I Paid Streamers to God Bridge...

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Today, I paid streamers and youtubers to god bridge and do bedwars challenges!

- @Kitdy
- @Meltdown
- @Mongo
- @Doogile


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● Lunar Cloak:

● Twitter - @notnico
● Instagram - @subtonico

Edited by Nico \u0026 @nihte
outro song:

I learned how to god bridge and god bridged on streamers! I played bedwars with Kitdy, Meltdown, Mongo, Doogile, and AndrewCurtis! In this video, I paid streamers to do challenges and god bridge, I hope you enjoy!

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14 Mai 2021



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Comentários 0
Flasher 9 horas atrás
bruh wtf why does his voice sound disgusting
Aram Abdulwahed
Aram Abdulwahed 16 horas atrás
andrew: almost dies *goat noises intensify*
Jay lol
Jay lol 19 horas atrás
i didnt expect to see andrew LMFAO
Tini Liju
Tini Liju 21 hora atrás
i have an idea buy nico's cloak to make him rich not broke
Oviyan happy
Oviyan happy Dia atrás
11:09 nico noises lmao
Yass BA
Yass BA Dia atrás
Isn't that Purpled's cloak?
Nora Gokkaya
Nora Gokkaya Dia atrás
I subscribed wallibear sent you
리다[RD] Dia atrás
what is this pack?
Noah Suaverdez
Noah Suaverdez 2 dias atrás
I'm good and not good
The United Three
The United Three 2 dias atrás
2:05 the most evil laughter
ThunderLavaPlayz 321
ThunderLavaPlayz 321 2 dias atrás
play with technoblade pls
It’s hanako :0
It’s hanako :0 3 dias atrás
Soon to be mrbeast
Bảo Khang Lê
Bảo Khang Lê 3 dias atrás
What mouse do you use?
Harpoon Harpoon
Harpoon Harpoon 3 dias atrás
Mr Beast of bedwars
salwa althaibani
salwa althaibani 3 dias atrás
notnico is mr beast these days
Gaming Boy Carnage
Gaming Boy Carnage 3 dias atrás
Papa Nico is so good
Neil Andrei David
Neil Andrei David 3 dias atrás
Shgamer 24
Shgamer 24 3 dias atrás
4:42 cringe nico
cool dood
cool dood 4 dias atrás
i see hes tryna beat the algorythm with like rn hes doing it with being minecraft mrbeast
Imad Imadsalem
Imad Imadsalem 4 dias atrás
what your mouse tell name :d
Alexandra Dudley
Alexandra Dudley 4 dias atrás
U talk like an. chickmuck and can u do something different for once
Minecraft room
Minecraft room 4 dias atrás
Dennisatnice lol
Dennisatnice lol 4 dias atrás
Hax? • 69 years ago
Hax? • 69 years ago 4 dias atrás
Who is Nico? A little skeppy A little MrBeast And a little TapL
XQPIGMAN 4 dias atrás
Ivan Paunovic
Ivan Paunovic 5 dias atrás
2:17 RKY is proud of you Nico
Anderson_x Dia atrás
Wombo combo
jokubas pauzuolis
jokubas pauzuolis 2 dias atrás
DALAL D 5 dias atrás
can I try? maybe I can do god bridge:D
CmonkYT 5 dias atrás
ur voice :( it changed
Hilma 23
Hilma 23 5 dias atrás
Nico being mr beast for 14 minutes
Stre 5 dias atrás
Please give me acount premium i want play on hypixel plss 😭
Yolanda Morales
Yolanda Morales 6 dias atrás
Reto a que hagas un waterdog
Tallen Flips Tv
Tallen Flips Tv 6 dias atrás
Nice job
Minecraft on bedrock!
Minecraft on bedrock! 6 dias atrás
Nobody: Bedrock edition: Hold my beer, going to be rich!
nestle crunch
nestle crunch 6 dias atrás
buy bedlessnoob mouse it willl get you 60+ cps
Jepz Lawrence
Jepz Lawrence 6 dias atrás
ok lets be honest when andrew said he didnt want to spend notnico's money meleted all our hearts
FiReBOAT 90 6 dias atrás
Can i try to godbridge lol
the rise of phenix
the rise of phenix 7 dias atrás
I wish I could try I can breezily bridge god bridge and telly bridge lol I would have made Nico go bankrupt if I was there
Mikko Wolfi
Mikko Wolfi 7 dias atrás
Mercile Joseph
Mercile Joseph 7 dias atrás
New mrbeast
Yuting Lin
Yuting Lin 7 dias atrás
Fuck Week Fuck
Yuting Lin
Yuting Lin 7 dias atrás
Yuting Lin
Yuting Lin 7 dias atrás
Tsunami 7 dias atrás
nice voice changer
Don Zacharini
Don Zacharini 7 dias atrás
You are mega Panic
Сашка Дунаев
what is the texture pack?
