I Played Nonstop KAY/O For 1 Month, Here's what I Learned

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In my road to diamond series, I played only kayo for longer then one month. During this series I've learned a lot of things about kay/o. So in this video I give a full kay/o guide and tell you a lot of kay/o tips and tricks. for more valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel. Also, do you type full kayo guide and kayo tips and tricks, or kay/o?

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1 Ago 2021



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Comentários 592
EGreat Anos atrás
Probably has been noticed before, but I just realized lore wise Kay/o is the perfect person to hunt Reyna cause his blade and ult suppresses her abilities, IE healing.
Landon Woodard
Landon Woodard 4 meses atrás
@Ajay Bharath for real???
Delta Flash
Delta Flash 8 meses atrás
Reyna is one of the most annoying agents to play against which is why it is so fun to play kayo and just shut her down
ArcFlyGuy 8 meses atrás
In the lore, Kayo actually kills Reyna in the future. He goes back in time to stop the eventual all out Radianite War c:
Renegade 9 meses atrás
@Oscar Lima he’s actually the best counter agent for mostly chambers. If you see a chamber on enemy side then choose kayo. As a chamber main I have so many nightmares of pulling my ult without an actual primary weapon and kayo using his ult for retake and me only having a classic to defend with. Chamber is by far one of the most overpowered ults in the game and kayo can perfectly counter it
2I4 9 meses atrás
And chamber
Kitsune001Kei Anos atrás
You should talk about Kayo biggest weeknes, during he's using ultimate. If enemy is smart enough, he know exaclly where you are, just by watching your ulti waves.
🪐Stellar Galaxy🪐 
@Samuel Carpenter bro u can’t use utility if ur inside of kayo ult radius
Samuel Carpenter
Samuel Carpenter 10 meses atrás
I actually use this to know where the enemies are pushing and what util to use
Harshit Johri
Harshit Johri Anos atrás
Yes, but when you use your ult you are going to go and take fights. So most of the times the waves don't help the enemy team much.
Ahmad Fadel Yusuf
Ahmad Fadel Yusuf Anos atrás
More advanced tips : 1. Always check the enemy Ult at the beginning of every round, if you know there is raze ult then try to predict where he will jump with his ult and use ur knives to counter them. Same with Jett and reyna. 2. Kayo is a complete counter against sentinel like Kj and Cypher, try to gain information where the player is and use ur knives to disable their util and easy site take. 3. Kayo flash could be the best in the game but also could be the worst in the game if its in the noob hand. With Kayo flash, you can make the enemy full blind, what i mean is with a trick cqlled popflash even if u against tenz with superhuman reaction he still wont be able to dodge ur flash. 4.Lastly dont understimate the suppressed ability, the pros havent even realize how good it is.
Silicon054 Anos atrás
Just a further tip, kayo's grenade is the same as the viper poison orb
MarshalMithers Anos atrás
ko nade = poison orb and kj thing. KO knife = viper molly. also sova 1 bar/2bar. theres really only 2 trajectories to know for all valorant lineups until bounes or whatever makes shit get weird
Ruth Kale
Ruth Kale Anos atrás
Y'all mean that kayo's grenade has the same physics as vipers orb right?
kenzi e
kenzi e Anos atrás
and also his knife is the same as a viper molly
Ata Anos atrás
@KyTaco Yigo kj and viper throw range per angle is different
KyTaco Yigo
KyTaco Yigo Anos atrás
it’s the same as killjoy’s too
Kara S
Kara S Anos atrás
KayO was really fun to use. the first time i used him i was surprised that i got my highest kill count ever and was match mvp. i have to practice with his flashes though because i dont main agents with flashes so its very new to me
Sw3aty boi ッ
Sw3aty boi ッ 10 meses atrás
bro this same thing happened to me, i played kayO for my third time and got my highest kill game ever!! that was the the time i made the decision to main him
Aamey Surana
Aamey Surana Anos atrás
Lowkey it's fun but I suck at him
Allen Han
Allen Han Anos atrás
KAY/O is basically a Jett and Reyna counter, both champs are relatively highly kit reliant at close range.
acepaces 10 meses atrás
same with chamber and raze (mostly when ulting but also chamber's headhunter)
Abhishek Sathe
Abhishek Sathe Anos atrás
"You are pro player you're gonna rank up ezpz" This man has more faith in me than I have in myself
danshakuimo 4 meses atrás
If you bothered to spend time to go you of your way to watch his vids then you are probably already semi-pro with the amount of effort you put into being good at Valorant lol.
