I Restored This 2$ Ebay Junk Game Boy Color - Retro Console Restoration & Repair

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After a while of searching I was able to find bad enough Game Boy for my restoration videos only for $2. Usually I have to pay a little extra for the worst items. The console was sold as junk and for spares but pretty much everything except the speaker is broken. The mother board doesn’t power on. The shell is badly yellowed. Stickers are in terrible condition and the screen is badly burned. I will try to restore this fully rather than use it as spares for easier projects because I’d still have to fix most of the parts. The Gameboy T-shirt is no longer available. It was limited time only.

I started the restoration by trying to get the power on. First I tried to clean corroded the contacts but that was no use. The power switch was working fine which meant the board was bad. Luckily I was able to find the broken part with a second GB color I have. The connection from one battery terminal had broken quite near the terminal I soldered a wire between the spots that were supposed to have a connection and it worked. This might not always work because it might leave something out of the circuit.
The corroded terminal was hard to clean while it was on the board so I desoldered it and removed the corrosion with rust remover, after which it was plated with nickel. Nickel will protect it from corrosion to certain extent. Nickel plating tutorial:

Now that I had power I could fix the screen. To fix “screen burn” I need to remove the burn polarizing filter and replace It with a new one. A sharp blade can be used to get the start but after that the filter will peel off by hand. Some of the glue will stay on the screen. I removed it with Isopropyl alcohol. All glue must be removed or the new polarizing filter will have bubbles. When putting a new polarizing filter on one must figure out which way the polarizing filter works best on the screen. It will only work at a certain angle.

I also removed the yellowing from the plastic shell which was supposed to be colorless. For this I used the same retrobrighting method as always. H2O2 and UV-light. Full tutorial here:

Thanks for watching my video!

