I Re-Hired Minecraft's Deadliest Assassin... 

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I'm building the deadliest base in minecraft in 24 game hours to trap my friends and teach them a lesson about trespassing in my base. Besides, everyone seems so busy building cool bases, or safe bases, but why has no one made a base that's actually meant to destroy itself and its host? Probably because it's a terrible idea... hope you enjoy the video :)


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27 Set 2022



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@Branzy Anos atrás
I have to be honest with you... there was actually 24 deadly elements to the base, I just didn't have time to show them all. BUT maybe I'll show off the rest in another vid if you guys like this one. If you don't... then we'll forget this even happened. 💜
@Sports-Clips333 Anos atrás
Ok yay
@-0.0-_0-0_ Anos atrás
@guy- Anos atrás
@fredmeister3002 Anos atrás
Ok lol
@MechaTrex90 Anos atrás
branzy: teaches his friends not to visit or trespass him also branzy: invites a house warming party
@FroggoXD69 Anos atrás
The definition of Branzy: a player on a server who is exceptonally good at killing for content, murdering for views, and causing trust issues amongst his friends
@HydraticJaz Anos atrás
And the boyfriend of the deadliest assassin
@FroggoXD69 Anos atrás
True I forgot to add that lmao
@liverxd Anos atrás
@lightfree8091 Anos atrás
causing trust issues amongst his friend for likes*
@Legendvok7734 Anos atrás
500K !
@WenzoYT Anos atrás
I can confirm, this truly is Minecraft's Deadliest Base
@acquitsits_cc Anos atrás
@BlockFailure Anos atrás
@Vaibhav-dj6im Anos atrás
@Random_stuffs583 Anos atrás
I watch you
@Iemits Anos atrás
when did you join echocraft? (also video on it soon?)
@holly2786 Anos atrás
I love that branzy can just call up his pet assassin whenever he wants something lmao
@wildxcard4119 Anos atrás
oh no branzy is the pet not the assasin
@Nehaaa1403 Anos atrás
@@wildxcard4119 his pet assassin meaning clown pierce
@@Nehaaa1403 nah branzy is the pet
@Galazy yea kinda
@Nehaaa1403 Anos atrás
@@k3k0ri-isdr0wningwtf well basically he calls up clown pierce just to kill or assasin everyone i
@dragonsaway9710 Anos atrás
The friendship between Clownpeirce and Branzy is adorable
@averypeck654 Anos atrás
"friendship" is an understatement
@@asleepdeprivedperson erm…
@stargunner7196 Anos atrás
It is although some might call in indentured servitude (branzy called it that in lifesteal season 3)
@@PotatoObliteratorGD its true, watch "i hired minecrafts deadliest assassin"
@laststand6420 Anos atrás
Branzy is one of those villains who has nothing scary about his persona, and everything scary about his actions. "What even are you" lol
@SplashamationsYT Anos atrás
if you gave branzy unlimited tools in real life, you know he would be wanted all over the state
@froakiefact Anos atrás
There wouldn't be a state left to want him
@CarterCumber28 Anos atrás
@@froakiefact 😂
@green88108 Anos atrás
@warthunderguy226 Anos atrás
yeah so true
@chickennuggetdg Anos atrás
@@green88108 World*
@Fwigid Anos atrás
“A typical base takes a second to get into, but I made that a year!” All jokes aside, great video!
Interviewer: Why do you think we will hire you? Branzy: I am exceptionally good at killing my friends Interviewer: You my man, are hired
@beniu1305 Anos atrás
Imagine if Branzy takes Clown on a second date, would be kinda funny
@Marlin123 Anos atrás
It's about time i treat myself to watching a bunch of friends having a bunch of fun on a minecraft server
@lolexguy Anos atrás
This has some sad undertones.
@Marlin123 Anos atrás
@Darkstar i saw what you deleted How did you end up here?
@S_N_O_W_U_Y 7 meses atrás
@@Marlin123 what did he delete
@ThatChiefGuy Anos atrás
just wait until you see my AirBnB review of my stay
@A_Viewer Anos atrás
Branzy has achieved full insanity by compiling everything together into a video
Jesus Christ loves you! ♥️know♥️ 1 John 5 KJV 13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. 1 Corinthians 15 KJV 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Romans 3 KJV 25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
Interviewer: Why do you think we will hire you? Branzy: I am exceptionally good at killing my friends Interviewer: You my man, are hired
@samuraigaming0 Anos atrás
no way!! its the DEADLIEST house on the with the DEADLIEST trapper with the DEADLIEST player from the DEADLIEST smp using his DEADLY skills almost detonating the DEADLIEST house, that was such a DEADLY moment to watch, thanks for making this DEADLY video
@laxyajena4735 Anos atrás
What an DEADLY comments it is
@InfinitySike Anos atrás
Since he trapped a server with their own prison, I have had no doubt that Branzy could do anything!
