I made a USB-C iPhone 13

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Thank-you to for sponsoring this video. They offer high quality custom circuit boards as low as $5 for 10 pieces. Very happy with the quality and service!

World's First USB-C iPhone 13! I took a new iPhone 13 and swapped out Apple's Lightning Port for a USB-C port.

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Filmed on: Samsung S10e & S22

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Calvin Harris - Josh Pan
Select - Patrick Patrikios

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- iPhone 13
- Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable
- Samsung A52 USB-C port
- Sony Xperia XZ Premium mid frame
- PCBWay printed circuit board
- 8 pin 0.5mm pitch FFC
- Selleys 2 part epoxy
- 4mm M1.2 Screws
- Replacement Charging Assembly -
- Waterproof Seal for iPhone 13 -

- Hakko FX-888D Soldering Iron
- Andonstar ADSM302 Microscope
- NEWACALOX N-AGR8-BK9 Helping Hands
- Desco Anti-Static Mat
- Yihua 2008D Hot Air Rework Station
- Ozito Heat Gun -
- Ozito Rotary Tool -
- Custom Fume Extractor -
- Refox Pentalobe TS2 (0.8 mm)
- Refox Phillips Head 000 Screwdriver (1.5mm)
- Refox Tri-wing screwdriver Y1 (0.6mm)
- Refox Convex Cross (stand-off) Screwdriver 2.5mm
- ChemTools 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol
- Kapton Tape
- Amtech Flux (knock-off) -
- Goot Wick desoldering braid 3.0mm & 1.5mm -
- ChipQuik low melt solder
- Metal files (poor man's CNC machine)
- 800 to 2000 Grit Sandpaper
- Dick Smith Precision Pliers
- Various plastic & metal spudgers/pry tools
- Generic clamps
- USB Digital Tester
- ESD Tweezers
- Nylon Tweezers
- Precision cutting blade
- Cutting Mat
- Microfiber cloth

