I Played MrBeast's Song in Space 

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Last year we played MrBeast's song underwater. This year, we challenge ourselves to take it up a notch...
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10 Jul 2022



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@zealous Anos atrás
Subscribe and we'll play his song on mars
@fishingwithnate08 Anos atrás
@fishingwithnate08 Anos atrás
I’ve been subbed
@Alexthefisher11 Anos atrás
Love it
@letrainwatcher Anos atrás
@SubToPoppnEditz Anos atrás
I bet you won’t.
@GoPro Anos atrás
Absolutely out of this world (literally!). Pumped that GoPro was able to help you capture The Mr. Beast song from space!
@ondyuhlir2610 Anos atrás
2 mins
@sayhello7790 Anos atrás
@zealous Anos atrás
Email me! Let's work together on a video! Been using gopro since I was 10 LOL it's so great to hear from you guys!
@Melt Anos atrás
This was fire, I actually felt anxiety waiting to see if the go pro was recording at the end
@fishyusu991 Anos atrás
@alphakay3917 Anos atrás
Why though, they edited videos of the gopro in space in a clip before that, so we knew it recorded :')
@Tigerz2ndChannel Anos atrás
@prettyboredvids Anos atrás
I CANT BELIEVE THAT WORKED!! And That space shot was INSANE!!! Also this had one of the best intros I’ve ever seen, so epic dude!!
@bboyezflava Anos atrás
@skulker1235 Anos atrás
@@dont5014 Ok I won't.
@PJL7095 Anos atrás
Alright… I really got to give props to these guys on this feat. I would love to see all the 3 hour footages
@CHEFPKR Anos atrás
That celebration at the end was 100% worth it. Well done lads.
@zabooka Anos atrás
@oddconstantine Anos atrás
Yea it was worth it I loved this video
@dont5014 Anos atrás
@ren.lovesher Anos atrás
@@dont5014 stop
@barnabybanan Anos atrás
Hello verified person
@thespacepianist 7 meses atrás
Congratulations guys, bravi! My music literally came back yesterday from the International Space Station and as the Space Pianist I will go to Space to play. Your brilliant idea is a perfect compromise to have a piano in space low cost and low risk, love it!
@AnimeCatLoverr 7 meses atrás
@FrenchieFries Anos atrás
broooo that could have gone wrong in soooo many different ways!!! GREAT JOB!!! 👍
@goddusgd1479 Anos atrás
First reply 🤨
@xx-person-xx6004 Anos atrás
YOOO imma huge fan!
@spide_yt9544 Anos atrás
@VewertyPloik Anos atrás
Hello *verified*
Of course the top comment is a verified yt
@AirbusA-oc7lu Anos atrás
fun fact: the higher you go into the atmosphere, the less air. sound travels through air and the less, air the harder it is to get the sound anywhere, thus when you hear the piano playing its pretty quiet
@polishkerbal6920 Anos atrás
We all know, also the denser the conductor of sound the faster it travels and the decay of sound waves is less powerfull.
@chmuurkaa3030 Anos atrás
The sound can still travel through the matter so we could hear the music even in a full vaccum, since the camera is attached to the piano
@eminemfan50098 Anos atrás
@@polishkerbal6920 yeah no. Most people DO NOT know this
@polishkerbal6920 Anos atrás
@@eminemfan50098 they are called americans
@aaron.07m Anos atrás
@@polishkerbal6920 good one
@SkeletonGuyPlays Anos atrás
This man swam underwater and nearly destroyed his ears then sent a piano to space just to play a song that is a gigachad amount of respect for me
@marimbaZulu 3 meses atrás
Probably should've also tested how it did in the Stratosphere since you know that's one of the hotter layers of the atmosphere.
@VEE3RDEYE Anos atrás
The amount of effort involved in this is insane
@Aizu815 Anos atrás
@ToLikBlox 9 meses atrás
Three likes??
@cosmo9916 3 meses atrás
I have never seen a verified ytber comment with just a few likes
@Scroodles 3 meses atrás
just imagine being an astronaut and seeing a weather balloon with a tiny piano strapped to it
@Gapple_ Anos atrás
this man went from winning a MrBeast challenge to becoming an absolutely insane youtuber
@ChrisRaines Anos atrás
Apple how did I find you lmao
@kumquatc Anos atrás
What did he win?