@scoppola8088 Anos atrás
Saying you have an explosive personality is an understatement to branzy
@karenwooten6535 Anos atrás
Branzy's obsession with murder hens is hilarious
@aquaspect Anos atrás
Bro took all the past traps that caused so much pain and combined them all for ULTIMATE pain 😂
@helenofcal Anos atrás
That was such a KILLER housewarming party
@holly2786 Anos atrás
It really got the blood pumping!
@ahoodedgamer7164 Anos atrás
Branzy: Creates a whole challenge with many different traps Other people:Dies to the first one
@nightfallion Anos atrás
Always love it when brandy posts another epic video of his. Keep up the good work :)
@drolphzzthegoat Anos atrás
Hey nightfall
@YourEverydayGuy Anos atrás
Hey nightflat
jeez he's just combining his videos 10/10 need more
@thenuggetgod9718 Anos atrás
What's good about Branzy is because he doesn't post videos every day, we're so excited when he does! Keep up the good work.
Bro took all the past traps that caused so much pain and combined them all for ULTIMATE pain
@kokonutxd8253 Anos atrás
Branzy : How many times should I say deadly in this video? Also branzy : *Yes*
@TheRunningSongs Anos atrás
You gotta appreciate the 1 am to 6 am uploads of your favourite youtubers.
@rosskrt Anos atrás
I know this was a huge hassle to build, but I would love to see Rek trying for real to survive inside that base for a few days. Let's see if he can escape this too!
@Kin_fe 6 meses atrás
The fact that clown was the only one who did not get exploded makes this 10x better
@liverxd Anos atrás
branzy is someone who is very wholesome and friendly i really admire the way u talk or act on your friends .
@BananaMTC Anos atrás
Hi Branzy! I LOVE this video. Keep up the amazing work!:D
@HambreBoy Anos atrás
Branzy's jokes never get old
@HickoryTrees Anos atrás
Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the effort branzy puts into his videos
@ciarabrogan5601 Anos atrás
I don't know if this is a bot - pls reply if not a bot
@pooking7i631 Anos atrás
@@ciarabrogan5601 it’s a bot or a troll
@HickoryTrees Anos atrás
It was a genuine comment cus I’ve been watching branzy for a long time and Ik he puts effort in his vids
@HickoryTrees Anos atrás
@@ciarabrogan5601 no not a bot not a troll
we still need more original comments tho
@obbyg4ming905 Anos atrás
7:54 don't worry guys, ClownPierce somehow moving at full walking speed while sneaking was actually just a graphical glitch on Branzy's end
@stargunner7196 Anos atrás
It obviously couldn’t be Minecraft’s deadliest base without Minecraft deadliest player. Great video it made me laugh and want to watch it again (which I will do) also I really want to see the other deadly elements, please show us
@stargunner7196 Anos atrás
This feels like a scam, give me one reason that this isn’t a scam
@M_Exploring_1_ 9 meses atrás
I love it when us BRvidrs change titles from intros to re-ignite the video!
@Blanksus. Anos atrás
When the base was considered so DEADLY that the DEADLIEST player on the DEADLIEST SMP can't notice how deadly it is
@LilSmees Anos atrás
I have been watching your content for almost two months now Branzy, and I can see how great of a creator you are, you are funny, charismatic, and you have earned my sub, I hope to see more of your amazing content. Also, I hope I can find a way to duel you in a 1v1.
@EmoCleaner Anos atrás
This was amazing!! It was funny as well, I loved the ending lol
@Pumpkin878 Anos atrás
This man is addicted to murder hens killing people 😂. Keep up the great content!
@SnakeCraft810 Anos atrás
Famous branzy quote ❤😊 12:24 Because life’s not about the challenges you complete, but the friends you meet along the way
@such.a.swiftie Anos atrás
Branzy I love watching your videos! Especially the ones where you trap people lol.. you’re so funny! Keep up the great work Branzy!
@Raihaan15 4 meses atrás
Branzy the idea of punching a wandering trader made my day better!😊(lol)
@ahalinn Anos atrás
Your videos are so high quality and good. They get better everyday
@JamesDonohue-zo6wp 5 meses atrás
I love how this is pretty much an awesome remix of Branzy's best traps!
@snipexplayz6400 Anos atrás
best video watchef of all my life plus Great work ClownPierce!!! keep the great content
@FireflyOnyx Anos atrás
I swear I check my subscriptions multiple times a day, but I somehow missed this? Glad my recommended had my back though, very hyped to watch this!
@samuelsawyeriv167 Anos atrás
This video is so good, combines a bunch of trap videos into one deadly base😂❤ Love your channel keep it up
@enkvadrat_ Anos atrás
I like how you have your old videos in a playlist
@stolentoe Anos atrás
You are like one of my fav BRvidrs and your vids are my kind of style 😂❤ Keep up the good work Branzy 😁
@Salvesar Anos atrás
Branzy: I made a the deadliest minecraft base which only I can survive Clown: weeeee!
Grats on achieving 1st in Omega Strikers, hope y'all can keep it. good luck
@CozmikCroc Anos atrás
Keep up the grind branzy love ur vids
@shinycrimes6615 Anos atrás
I like how Clown was the only one not to die from the explosion cause he is the deadliest player in the deadliest house on the deadliest smp
@yosefrozen2431 Anos atrás
ClownPierce's lullaby seemed like a murder song... love it!