Vanboy 8 meses atrás
For the new people watching this: ka/yo got buffed and his moli does infact damage through walls now and does not need line of sight
Adam Nolan
Adam Nolan Anos atrás
"dont ask for revive" i feel could not be more wrong, people literally just dont see it since kay/o is such an un used agent that people just cant expect people to know.
Lappy Beast
Lappy Beast 5 meses atrás
I m iron 3 and started using kayo....and i m just killing it....ppl in lower ranks dont know how to react to his abilities
Adam Nolan
Adam Nolan 9 meses atrás
@Tobiáš Durďák 🤣🤣 telling a bronze player what to do is like lighting a old bombs fuze, hoping to god it doesn't blow up and throw for the rest of your game, also this comment is from 9 months ago, with kayo being pretty meta now, ofc people know now
Tobiáš Durďák
Tobiáš Durďák 9 meses atrás
when you play in bronze yeah tell them but plat and above people just know
CJ 11 meses atrás
if im in a spot i know is safe i'll ask otherwise i might even say not to
Horacthy Anos atrás
I ask jett to revive me and everybody is laughing hahaha
ItsJustMyStuff Ready to Rumble
Kay/o is basically a counter to every agent with a “get-out-of-jail-free card”. Jett with her Tailwind(dash) and Reyna with her Dismiss will have a hard time fighting Kay/o.
Bendito Gameplay
Bendito Gameplay Anos atrás
I was kind of hesitant to use him for the first time during my last match, but this video gave me all the tips I needed. Gonna give him a try :D
rowC. Anos atrás
Another very important tip for defender side is in the scenario of the entire enemy team brute forcing a site immediately, the suppression from his dagger can delay the push very effectively as they cannot just utility spam their way onto site, it also allows for easy frags since the whole team is supressed
RookieTheCat Anos atrás
one op shot : you're dead one shotgun shot : you're dead one headshot : you're done !!!
Lily Anos atrás
I actually really like Kayo. It’s a shame not many people play him. I wish his flashes didn’t blind the team like Reyna’s or Omens and I wish we had a little more time to revive him. Then more people would play him for sure
CJ 11 meses atrás
idk what omen ur playing but his flashes bind his teamates too
manticore Anos atrás
As a Kay/o main, there is ONE rule you must ALWAYS follow. When you get knocked down in your ult, always ask your teammates to "fortnite res you"
Pelloo Anos atrás
Very good and informative video, but I feel like I have to say, the KAY/O flashes don't pop EXACTLY like the csgo flashes. They are alot less affected by how you are moving for example when you flash compared to csgo. So when you step back and throw (like you said in this video) the flash will pop further away then compared to the csgo flash. Same thing if you jump and underhand like one might do in Counter Strike, in Valorant, it is less affected by your jump, almost not affected at all. Just felt like I had to point that out, otherwise, I learn a lot from your KAY/O videos :D Keep up the good work!
Saizen 10 meses atrás
I'm a long time CSGO player. Just unlocked this dude today and have been trying to flash bang people like CSGO lol it feels similar but it's not the same. thank you for your addition.
Mellow _x3
Mellow _x3 Anos atrás
Thank you for all these tips ^^ I actually think about learning kayo even tho my playstyle is fairly different bc i don't play duelists. Usually i play sova and cypher (also played only KJ for a while) and i like it to gather information for the Team and/or push the enemies off the spot. I want to play him for a while to learn about flashes and aggressive agents to better unterstand how they work, when to use them and how to play against them.
Lost Anos atrás
Kayos grenade also had the same trajectory as viper poison orb and his knife also has a slightly higher trajectory than vipers snake bite for any viper players looking to play kay/o, slightly adjustment needed with knife lineups but you'll get the feel and be able to adapt I'm sure. Ofcourse ang lineups that bounce with snake bite won't necessarily work with knife as it doesn't bounce
Alipan Kevin Joshua A.
