I Played Nonstop Chamber For 1 Month, Here's What I Learned

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8 Jun 2022



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As a guy who has been trying to learn chamber, this series was extremely useful for me. Thanks MrLowlander!
as also a chamber main, the buying tip is very important. chamber's kit is very expensive, and he's still a sentinel, people often forget that while buying abilities. I only buy 4 bullets in a half buy or full buy round, and only when I have more than 5000 credits, I'd buy 4 more
there's a very good chamber alarmbot place on icebox attacking. It's a bit complicated to understand but once you get it people don't notice it at all. When you get down the slope from the attacker spawn, try to place it under the ramp that you walk down. It won't place under the ramp but will instead be placed very close to it, hiding it properly. you can do this on either side of the sloped ramp from attacking side icebox
Kv Derp
I've been getting into Valorant recently and he was the first agent i unlocked, and after watching your chamber to diamond series I improved quickly with him. So thank you for the tips and tricks they've helped me greatly :)
For a tip that isnt in the info, omen can tp across your trap most of the time if he does it right so if the enemy omen like to lurk just camp trap and wait for omen tp sound to peek and ez free gun
Thanks for the vid! I never subscribe just for the support, mostly to follow creator's content. But this video was superior. I've seen many of yours from the beginning and I must say this is a top quality Valorant guide. Here's my feedback:
Marco Rocha
Breeze is one of Chamber’s best maps as how much of an area he can cover in defense/offense
Idiot Numbnuts
I use Chamber on Breeze a lot, and I actually think he's pretty solid there. His ability gun is really strong there, and there are some fun teleport spots like on top of the pyramid things on A site.
Chamber's pistol is really good on Breeze as well. The first shot accuracy on eco rounds + headshots doing 150 (instead of 145 like the sheriff) is really valuable. There's so many spots to watch on defense on Breeze, Chamber's trap feels like having an extra man, and makes defense a lot easier. I think I'd reconsider not picking him on Breeze.
The save credits tip was very useful, as a chamber main what i do is buy 2 shots every round so it doesnt cost much and even 2 shots with that gun is insane
Im using chamber for a month learning all its capabilities.
Miximaster 22
Thank You for making such an informative guide, really gave me helpful tips on how to use chamber
Sucharitha Jujuvarappu
as a chamber main my favourite map to play him is fracture be cause the angles are less to look after you play really aggressive. And coming to breeze it is the only map where i use sage or jett or fade
Aayush Pareek
For icebox a, u can place trip beside the ramp, at the corner. It's pretty hidden as well as cant be dodged. Also about buying, I buy full in 1st, 2nd and eco/ult round
Daniel Larez
When I started to play valorant, the first agent I unlocked was chamber and since that moment I only play with him xd, I learn a lot with your videos, thx for doing this, pretty useful
Md. Ismail Alam Khan
I am a chamber main, the map that I like most is Bind and Split. I really abuse those rotate tp's and teleporter tricks, I once did 43 kills with Chamber on Split with those rotate tp's
Been waiting for this guide ☺️ 🙏 Thank you so much for your hardwork content Mr Lowlander
im trying to learn chamber, this series helped me so much. Thanks MrLowlander!
Very informative video, Mr. Lowlander! You made want to play and main Chamber, haha. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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