I Opened a Real Life Pokémon Gym

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I opened a Pokémon Gym in the heart of New York City! If you want to see more content like this, make sure you subscribe!

Thanks to P448 for letting us hold the event:

Check out all my Scarlet and Violet videos here: • Scarlet and Violet

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23 Jan 2023



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Comentários 5 496
WolfeyVGC Mês atrás
This video took months of planning and hundreds of hours of work, so if you enjoyed it I hope you'll consider subscribing! I'd love to open up a Pokemon Elite 4 in real life next
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
As long as the music from the elite four is playing in the background. You know which one….. you know….
TyrekeCorrea 4 dias atrás
I hope you got a good return on this, dude.
supersonic pro
supersonic pro 5 dias atrás
Where at tho
Maxime Prissert
Maxime Prissert 8 dias atrás
whaaat so bummed I missed this! Hopefully you find time to do another
Randall Brannen
Randall Brannen 16 dias atrás
I have a great challenge you may he interested in. If you'd like to know I'm happy to ask. Yes or no, thay would be the end of the discussion. I dont mind posting it here if you reply. You're just really good and I know you lold a good challenge, you may find it interesting, and its competitive as well.
Surprise Cat
Surprise Cat Mês atrás
Wolfe is definitely pushing the boundaries of being a Pokémon BRvidr. For sure deserves all the success he's having right now. The video and the event was amazing.
𖤐Anøn𖤐 Mês atrás
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Nah 𖤐
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” ‭‭John‬ ‭10‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Jamirimaj Mês atrás
Wolfe is MrBeast but for Pokemon lol
Colin Baer
Colin Baer Mês atrás
Ahah be an adult
Andrés Fernández
Andrés Fernández Mês atrás
we need 7 more people like you scattered through the rest of the world
Andrés Fernández
Andrés Fernández 3 dias atrás
@myneckbered no, non-viable
myneckbered 3 dias atrás
8 for each country
Andrés Fernández
Andrés Fernández 7 dias atrás
@Steven Joubert it's a lot harder for every single country to find 8 gym leaders than for the entire world 👍🏻
Steven Joubert
Steven Joubert 7 dias atrás
But have you not…?. Like there’s other games… each game has is its own region in the Pokémon world and each region has 8 gyms. There’s currently 72 gyms in the Pokemon world based off all the games. So no. It’s not 8 gyms across the entire world. It’s 8 gyms in a country.
Astraziel Mês atrás
When a youtuber pulls off a better event than the game company itself This looks insane, both in the fun and logistical factors Really wish this starts becoming a more commonplace thing, and hopefully not just in the US!
Orokushi 9 dias atrás
@Carlos Vasquez They arent lazy. Pokemon game development has gotten more complex now than it was 10 years ago. Yet nintendo insists on keeping the dev time of 2 years or so. Thats the same dev time they had for DS with its mostly 2D graphics. Its no wonder everything is rushed and unfinished.
zip 20 dias atrás
There are many local supported by the pokemon company, maybe you just havnt looked.
Fraser Souris
Fraser Souris 23 dias atrás
@Carlos Vasquez Wolfey himself would disagree with that
Fraser Souris
Fraser Souris 23 dias atrás
Didn't Nintendo already do this in Tokyo and Hokaido?
lolWT nick
lolWT nick Mês atrás
why? people hack and over do it making it no fun for casuals.
ITGR: Indie the Game Raider
Why is this such a fun concept?!? I appreciate how Wolfey embodied the spirit of the gym leaders and had a team that was meant to be defeated. A World Champ not using his best Pokémon shows a lot of restraint. I would have joined but my original game boy ran out of double A batteries 😬-original Red and Blue gym next? Lol.
Jessica T
Jessica T 9 dias atrás
It's easy to understand why it's such a fun concept. You're basically living out your dreams. You're getting the BEST Immersion. You're getting a REAL taste of what it's like to be in one of THE most Nostalgia fueled games!