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12 Jun 2022



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Jared Petit
Jared Petit Mês atrás
this video was helpful because it made me realize i just bought the wrong cable on amazon lol. I thought iphone 13 was already usb c
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Dia atrás
@HyperKnight99 Den was making a joke
Lemonz 3 dias atrás
Nice job bro
SmurfHits 14 dias atrás
Hey mister. Nice work. Next mission would be make a outlet that can handle both cables 😍
Erik Kiessig
Erik Kiessig 14 dias atrás
Amazing work. Did you think about using the iPad‘s USB-C Port as Basis?
Pixeled Mango
Pixeled Mango 17 dias atrás
NikTek 2 meses atrás
So beautifully crafted with care and attention to every detail, great work 👍🏻
samuel titus
samuel titus Mês atrás
i love me
Luis Villeda
Luis Villeda Mês atrás
Just like Steve would have liked.
samuel titus
samuel titus Mês atrás
you a scientist homie.
Arslan Tariq
Arslan Tariq Mês atrás
Give us meme about it
100k Sub challenge without any video
Never knew pc god watching mobile content
Nickayz 25 dias atrás
I love the look of the two screws at the end. It gives it a nice unique touch. But how long did the whole process take?
M B Mês atrás
If anything, I’ve just appreciated why genuine apple cables are so expensive. Aside from that, I’m in awe of your skill!
Justin Luark
Justin Luark 10 dias atrás
It's intentional by design. They don't have to make them proprietary, it only benefits their profits.
Veikra 21 dia atrás
very expensive cable since it shouldnt be needed
Bob Coco
Bob Coco 29 dias atrás
Brutally awesome, respect & inspiration come naturally after such masterpiece !
R. Cab
R. Cab 2 meses atrás
The end result is stunning. The fit and finish of the USB-C port looks like it came directly from the factory that way !
I killed that beard guy
@Mario Luigi correct
I killed that beard guy
@Gorgon • ゴルゴーンRemove some dirt from your eye and watch the video 0:31
Mario Luigi
Mario Luigi Mês atrás
@rebane2001 yeah so? I wasn't talking about that specific figure, was I? That was the price of SOMEONE ELSE selling THEIR phone. I wasn't talking about them, you muppet. I was talking about the phone he was modding and wondering if he can get even get it up to the 80k price range. Either way, it's not freaking indian rupees, is it?
rebane2001 Mês atrás
@Mario Luigi That's 86k you silly
Ahmed Shwky
Ahmed Shwky 16 dias atrás
The most structured and detailed tutorial i ca across until now. Thank you very much!
Restore Technique
Restore Technique 16 dias atrás
Cheers 👍
Jai Dosajh
Jai Dosajh Mês atrás
Amazing job, very precisely done and with no corners cut
Dave Alan Caruana
Dave Alan Caruana Mês atrás
Very, very impressive .. I was expecting a bodge job and no, you really went the whole 9 miles to do it properly!
aaron letchford
aaron letchford Mês atrás
Ah man thanks for your time and effort for making this video, I really enjoyed it, and I and the talk over was great too, well done you deserve a pat on the back 👌
irokatcod4 Mês atrás
The precision that this needs is astounding. I am so surprised you can solder such small parts like that and your CNC skills are better than my actual CNC.
Mike D
Mike D 27 dias atrás
@FrostedM4 Read up my dude, we're past this.
FrostedM4 27 dias atrás
@Mike D yeah man, pretty clear at 15:00 - fast charging is FASTER on one side versus flipped -
Mike D
Mike D Mês atrás
@Falkenstein Fallen In my defence, I wasn't expecting to have to read the video lol. But fair enough.
Falkenstein Fallen
Falkenstein Fallen Mês atrás
@Mike D it's wrote in the lower part of the video, not long after the time stamp
Padorax Mês atrás
I love how he does everything so damn perfect :)
Mina Youssef
Mina Youssef 20 dias atrás
Omg thank you! This was an extremely useful and simple tutorial. I'm not sure if I would have been able to install without it
Adam Slawson
Adam Slawson Mês atrás
this is amazing. shows it's not too hard to do Apple... Can be done without changing much of your products.
Uno-Seven Mês atrás
Great Work Sir 🔥🔥🔥, anticipating for a future where there’s no tech giant rather satisfied people with uniquely customized gadgets. They only allow us the ability to customize cases and basic display interfaces, sad!!!. Glad for this new wave of DIY.
Borderline OCD
Borderline OCD 2 meses atrás
This video is gonna go viral. Beautifully done sir👌🏻And the way you enlarged the charge port hole on the case is so perfect it looks like it was laser cut. Nice job!!
Lisa Rayner
Lisa Rayner 26 dias atrás
@codars You're views are a bit useless dont you think? The subscribers and viewers have spoken. The video is up to 2.3million views, Subscriptions went from 29,000 to 63,000. Revenue up x 10. Restore Technique has gone shopping.😆
K-disk Mês atrás
@Hi lol2 I love usb c, it is the best usb every invented.
agri-kevin Mês atrás
@MasterPiece 1419 bahahahha
Muhammad 560
Muhammad 560 Mês atrás
Yan Mar Trading
Yan Mar Trading Mês atrás
@Restore Technique Can you change the single sim card reader module to a physical dual sim card reader module in the iphone 13? Just like in the hong kong or china variant iphone 13
RackZity 21 dia atrás
That was amazing! Looks like it came out of the Box that way 😮
