I Spent 100 Days Getting As Rich As Possible In Minecraft Hardcore Mode, And Here's What Happened...

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In This 100 Days I Try And Get As Rich As Possible. My Goal Was To Get Full Netherite Armour And Tools, Elytra, Defeat The Ender Dragon And Wither, Get A Full Emerald Beacon And A Diamond Throne. I Realise You Could Do This A Lot Quicker, But I Just Wanted To See How Far I Could Get! :D I Hope You Enjoyed Watching!

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The Gunpowder Farm I Used:

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22 Mai 2021



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Kolanii 2 meses atrás
What do you want to see next in this world? Leave a comment bellow! Remember to watch all the way through so that BRvid will push this video to more people! :D 200 Days In Ocean Only World Is Coming Up Next! I Hope Ya'll Enjoyed!
Pachy Pa
Pachy Pa Dia atrás
100 days in the nether
Frankie the warrior
I want to see a part two to this one if you haven’t already started, and I challenge you to make TWO full netherite beacons.
guardian lord
guardian lord 2 dias atrás
Netorite beacon and thrown
The Valorant TRASH
The Valorant TRASH 2 dias atrás
I hope you can let us download your 200 days in skyblock
Game Pig
Game Pig 3 dias atrás
ThE aRmy tUrtLE
ThE aRmy tUrtLE 59 minutos atrás
He spends mor then 33 hours on just the game play wow
ディアリー シ
ディアリー シ 2 horas atrás
This man is dream٫ but better.
Slime 3 horas atrás
I’ve seen villagers eat when I force breed them for a mending book
Marit Lokker
Marit Lokker 4 horas atrás
I have watched this vid over 5 times cuz i love it its my fav vid on youtube
Cupi Bunni
Cupi Bunni 9 horas atrás
3:51 diamond armor
Andria Khalishvili
Andria Khalishvili 11 horas atrás
mama: no drug me: * do drug * also me: shrek taste purple lesson: drug bad
10moonstone01 15 horas atrás
idk if its ok but i wanted to see if you made a iron golem farm to sell the remains of the protector of the village to the weapon/armor smiths 4 ingots for 1 emerald i think you can cure them to make it cheaper and hopefully you do that
gioni gull
gioni gull 17 horas atrás
make a netherite throne
Stubby Chameleon
Stubby Chameleon 18 horas atrás
hes like its the best ever xp farm ever and will always be bed rock 0 tick kelp farm which csn get u 30+ levels from taking one piece of kelp out the smoker go brrrrrrr
Evie farley
Evie farley 22 horas atrás
Unhide your videos ;(((
Haidarpro Askar
Haidarpro Askar 22 horas atrás
Can you pls make 300 days one block minecraft video pls
Daveelah Orr
Daveelah Orr Dia atrás
Dark oat is best wood in the world
salman Dia atrás
this is the definition of flexing💪
A Loli Serving The Soviet YunYun
Piglins: Store gold in a cube to flex their wealth Kolanii: And i took that -personally-
Atharvius Dia atrás
I'm suprised with how much quality content these videos are and despite that, you're still not one of the biggest mc youtubers D:
Marcus Gee
Marcus Gee Dia atrás
TikTok memes
TikTok memes Dia atrás
Poor Dave
Davis Arp
Davis Arp Dia atrás
Not villagers OR prisoners…. P I T A G E R S
UwU Dia atrás
Been here before 500k
spiderderp9000 roblox
noxir097 Dia atrás
This is my land now, and that's a lot of squids -Kolanii 2021
Audrey Cain
Audrey Cain Dia atrás
Fight another wither and put the other beacon in the nether.
Lila Samuels
Lila Samuels Dia atrás
Seriously I just started watching your channel and I love ur 100 day vids!
Ronzy Dia atrás
How did he go from the 100,000 days hardcore minecraft to this and now he has 600K subscribers hmmmmm...