Ricardo Pérez
Ricardo Pérez 3 horas atrás
Brilliant idea. Would love to go to another event like that. I could help you organize another one in Mexico City 🙌🏽
Colin Moran
Colin Moran Mês atrás
Nintendo needs to sponsor you at this point, crazy how much your content is doing for the community.
Barefoot Evil Doll
Barefoot Evil Doll 9 horas atrás
sadly, knowing how japanese companies roll... chances are that they would sue him once they find out
spoon lover
spoon lover Mês atrás
Can we just talk about how inspiring it is that someone just picked up the series and was able to clear the gym that efficiently
Moony 19 minutos atrás
@Art and Em Cringe. Let people have their w’s, man. No need to be a gatekeeping man child about it. Pokémon is a children’s game. It’s not that big of a deal.
Smoothie Brained Nigg
Smoothie Brained Nigg 3 dias atrás
Muttakin Ahmed
Muttakin Ahmed 10 dias atrás
That's pretty much identical to the real games, lmao
Edwin V
Edwin V 14 dias atrás
​@Art and Em It was impressive, but not as impressive as your ability to make a fool out of yourself and be wrong about everything you said in this thread 🙄
Aerodynamic Cow
Aerodynamic Cow Mês atrás
I love how the last battle was like something out of a legit Pokémon game with the former Champion going through his brother and then the Gym leader to regain his title.
WeAllFallAlone Mês atrás
This is actually a pretty cool idea , that I think Japan should REALLY capitalise on 😂 Imagine how sick an actual gym would be… in the poké world or something 🤷🏽‍♂️
Wessield Mês atrás
Okay so there needs to be a million more of these. What a dope idea. Epic execution. How TPC didnt jump on this idea sooner is beyond me. Great work!
Nightcat Mês atrás
I got teary-eyed watching this. This is REALLY cool. Props to you!
Miller Johnston
Miller Johnston Mês atrás
The two people interviewed at 3:00 had such an infectious energy. They seem like absolutely lovely humans
Lee Mês atrás
@TripleG333 the girl's definitely hot, but the guy just looks really creepy
Kent Michael Galang
@YuyuHakurei dude could be a space alien too
YuyuHakurei Mês atrás
Who said this a pokemon? xD Absolutely Lovely Humans says Miller the Vileplume.
TripleG333 Mês atrás
@Lee shiii- I'm looking for it too lol
rufusdrumknott Mês atrás
Brendan Zheng is like an actual Pokémon protagonist for real. Going up against his own brother in a Gym, tell me that’s not straight out of a Pokémon game.
Jessica T
Jessica T 9 dias atrás
It might not be straight out of a Pokemon Game, but it IS Anime AF!
Janthecoo Mês atrás
its not straight out of a pokemon game. you only got a mom and maybe, just maybe, a father named norman who is way less of a normal man than larry
Soviet Union Mapping
We're all NPCs in his world!
I C Mês atrás
@Chi Muoma this sounds cool, but you should pitch this to digimon fans.
ThunderLord1000 Mês atrás
@Charles Ruteal even better since you faced your dad in that game
grAyLIENz Mês atrás
Dude. Props to you and everyone else for putting this together. This is a super cool video idea. This is what Pokémon is about. Bringing people together for good old fashioned fun. I love to see it. I’m an ex TCG player, so I’m not too knowledgeable on the VGC, but that doesn’t negate the awesomeness of this. Haha
Shurit-Master Mês atrás
This is event is amazing! It’s so cool of you to provide this incredible event. This is a great gift for all Pokémon fans. Shout out for all the people who made this possible 😁
Manchurian Manchild
Bro no lie. This is one of the absolute coolest things I've ever seen. Creative, fun, and bringing some of that magic we all grew up on to life. Thank you for bringing this to life. If you ever do something like this near chicago I'm going.
Manchurian Manchild
@Shmandalf bro right?! Train up a crazy good team. What type would fit Chicago or other major cities 🤔 New York was Water so Chicago should be a sister or a foil type.
Shmandalf Mês atrás
I'd literally re-buy a switch lite just to attend something like this
Successful H.