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Raven Ebony
Raven Ebony Hora atrás
Looks as good as the day it was first manufactured. That's amazing.
Frank Morris
Frank Morris 18 horas atrás
You got some seriously amazing skills did someone teach you how to to do all this restoration stuff ???
SNIPEYOPIPE 23 horas atrás
This one hits home. SO many good memories. So many GameBoy Pockets and Colors taken apart by my young hands, not knowing what I was doing. So many sleepovers with GameBoy Color's, Trading Cables, Worm Lights and Extended Battery Packs. To this day I never knew about a "Polarizer." Learn something new every day even if it's 23 years later. Loved this. Made me so happy.
Aiko Luna
Aiko Luna Dia atrás
These are so satisfying to watch
NR Studios MT
NR Studios MT 2 dias atrás
yeah right.....mor like you paid $5,000 for the tools to fix a two dollar gameboy...The gloves you wear cost more than $2....
Damir Reacts
Damir Reacts 2 dias atrás
That is a hell of a lot of work for a 2 dollar Game Boy, but so satisfying to see it so clean and working as it should once you were done with it. Great Stuff!
Jolyus 3 dias atrás
cant go wrong with some pokémon
Brett Gough
Brett Gough 3 dias atrás
Pro tip - board repair technicians repair the board before cleaning it. If you clean the board you remove evidence of corrosion or debris from damage. Makes it harder to pinpoint the position you need to repair. You fix it then you clean it
HERICK ENZO 3 dias atrás
CasualOGamer 3 dias atrás
i wish i could find someone to restore my old gbc and add a bACKLIT mod id pay for that
Edgar Rico
Edgar Rico 4 dias atrás
just found your channel brother. Hooked!!! keep up the masterful work😎😎🤙🏽🤙🏽
A human
A human 4 dias atrás
How on EARTH does someone Dislike this man's work?! Must be the corperate overlords that don't want us to fix/repair/restore things and just consume! Love this channel! So peaceful to watch things being restored and useable again! Thank you for this!
Александр Игнатюк
Поветь Сергей влдевлстк 👍 👍 👍 👍
mjw665 4 dias atrás
Scrubby Scrubby, rubber ducky!
passion 2dope
passion 2dope 4 dias atrás
It was the whisper gasp for me 😂❤️
Freench Azteca
Freench Azteca 5 dias atrás
Lord Hélix a bendecido a este sujeto con lo más glorioso de su divino poder.
Llama Comma
Llama Comma 5 dias atrás
This video was playing in the background for some reason and because of all the scraping I thought a rat was trying to chew through my wall
Olivier Robertson
Olivier Robertson 5 dias atrás
12:25 one wrong move and the blade is in your thumb.., good hand cordination over here I must say.
Peter Bryant
Peter Bryant 6 dias atrás
Watching him put in the batteries and finally saying to myself: “I could totally do that”
Blade king Savage
Blade king Savage 6 dias atrás
YOUR THE BEST BRvidR EVER #oddtinkering
DomHyrule 6 dias atrás
Good game choice
Angelo Conconi
Angelo Conconi 7 dias atrás
20:00 here you go my friend. Keep up the amazing work! Love to see you fix things! Cheers from Switzerland ;)
Kenneth Mcdaniel
Kenneth Mcdaniel 8 dias atrás
Thats pretty awesome
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 8 dias atrás
He got a new sticker!!!!!
ItsGameBoyer 9 dias atrás
Rusty Mixer
Rusty Mixer 10 dias atrás
Cool now Nintendo can resell it for $99
Rusty Mixer
Rusty Mixer 10 dias atrás
Ever see junkieons in tf1986 movie, he is one of them fixing ultra magnus
FrogHaven 10 dias atrás
when you want to have a gameboy color but dont want to spend that much money:
wfo0070925 10 dias atrás
How he can take something as mundane as fitting batteries into the compartment or just removing a sticker let alone all of the really truly amazing things that his channel and abilities show, and make it feel like I was just in an hour long meditation or Spa is amazing!
conarr 11 dias atrás
for april fools he should make a video where he buys something that works and then destroys it
Alex Riley
Alex Riley 11 dias atrás
I would of subscribed if you had used duracell
conorlodeon 12 dias atrás
he is more IPA than man
Xx Ty
Xx Ty 12 dias atrás
Joshua King
Joshua King 12 dias atrás
Sepehr Khorram
Sepehr Khorram 12 dias atrás
Gudder Games
Gudder Games 12 dias atrás
You can get big alcohol wipes at cvs
Joe 13 dias atrás
Your work really amazes and inspires me.
Robbie Schudel 2021 Full Channel X
11:40 Water + Oxygen = Hydrogen Peroxide
Corkscrew Productions
Corkscrew Productions 13 dias atrás
I love how these consoles are actually convincingly damaged instead of some person finding a ps1 controller in a forest
Unchained With The Captain
Proprietary screws. Up yours Nintendo!
Me My
Me My 13 dias atrás
soooooo cooooool
Robin Jung
Robin Jung 13 dias atrás
Great sense of humor with the subscribenotification 😁 Got me to subscribe 👍🏻
M De Rooij
M De Rooij 13 dias atrás
I Like Game Boys!
Jrox Romero
Jrox Romero 13 dias atrás
Six 14 dias atrás
I'm not much of a retro gamer but something about the Game Boy is really charming
echo-cry 14 dias atrás
beautiful restoration, its always so great to see these videos :)
Jacob Harley
Jacob Harley 14 dias atrás
I had to subscribe after this. Amazing restoration!
Ariel Galvez