CheeZeMGee Dia atrás
dude this guy is surprisingly good at hardcore minecraft he hasn’t died in one of his series yet
CheeZeMGee Dia atrás
ok you do have a point but he’s still not bad
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Max Ine
Max Ine Dia atrás
Me waiting for the ocean 200 days😔😔
Paul Middleton
Paul Middleton Dia atrás
Do a 200 days
Music Aly
Music Aly 2 dias atrás
“So then I started working on what I like to call, the time to die wait I’m just kidding area…”
Jen Nantelle
Jen Nantelle 2 dias atrás
Anyone notice that he said villagers don't eat but still feed them???
Pigman09 :D
Pigman09 :D 2 dias atrás
Play more of this
•NightcøreFøx 360•
Where are you we need more content!!!!!!
Enoel casillas
Enoel casillas 2 dias atrás
The ender man would attack but his master is died
Sn1ppes 2 dias atrás
“200 days coming soon btw” *2 months later no uploads*
SG1 2 dias atrás
When is 200 days? It’s been 2 months
Lord firean
Lord firean 2 dias atrás
Agovyn EDT
Agovyn EDT 2 dias atrás
I know I am the 94846288172673th person asking this, but...what shaders do you use?
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Head-_-Hunter 33
Head-_-Hunter 33 2 dias atrás
So he’s the fe4rless of Minecraft now?
Head-_-Hunter 33
Head-_-Hunter 33 Dia atrás
@Kamla Devi ?
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Shreyas S K 10'A'
Shreyas S K 10'A' 2 dias atrás
R u alive...? U ain't uploaded in last 2 months...come on, im waiting
Alluringfish 801
Alluringfish 801 2 dias atrás
300 days ocen ?
Artemis 2 dias atrás
Still alive?
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
For study
For study 2 dias atrás
I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve watched this is my 8th time watching this vid
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Bruh 0:46
peu yt
peu yt 2 dias atrás
please make 300 day skyblock
RubGaming 2 dias atrás
Please give download link
jane hollier
jane hollier 2 dias atrás
Old but gold
Lil Anjel
Lil Anjel 2 dias atrás
Why he kind of sound like Dan TDM
What shader do you use and how can I download it?
ParlyBlox 3 dias atrás
totem of undying ????
Stephanie Melot
Stephanie Melot 3 dias atrás
I love your videos keep making more vids pls
koala barbarian
koala barbarian 3 dias atrás
this guy is way too small for howgoos his conent is he should be amongst the minecraft legends!
Gopnic_Lord 3 dias atrás
For the ender pearls problem you can make a hopper going in to a dispenser with a redstone loop and it just throws the ender pearls just get yeeted of the void.
The onikster
The onikster 3 dias atrás
“ Then he did it again and grew up in there”
Noleg 2 dias atrás
we watched this video in the same day
Devious 3 dias atrás
Really good armor just doing normal things in Minecraft is blast prot on leggings and boot projectile protection on the helmet and protection on the chest plate
Nariza Asistido
Nariza Asistido 3 dias atrás
I love the way that he check the armor because of the creeper
Derrickku 3 dias atrás
Plz make 300 days one block sky block
flowery panda63
flowery panda63 3 dias atrás
why ur skin is so cute and funny :)
Game Pig
Game Pig 3 dias atrás
He should build a obsidian cage for the with to fight him because it’s easier that way
Vadiola Tomcini
Vadiola Tomcini 3 dias atrás
I need like 500 days to get all those stuff
KKaajJ103PC 3 dias atrás
spent 100 more days building as much as possible
Xmas stormkitty Tc
Xmas stormkitty Tc 3 dias atrás
Kollani: Litraly 15 seconds from my house Me: But u have no house
Xmas stormkitty Tc
Xmas stormkitty Tc 3 dias atrás
Been watching you since 50k subs
Izzy 3 dias atrás
Don’t copy people like how you copied fru and sb
Starfire I
Starfire I 3 dias atrás
10:52 What?