Successful H. Mês atrás
This looks honestly amazing. I walways thought about doing a real gym like this but never had the resources. Imagine Wolfey gathering some pros and building an Elite 4 tournament. Insane.
Topofhelist 28 dias atrás
It makes me happy to see this. Someone making something that brings happiness to the world in a time when it’s so very needed. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of this years ago.
Jack Coghlan
Jack Coghlan Mês atrás
The double discharge team was actually quite creative, Wolfey knows what to do against more conventional team, but didn't expect someone to just power through as hard as possible, making it surprisingly effective and creative.
jozi mastar
jozi mastar Mês atrás
@J S what do you expect to see from a mono electric team lol
Deden ImamBuchori
Deden ImamBuchori Mês atrás
Tbh that strat is simple and that is how most of us defeat the gym leader in the game. Just hit hard as possible :D Its so wholesome that make this event welcome to everyone, not only for competitive maniac.
TheMaestro Mês atrás
@StrikeAxl the man handing out water bottle at front's advice worked!
StrikeAxl Mês atrás
That surprisingly was the fight that's most similar to the games, lol. Amazing stuff.
J S Mês atrás
@Felipe he didn't know
Akehebo Mês atrás
That's such a cool event to do! I remember having something similar at an anime con a few years ago. We had 8 gym leaders spread out through the convention center and we had to defeat all 8 of them to participate in a tournament. I hope one day I get to participate in one of Wolfes' gym event.
Illusions of the Grave
That sounds like so much fun! What convention was it? I might start suggesting this.
Jace Boi Gamez
Jace Boi Gamez 8 dias atrás
Imagine how cool it would be if there were hundreds of gyms like this spread out all across the world were anyone could play, earn badges, prizes and compete in international tournaments
Rayn Ame
Rayn Ame Mês atrás
It's honestly crazy to see how far wolfey's come over the years! This was amazing wolfey and honestly excited for the future of pokemon content!
hg1990 Mês atrás
This is an event I always wish to happen in my town. I hope that Gamefreak will take this as an example to do events like this around the world. They could do a lot of great events like this.
StormyHotWolf88 Mês atrás
If this happens more often, I would totally work to have a team to play.
Yoav Tuvia
Yoav Tuvia Mês atrás
Love how 25 years later, still the best tactic to win a gym is by brute forcing with super effective moves. Great job with this project!
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain Mês atrás
@Robert That's why you normally just switch out lol
Robert Mês atrás
@Nelson Puc Cruz this is the rare case. But if you know your bringing a specific type pokemon plan for the person to bring the counter as the original post said. Muscle your way through with the pokemon that are super effective. I was stating this is why as a dragon type trainer I plan for pokemon that are super effective against me, and I teach some of them moves that are super effective against them. Because in the video he was trying to muscle electric type with water moves. None of them learned any ground based moves. Hell mud slap is a move most water can learn and it may not do alot of damage but it is super effective and drops accuracy. Earthquake which would be devastating to electric many water can learn and since it is a special attack not a physical attack most waters can use it very effectively
Robert Mês atrás
@Novarender so was I, if a water type trainer knows he's going to run against electric type moves you plan around it. There are water and ground type pokemon to deal with electric type. My point is you plan for people bring those specific types when you are a gym leader.
Novarender Mês atrás
@Robert They were referring to what happened in the video
dallas_wannabeYT Mês atrás
Joaco J
Joaco J 11 dias atrás
I watched this when it came out and since then ive had my mind burning with ideas to implement gyms in real life, i want this to be a thing so bad!
Yusuke Fujimiya: Anime Piano and Asian Philosophy
Most wholesome event ever in our corrupted generation. Must support and protect this man!
PauloMigs 2 dias atrás
Watching this video sent goosebumps all over my body multiple times. Holyyyy it must have been so cool to be able to participate in a real life pokemon gym event! Wolfey, you are the real goat!
