I Played Nonstop Neon For 1 Month, Here's What I Learned

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In my road to diamond series, I played only Neon for longer then one month. During this series I've learned a lot of things about neon. So in this video I give a full neon guide and tell you a lot of neon tips and tricks. for more valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel.


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20 Mar 2022



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Comentários 559
Dusk Anos atrás
theres a setting where you can prioritize your strongest weapon after casting an ability, so once u have ur knife out, maybe use your ability and itll switch to your strongest weapon instead of ur knife!!
CrescentX 3 meses atrás
yeah but its annoying for snipers
Kyle Lim
Kyle Lim 9 meses atrás
Or just have ur main weapon at the ready and use ult
oberdot 10 meses atrás
If you’re playing neon, you really never need to pull out the knife
Morii 10 meses atrás
@ArjunTheViper This is wrong because the game considers your Raze ult stronger then the Vandel. I tested it out myself I personally had no problem satcheling down mid or whatever using my ult before my 2nd satchel and it didn't pull my gun out it pulled my ult out. I don't know about Jett however because Jett knives are (at least imo) a stronger weapon then the Vandel I would think it should bring your knives out on paper but I haven't played a single Jett game in the last 7 months so I wouldn't know
Kotaro 10 meses atrás
but i personally dont like it, sometimes i accidently pick up a weapon and then i automatically switched to a phantom and then an enemy peaked. cant shoot bc the animation
Gio Ciasico
Gio Ciasico Anos atrás
I recently just started playing Neon and I agree with everything that is said here. She is so fun to play and she is so obnoxious to play against coz it feels like she is everywhere. Far, near, or on your face. lol. Also, I once faced a team with Neon, Yoru, and Omen. It is the most confusing team I've faced against. Literally, so hard to figure out where everybody is at. You hear Neon running around like a maniac then you hear Yoru tp somewhere but don't know if it is a fake or not then you hear Omen tp somewhere but he is already behind you. lol.
Laffy Taffy
Laffy Taffy Mês atrás
That sounds like a nightmare lmao I have to try it
tonykuz 10 meses atrás
Dream team fr
Alditra Nadhif
Alditra Nadhif Anos atrás
Neon on fracture its op in my opinion, especially on rank like bronze/silver/gold since it has so many orbs to farm, and lower player rank doesn't care much about orbs. I had one match with 33 kills, bcs i constantly farming orb. I got ult like 4 times on defend. So yeah i can confirm if u use neon, play for orbs especially on fracture.
YellowLemons 5 meses atrás
@PR modern iron is hell, bronze is free tho
Alexandru Calitescu
Alexandru Calitescu 6 meses atrás
@PR I'm stuck bronze 2 for four months already xD
L9 eclipse
L9 eclipse 9 meses atrás
@PR if this is really true then i should start grinding deathmatch
Alditra Nadhif
Alditra Nadhif 11 meses atrás
@PR sometimes it's not about aim, it's about how u develop game sense, how u master the agents, consistency, or even sometimes bad and trolling teammates
Selvanus Anos atrás
After playing neon a bunch I’ve found out there’s multiple parkour places you can get to with her, just gotta look, some are pretty close jumps but make for nasty defending angles for start of round or for spike There’s one super hard jump where you can get an easy headshot or OP pick when they push the site and it’s pretty safe as well if you do it just once or rarely, and it has spaces to jump to from that to keep them guessing! She’s really strong rotate and parkour character
Galeforce47 10 meses atrás
Yeah, most places jett can reach while floating neon can also reach
Well Played
Well Played Anos atrás
This guy is such a good valorant player because he doesnt just show all of the clips of him winning but him losing and maybe hard whiffing but he doesnt think much of it and he just explains how not to do that. This guy is the one you want to listen too in valorant
Lucas Jurado
Lucas Jurado Mês atrás
For anyone kind recent, Neon's ult got changed and you gotta aim for the head (3x dmg)
Sam Smorcington
Sam Smorcington 9 meses atrás
I watched this video a few months back and tried Neon and nothing worked. I could not get any kills. I felt cheated. I went back this week to rewatch this vid and found out I wasn't saying "Zoom zoom kill" on every round. Since I started that my KDA has shot up 80%. Thank you.