Alipan Kevin Joshua A. 8 meses atrás
The molotov is really somewhat like a nade cause it wont detonate right away when in contact, i do hope that his nade have a count down so you can throw them exactly at a specific time to get atleast a nade kill just like in pubg and cod, tbh his nade is very easy to be avoided not unless if you are trapped in a corner
Nekomi Fujiwara 藤原貓御 VTuber
As a killjoy and kay/o main, as the molly lineups are the same, I can frag in both
idc lol
idc lol 11 meses atrás
Sam Dingdangdongalong “look guys i have so much skill, imagine not being a jett main”
N/A Anos atrás
@Herr Daniel bro that's half the characters
Herr Daniel
Herr Daniel Anos atrás
Sam Dingdangdongalong Astra skye breach cypher are cringe too but noone talks about them
Carsian Anos atrás
WOW the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was just thinking about learning KAY/O. Thanks, MrLowlander!
Krillix Anos atrás
3:13 it is also a sova shock dart lineup on the orb if you aim at the corner where the long stick and short stick meet with 2 charges btw
Santiago Jerick A
Santiago Jerick A Anos atrás
you earned my sub, thanks for the information about Kay/o. I'm new to the game and found Kay/o is a good character to grind with.
Dripz_val Anos atrás
He so good at teaching us tricks that it becomes entertaining
Raptet Editz
Raptet Editz Anos atrás
I was earlier gonna give up using kayo because I didn’t understand him but now he is the perfect agent
you were soo much chilled in this video i like this lowlander than the old 1
X-chen Anos atrás
In my opinion Kay/o is the best agent for beginners, because his abilities are easy to understand and easy to master.
Smiling General
Smiling General Anos atrás
What i learned from all 4 videos of this series so far : This dude loved to play agents that can do surprise teleporter stuffs at bind
McKenzi Anos atrás
Even though Kay/O's flashes are like csgo's flashes, they still have valorant flashes mechanics So it doesn't need to be near the enemy, if the enemy catches even the slightest glimpses of it, they will be fully blinded.
Ben 11 meses atrás
Went from s2 to g3 from this video thank you
ThunderTK 11 meses atrás
trying to learn kay/o since sova is getting hard nerfed next patch. I've always thought kay/o looked fun so maybe this is a blessing in disguise
JustBled Anos atrás
thanks for the guide i always used to buy molly and never use it ,but ill try and learn some post plant lineups like you thought lineups with your knife was not important thats what i thought about post plant lineups
Adx Anos atrás
about flashes, when everyone predicts that ur using rmb flash for picks, try to make one way flashes (throw it in a high altitude so that it will pop before everyone notice it) playing one way kay/o flashes in Ascent a main, split b pillar, a screens will make a good gameplay
Alex G
Alex G 10 meses atrás
As a Kay/o main i approve of this video
Suko 9 meses atrás
I began playing Valorant. Yesterday, you help me a lot, thank you very much :)
Rodrigo Sol
Rodrigo Sol Anos atrás
I wish Kay/0's knife wasn't shown in the minimap for enemies, the coolest thing to do with it in my opinion is to disable a cypher tripwire that was left behind to cover the flank and just walk by it but the enemies will immediately realise what you're doing, it's still useful to invade sites tho since some cyphers put wires in random spots in the sites to collect info or wallbang
OfficialEzzy Anos atrás
I started with valorant a month ago too, just got Diamond 1 aswell! Lets go for Immortal soon!
A Fern
A Fern 10 meses atrás
I find Kayos ult to be really distractive, as a main myself whenever I ult I never really care about the revive I usually rush in for massive intel or when i have someone trying to defuse, when I die I not only get intel but usually the enemies want to shoot me dead which takes a while so they get distracted. DONT RELY ON THIS not every time will they give a shit lol
Doonus Anos atrás
Happy 250k~ always nice to see underrated content like yours start getting the recognition they deserve, keep it up man!
pxl Anos atrás
i applied all the tricks i learnt to your videos and it makes me stronger
MrLowlander Anos atrás
SnowflakeCrybaby Anos atrás
Can you do an "Omen to Diamond/Immortal" Series? I would Love to watch it!
SatPsi Anos atrás
I make a Kay/O E line-up from base to hookah and A lamps (i only play Kay/O on Bind). Sadly you have to look at the right angle so its hard to do it
Mal Anos atrás
Kayo is alot of fun, it has recon and flashes but everytime I use it I die first lol.