Ariel Galvez 14 dias atrás
Wonder wat happend to all my old nintendo gear? 🤔 I cant remember?
ScruffLD 15 dias atrás
I love love love it has no background music that’s what I like about nice job
Criss Portillo
Criss Portillo 15 dias atrás
I still have mine :')
Gamedog02 15 dias atrás
When you want tools, but you also want ASMR
Haozu 17 dias atrás
Ur the man
SIMON PIDGEON 17 dias atrás
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer 18 dias atrás
17:31 so satisfying!
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer 18 dias atrás
7:31 so satisfying!
Nik H
Nik H 18 dias atrás
Not sure why but watching you bring these forgotten tech pieces back to life is oddly addicting..
Humberto Martinez
Humberto Martinez 19 dias atrás
Is so cool i want it so bad😞
Phalzu 20 dias atrás
Nice work and funny idea with the Pokémon nicknames. :3
Евгений Кечкин
Такое же всратое видео, как и 99 процентов видосов о китайской кухне
Евгений Кечкин
Сделал вид, что на самой распространённое торговой площадке купил убитый деввйс... Героически восстанавливает то, что изначально не требывало восстановления, если бы не было так же героически сломано... Затем делаем сомнительное видео по чистке плат наждачкой и все - профит - все детали, в сборе, писчаи и работают лучше, чем 15 лет назад сошедшие с завода.... Ешшо если их зубной щёткой пройти, то +100 к проводимости получите)) хуже постановка только у азиатов, кто рыбу из лунок эмемдемсом и колой выкуривают
Major Duke
Major Duke 20 dias atrás
Neeto. Can you repair my broken heart?
Treniece Williams
Treniece Williams 21 dia atrás
This is very satisfying to me
Gamnruto 21 dia atrás
Or ebay
Gamnruto 21 dia atrás
Looking 2 do this myself
Gamnruto 21 dia atrás
Excuse me but I cannot find 2$ junk gameboys on Amazon, could u pls tell me exactly how u find these
Ruben van Dijk
Ruben van Dijk 21 dia atrás
When he's using the knife, how come the parts he cuts into aren't damaged?
H.U.N.K. 21 dia atrás
Ducktor. :3
BurntToast TTB
BurntToast TTB 22 dias atrás
Who the hell dislikes this video?
R.A.N.S' Games & more
R.A.N.S' Games & more 22 dias atrás
Easy to fix but undixable because long time ago because discountinued
DD Capone
DD Capone 22 dias atrás
007 is LOSE ;P . Good work. :)
Paul Scurry
Paul Scurry 23 dias atrás
Also have a Nextel phone and case, Motorola Beeper, Motorola flip phone. Blackberry phone
Paul Scurry
Paul Scurry 23 dias atrás
I have a game boy with all the parts and accessories. It doesn't work. How do I send pics or it. Was going to post it on eBay
The Legendary Kai
The Legendary Kai 23 dias atrás
That audible “whoo” when the polarizer worked
The Daximus
The Daximus 23 dias atrás
You Know That The Moment He pops Open His ToolBox, You're In For A Treat.
The Daximus
The Daximus 23 dias atrás
0:40 The GameBoy Color Is A Handheld, not A Console.
hal hall
hal hall 23 dias atrás
1:03 He's dead Jim
Mysticalmetal 24 dias atrás
Awesome restoration! Is the T-shirt featured in this video still available? Couldn't seem to find it in the Teespring list linked from the description.
yungjocmane 24 dias atrás
Fix my ps3😞
Dave. L
Dave. L 24 dias atrás
The clerk at the store where OT buys all his toothbrushes: Wow he must really care about his dental hygiene! OT: Scrubba dub dub
Harry Zucc
Harry Zucc 24 dias atrás
I've always wanted a game boy
SuperFanboy101 24 dias atrás
Does this guy have his own repair shop?
sebastian garibay alvarez
Nintendo is going to sue you for making a video with a game boy, and me for mentioning it in the comment
Lainey Kat
Lainey Kat 25 dias atrás
Why am I watching this-- Oh, it's an ASMR video in disguise. Turn those screws, turn them!
Kleison Gomes
Kleison Gomes 25 dias atrás
OMG, this is so cool!!!
Mading 25 dias atrás
Oddly enough it is satisfying to see him turn damaged or beyond repair consoles to brand new
Yoko Automata
Yoko Automata 26 dias atrás
I expected you to replace the screen. But you actually fixed screen burn in. I didn't know that was possible.
Kamal Rabii
Kamal Rabii 26 dias atrás
Voir cette vidéo avant dormir ?? Suis je le seul !?
CinnaMMocha 26 dias atrás
Is anybody not noticing how he points out 'Japanese kid hand sweat' ????
Mihai 27 dias atrás
Where is the restoration? You just wash the dirt
TheCompCop 27 dias atrás
Will somebody help me? I am addicted to this channel.
Mr mango
Mr mango 27 dias atrás
Me,you should do the ps4 pro You, let me think about it hmmm
steveleamont 27 dias atrás
Please explain how someone could dislike this video?
Green scout tower
Green scout tower 27 dias atrás
What a peaceful fix
UnccSnoop 28 dias atrás
Still have my gameboy just like this one, near brand new condition. Along with heart gold and pokemon pinball. The good old days
Jorge Palacio
Jorge Palacio 28 dias atrás
Beautiful work!
Voranan Vijakkhana
Voranan Vijakkhana 28 dias atrás
That is something that will satisfy and impress my day😀
Mallory Williams
Mallory Williams 28 dias atrás
So cool 😎
Dissolving Floater
Dissolving Floater 28 dias atrás
Who cares
pyrodraven77 28 dias atrás
Got a challenge you've restored the game boy but what about restoring a game boy game ??
Sidoka "ama o jeito que me odeia 😷"