I can corfirm that statement
Ep1cStyle Anos atrás
there's a trick I feel like only few know, but when you stun the enemy small particles will appear on their bodies and they actually show through walls, ex. close wall in hookah (bind). So now you can get more wallbangs
Lajos Szűcs
Lajos Szűcs 9 meses atrás
my personal issue with neon is not the agent itself but how her stun tends to interact with the maps, and by that I mean random geometries. it has happened a lot of times where it just gets stuck on a seemingly flat wall or it bounces in a random direction
One round I shoot It at the same time the enemy sage puts her wall, so It bounce and back straight to us, stuning four of us hahahahah
Spammus I
Spammus I 10 meses atrás
I started playing recently and I picked up Neon only because her ultimate is basically Quake's lightning gun, and I'm having a blast playing with her. I'll surely come back to this video very often to improve
Yashogi Anos atrás
Damn, great video, it's crazy I've been playing her since release and I seem to have the exact opposite reactions. I am a movement shooter player at heart so valorant isn't my thing (Diamond 2) but I feel like her zoom zoom when against anyone above diamond easily gets one tapped even when sliding because people have begun to learn her. Her stun is amazing... Sometimes? I don't know what it is but compared to other agents I keep getting one tapped when I stun people with her while they're concussed, it's amazing hit box wise but weird effect wise (could be me being ass tho). Her wall is her best asset I would say I wish it lasted a second longer but that's just me being greedy. At the moment neon is in on OK position, her kit won't be as useful as Jett or Reyna, it's fun. Neons main issue is her ultimate, it wants you to close the gap, which makes it deal more damage right? But you also easily get killed in one shot when you are up close, it's a shotgun that has an optimal 0.7 second time to kill which is around the time it takes you to kill someone perfectly in a game like apex legends or destiny 2, that in my opinion is far too long for a instant death type shooter. Just my opinion, great video nevertheless!
frodooooo! 5 meses atrás
@lethargy lolol
lethargy 5 meses atrás
@frodooooo! I don't see the point in doing so because I didn't pose a solution anyways, just pointless complaining lol.
frodooooo! 5 meses atrás
@lethargy bro post that outside of replying to a comment 💀
lethargy 11 meses atrás
D1 neon main here, i agree with pretty much everything you just said. She's my favorite character in the game by far but I feel overwhelmed playing against higher elo players, a lot of the time it's better to simply not use any of her movement abilities during fights, only for repositioning or jump peeking - a lot of higher elo players will one tap you right out of your slide/sprint if you use it in a dumb way. Which is fine, but still feels lackluster compared to the aggressive character archetype I feel like Riot wanted to incorporate with her. She also struggles because she is ok at both lurking and entry fragging but isn't exceptional at either; on one hand, she can pull/waste enemy utility pretty well while lurking & can reposition quickly after, but she's the type of duelist that needs lots of support to actually make impact. All it takes is one guy on the enemy team to be playing an unexpected angle and you just screwed your team over. What she's best at is simply entry fragging - this is how Neon is meant to be played, but it still falls short compared to other duelists. If ur a neon main looking to climb ranks, a lot of rounds on attack will be spent dying in the first 15 seconds and then spectating the rest of the round. Defense is a lot more fun while playing her, but defense isn't even her strong spot to begin with. Such a contradictory character :(
BullTutorials Anos atrás
@Yashogi d2 is very good wdym
c is for cringe
c is for cringe 8 meses atrás
This was very helpful as a new player! I find that most content creators make their videos about specific agents for more experienced players. I just started last week and this video helped me understand Neon’s value in battle easily. Tysm!