@emeraldiguana7316 Anos atrás
@@kumquatc I think it was the 1 mil subscriber video where he got a shout out
@DauraTHEEXPLORA Anos atrás
It took a few years but it was worth it
@kasc5598 Anos atrás
And he Also didnt waste anything some ppl didnt even know him from mrbeast I know him from The stunts
@retajblaibleh1030 Anos atrás
This dude deserves the world he put in all this effort for Jimmy and the excitement they had at the end was totally deserved
@buttercraft Anos atrás
Not only did you play Mr. Beast’s song in outer space, but you also proved all flat earthers wrong and I am very thankful for your contribution to society 😂 Edit: Jeeze looks like I summoned a horde of flat earthers omg
@crowzie9434 Anos atrás
It looks pretty flat to me ;)
@AdversitiesNFTJ Anos atrás
@@crowzie9434 because it is flat
@MrSarcasm101 Anos atrás
Except it's flat when you don't use a fisheye lens. And it's flat even with a fisheye when the horizon crosses the middle of the screen. (Like you can see in any high altitude footage on youtube.)
@ahrikuno Anos atrás
@@crowzie9434 explain the sun moving out of sight when its sunset and appearing back up when walking up a ladder or something. if earth was flat we would see the sun ALL the time
@crimson99521 Anos atrás
@@crowzie9434 because the earth is big
surely i’m not the only one who wants them to post the entire 4 hours of footage
This was worth the watch, good job! I was anxious to see if it worked.
@inthefogs Anos atrás
@mage4106 9 meses atrás
If this was released into space in this past week, it would of been considered a "spy balloon" lol.
@venerablegold5084 Anos atrás
4 guys shirtless in a car celebrating having sent a miniature piano to space was not what I expected to see today, but it is welcome
@croi Anos atrás
Don't Read My Profile Photo Okay :)
@gonzosupra Anos atrás
Don't Read My Profile Photo I saw you on a different video XD
@DxsIsCool Anos atrás
@chazmogames1039 Anos atrás
Sounds like me and da bois
@sepherioth5568 Anos atrás
I love how stunned they are by a… 6 hour road trip lol. Trust me, there are a lot crazier road trips in the universe than that
@zealous Anos atrás
26* :P
@charisginn6932 Anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing!! 26 makes way more sense for their reaction lol
@73stxrs Anos atrás
Love the vids zel
@girhffe Anos atrás
ive been on 50 hour road trips
@ccg6964 Anos atrás
@@girhffe I've been on 500 hour road trips
@mysticalnexus1881 Anos atrás
It's so crazy how far we've come, from scientists originally just staring out into the void and dreaming of a day to reach it and eventually doing it with immensive effort and power, to people casually doing it just for youtube videos. Truly amazing.
@@dont5014 🤓
@earthisadonut879 Anos atrás
this isnt in space their is sound use ur brain
@mysticalnexus1881 Anos atrás
@@earthisadonut879 You get what I mean lol, although I do advise you not to use aggressive terms like 'use ur brain' as you might come off as pretty rude. I personally am not offended but it's advice in case you come across someone else who might be. ^-^
@mysticalnexus1881 Anos atrás
@@earthisadonut879 In case you want to disagree and say you aren't go ahead I won't reply, I don't want to start an internet argument.
@@earthisadonut879 :nerd_face:
Props to the camera man for going to space
@thepro2u720 Anos atrás
I think something that makes these videos so fun are that something always goes wrong in them 😂 It makes it more of an adventure and so much more fun, even tho it was probably stressful in the moment...
@oddconstantine Anos atrás
I like it because it makes the video funnier
First playing piano underwater, now playing a piano in space? Whats next playing a piano on lava?
@BossFireYTGFT Anos atrás
Imagine going to space and seeing a piano playing it self hanging on a balloon 💀
Ah yes, the pianos can fly
@Emoaveryxd Anos atrás
@Jamiro_Van Anos atrás
@sabinamakubo926 Anos atrás
creepy right
@kelseahasty9980 Anos atrás
And the ballon is RED
@AbuAliRug Anos atrás
Wait that means he’s the first man in history to launch a piano into space
@seklimobanana7866 Anos atrás
@orbitalthrust1526 Anos atrás
NOT SPACE 😤 you can't reach space with a ballon
@@orbitalthrust1526close to space ok
@starship2023 Anos atrás
@@aaamogusthespiderever2566 Weather Balloons go around 20-30km on average. Space starts 100 km high. The Highest a weather balloon has ever been is around 50km
@Bacon_. Anos atrás
Imagine if someone(astronaut) see this piano on the space I think almost everyone think it’s an alien’s piano.