Cam Chemlick
Cam Chemlick Mês atrás
God I’m so jealous! There’s no way I would have stood a chance, but I’ve been dreaming of challenging a Pokémon gym since I was a small child. This gives me hope that I’ll get to do that some day. :)
Argus Mês atrás
In Wolfey’s first loss, we learn type advantages aren’t everything And in his next, we learn they’re still a whole lot
jthmastermind Mês atrás
It's incredible how much effort goes in to just a ten minute video. Love Wolfe's content Edit: You know BRvid has a serious bot problem when people start accusing me, a human, of being a bot.
Eder Beade
Eder Beade 11 dias atrás
Thats what a bot would say
Sparky Pikachu
Sparky Pikachu Mês atrás
Reply to edit: yeah yt had a SERIOUS bot problem
Skippercarlos Mês atrás
If you’re a human being then you would say something a bot wouldn’t say in the reply section!!
Ivory Tower
Ivory Tower Mês atrás
r/art mods have come for yt comments it seems.
Filoup Fluff
Filoup Fluff Mês atrás
The replies are funny. But yeah, I agree!
Gray Mês atrás
This is such a big step for the pokemon community and Wolfe. Good to see him pushing the boundaries like this!
Nathan Wylie
Nathan Wylie Mês atrás
This is amazing! Seeing something like this makes me so happy. It's something we've wanted forever and you and your team made it happen
Silence Mês atrás
Thinking about it, it would be interesting if there was 8 gyms scattered around the country that you had to visit in person in order to defeat. It wouldn't be a challenge most people could finish in one year, but what an awesome roadtrip it could be-
Sebastian Mês atrás
For this, imo, you deserve credit from Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Lifting their universe to another level. Great stuff!
Steven Cartagena
Steven Cartagena 26 dias atrás
This is so cool, great idea and execution. This is the type of stuff pokemon company themselves should be doing with the community.
Kai Havertz
Kai Havertz Mês atrás
Wolfe’so new type of content is infinitely better. He interacts better with viewers and comes across as a very good content creator. Don’t get me wrong, I liked his old type of content but this just fits Wolfe more
Junya Mês atrás
i mean he definitely had an awkward spot when he was first starting these scripted videos, he had that classic youtuber voice that sounded pretty inorganic ukno? But lately he's been putting more of his personality into his scripts and his storytelling has improved a lot also. Props to him and his team for the hard work they do
Yom Ireal
Yom Ireal Mês atrás
@larsworld h its real youtubists
Bladieblah Mês atrás
It's kinda weird to say this fits him more since his new style is scripted and his old style is more off the cuff. He definitely does a great job with the content though, the work he puts in the videos really shows and it's naturally more streamlined and refined than the unscripted content
RurouniJay Mês atrás
@Poofy Foxjust preference, a lot of people love the new style myself included
Leto85 Mês atrás
What a nice thing to say. :)
Kyo Arthfael
Kyo Arthfael Mês atrás
This looks like an absolute blast! I would have just loved to be around the other fans and enjoy this. Hell if I had the time I would probably come up with some pokemon food ideas and have a cart or something easy to have nearby to feed all the trainers.
Oxspire #7
Oxspire #7 29 dias atrás
We're seriously gonna need more of this.
htknightk Mês atrás
Absolutely fantastic! Always wanted this to be a real thing. I think every country should have nation wide gyms and leagues with all pkm game gym leaders. Would be amazing to travel and meet communities all around the world collecting badges and sharing the love of pokemon.
Special Wiener
Special Wiener Mês atrás
Okay but how is this idea not an official thing Organise by Pokémon company all around the world ? This is the freaking coolest idea I’ve ever seen but sadly I live in Germany and can only dream to be at such an event one day. Amazing job Wolfe you’re a genius
Jocelyn Mês atrás
This is pure awesomeness man!! I live in NYC and im so jelly I haven't heard of this event. You gotta throw it again someday soon. You are doing amazing things for the community
Daniel Reveles (Susu)
I wish more events like these happened irl. This might be the thing that gets me back in to Pokemon.
NoobieSnake Mês atrás
The new trainer to the game and the one who hasn’t played Pokemon for years are actually very impressive to be able to make it so far to challenge Wolfey and actually beat him. Gives people like me hope. Lol.