Andrew Kristan
Andrew Kristan 10 meses atrás
So I watched this video after wanting to try Neon out had sparked my interest. Intended btw, and my first game I dropped 29/14. I had an ace using my ult in round 4! I took your advice and just kept moving, strafing side to side while fighting and I had a career game. Think I may have found something. Thanks for this video, was helpful and gave me confidence :) Gold 2 btw
d0ge Anos atrás
Love your videos the meta doesn't seem to like Neon a lot but she's my favorite agent. She may not be that good but in the right hands she is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Plus she's just really fun. Really good video here thanks for the tips and tricks
d0ge Anos atrás
@Lol i feel like the only thing about the zoom zoom that makes it terrorize people is the way people don't expect the moving and sliding. and you can use that moment of surprise to beam them down.
Lol Anos atrás
@d0ge in lower elo she actually terrorizes people but in platinum+ she is no more useful
d0ge Anos atrás
@Lol Yeah. Neon should get a buff
Lol Anos atrás
She needs a buff. Jett knives can easily one shot head neon can't. So TTK is lower with jett
allBlack White
allBlack White Anos atrás
I love this man, he always explains so well. He's voice is so calm, he makes little jokes. I'm enjoying watching your tips. thank u so much!
Henry Jones
Henry Jones Anos atrás
Neons design as a whole is so cool, the blue and yellow colour scheme fits so nice and + she's a dog person so that an extra hundred points
Satvik Hunter
Satvik Hunter 2 meses atrás
Yup this is defenetly gonna effect my gameplay
tytywerty 6 meses atrás
And i love cats 💀
tytywerty 6 meses atrás
@𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖎 i dont hate dogs that much now tho im not sorry for the words about dogs, but sorry about hating on dog lovers, i think everyone should get to love what they want to love
tytywerty 6 meses atrás
@𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖎 just wrote an essay on hating dogs smh
tytywerty 6 meses atrás
@𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖎 as i said, i just don't know any normal dogs. Maybe the "good" ones just don't show up as there's nothing special... Anyway i now know a second and a third strange dog that showed up in my life, adding up to my brother's dog: the 2 one, my neighbor's one, opposed to my brother's dog who was raised as a child toy that nobody loved when it grew up and nobody trained to be a good dog in his life, was raised in a loving family with paid trainers around him and a LOT of training equipment (I've seen my neighbor's daughter walk out with a mat and 20 kilos of various things to train the dog), still being very barking at anyone he sees, hating on their older dog and as I've heard biting everyone except the neighbor himself in his family. The third one as my friend says (it's her dog) is overreactive and overactive, overall a bad behaviour dog, as opposed to their previous dog who was the perfect one, loving, caring, knowing his boundaries and overall very good, but sadly I'd never get to see him in person.
Kaiju 9 meses atrás
i started playing neon yesterday and honestly ive had the most fun with her. Easy aces during pistol rounds. Site Takeovers late game. She an all round type of charecter, just adapt her to your own playstyle
Ayman Guro
Ayman Guro Anos atrás
I love this!! I always play like some serious, competitive person causing me to be so quiet but now that I keep saying zoom zoom when i use ulti, i definitely noticed getting more kills than before and now I'm very loud in the game but not toxic-level loud
Agustinus Yosef
Agustinus Yosef 11 meses atrás
yeah, playing with relaxed mind and laugh is better than playing too serious. I find out that my aim getting worse if I play too serious. But with neon I can just sprint dive and try to get kills like a mad man. It fun and win me games.