@luciensioquim8621 Anos atrás
The fact that you guys did not give up after how low the chances are is crazy. good job bro!
Your efforts made me sub ❤❤good job bro ❤🎉
@4smile575 Anos atrás
GEEZ, people dont understand how much time and effort this took, you guys are awesome, and i am so amazed you pulled it off! keep up the great work!
@shadowknight_2505 Anos atrás
And money.
@flame-1 Anos atrás
Crazy to think that if mrbeast didnt host the challenge zealous won he would’ve probably gotten lost in the algorithm.
@evald5373 Anos atrás
@@flame-1 what challange?
@PixeledLeaf Anos atrás
its called like "get this random person to 1M subs" or smth like that
@alinaperry3488 Anos atrás
The amount of effort put into theses videos. Keep it up man, the videos never disappoint!
@ollie20071ify Anos atrás
We gotta take a moment to appreciate the effort put into this, he needs more subs!!
@xsamppa Anos atrás
Yes what and amazing feat... not really this was dumb af
@@beyondtheillusion333 exactly. they seriously only posted 8 seconds of footage from the gopro. after an entire 12 minute video
@AcrotapOfficial 3 meses atrás
you should upload the full 4 hour recording of this to youtube lol
Just a fact about baggage handlers: They are handling over 300 bags minimum each day both departures and arrivals. Those bags weight in tones together. They can't just lift each bag and put it softly. This slows the process of the airplane leaving or the passenger getting their bags. And second, they avoid injuries by getting as little as possible weight on them. Awesome video by the way.
@llllazyastrox 11 meses atrás
This guy proved himself a true MrBeast Stan 😳👌
@Brick_Science Anos atrás
That was awesome dude!!
@samuraidoge2824 Anos atrás
hi im fan on lego
@1cattails Anos atrás
Hey, its you!!
@caophongvu6757 Anos atrás
I can feel their happiness when they could finally watch their reward after so many efforts they put into this.
@GetHype_ Anos atrás
The effort you guys put into this is unimaginable!! BRAVO!!!
@agentboigooduser1310 4 meses atrás
Zealous has done the impossible. He deserves as many subscribers as MrBeast. Congrajulations.
@JaedenSports Anos atrás
This is so incredible! You guys did such an awesome job to make all this happen!
@ryang8041 9 meses atrás
you gotta give props to these guys when they launched the Chinese spy baroon with "not a spy baroon" written on the side
@xtrinity0680 Anos atrás
The amount of effort and patience is abseloutley insane. MAJOR PROPS to Zealous and everyone that helped. Sub well earned. Definitely need more subs 👊
Ikr 💀
@astro3054 Anos atrás
If I saw that correctly, that was a weather balloon, which doesn't go outside the atmosphere. And if it were possible to get it in space with that balloon, since there is nothing in space, the soundwaves can't move, so it would be impossible to hear it.
@bird9675 Anos atrás
Damn you smart :)
@bearpowder8807 Anos atrás
Yeah I figured the same with the sound waves unable to travel in space because there is no oxygen to travel through. Regardless it was still very cool and I’m glad it worked out for them
@taekwoncrow9889 Anos atrás
@taekwoncrow9889 Anos atrás
@Lexyvil Anos atrás
This might be a world record too--the highest piano playing ever.
@USSFFRU 10 meses atrás
F for the poor soul that gets crushed by a random piano falling from the sky blaring MrBeast's Theme
@koopwps8706 Anos atrás
So good u did a great job of making the piano go into outer space :)👍
@levii_young Anos atrás
I would love to watch the full version of that footage
@Fred-ne5ds Anos atrás
This guy deserves a lot more subs he’s doing stuff that are near inpossible
Not quite near impossible but still amaizing tbf
@codysmith8639 Anos atrás
No where near impossible
@Wafles NANI
@PixeledMango Anos atrás
@Wafles there is just enough air for sound to travel trough
@randumb_teto6965 Anos atrás
Too bad there isn’t sound in space but this was still crazy hype 😂
It wasn’t in deep space, it was close enough to earth for sound to be still a thing.
