I Promised Myself I'd NEVER Buy This Terrible, Cheap And RARE Sports Car, But I Couldn't Stop Myself

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Autoalex Cars
Good luck with your rusty lemon, dude! I drove it yesterday and the door fell off 😅
Rahul Sudhir
Freddy, you
I was expecting a solid video with this one but wow I want soo much more of this. Amazing chemistry between you guys. I could easily binge watch collab content like this in borderline unhealthy quantities. I'm not sure what it is, but it just feels so.. real? relatable? Idk, I just want more lol. Car Trek UK with Alex would be amazing. Get Edd China in the mix and my mind will be truly blown.
John Bowlzer
Wow what a video, some of my favourite BRvidrs together, the chemistry between you two is amazing, the Nuremberg trip would be a great car trek, with Alex, Ethan and Jack, v Freddy, Hoovie and Ed. What a series that would be. Imagine a sports car, family saloon and banger challenge. Thanks guys for making this video
Meyaser Al Haydar
My jaw was on the floor when Alex showed up! My two favourite channels collaborating!!! 🥺❤️
Garage It Yourself
From the thumbnail I asked myself what Tavarish would be doing in the UK as the shipping containers and surroundings just looked English. One of the most entertaining episodes you've done and hope you and Alex keep in touch for more collabs. Enjoy the forbidden fruit of the UK spec M3 and hope you do go to Nurburgring as reckon you'll have a blast 😊 Just don't floor it in the first corner 😉
Who Is Fillipo?
It's like a parallel universe, Tavarish and Alex in the same BRvid video. Things got back to normal when going for a nervous glance at the speedo/ rev counter as soon as Alex started driving. Love it.
VW Nut 67
Great to see Alex on the channel! Hope the Nurburgring trip comes off, that'll be an awesome episode!
Caw Sticky
Alex is one of THE best car guys on youtube, he deserves great success, such a naturally funny guy and a born presenter. love the collab with Taylor , I miss Jack and Ethan though.
IGM Infographicmedia
‘It’s not a Willy waving contest’, Alex is hilarious 😂 Love this colab ❤
We need more collaborations with you two, it was entertaining, funny and wholesome to watch at the same time. Everyone can tell that this was some proper Qualitytime you've spent right there.
Qasim Noor
Love how two car guys from different countries just enjoy the love for cars. It seemed like Alex and Tavarish have done a collaboration in the past!!
Austin Gattis
The collaboration we didn't deserve but definitely needed.
M3 Alex
You guys need more videos together. Great chemistry.
Afro TechMan
Alex is a class act. Glad to have him on the channel. Good stuff
matthew williams
Honestly two of my favourite BRvidrs in the same place, we definitely need to see more of this Alex is awesome so bubbly and full of humour 🤣 would be good to see collab with some other UK car enthusiasts as well. Can't wait for the nurbergring episode
Maciej Dyjas
Gotta say, I was not expecting this, but I'm really liking the chemistry. I bet it was kinda awkward to meet someone from across the globe, but you two just seemed to make it look easy, I bet with some more time it could be an awesome - and, frankly, teaching to a lot of people - to see an American and someone from the UK talk cars. I don't think there has been a lot of crossover here and we all know how important UK is to cars.
Alex and Taylor popping up everywhere. Love the lads! 👍🙂
Tommy K
A Tavarish Eurotrip would be amazing.
£1000 Nürburgring Adventure
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