PIEMASTER07 10 meses atrás
My favourite play with neon ult is using at the start of an attacking round on the opposite site as the rest of my team, you either clear the site and get a wicked flank or cause the enemy team to rotate thinking its the other site.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Anos atrás
Really very good explanation through out the video. Loved it. Keep up the hard work dude 👍
Vixion 8 meses atrás
neon is so fun. Contrary to the expected belief, i think the concuss is way more fun than her signature and ultimate its so fun using ur head for it with its geometry/bounce and making smart concusses rather than just a set ability
Tomokete 9 meses atrás
something about watching you is just so enjoyable, you've got a really kind and wholesome energy that I really appreciate
Ommo Anos atrás
I've been playing Neon since release and I never knew the ult refreshed her slide that changes everything for me
Utkarsh Raj Sinha
Utkarsh Raj Sinha Anos atrás
Great video man, loved the series and this video. Keep it up. Just one correction: that's sprint, not dash. Neon has sprint, even Devs called it Sprint in their Dev diary
ACanadianFry Anos atrás
@ChargedTNT oh okay
ChargedTNT Anos atrás
@ACanadianFry that’s a slide, most people call Jett’s tailwind a dash
ACanadianFry Anos atrás
i think by that he means the actual dash itself in the sprint
CaféQuente 10 meses atrás
I used to think Riot taking the damage out of Neon's wall was a dumb nerf, since it didn't make any difference. Seeing your video now, the nerf makes total sense
Bhavya Popat
Bhavya Popat Anos atrás
Thank you for all your videos. I always watch your videos while warming up cuz they hype me up for comp
Cynish Anos atrás
For bonus points, que with a brimstone and get stim beacons to make her ult even faster and more fun
Kneets Anos atrás
Mr.lowlander, i found an interesting interaction with finding out if its the real yoru or a clone with chamber, if chamber's trap triggers and it hits someone he says "there they are" or "i have them" but if its a yoru clone the trap will trigger but he will not say the voicelines
Epicalgarry Anos atrás
"its a good thing i can shoot with my vandal," proceeds to use ultimate
Trident Anos atrás
became a neon main thanks to your neon to diamond series man.. really enjoyed it... also ive been playin val for a very less amount of time and thanks to ur series im already in gold... your a legend man
Noobomite FF
Noobomite FF Anos atrás
I been playing neon too... While defending it could be a killing machine and while attacking a Planting Machine its too op , i'm afraid it may get nerfed
SpamMatsubi 10 meses atrás
neon may not have a blinding move but if you get used to the concussing one it works as a substitute
GamingYeasts Anos atrás
Using Neon's E and bunny hopping is good for rotating or flanking, the problem is it makes a lot of noise so be careful.
Brbdogking 9 meses atrás
I think she is pretty op just because of her speed and her Ult only requires you to aim, if you hit the body for a few seconds they die easily. The only way she can be stopped is if you headshot her before she kills you or she rushes into your whole team
Megfish Anos atrás
Hi lowlander! I've watched you since you were 4k subs and i'm glad to see how far you've come. keep up the good work brother!
Smippy Cis
Smippy Cis Anos atrás
Sincerely, I have no clue when and where to you her stun lmao. It's still one of the most confusing abilities for me. It's like i creat no value with em. Gotta really practice and learn the timings and lineups maybe thatll help
Smippy Cis
Smippy Cis Anos atrás
@Lord_Wolfe also 9/10 times where you stun there is no enemy, or you cant peek at all cuz you don't got flashes. So to be able to actually hit the right spots u need teammates or smth.
MR SNIPER YT Anos atrás
Very important while using neon's ultimate say "ZOM ZOOM ZOM " it gives you extra damage..... 😅 ( 5:59 )
josh Idk
josh Idk Anos atrás
Well done on this I really learnt how to play her with this
Kaylsea 6 meses atrás
im planning to become neon main, i started using her yesterday and always got top frag since i normally play smokes and sentinel for the past 4 months and always ended up bottom frag barely top.. i wish i used neon or reyna much earlier aaaah
light and gaming
light and gaming 2 meses atrás
As a neon main with over 5k kills i can say that neon is one of the most op agents ive ever seen.