@starship2023 Anos atrás
@@intersyncweeklytv6437 It's wasn't in space period
@starship2023 Anos atrás
The highest a weather balloon has got was around 50km since is half way to space
@default..l Anos atrás
They literally said stratosphere
@eduardo.721 Anos atrás
I didn't think it would actually go so high, this is insane!
@RicepuddingXD 11 meses atrás
It's crazy how people can do this kind of stuff! °•°
@zurdog3907 Anos atrás
Just for that I subscribed, I could tell how much work went into this. Great Job! I dont watch this channel often, but that just changed
@dont5014 Anos atrás
@_EnderTv 11 meses atrás
now he is in the ocean, on the ground, in the sky and even space! are you guys planning to colonize the mars next time?
@1Scout Anos atrás
Zealous's video are always *out of this world*, and this one brings a whole new meaning!
@josephsim4753 Anos atrás
Tbh this man just showed us the world isn't flat MYTH BUSTED
@ryannghiale4056 Anos atrás
@@josephsim4753 yup
@-lexi_playz- Anos atrás
@hiitsmoon4972 Anos atrás
ha Ha HA HAHAHAH I get it 😂😂😂😅😂😅
@amongsusimposter Anos atrás
This is actually insane! You have come a long way since winning a million subscribers from MrBeast!
@dont5014 Anos atrás
@catking1208 Anos atrás
@@dont5014 Ok
@tank6521 Anos atrás
sub botter
@Godzillaforlyfe2 Anos atrás
@kol got borgor in mind🍔 a bought account
@julianofmemes9289 Anos atrás
1800’s scientists: “I wish I can at least, see the world from space once, in my lifetime” 2022’s meme scientists: “yo we got a miniature piano playing in space this is sick!”
@seek5808 Anos atrás
@@dont5014 i did
@athrun7150 Anos atrás
@@seek5808 the world is gonna end
@catking1208 Anos atrás
Until 1926 when the first rocket was made.
@catking1208 Anos atrás
@@seek5808 O GAWD! WAT HAVE U DONE?!?
@aster_11 Anos atrás
Lmao any scientist would know its fake
@Fulawka Anos atrás
Man, I wonder how loud it actually was up there, in space, Great job by the way
@Fulawka Anos atrás
i wonder if anyone was in space, and heard the piano, lmfao
@princeduaqui398 Anos atrás
@@Fulawka theres no sound in space, but they're stuff in the outermost atmosphere so it should be feint
@emmamiller. Anos atrás
Well done. This must have taken a long time. Kudos to you! This is AMAZING.
@tonoepic2110 Anos atrás
"Don't 'good job' him until someone doesn't die." - MrBeast, 2022
@HakiWaki Anos atrás
that ending was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen on youtube. A true masterpiece
@zealous Anos atrás
That is such an unbelievably kind thing to say. Thank you 🙏❤️
@@zealous Do you still have all the footage? You should upload all of it, unedited, so we can watch the whole trip the balloon made
@cazmo6758 Anos atrás
Congrats man you work real hard ❤❤❤
@TheZ_199 Anos atrás
respecting the man who got you this far you are as generous as him
@RealityWasTaken Anos atrás
this is the coolest thing I have ever seen keep up the good work
@Ayundaru Anos atrás
Zealous. That intro was perfection. The transitions need to be admired
Exactly. The intro is just-
@GreenBunny. Anos atrás
Hello red guy
@iClex Anos atrás
ikr the intro was magnificent
@OrigDreamzilla Anos atrás
@rockyroller7624 Anos atrás
How does a piano that small play itself? The technology inside must be really small or something.
@Ghoulz Anos atrás
This is CRAZY!
@kayden2537 Anos atrás
@lynxibg1052 Anos atrás
Even ghoulz is here lmao
@ItsRainzy Anos atrás
I feel so happy for these guys, respect man
@sheno8990 Anos atrás
It's incredible that you can steal hear it in space!!! Amaazing
@NoName-ij7vq Anos atrás
Did they realize there was no sound in space they were just in the atmosphere but impressive enough I still don’t know how
@alexagrac3365 Anos atrás
That is absolutely insane. Dude you did a great job!
@atlasvods8197 Anos atrás
you've come so far! great job!