Amir Haiqal
Amir Haiqal Mês atrás
I just learning about competitive Pokemon, and one of my learning basics come from your videos. I saw your VGC battle back in 2021 and YT gave me this video as recommendation. Thank you for letting a Gen 3 kid like me to believe that nothing is impossible in this world. Wishing you the best in the future Wolfie.
Artur Ostwald
Artur Ostwald Mês atrás
You surely outdid yourself and generally all other Poketubers with this Video Wolfey! This was outstanding and i hope we get to see more in the Future. Liked and gonna spread the word!
Javier Parra
Javier Parra 28 dias atrás
This could actually become a thing in hobbie shops. And not only there, this video itself proves it can help promote other type of businesses.
DemiLettucee Mês atrás
This is one of the most interactive and well thought out Pokemon event, and it's not even from the company itself! Love seeing everyone get together in this wonderful event
cucumbermainline Mês atrás
@JayC but why would TPC sue this massive free PR for their games
JayC Mês atrás
Lets hope they dont sue though.
Ian Taakalla
Ian Taakalla Mês atrás
When was the last time the company of a product that would be ripe for hosting these cool events did anything better than those of the community? Smash does not count because they plan to make sure there are no fan alternatives.
Markzman Mês atrás
This is actually amazing! If only this was a regular thing, especially here in the UK. This would definitely get me thinking about trying competitive battles
Space Beast
Space Beast 5 dias atrás
Damn that’s cool. All props to you and your team.
CosplayCore Mês atrás
I so wish I could have been to see this happening in person. I have never been good at strategizing but I love Pokémon. Always have. A real life gym would have lit me up! 😊
The_Fallen_ 1017
The_Fallen_ 1017 26 dias atrás
This is one of the coolest ideas ive seen for bringing something from a game to real life just truly brilliant looked like a great time too glad to see it
Flair Novacast
Flair Novacast Mês atrás
I would love if gyms like this were a real thing that could happen all over the world
Demon_OTF _
Demon_OTF _ Mês atrás
This is legitimately the coolest thing I've ever seen pokemon-related. I'm so jealous of everyone who got to experience that in-person. Please keep doing things like this Wolfey, you are just fundamentally changing the landscape of pokemon content!
Ramanah Vel Jeya Seelan
@megselv next step should be to make the gyms stronger, I feel like wolfe would have done better with donzdo and tausugiri, but ig they wanted to make the gym more playable to amateurs, also ig maybe wokfe thought he would run into a lot of murkrow, which can be countered by coalossal tbh
megselv Mês atrás
Next step is to make scenery as well LOL! Imagine what one could do with creativity and some sponsor money...
ꕥ.ೃ࿐Fairy Phantasia.ೃ࿐ꕥ
​@Clever Man good thing you said buy merch twice.
Clever Man
Clever Man Mês atrás
Nintendo's marketing team should be taking notes. This is both a great thing for fans, and an amazing advertisement for Pokemon. They should be setting these up in every city like Apple does with its Apple Stores. Make it a place where you can go to watch, buy merch, challenge the gym, buy games, buy merch, get exclusive mystery gifts downloaded to your game, and buy merch.
Ramanah Vel Jeya Seelan
Tbh, the pachirisu at worlds thing was cooler (this including the like 4 events and over crowding issues) but this is great too
Keledar Mês atrás
It's almost unbeliveable that Wolfey went from uploading his commentary over DS gameplay from his dorm room to these heights. That's the "World Champ Difference".
Joesiah Mês atrás
Dude this was really cool! I’m sure you made a lot of people’s dreams come true that day 💯
yahwehkno Mês atrás
This guy is bringing our childhood to life
Art Banks
Art Banks Mês atrás
What an amazing idea and execution! I hope tjis can be replicated in many other places.
steegen Mês atrás
This is the coolest thing in the world. It's what Pokemon has always been about: bringing people together. Man I wish this could happen again, especially if the Pokemon Company sponsors it. That would be an amazing chance to give out VGC points like official competitions do.