Ectrolad Anos atrás
Her wall is so op it does so much damage one time enemys started destroying sage wall so I placed my wall and killed full armor brim
Martín Irala
Martín Irala 7 meses atrás
As a neon main i can confirm the "zoom zoom kills" part, very op
ElMirandaLoko Anos atrás
Lander can you do this with reyna, im maining her and i think that learning from you is the best way to dominate this agent
ChristianNaruto98 Anos atrás
I wish you had longer videos but still keep up the great work mr lowlander 👍
Edwin Jr Ordinario
Edwin Jr Ordinario Anos atrás
I found a trick in neon when breach ults if you time neons ult perfectly you will not get stunned
fuel 13 dias atrás
Just to let you know the head does do more damage then the body with the neon ult
Frankincense Anos atrás
Im a fast-paced player, meaning that i get bored so easily when playing the game slowly, so sentinels are not for me. I always rush and slow push is soooo boring. So far, neon best suits my game style
CodingIdiot 5 meses atrás
some extra tips: headshots with the ult do actually deal alot more dmg, try it yourself in the practice map killing a player recharges your energy the ult doesnt have any spread when dashing, dash diagonally/sideways to the enemy, you're alot harder to hit always bhop when running, you're alot harder to hit dont always run trough your fast lane, keep your gun out for greedy defenders going in for free kills
Mystical Randomness
Mystical Randomness 10 meses atrás
Fun fact the first time I played(like 1 hour ago) my teammates got mad at me for playing an agent first time in comp, but I still got around 25 kills lol
Jaden De Guzman
Jaden De Guzman Anos atrás
Do you recommend crouching while spraying/controling recoil?
ArbocMinecraft GamesThinghy
Tip:when sage is putting the wall u can just trow the smoke from jett and it will destroy it (only when it`s forming)
George Stafford
George Stafford Anos atrás
I had a guy instalock neon in comp and then proceed to say he'd never played her before, he just wanted to make sure her wasn't wall being used coz it does damage to him.
Emma 4 meses atrás
WARNING: the nerf on her ult makes it so body shot and head shot damage is different! aim for the head!
Im Gay
Im Gay Anos atrás
heres a tip for reyna or omen blinds, of you get blinded by reyna or omen. you will still see theyre gun shooting, if the gun has a silencer. the gun will shoot with a vibration looking thing on its suppresor, and the guns without the suppresor, you will see the bullets, when they shoot. i mean like a bullet looking color vibration on the guns tip.
Keiichiro Shimada
Keiichiro Shimada Anos atrás
this guy really grows well
Stripier Sun6969
Stripier Sun6969 Anos atrás
My only problem with neon on my team is that the fire hurts me. so when i face the enemy i already has -10 hp
♡ Evelyn ♡
♡ Evelyn ♡ 3 meses atrás
as someone who is a new neon main, this was very helpful for me! :D
Kyle Pask
Kyle Pask Anos atrás
Been wanting to play her for so long but I’ve been too afraid of throwing peoples games
Alex Parsons
Alex Parsons Anos atrás
does her ult make the target aim punch if you hit them in the head?
joe mama
joe mama Anos atrás
you should do breach to diamond. make some people mad
blue_ teal
blue_ teal Anos atrás
I dont want my lockdown getting destroyed by a breach more
cheeseッ 5 meses atrás
He sounded so happy with the wall kill
AbbyAZK Anos atrás
Really hoping you do something like this for Yoru.
CaféQuente 10 meses atrás
As much as I enjoy playing the support and sentinel role, I knew it was my calling as soon as they released Sonic The Hedgehog as a playable character
SweetBerry 9 meses atrás
So you're saying I can finally rush in without dying? Is Neon the messiah?
Fearless Anos atrás
I swear Neon gameplay videos are gonna be his background videos for tutorials, guides, e.t.c
Jayrol 'Heltrato'
Jayrol 'Heltrato' 6 meses atrás
When i started Valorant i know already Neon will be my vibes because of his kit. I love neon and thanks to her i made it to platinum easy
pxl Anos atrás
Hey I just want to say thankyou I was bronze and after watching your tip and tricks I climb it to gold
mr jama
mr jama 7 meses atrás
me too i was bronze and now iron
Emerald 10 meses atrás
this dude isnt the typical "i main everyone." Bros genuinely experienced with every agent
Upside Anos atrás
you should do omen or reyna to diamond next, maybe even raze
Feenicks Anos atrás
i played neon for 1 week and got like 5 aces with her my tactics are to flank when your gonna ult and ult when getting the last kill on ace and always stun when rushing also wall when entering a site
source_my Anos atrás
My biggest issue is when i hv neon as a teammate on attacking, her wall does more bad than gd as its harder to clear angles and u end up entering out in the open plus the damage hit from the wall is worse than youd expect
Wi french
Wi french Anos atrás
Agreed I always felt anxious going out of her wall as a teammate because it actually chips your health down a bit
Anderson Viana
Anderson Viana 10 meses atrás
i loved the way you said "my friends" all the time, so lovely
aZulxZ Anos atrás
I actually got my first ace with Neon (yes I am a bit new) HER ULT IS SCARY
Bomber Gaming
Bomber Gaming 8 meses atrás
FUN FACT I FOUND: With Neons wall, you actually shoot an orb that aims in a straight line with your crosshair. Once it hits something, your wall stops.