@MobiusStudiosJack Anos atrás
Awesome video! Really amazing that you were able to take the huge influx of subs from MrBeast and actually turn that into a successful channel. I know you probably have a lot of people unsubscribing from that initial 3 million as should be expected, but the fact that you're still growing is really amazing. Great job, and great content!
@aerynrubik Anos atrás
If you are wondering how they will hear the piano in space, it’s because they aren’t going to space until the balloon pops. They go into HEO and the balloon pops.
@lydiafletcher4267 Anos atrás
OMG. This is awesome! You should do one where it travels around the world.
@meDarkmask 11 meses atrás
When I saw the title screen, I thought it was actually sending the piano into space.
@ThunderRL123 Anos atrás
The fact that you did 10x better than last year and making a name for your self 👌
@perfect_editz_ Anos atrás
Me: Hey Google, what is the first song ever, played in space? Google: It was MrBeast 6000 song, played in space by the dedication of zealous
@keithsprenkle3359 Anos atrás
You think we could get some of that footage? Maybe from launch and the moment it went into space? That would be super rad.
@shehnaz5495 Anos atrás
Omg yess!! Give this more likes so that he sees it!!!
@Kaspehh Anos atrás
I wanted to see how fast it fell down haha
@codysmith8639 Anos atrás
It didn’t go to space. It went close but not to space.
@kristahistand1118 Anos atrás
@vowhe Anos atrás
@@codysmith8639 if it went to space it wouldnt be able to fall down
@raftar_editor Anos atrás
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something . he always respect us , the audience and his team he is polite in his video love all 😘#
@raftar_editor Anos atrás
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something . he always respect us , the audience and his team he is polite in his video love all 😘b
@John-jw2rv Anos atrás
Some say it's still playing to this day.
@ethansands3932 Anos atrás
I would be so interesting to hear this song in space. It probably sounds really cool. Imagine floating in space and just randomly hear mrbeast music.
@eduardocarranza4333 11 meses atrás
It's genuinely the fact that I had to click only because of the title, someone actually going to space just for this.. Mind blowing 😬
@fromnorway643 11 meses atrás
A helium balloon can never reach space, unless it's brought there by a rocket.
@Crowley43 Anos atrás
I legit thought he was going to get a multi thousand dollar space suit and a piano and play it in space.
Same I was wondering how?
@Puppylover720 Anos atrás
Same I’m honestly disappointed
Multi million
@@ejpengineering1900 only million
@@sirifjfjdjsjdufjdjdjdcjcjd3157 a NASA spacesuit costs 12million dolla res
@raftar_editor Anos atrás
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something . he always respect us , the audience and his team he is polite in his video love all 😘7
@xnderground Anos atrás
Imagine the astrologists looking for signs of aliens then they just hear MrBeast's song playing
Imagine how awkward it’ll be if an alien passed by
@valixqs Anos atrás
The amount of effort they put into this video just to play MrBeast's song in space is incredible.
@Chevykenz 16 dias atrás
Even if it wouldn’t go to space it’s still so cool because it was doing it really high up in the air like so close to space!!
@ltsHaze Anos atrás
INSANE VIDEO! Its amazing to see how much your content has grown in the past 5 years! Keep up the good work!
@jamesmarshall1515 Anos atrás
It's funny because they played the GoPro footage of the piano in space before they even retrieved it, so it was obvious from the start that It worked :P Nevertheless, what an absolute banger of a video
@laserblue-ow7dt Anos atrás
This man used to have only a few K subs but after he won a mrbeast challenge he is a complete different and famous person, that proves that winning even the slightest challenge from a super popular person can change your whole career.
@TVArtGallery Anos atrás
What a legend! Keep up the good work!
How is this possible? 😲 MrBeast's Song on using a Japanese MIDI piano on top of a box and flown by a balloon to outer space? Incredible! Even if you had trouble getting proper helium during the helium shortage outbreak
@datafacts24 8 meses atrás
Song sounds amazing from Space
@theonlycale Anos atrás
now that's what i like to call DEDICATION good video! always taking it up a notch
@sharukhtaj4194 Anos atrás
11:29 at this time of the video i got goosebumps amazing man loved it
@SANRIO_LOVER. Anos atrás
I swear he risks everything with no fear
@Beanie550 6 meses atrás
I love this content He should be at 10,000 Million already it was so cool love your your videos keep the good work up
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