James Rhymer
James Rhymer Mês atrás
This is probably the coolest Pokemon content I have ever seen. You made a real life gym dude, and brought so much joy to people. Congrats on organizing such a gem of a moment for the Pokemon community!
Robert Gavin
Robert Gavin Mês atrás
I know right???!!!! He is pushing the boundaries of pokemon content and I'm all for it!!!!
KameiB Mês atrás
This was simply awesome! So happy to see you succeed like this!
Shadow Senpai
Shadow Senpai Mês atrás
You know this is actually something amazing. Well done you deserve your success
Umm Nope
Umm Nope Mês atrás
This is the video that finally made me subscribe. You and your team did such a wonderful job creating and managing this event, and I hope I can make it to the next one! (hopefully there is one)
Romantic Outlaw
Romantic Outlaw Mês atrás
this was exceedingly charming. I hope Gym Leader Wolfe has more of this in store in the future!
Dammn Deejay
Dammn Deejay Mês atrás
The matches on the big screen is a perfect kiss!! I love it! I’m excited watching this!! Hell, just standing in the line and talkin poketalk would be exciting in itself!!
hamtier Mês atrás
this event looked amazing! the woman that said she fell out of pokemon for awhile but got back to it with this gen hit me hard because wolfey is the reason why i stuck to this generation after having fallen out for abit as well. and here we all are united in our love for the hobby and of the world champion. thanks for everything Wolfey!
SiyaGames Mês atrás
Holy moly what a great event :O For real, that was so nice to watch. Thank you very much for your time planning this. I wish I could have been there live. Just as an Idea - make kind a "World-Tour" out this :P
Salamanders Mês atrás
I love this! I really enjoy Pokémon and how it brings people together in positive ways. It’s so nice to see people being happy and together doing what they love.
Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen!! I live in New York and I wish I seen this sooner. I always been a fan Pokémon but fell off playing until the newest game was released. This would have been so fun just to be there to watch the live battles…very cool!
Legend Ragnell
Legend Ragnell 3 dias atrás
That Killowatrel and Raichu combo is actually insane to me ngl! Such a cool idea Also if this event ever comes back, I would love to join hopefully
dangitNicky Mês atrás
Such a cool concept! I can't wait for your eventual Pokemon Elite Four video!
Editing Projects
Editing Projects Mês atrás
This is one of the dopest DOPEST things I have EVER seen a fandom pull together to do. Better than any in person event I’ve seen Niantic themselves pull together for Pokémon Go too
Gigi Mês atrás
This isn't the collective work of the fandom, it's Wolfey and his friends in the VGC that made this possible the fandom is mostly arguing on twitter and reddit
DXRBKN Mês atrás
>fandom nope a group of people who worked their ass
Patrick Tarver
Patrick Tarver Mês atrás
Super proud to be your fan. This is amazing stuff!
Jake Mês atrás
this is the type of event I used to dream about as a kid, you're a legend wolfe
No Noed for you
No Noed for you 26 dias atrás
Imagine having this idea around the world and everyone beeing able to do real life Arena battles... its like dreaming
tona4x7 Mês atrás
I'm imagining a future where we can get gyms like this all over the world, along with a tournament open only to those that actually traveled to get 8 badges from their closest ones.
blazedxjan Mês atrás
This was so cool!! an elite 4 would be awesome! I'm sure you'll make it happen.
ElectricRabbit Mês atrás
We NEED official gym leader events like this in the future. It looks so fun for Pokemon fans, and might get more people into the franchise!
Sean Pinette
Sean Pinette Mês atrás
Having one in every major city per state and province for Canada would be so cool. I live in Montreal and would love to be part of a Montreal pokemon gym event
ElectricRabbit Mês atrás
@TheMaestro I know! Such a missed opportunity.