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Biggy_D 3 dias atrás
gets mending first try and dosent even buy it even tho he has enough books and emeralds : Me who tryed 546 times to get mending for 56 emeralds: ;-;
Demondork3311 3 dias atrás
Put carpets over hoppers so your Xp doesn’t get stuck in the hoppers
soren maximus
soren maximus 3 dias atrás
what shader do you use?
Sebastian Godin
Sebastian Godin 4 dias atrás
17:27 says “then I headed back” after getting 3 wither skulls and doesn’t acknowledge that he just made a pun unintended
Kamla Devi
Kamla Devi Dia atrás
Roxo Foxo
Roxo Foxo 4 dias atrás
my dog was killed by a zombie because i thought he could handle it :(
GrassTasteZBad 4 dias atrás
Yo, what shaders are you using?
Whisper 4 dias atrás
Next do all achievements
BRAIN SETTLE 4 dias atrás
I"m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”...
Lerato Mmui
Lerato Mmui 4 dias atrás
Bro can you pls make another video pls, I beg you
Noahmakesmovies1 4 dias atrás
You should make the biggest bee farm. See how much honey you can get. Maybe make a honey house
LovingLife Fun
LovingLife Fun 4 dias atrás
u havent uploaded for so long :(
Jonas Latakas
Jonas Latakas 4 dias atrás
texture pack?
Nikki'-' 4 dias atrás
To get name tags and saddles faster you should fish its much easier especially in oceans cause its much quicker than rivers or small ponds and it works really well me and my friend have a full double chest of saddles and nametags 😊
Lance & Luisa
Lance & Luisa 4 dias atrás
Hey bro can you work with one block skyblock 300 days bc I wanna see You vs Wither I wanna see it
baeisclaire 4 dias atrás
m o l l y
m o l l y 4 dias atrás
me watiing for his next video:
n0tRed_ 4 dias atrás
pt 2 when?
Shiba 4 dias atrás
Im showing this to my kids if i have any when I’m older. Ill say:”THIS IS THE LEGEND YOU’VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT BUDDY!!!!”
flashylol 4 dias atrás
Where did you go? We want you back Kolanii!
zuhn 4 dias atrás
What shader does he use?
BHAMSHU 4 dias atrás
Levi Cole
Levi Cole 4 dias atrás
You should try bedrock
Zxoa 4 dias atrás
When is the 1 Million day in minceraft coming out
Blue Bolt29
Blue Bolt29 4 dias atrás
Ye that goal has been well beaten
choona 4 dias atrás
kolani post more vids 😭plzplz
Vr0c 4 dias atrás
Yo know whats cool, that method, but just make thrones of solid netherite blocks, i've done it myself! make that a goal if you do a 200 for this one!
5 dias atrás
This guy grew so fast omg
Some random kid
Some random kid 5 dias atrás
Can I have the link to ur shader pla
Mr. AdvocateSeal
Mr. AdvocateSeal 5 dias atrás
Does anyone else have a problem where your nether fortress is stack with 2-5 more fortresses
Max Smiddy
Max Smiddy 5 dias atrás
Furviving 100 days in the end?!?. I like that idea
Giorgio Lucio
Giorgio Lucio 5 dias atrás
I downloaded the shaders and they are amazing
T Massun
T Massun 5 dias atrás
Great video by the way, I am now subscribed
T Massun
T Massun 5 dias atrás
That xp farm is so op. I added a redstone system that automatically throws the pearls into the void. I still get some in case i need but is very useful
jxq12 5 dias atrás
Post another joke video like your first 2
Le Kien
Le Kien 5 dias atrás
are u ded
Simon Santiago
Simon Santiago 5 dias atrás
Should do one with getting all the achievements. might be interesting?
Boom Aggro
Boom Aggro 5 dias atrás
Isnt Dave the pig from the one block video?
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