Jayden Oliver
Jayden Oliver 7 dias atrás
Kahaan Khetia
Kahaan Khetia 7 dias atrás
Why you say f%ick
Isabella Chung
Isabella Chung 8 dias atrás
May I try pls I’m kind good and pls and I do bed pls Pls pls pls pls I’m a yt but I don’t do video but pls
PiPo 8 dias atrás
Cool video you are a god bridging
SlyGrinch 8 dias atrás
i have 31 subs lol
Luca Adamik
Luca Adamik 8 dias atrás
How old are you?in real life?
BlackMAN Zack
BlackMAN Zack 8 dias atrás
Why is melt auto clicking
Pro Hadziosmanovic
Pro Hadziosmanovic 8 dias atrás
I Will love to play with you and i love your videos but i can't play because i don't have real minecraft
_ImNotFallen 8 dias atrás
Nico teach me I'm Minecraft player
Darren Moses Djunaedi IPH Student
9:04 what he is a legend
YouTuber Lane
YouTuber Lane 9 dias atrás
Try you got this
MrBadLuke 9 dias atrás
Nico is minecraft mrbeast XD
second world
second world 9 dias atrás
sry noob hehe
Anna-Maria Beatrice Schultz
Nico laughing *calm hateno village from BOTW playing*
Vaxtheminecrafter 9 dias atrás
nico legit sounds like a seven year old
Random 10 dias atrás
hey nico i want to play with u pls
ツIMikser_ 10 dias atrás
Can you send your txt?
Kyle Sucks At Mc
Kyle Sucks At Mc 10 dias atrás
these vids in 2k make me scream without the s
Calden chandler
Calden chandler 11 dias atrás
ur the new mr beast
Mr. BAH Videos
Mr. BAH Videos 11 dias atrás
How old is this kid?
FlameyRBLX 11 dias atrás
The mrbeast of bedwars
HRH Dingers
HRH Dingers 11 dias atrás
12:35 What is that face MG
Bedwars Is Weird
Bedwars Is Weird 11 dias atrás
now you can give me 1 dollar 🤣
WasaydumbplayZ 11 dias atrás
Dream Squad
Dream Squad 11 dias atrás
hey nico can u please teach me how to godbridge please?
Pham Thi Dieu Tu
Pham Thi Dieu Tu 11 dias atrás
Let’s all pay attention to andrews reactions
ñîñjädrägøñ881 12 dias atrás
Oliver Hjelmåker
Oliver Hjelmåker 12 dias atrás
i can god brige on ipad
IceBreaker 12 dias atrás
I wonder what it feels like to flex on everybody that you can godbridge.....
Aryan Sapre
Aryan Sapre 12 dias atrás
Bob op
Best Gamer
Best Gamer 12 dias atrás
May I try too?
Randomuploads 12 dias atrás
hello :D
RyantheBraveKnight 12 dias atrás
not trying to be mean but his voice is so wierd
• Cloudii •
• Cloudii • 13 dias atrás
*me just vibing to the Zelda music*
Korey HasApples
Korey HasApples 13 dias atrás
Lmao he’s the mrbeast Minecraft version
Jocelyn Bedolido
Jocelyn Bedolido 13 dias atrás
bruh let's god bridge
PogChampPigYT 13 dias atrás
If bedless Noob was actually do This challenge Nicos bank Money wouldve Like finished almost 🤣
BlueReaper 13 dias atrás
Not tryna hate but notnico is always showing off how he can godbrigde and that just makes people who cant unspecial
Itz_Justin PlaysGamez
Itz_Justin PlaysGamez 14 dias atrás
Green Kelp
Green Kelp 14 dias atrás
People in this vid: I really need that 10 buck People in mr beast vids: i really need that 500k
Craft Kafa
Craft Kafa 14 dias atrás
How old are you?
çŕmx 14 dias atrás
R I P Nicole bank account
Muhammad Khadium
Muhammad Khadium 14 dias atrás
wali sent me
xKatmain BG
xKatmain BG 14 dias atrás
Nico what is ur texture pack plz say
sim k
sim k 14 dias atrás
Do 1v1 with wallibear
zeraora 2
zeraora 2 14 dias atrás
Nico I can God bridge and I'm on bedrock reply if you want to play
so many youtubers commented 🤣🤣
Steve 2bro
Steve 2bro 15 dias atrás
His content is good but just his voice hurts my head
Alessandro Boza
Alessandro Boza 15 dias atrás
Anonymous 15 dias atrás
Please shut up
BADRO MAX 15 dias atrás
You're going to be poor, NotNico
m00nlight 15 dias atrás
Nicos wllet be like:😭🤬hes broke lmfao
Sonix Productions
Sonix Productions 15 dias atrás
nico when you gonna post again my guy
RubixJuggler 15 dias atrás
Subscribe to NotNico! (oh and RubixJuggler)
Shan Uhwee Savilla
Shan Uhwee Savilla 15 dias atrás
cringe kid
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