I Made Giant 50-Pound Spaghetti And Meatballs For Kalen Allen from Kalen Reacts • Tasty

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“The meatballs looks like Piranha Plant.”
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12 Out 2019



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Comentários 6 981
Alvin Zhou
Alvin Zhou Mês atrás
I ate the leftovers from this for like a week, no joke. So good.
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson 19 dias atrás
I bet it was delicious!
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson 19 dias atrás
You’re a really good cook!
Jake Pauler69
Jake Pauler69 19 dias atrás
Scott W Pilgrim I got this fucking same ass comment from like 20 people no fucking joke you guys are not even reading my replies I was here early and you guys weren’t and I thought he was fake because the first 20 minutes it wasn’t pinned and I just thought he was one of those people who fake to be other BRvidrs or something and plus he had barely any subs I also never see him comment on the other vids so yeah and other reasons
Jake Pauler69
Jake Pauler69 19 dias atrás
Go Braveheart I thought he was fake because I was like 20 minutes early and he said that it took him like a week or something to finish the leftovers and how could it take a week to edit this and also tasty like posts at least every few days but not a week
Jake Pauler69
Jake Pauler69 19 dias atrás
Go Braveheart no shit Sherlock
Dustine Rivera
Dustine Rivera Hora atrás
Ichimoto_playzz XD
Ichimoto_playzz XD 6 horas atrás
I wish I'm good in math My grades r dying 😂
Akhsan A
Akhsan A 6 horas atrás
“You make pasta every day from scratch, you’d be jacked in one arm” So like mastubates
SK Cuber
SK Cuber 7 horas atrás
Personally.... I don't like pasta but this just ... Just looks Tasty!
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 7 horas atrás
Stop eating the pasta
Pyt Gang
Pyt Gang 9 horas atrás
“Wowww ooh wow” 😂 I love him
Ian reed
Ian reed 9 horas atrás
ohhhhh it smells so good
Devin Moore
Devin Moore 14 horas atrás
cashapp me @ $D3VINNNN ... please im poor
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim 15 horas atrás
The other guy’s voice😂
shuger loop
shuger loop 16 horas atrás
Infinity King
Infinity King 18 horas atrás
On my way to work... laying in my bed🧐🧐
Jada McDuffie
Jada McDuffie 21 hora atrás
My sister and I be like: *OH HEELL NAAHAA*
Alberto 23 horas atrás
the guest voice is low-key kinda annoying
CLOUDS Coolv 23 horas atrás
*I like sugar spaghetti* Alvin's common sense: Ight imma head out
Vaishnavi Chinke
Vaishnavi Chinke Dia atrás
I think I'm in love with this man
Kholida Shofiya Faradisa
Go back or go home. Hahaha :D
Tobi Dia atrás
0:14 that "wow" gotta be a meme
fire wolf
fire wolf Dia atrás
Poor cows
Kristian Skovinski
God he’s annoying😂
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson Dia atrás
He’s so fucking annoying shut his gay ass up
Annie Hong
Annie Hong Dia atrás
Alvin: I'm just gonna cut Gertrude up into 16 pieces Me: That sounds kinda wrong... A couple seconds later... Alvin: 15 more pieces of Gertrude to go Me: what kind of alternate universe am I living in?!?!
Olivia Williamson
If you made dough everyday you’d get really jacked in one arm. So... the entire male population already? 🤭🤭
Renae Hurteau
Renae Hurteau Dia atrás
Make giant chicken wings
Darin Neely
Darin Neely Dia atrás
You should make a restaurant and it should be a challenge to eat that in under an hour and the reward if they do it should be $100
Indira Poitier
Indira Poitier Dia atrás
do the resturant or catering and film yourself making it
jj dani
jj dani Dia atrás
He should really make a restaurant like that
Jairo Burtone Vilela
negro trolo
Bongo Cat07
Bongo Cat07 Dia atrás
like if u got the old navy ad for holidays
Shanykwa Dia atrás
I had a Gordon Ramsay add before the video lmaooooo
YG_ KC Dia atrás
Sugar reduces the acid that the tomatoes give off, which helps with heart burn and acid reflex
Sk Muzammil Zeeshan
Sk Muzammil Zeeshan 2 dias atrás
5:43 did anyone of you noticed the God-father movie theme playing in the background? Gosh! Alvin is so dramatic with his food... 😅 #Italian connection for Pasta.
