I Opened A $1 Best Buy Store

FaZe Rug
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I bought a BUNCH of stuff from Best Buy and decided to open up a $1 store to give back to people for the holidays! LIKE THE VIDEO FOR VLOGMAS!!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


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1 Dez 2019



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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 9 meses atrás
Let me know if I should open a $1 Best Buy in your city!! Also smash that like button if you want me to do VLOGMAS!
Gamixz 29 dias atrás
Do in latvia salacgriva or riga
Stix Cracked
Stix Cracked Mês atrás
Omar M
Omar M 2 meses atrás
FaZe Rug do it in Europe,Slovenia,Koper,
Korina Paulsen
Korina Paulsen 2 meses atrás
Where do you live cuz I want to come to your house and on your phone videos okay
Rosemary Kagwiria
Rosemary Kagwiria 9 horas atrás
Mrbeast giving people cars for free faze rug the same they are very kind
Benn Kurian
Benn Kurian 9 horas atrás
Please come to kerala and do this
grepoo Dia atrás
My birthday is on november 18
Lujain Kooheji (Al)
Lujain Kooheji (Al) 2 dias atrás
I remember the days without a mask
Benson Ellano
Benson Ellano 2 dias atrás
Pls support my channel.becouse im so poor people
Mr. AgentTheNoob
Mr. AgentTheNoob 2 dias atrás
Bro after this video I always keep a dollar with me
Wilber Emerson
Wilber Emerson 3 dias atrás
I like the girl
Rmg Zayn
Rmg Zayn 3 dias atrás
14,800 Comment its Me
Rashid Ali
Rashid Ali 4 dias atrás
Hello sir please PS4 plz sir my country Pakistan my WhatsApp number 03116771137 plz sir my favourite youtuber plz sir
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones 4 dias atrás
Hi Faze, come to Murfreesboro TN to open a $1 Best Buy
Michelle Koonce
Michelle Koonce 4 dias atrás
With the push up that was good
zazyreqpro Playz
zazyreqpro Playz 5 dias atrás
Imagine buying stuff and at the cashier you forgot the money and suddenly MrBeast come and say you have free 10 thousand dollers
Danny Jessez
Danny Jessez 6 dias atrás
Danny Jessez
Danny Jessez 6 dias atrás
Danny Jessez
Danny Jessez 6 dias atrás
Danny Jessez
Danny Jessez 6 dias atrás
Yes I want one
Danny Jessez
Danny Jessez 6 dias atrás
Just: Uztx Uztx Uztx txrx fsrxrxgzrxghzrzych Syxtgx Uztx Uztx xtxrmm Ya
Koekje Van Nougats
Koekje Van Nougats 6 dias atrás
Joshua Mckeon
Joshua Mckeon 6 dias atrás
faze rug im getting rich from this video even he dose last to leave for 10,000 :]
xd TDog
xd TDog 7 dias atrás
Mr Beast did it first and better because his was free but only could get one thing
Aditya Vikram Chandel
Aditya Vikram Chandel 8 dias atrás
The girl eho purchased the camera was ZHCs girlfriend
Unyeetable 123
Unyeetable 123 11 dias atrás
I'm not even joking I did 75 push-ups
destruction boy
destruction boy 11 dias atrás
I live in pa alqupa can we do dollor general the onle thing I have is a cra
Kavish Mehta
Kavish Mehta 11 dias atrás
Do this in england
Arslaan Rahman
Arslaan Rahman 12 dias atrás
This is a very good thing to do
Fickleproduct 23
Fickleproduct 23 12 dias atrás
# Alexandria
Albert Gee
Albert Gee 13 dias atrás
Your crazy bro wow
Crystal Scene
Crystal Scene 13 dias atrás
9:41 *Rosalina flashbacks*
nicole 14 dias atrás
the little kid singing was soon cute omg
Jay Duc
Jay Duc 14 dias atrás
Great vid, you put in the work an people and fans really appreciate i`m sure. And I see that this took all day, that is dedication
Jay Duc
Jay Duc 14 dias atrás
Omg.. a best buy employee as well. wow
G Dun
G Dun 14 dias atrás
5:02 Guy: claps Thanos: I am not inevitable
Decrock 14 dias atrás
G Dun stupid stop liking your own comment
PXL Degree YT
PXL Degree YT 14 dias atrás
Nice vid
Switch Blade2
Switch Blade2 14 dias atrás
Everyone found about mr beasts algorithm
Augustas 72
Augustas 72 14 dias atrás
If i would meet you i would cry so much becauze you are my favorite youtuber you are so positive and best inbyoutube better than pewdiepe
Alex 14 dias atrás
Exo Mystix
Exo Mystix 14 dias atrás
When my bday is 2 days ago from FaZe Rugs
Ariana Nuth
Ariana Nuth 16 dias atrás
Wait you didn’t give the mini fridge to him 😢
Epic: Ghost_TTV_PRO
Epic: Ghost_TTV_PRO 16 dias atrás
Imaging giving ur last money to ur kid in fortnite for vbucks
JosieXS 16 dias atrás
New subscriber here. Now give me something. 😜
Lilyanna Carranza
Lilyanna Carranza 16 dias atrás
I know im late but Brian acted like dog was hard to spell😂
Franklin Lopez
Franklin Lopez 17 dias atrás
Lol 15 bucks what a come up🤣
Waleed A
Waleed A 17 dias atrás