Abi Abdurrahman
Abi Abdurrahman Anos atrás
One more tip: KAY/O's ulti pulse gives away your position, so think twice before trying to make a fake push or something
Teodor Trifonov
Teodor Trifonov Anos atrás
Kay/o never suited my playstyle, but ever since neon was released I've been playing kay/o a lot more cuz I really like sabotaging enemy neons LOL
#xray Anos atrás
Love all your videos keep up the great work
Donut Hole
Donut Hole 8 meses atrás
Man keeps me humble by telling me to stop watching guides and start practicing
Kenneth Bianzon
Kenneth Bianzon Anos atrás
Most important thing to learn is line ups and ur aiming lol some times I always miss many many shots and my teammates sometimes kinda doodoo on planting so iam taking spike doing big brain even tho my aim suk I can still win those rounds and match with just line ups but still aim preety important so for those watching learning line ups learn to aim first cz u cannot always do line ups
Redfox Anos atrás
I always try your kay/o tips!!its useful!
Albertus Surya Ananta
@MrLowlander Your tips are always useful
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Hmmmmm Anos atrás
Am I the only one that didn't know Kay/O came a month ago? Wow time flies by fast
J1nxeD Anos atrás
I mistake I always make with Kayo is go around the corner as the ult activates.. Same with Yoru. Then I get killed. I want to go around as the animation is playing so I get the most out of the ult. A fatal mistake. And bye bye ult too.
ChildOutOfContext Anos atrás
you should make a video where you explain the best map for every agent
Febubebu 10 meses atrás
As a kay/o main, everytime i died on ult, i look at the situation, if i died in a clear safe possition, i will scream REBIBE ME. But if not, i just bombard my teammates with informations
AngieGamez Anos atrás
Just 3 games of KAY/O and am home with his flashes, also combined his knife and ult suppression I get to play CS without playing CS :)
TakeThree: Valorant
TakeThree: Valorant 10 meses atrás
The beginning of a kayo main. U have come so far
RoosterSlueth Anos atrás
Bonus tip, (I learned this from japancurry, go sub) cuz the Molly does so little damage u can push through it to catch enemies off guard. This works great when pushing lamps on bind!
Nightshade Gaming
Nightshade Gaming Anos atrás
What I hear from other players: Jett REBIBE me!! What I heard from him: Jett REBAB me!! 😂😂 And as always, I love your videos bro, I learned a lot because of you 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Kara S
Kara S Anos atrás
5:00 ive had moments where theres no enemy and i had 3 teammates around me running around not trying to revive me lol. sometimes i dont ask to be picked up sometimes i do
Corazón Anos atrás
Lmfao, feel you.
Chaipradith Anos atrás
Everytime I encounter kay/o ult i don’t know why I feel like he is more tanky like I do dmg 140~148
Pyro The Engineer
Pyro The Engineer Anos atrás
I used to main Kay/O, but his signature and ult never felt like they impacted much, because it takes away, instead of adding, which make him feel really boring for me. So anyway I'm a Skye main now.
tharetsku Anos atrás
You always call running walking, and it's very confusing. For example, you were showing off the backwards run step flash, but you called it walking. Walking is when you hold shift (or toggle or whatever) and it's completely different.
Skinny buggo
Skinny buggo 10 meses atrás
Nah bro shift is tip toeing 🗿
JustBled Anos atrás
i did those right click pop flashes you told once i literally killed 4 people from 2 flashes in C long and then my friend went and stole the ace it was actually his first game so i cant blame him
Remi Anos atrás
i didn't know he had 500 hp when he's down tf 😭 and they keep shooting a down kay/o and he's still "🧎"
Desctop Anos atrás
Thank you for everything❤️
Etienne Heinrich
Etienne Heinrich Anos atrás
@MasterBoyPlays I have to end it, everythink
Surper_idol Anos atrás
Any time my bro
Tedde Anos atrás
Ah.. old growtopia memories..
Andrés Anos atrás
ImRehsa Anos atrás
@MasterBoyPlays efryfyng
Robbie Wayne Lumbad
I learned All of the lessons brother tnx
aaa aaa
aaa aaa Anos atrás
@Night Bot yes
Night Bot
Night Bot Anos atrás
I am how to noodle
Night Bot
Night Bot Anos atrás
Be prepared
Night Bot
Night Bot Anos atrás
Tomorrow is your kayo test of 100 marks
rizkyle Anos atrás
Me: uses kay/o ulti and gets knocked My teamate's: sees be down and says nah man don't revive kay/o :(
URMOM:) Anos atrás
That beep on kay/o's ult is radianite pulsing.