Kurai Gonza
Kurai Gonza Mês atrás
Not the same thing but when i was a teen every summer there were pokemon theme events in a lot of the beaches of my country, you could go there play and do some gymkhanas , get oficial merch, and get event pokemon. Sadly this disapeared
Caleb complete form
TheMaestro Mês atrás
I don't think an event like this has ever happened before. The franchise has been alive for over 20yrs and not even Pokemon thought of doing this. Not without it being like Go or something
SparkChuck Mês atrás
This was such a beautiful idea. I hope someday the pokemon company picks this up and host a gym around the world with top pokemon players so that people can travel and obtain badges like this. And maybe even get a secret elite 4 going. That way we can finally have a true pokemon champion this generation.
Game Gengo ゲーム言語
That was so awesome! I always wished as a kid that there were real Pokemon Gyms operating around the world constantly like this haha
HenoldPC Llama
HenoldPC Llama Mês atrás
can't wait for elite four maybe need years of planning and worthy rewards lol. what a blast event
Starixa Mês atrás
This is AMAZING. I grew up on pokemon since I was in middle school an I'm 21 atm. This is a brilliant an well executed idea. I'm definitely one day going to experience that
CyRil On YouTube
CyRil On YouTube Mês atrás
I don't play Pokémon and I rarely watch the show but seeing people happy and having fun doing what the love is so heart warming
PalpitoadPlus Mês atrás
Wolfey has actually been popping off so hard since Scarlet and Violet. Don't stop man
Nita Mês atrás
@OA_Swift this is evquilvant to the pokemon world championships anime title! 😂
OA_Swift Mês atrás
It's the world champ difference
HeathenMonk Mês atrás
This is amazing, I can't even come close to thinking how much it could've cost, but everyone seemed to have loved it!
chris m
chris m Mês atrás
Now you have to make the rest of the gyms and also organize the elite four to truly fulfill the pokemon adventure vibes
James De Raja
James De Raja Mês atrás
This really is an amazing idea. Glad you guys pulled it off
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Mês atrás
Would be cool to see this expanded to not only the card game, but the Game boy versions as well. Others should do this too!
Studio Kayley
Studio Kayley Mês atrás
That was absolutely amazing to watch! That last match gave me chills wondering who would win! Love this idea! Wish there were more 😂
Nick Jayme
Nick Jayme Mês atrás
I love how wolfey was always so respectful. Even if he destroyed someone with no difficulty, he still was kind and made it NOT seem like such a major defeat 😂. But seriously he’s really cool❤
Ghost of More Dishes More Bitches
Deep down he's a troll tho he needs to let the true colors shine once again
SammyJack Mês atrás
Just like a real Gym Leader. They push the trainers but encourage them too.
ARealFakeIdentity Mês atrás
deep down i kinda wished that he would make them black out and lose their money but yeah hes a nice guy
william levison
william levison Mês atrás
He knows he could probably beat them in a real game lol. All water types is difficult to say the least
Nicholas Trivisonno
Brilliant idea, so glad it went well Wolfie :) Wishing you all the best with the Elite 4. Hoping I can make it out to spectate
Marcel Hideki
Marcel Hideki Mês atrás
Not only the event looked amazing but you also made a very enjoyable and entertaining video, just loved it
Zach Wood
Zach Wood 24 dias atrás
This is an amazing idea and such a great creator to bring it to life! Definitely wish I would’ve been able to experience thi
eclipsestar5 Mês atrás
I'd love to be able to join an event like this in the future!
lordkintendo 9 dias atrás
This is so cool and I absolutely wish I could be a part of something like this.
RandomCrowbar Mês atrás
Watching Brendan walk through the gym was like watching Red walk through. So badass.
Byzantine Mês atrás
Ironic that Brendan shares a name with another Pokémon protagonist, the male protagonist of Gen 3
Bri Mês atrás
I just happened across this video - and this event was so cool! I just started playing pokemon again, and this event looks like it captured the spirit of everything the game is! So fun
Thunderfool MLit
Thunderfool MLit Mês atrás
Wolfe event gonna start competing with the Pokemon Comp scene haha. This guy is a mad lad for pushing the content boundaries. Keep it up MORE MORE MORE
Gianluca Capasso
Gianluca Capasso Mês atrás
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