, cold ones, dragons, UFOs and even a giant Crabzilla that you can control yourself!

Interact with your world and create various scenarios:
Interact. Interact with your world with the divine magnet. Use your powers to start wars or create huge tornadoes! You can affect the world in unique ways.
Share your maps. Show your creations to other players of the WorldBox community!
Procedural Generation. Generate worlds of different sizes and find kingdoms with unique flags and names.

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19 Jan 2022



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Comentários 5 287
Let's Game It Out
Thanks to Dying Light 2 for sponsoring!
This game is perfect for this channel, I can't even comprehend what madness he's going to create
Pathfinder Savant
"I'm gonna use a meteor to hide the evidence." - God, after realizing the dinosaur thing wasn't working out for him
Fallen Templar
Josh: "I'm gonna use a meteor to hide the evidence"
Sepsy Smurf
This game is perfect for breeding chaos. My teacher had us do a project with it where we built our own civilization. In the end she ended up not grading the app part because half of the worlds were post-apocalyptic, lava-filled messes with giant mutant worms sliding around. That is, the ones that weren't completely blown up.
Dian Novita
Other game developers when Josh makes the world hell: I should probably fix the glitches
Emily Diekemper
Josh: "I forgot that bears can swim."
This needs a series. Hands down this needs to be a recurring game. We haven’t even seen nukes yet.
Lonely Sandwich
The amount of insanity in every video is just unreal
von Ozbourne
Curious if this can be turned into a series. Seems like there is so much that wasn't explored.
Pratyush Jena
The "oh my god" When the bear ate baby bunny was hilarious 🤣😂
Sheffield No. 14 Productions
The bear actually made Josh go “oH mY gOd!” so I assume it’s actually a force of nature or some universal law, seeing as that’s what it would take to actually faze Josh.
"I spent 37,094 years making humanity regret existing" man the last time someone did that, they started worshiping him
Ultra Civilized
The collective screaming of everyone taking hunger damage is so haunting.
Rose ` Quartz
Normal people : "Let's make a nice world with a good village!"
Lazaro Zochniak
I’ve been playing this game for around two years now… Every month, they add a new feature. The most recent were biomes.
Ive been playing this game for like 2 years, never once have i seen so many people crammed into a tent, i genuinely laughed so hard at that, thank you
Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)
Josh: "i'm gonna use a meteor to hide the evidence"
There's so much potential with this game
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