Matthew heil
Matthew heil Anos atrás
Thanks for this vid homie it’s super helpful for a newcomer
Ân Trần
Ân Trần Anos atrás
I love to make enemy's Raze angry with Kay/O. No satchels, no Bazooka, she just like a bunny in middle the guns fire XD
danshakuimo 4 meses atrás
One time me and a teammate were camping in the cubby on Haven C site and I when I heard the Raze ult I popped my ult and by the time she landed in front of the cubby all she had was a bucky instead of a bazooka.
Prashant Bisht
Prashant Bisht Anos atrás
My teammates don't even know that you can revive Kay/O when he dies in his ultimate
Jozo Anos atrás
Just started playing Kay/o today, I was popping off getting ez pz 19 kills using it for the first time but I needed to be better. Andd i found this video it helped me a lot and im doing better everyday thanks!
Bro thank you for the content .......bcoz kay/o is new agent no one pays attention to him and I think that u r the best BRvidr for Valorant content
Inferno Kamui
Inferno Kamui Anos atrás
This man is so nice, my tm8s are so toxic i wish those people were like lowlander
Azurewrath Lord
Azurewrath Lord 9 meses atrás
So when you ult as kayo you're able to shoot faster, but not reload faster like reyna
Lloyd Balingit
Lloyd Balingit Anos atrás
That 1v4 on bind was lit!
leezen Anos atrás
i always go kay/o when my team goes 3 duelist for simple fact that they are gonna keep pushing in and not give comms
Vinit Vishal
Vinit Vishal Anos atrás
Once raze and neon both ulted and tried to push will they were defending...i ulted 😂...they were so mad that they surrendered
Fake Fenicks
Fake Fenicks Anos atrás
I want a Reyna to Diamond series...pls 😁
SkyWalker_- Anos atrás
Btw kayos nade is not the same as killjoys there are some line ups that don’t work with kayos nade
a nuke
a nuke Anos atrás
That time when i rush with my team with full odin and we all just spray and make pressure to the enemy XD
SteelBaBa Anos atrás
You dont need to worry ,You are a pro player , you can rank up easily! Golden words🤩
Arif Emre Korkmaz
Arif Emre Korkmaz Anos atrás
Youre so good man, nice content
Jupa Erian
Jupa Erian Anos atrás
i can confirm that you get assist with your utilities, i got 16A a few days ago!!
FasTrak Anos atrás
kay/o was supposed to stop post plant meta but he joined it
Lê Minh Nguyễn
Lê Minh Nguyễn Anos atrás
Most of the time, i gonna flash left click aim at the sky, work good for flashing enemy without flashing your teammate
Keith Andrade
Keith Andrade Anos atrás
Thts how i felt i thought kay/o was stronger with ult.
Soap Anos atrás
I’ve always wondered if there’s other people that use KAY/O’s knife for recon, I always did but never saw any of my friends doing it, lol I thought I was smart for it
wrobot Anos atrás
that kayo tank ult idea is cool
br1ann88 Anos atrás
I learned that KayO goes great with Glitchpop skins! Haha
Kullios Anos atrás
MrLowLander: *uploads* Me: My day is complete.
Tommy Anos atrás
his accent makes all the videos so much better
CUZX Anos atrás
I used to be a kayo main but my team never play sentinel and smoker so i have to play a sentinel or smoker :(
Regret Now, Do It Later
Thank you for the knife tip.. it will help me alot.
Detoxified Anos atrás
One major tip: Your knife can be shot and destroyed by the enemy
Yasin Ahmed Alvee
Yasin Ahmed Alvee Anos atrás
I never liked videos that had 'Here's what happened' or similar in its title but this one was good.
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Happy to hear that!
HideoutCZ Anos atrás
Can you show us some postplant granate lineups pls
Cope Anos atrás
KAY/O be like "i make radianite cant use their power" when a human is there: *yeah they're definetely radiants*
Solarius Anos atrás
those who go in and die with kay/o probably used reyna before hahahaha
Denis Rus
Denis Rus Anos atrás
Kayo is sova with a lower skill ceiling you get a lot of information and apply one of the most annoying debuffs in the game. If you want to play an offensive role that gets a lot of information when you missed your instapick chance then kayo is the way to go
AlphaDenDen Anos atrás
kay-o is basically every cs players go-to
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