Empire_Games 5 meses atrás
Hey man, thank you so much this really helped me find a good playstyle for her. I now make WAY more kill than before and have better game sense witht his agent
BxRBinary 6 meses atrás
I would do an update on the ult, it's the one thing that didn't age well.
Ligma420 7 meses atrás
Now neon ult Does 3x damage
Darelle Jan Avelino
I love your videos and your the one that made me play valorant thank you mrlowlander
Juan Kho
Juan Kho 11 meses atrás
it is possible to switch to gun if you have your knife / pistol out while using e ability. just press the number 1 without pressing e then no delay, i aboused the hell out of it
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez 9 meses atrás
Isn't a bad idea to have a duelist lurking while team executes a site?😅 I never like my duelist leaving the entry to the sentinels and initiators
LogiaMan 10 meses atrás
I started playing a week ago and got my first ace with neon yesterday
Nils_ 107
Nils_ 107 Anos atrás
Also you can dash lateraly if you push z and a or d (on azerty)
YessirOrNo Anos atrás
Don't use ultra if they know where u are as most people with neon ult including me get dinked instantly unless u surprise them with the fast movement same with dash jumping into another place is better.
lucaa_csp Anos atrás
so cool that you have played neon for 1 month, i will play stinger for one month too and i will show what i learn
Ignoredwayヅ Anos atrás
E abillity u could press the e button to stop sprinting and maybe pulling out your knife accidentally or just press 1 or your main gun button while sprinting
Costa 4 meses atrás
I startet playing 3 days ago and made jesterday my first ass with neon, was pretty insane because theound was over in 45 sec. Haha
Baemi Anos atrás
i played neon for 2 months now and i leard a thing or two here very informative well done
Joram Vercammen
Joram Vercammen Anos atrás
Nice vid as always, can we expect a chamber to diamond series soon?
The Pilot Gamer
The Pilot Gamer Anos atrás
Day 160 of asking how Lowlander is doin 21st March Neon to diamond was a fun ride, wonder what's next. What about chamber abilities only to diamond? there's a guy who reached immo only with chamber abilities.
Hextech edits
Hextech edits 8 meses atrás
I didn't know her wall did damage
Kraken Anos atrás
If I may ask, what is your crosshair settings? i've been trying to replicate but I can't seem to find it
Mason sazzhee
Mason sazzhee 4 meses atrás
An other thing about the ult is that you dont have recoil
Somnityr 9 meses atrás
i like the way he says "my friends" so often.
Oussama Anos atrás
Very very helpful video 👍 I will main neon after watching this!
Levente Jaksa
Levente Jaksa Mês atrás
I just noticed when you make a kill with neon, then his bar will recharrge 30%. So like. If you look closely at the clips you will notice
Saki Anos atrás
Man I love ur videos so much, You are one of the most positive valorant player I've met
Nils Granå
Nils Granå 8 meses atrás
I would not lurk on neon since her stun and wall are super useful for the site take.
Justin Yong
Justin Yong Anos atrás
anyone know how to make the glitch pop skin glow like in the video? mine doesn't look like that
Maid In Heaven
Maid In Heaven 8 meses atrás
didnt know that neon wall does dmg
skit 8 meses atrás
neon is y fav i got her yesterday and also yesterday i got 4 aces with her ult and it was my first ever aces
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