security mad he mad cuz he aint get an invitation to the 1$ Best Buy 😂
Dilawar Hussain
Dilawar Hussain 17 dias atrás
Rug: The worlds cheapest store Me: Mr beast exists
Nomey palsuk
Nomey palsuk 17 dias atrás
NOOOO WAYY this dood faze an mr best should collab
Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son
Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son 18 dias atrás
Dumb cant you make your own content
Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son
Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son 18 dias atrás
You copy mr beast
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace 18 dias atrás
Pleaseeee let me buy all the apple😂 Love your channel ♥️
Odell Johnson-Adger
Odell Johnson-Adger 18 dias atrás
Elias Villanueva
Elias Villanueva 18 dias atrás
For me PEMDAS means Plz end my day at school :)
Team_ Vapor
Team_ Vapor 18 dias atrás
Of course they have to do a challenge 😂
Georgia Coppola
Georgia Coppola 19 dias atrás
Jose's World
Jose's World 19 dias atrás
FaZe jojo 21
FaZe jojo 21 19 dias atrás
Me beast jr
The MJ wannabes
The MJ wannabes 19 dias atrás
Alexandria: gives him two dollars Rug :wow shout out to Alexandria
EZ Level
EZ Level 19 dias atrás
My birthday is literally nov 18
music forever
music forever 19 dias atrás
Xotiic U
Xotiic U 20 dias atrás
My man just flexed his pushups on rug
wtfChief 20 dias atrás
would you do the floss for a go pro?
Zahir Bismilla
Zahir Bismilla 20 dias atrás
Crazy Kid
Crazy Kid 20 dias atrás
Mrbeast: lol
JASON Baez 21 dia atrás
Watching faze rug is straight positive vibes
NOOB WITH A MIND 21 dia atrás
You can be better than mr beast if you gift me
NANGI DULHAN 21 dia atrás
Basically mr beast lite
Joseph Knudson
Joseph Knudson 21 dia atrás
Manuel Moselina
Manuel Moselina 21 dia atrás
You are like mr beast
Tanner Bish
Tanner Bish 21 dia atrás
December 1 is my birthday
Dhruvil Limbachiya
Dhruvil Limbachiya 21 dia atrás
Never Go Out Without A Dollar
Reyner Pastor
Reyner Pastor 23 dias atrás
Okay Buh the girl at min 13:48 is beautiful 🥺
W o n d e r !
W o n d e r ! 23 dias atrás
Next up: opening a free store : mrbeast
Miron Dils
Miron Dils 23 dias atrás
Mrbaest 2.0
Itsyaboiblink 23 dias atrás
U copied mr beast
Dancing Pigeon
Dancing Pigeon 23 dias atrás
Totally not copyrighted from me beast
Random Guy
Random Guy 24 dias atrás
First 1$ Best Buy Store... Laughs In MrBeast
Ines Peral
Ines Peral 24 dias atrás
DefaultDude Gaming
DefaultDude Gaming 24 dias atrás
the kid that was singing had voice crack big time
Samuel Blegen
Samuel Blegen 24 dias atrás
My name is Sam, but not that Sam:( i live in Wisconsin
Tomiya Debarge
Tomiya Debarge 24 dias atrás
The kid singing is so cute
Siam tube
Siam tube 25 dias atrás
Who else did gusse his age. I did tho
IGB idk?
IGB idk? 25 dias atrás
I have the same bday
Codey Gonzalez
Codey Gonzalez 25 dias atrás
At 7:11 kid in background stare at girls but doing rock paper scissors
Baley Morlock
Baley Morlock 25 dias atrás
How in the f is that private property it is a dang public store
Samia Tahir
Samia Tahir 25 dias atrás
I keep sterling my dad mony
Driz PlaysYT
Driz PlaysYT 25 dias atrás
The guy was just jealous that he is just poooor
Elaine Carter
Elaine Carter 26 dias atrás
Tell me how to get that Boys vocals
Egmandontmessthatu0 eg4life
Imagine being the security guard hes just rude because he thinks faze is scamming people
D10S 26 dias atrás
Am I the only one who doesn’t know the National Anthem?
scrib 6988
scrib 6988 26 dias atrás
Faze rug is the next mr beast
joaquin alforque
joaquin alforque 27 dias atrás
Lol this looks like the mrbeast vid, I ain't judge you at least your helping the people who want those stuff lol
xGusssyy 28 dias atrás
I busted down a poo
Ruba Eldow
Ruba Eldow 28 dias atrás
this sounds like something mr beast would do
Ethan Luyt
Ethan Luyt 28 dias atrás
Good Job To Branden!
Leonardo Med
Leonardo Med 28 dias atrás
Imagine copying Mrbeast
CDE Cricket
CDE Cricket 28 dias atrás
he solved the maths problem wrong
Dumagpi John Mark A.
Dumagpi John Mark A. 28 dias atrás
Mr Faze , im from Philippines hoping to get help from you , cause this pandemic my family and I were broke , im 20 years old and named mark . Hope you can see this .
DEACON FRIS 29 dias atrás
this kid really copying mr beast what a loser
H1GHLAND3R Is my name
H1GHLAND3R Is my name 29 dias atrás
The security guard sounded like a voice changer
arrows naruto
arrows naruto Mês atrás
I liked, subscribed,
OL MOOSE Mês atrás
And again. Stealing mr beasts video
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