Cali Addams
Cali Addams 2 dias atrás
From all this i gathered that Alvin is really good at math
Rehan Raily
Rehan Raily 2 dias atrás
Welcome to another episode off : Your you tube recommendations!!!!!
Moniq M
Moniq M 2 dias atrás
I REEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY wanna make mega meatballs right now!!! ........ I'm off to eat, this has made me super hungry! ; ))
Shrimpy_Exe 2 dias atrás
Blooming Fate
Blooming Fate 2 dias atrás
This mans reaction is the best
xhandrei Alejandro
xhandrei Alejandro 2 dias atrás
Sweet style spaghetti is a Filipino delicacy 😍😍 we love our spaghetti sweet😍 like really really sweet ❤❤
Dominic-Rain Padilla
Dominic-Rain Padilla 2 dias atrás
Spider man 2 pizza theme in the background
Thealmightyfire 2 dias atrás
I think one meatball is already bigger than my face, I am a kid btw
Thealmightyfire 2 dias atrás
make a giant big mac
Thealmightyfire 2 dias atrás
make a giant ice cream cookie
Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh 2 dias atrás
Anti noodle noodle? You are asian! How can you be anti noodle? That's like being anti-Ramon.
volugthebeast 2 dias atrás
This dude knockin' everyone else's food and he likes sugar in his spaghetti lol
Rosey Neko
Rosey Neko 2 dias atrás
i like my spaghetti sweet my italian neighbor screams in agony
Diz Nutz
Diz Nutz 2 dias atrás
I wish I can eat all of it Food is life
Hankster😑 2 dias atrás
Your balls look delicious 🍜
Shaina Coleman
Shaina Coleman 2 dias atrás
My entire family puts sugar in our spaghetti, too. People think we're crazy for it. 😂
Sourav Saha
Sourav Saha 2 dias atrás
If you need giant meat ball Make the boil in the foil and tie with wires to retain the shape
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 2 dias atrás
His enthusiasm is amazing
reem abohussien
reem abohussien 2 dias atrás
Me: hey I LoVe PaStA WiTh KeTcHuP My friends:.....are you even real? Also me: Then how am I talking to you? My mum: because your in a dream you idiot KeTcHup: don’t touch me
reem abohussien
reem abohussien 2 dias atrás
Don’t hate on me please I’m not trying to be funny but you think I am thank you. 😘🙏🍝
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 2 dias atrás
Anyone else love how Kalen says wow? (Hope I got his name right...) also, idea: big rice ball, big apple pie, or maybe even a big health food. Or big club sandwich!
Ade SkaBen
Ade SkaBen 3 dias atrás
I love that 'anti noodle noodle club' tees
Millie 3 dias atrás
Why did he kind of sound like Peter Griffin
Louven SalcedoVlogz
Louven SalcedoVlogz 3 dias atrás
“I like my spaghetti to be sweet.” Filipinos: :DDDDDDDDDD
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck 3 dias atrás
Spaghetti noodles? O please, it is TAGLIATELLE
Leila Moreno
Leila Moreno 3 dias atrás
invite the dolan twins!
Rick James
Rick James 3 dias atrás
Up next on Wasting Food
C O S M O A R T Y 3 dias atrás
It’s look like a minimoys with giant meatballs and pasta
TH3 SL1PH 3 dias atrás
Get gordon ramsey there and make a giant beef whellington
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