@kaysanfahrozi9020 Anos atrás
Love it!, keep the good work going!, can't wait for the next vid.
@txtally.chloe_ Anos atrás
"HI BARNZY" got me repeating over and over and over LMAO
@mc_cubing3639 Anos atrás
*”Rock a bye baby on the treetop” haunts me forever now*
@pumpkinzz5728 Anos atrás
Branzy makes amazing content!
@ZillaVexis Anos atrás
It would’ve been cooler if you made “The deadliest base on the deadliest minecraft smp” but it’s still a very good video, great job branzy!
@rivalriot1324 6 meses atrás
Branzy and Clown have to be my favorite duo!
@zStqrio Anos atrás
The best surprise guest ever. You obviously need to invite the DEADLIEST minecraft player from the DEADLIEST minecraft smp to view the DEADLIEST minecraft base
@toxicchicken4366 Anos atrás
Keep up the good work branzy!
@ThwompAnims Anos atrás
The "hi barnzy" at the intro freakin got me
@twixxy3463 Anos atrás
Dude your videos are the best and you are my favorite youtuber. Pls upload more :)
@CastelJorgensen Anos atrás
Clownpierce away was my favorite part of the episode😂
@kenkaneki9176 Anos atrás
12:36 lol! He always loves going out with a bang, don't he?
@tranthinh-234 Anos atrás
I love how mad tiger said HI BARNZY
@EranWasGamingYT Anos atrás
I have been subbed to you since you had 10k subs and when you made a video about how to become a famous youtuber and it was a long time ago so I hope you see this ❤ I don’t wacth your content but I still support that I finally can see that you progressed a lot through the day
@JP-nc1by Anos atrás
Brandy you are growing so fast congrats keep it up!🎉🎉
@DuckGoesViral Anos atrás
“Brandy” 💀
"Brandy" 💀
@inferstrike3544 Anos atrás
''Brandy'' 💀
@abodyxd3668 Anos atrás
Congratulations for 500k branzy you deserve it
@rinvygog Anos atrás
That was BEAUTIFUL I loved it sooo much ty for making this vid
@SoreiLovesMel Anos atrás
11:52 he sounds SO happy here! ... *FANCIC WRITERS YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO*
@armyblink4157 7 meses atrás
"Hi Barnzy" got me on the floor
@beegaweega2504 Anos atrás
congrats on 500K!!! I love ur vids so congrats
@immortaltryhard Anos atrás
Haven’t watched but already know this is a banger
@TheSatanicSeries Anos atrás
YES! i was waiting for another upload :))
@Finrich780 Anos atrás
Congrats on 500K!
@IsThatJed Anos atrás
2:59 Branzy: I like pancakes *Rekrap would like to know you location.*
@rylletan6238 Anos atrás
"I like Pancakes, they are delicious" made me almost laugh-
@Jerryisking22 Anos atrás
I love how when the tnt went off clown just went flying forward!
@NeonHunter Anos atrás
Hey Branzy big fan of your channel. I was wondering if you would be interested in a collab? I wanted to troll a public lifesteal by making them follow you into death traps 😂
@skymon5698 Anos atrás
@shrek1226 Anos atrás
Yea do a collab
@derpssundee7905 Anos atrás
@donkey3785 Anos atrás
Im always watching
@trump6557 Anos atrás
Do it for a small loan of 1m dollhairs
@ZavierFray Anos atrás
that moment before Wenzo had to do the water bucket clutch he sounded like Noel Fielding
@anonymousx29 Anos atrás
"I forgot, they're very vengeful" -Branzy
@spiriox Anos atrás
I was smiling this entire video Idk what else to say just wanted to put that out there, good vid
@yasirabdi9156 Anos atrás
@secondary845 2 meses atrás
Clownpierce... away! *Faded while flying very fast*
@introvertedppl Anos atrás
Congrats on 500k king!
@an0nym0us_edit Anos atrás
Please make more of these amazing videos! :)
@Garrett2000 Anos atrás
Very good video and congrats on 500k subs
@ALiteralClown69 Anos atrás
bro this is beautiful u have outdone urself my boi
@AP_Gaming123 Anos atrás
Congrats on 500k bro!
@agplaysextras9186 Anos atrás
Surely great video ❤️ love videos keep it up
congrats on 500K Branzy! tell clown that i said jesterpenetrate is cool too
@sonicsworld4261 Anos atrás
I'm so excited when you make new videos they are so cool, Hope You Have a Wonderful Day
@SuperDZ555 Anos atrás
The safest base ever, though, is one that's so far away that only you know where it is
I love how he just combined previous vids to make this.
@tiffanymadsen1140 Anos atrás
Branzy keep up the awesome work :]
@btd6tips152 8 meses atrás
wow i like ur videos already i just watch u for 2 days and i already love ur content!!!
@litnix4810 Anos atrás
Are you working on a lifesteal video? Awesome video btw!:)
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