Duffwuff 29 dias atrás
Videos like this are what keeps Tim Cook up at night. Keep up the great work!
PSK177 Mês atrás
what an amazing adventure! The camera zoom was top notch too! great work :: clap ::
Rafael Ramos
Rafael Ramos 17 dias atrás
This is like Apple's biggest nightmare 😆 Great job man!! Looks clean 👌
ZachIsMyName89 Mês atrás
I don't even use iPhones or plan on buying them, but I watched this video from start to finish. The amount of precision you had just from doing it by hand was incredible. Congrats on an awesome finished product!
Larsson Mês atrás
@SHADY巜WOLF kumar 💩💩
SHADY巜WOLF Mês atrás
ain't no ask yoo opinion
rmnd Mês atrás
@YC Studios im 15 years old and idk when i started using phone so i just exaggerating so it sounds cool
Hani Maseeh
Hani Maseeh 16 dias atrás
Hats off to you, this is a great and excellent job, I really enjoyed watching it 👍👍👍
Vicente Iglesias
Vicente Iglesias 17 dias atrás
This really helped me out man, I had had no idea how to do it myself but after watching you do it I was like "Ok so all I have to do is the exact opposite of what he just did" And it worked!
Ján Sučko
Ján Sučko Mês atrás
Man this is true art. Doing a great job!
JLM Mês atrás
Wow...impressive, you have alot of patience and skilled working on miniatures.
Adok24 Mês atrás
Converting the iPhone to USB C is nice an all but mixing the epoxy on the lightning cable box was a nice touch that I really appreciated. Elevated the whole video to the next level in my opinion
v 12 dias atrás
i thought the same 🤣
Vadim Torlopov
Vadim Torlopov 15 dias atrás
The point is if you don't mix epoxy on the iPhone box nothing will work.
Restore Technique
Restore Technique Mês atrás
Haha, cheers dude 👍
Ryan Malin
Ryan Malin Mês atrás
use trash accordingly
moviestudioland Mês atrás
The next video must show USB-C transfer speeds. Thank you for an amazing finely crafted video. Cheers.
Matt R
Matt R 4 dias atrás
Awesome video. Can I ask what software program you used to create your custom PCB for the USB-C port?
Mirco Buchholz
Mirco Buchholz 15 dias atrás
Thanks for the tutorial, it's much faster than any other method I came across.
Чебура́шка 19 dias atrás
The micro soldering skills alone are magnificent.
Lee Horst
Lee Horst Mês atrás
This man just innovated more in one video than Apple has in 5 years.
Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas Dia atrás
@75tavares but you know they're only going to sell usb c phones in Europe, or they'll take the port out entirely, just out of spite.
Illegalfall Dia atrás
@Kismet Games that's so dummb, they'd never do that because it's wasting resources
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Fruit 7 dias atrás
@75tavares I think they can sell them with their shitty ports but they increased the monetary punishment by a lot. In fact apple and other manufacturers of anything have been getting away with their shit in EU because these fees for not applying to the regulations were just not high enough. Question is: is this enough to deter apple from being shitheads? Alternatively I can totally see a price increase for EU either because they want the customers to pay their fees or they will change to usb-c and force the customer to pay for manufacturing process change. Honestly thinking what apple will do with anything is like imagining the absolute worst villain shit and then seeing it happen...
Donn Divertido
Donn Divertido 13 dias atrás
julioWM alferez
julioWM alferez 16 dias atrás
@Lee Horst lmao
Oliver Playz
Oliver Playz 6 dias atrás
Bro made the impossible possible, its funny how apple can't do this when this genius dude here succeeded
THANK YOU!!! TNice tutorials is such an amazing tutorial. I just got soft soft today and was playing around on it but had no clue how to really use it.
ilge ipek
ilge ipek 13 dias atrás
Great work! I was very impressed with the work. Could you share PCB Gerber files? I would like to try this project.
A. Kulisch
A. Kulisch 21 dia atrás
Hope this setup survives all IOS updates. Awesome work 👍 I wish I could do the same as you.
Nighttiger Mês atrás
I was watching the part where you soldered the connections onto the USB C port thinking "hmm, maybe I could do this" and then looked at my phone and realized how little space that actually is. The skill needed to do that without shorting anything is nothing short of amazing.
C Flynn
C Flynn 20 dias atrás
“Nothing *short* of amazing.” Hehe
shots fired
shots fired Mês atrás
@Two Sinister holy shit 2 days lmaooo
onyeka okoye
onyeka okoye Mês atrás
@Two Sinister aged well
notahotshot Mês atrás
@Two Sinister, it took just two days for your prediction to come true.
Mike Mês atrás
It's actually pretty easy. Things are much bigger under a scope.
Tippy35075 Mês atrás
Next I'd love to see usb 3 speeds or faster done, it's gonna be an mighty challenge, but I think its doable
Romuald Pineda
Romuald Pineda Mês atrás
This is sick. You should sell the components as a kit for people who want to convert. Well done!
Luftwaffle 21 dia atrás
I have done some soldering in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. Madness! Well done!
Restore Technique
Restore Technique 21 dia atrás
Thanks bro
Johny1220 29 dias atrás
Mannnn I wish I was that good with this stuff, great job man this was so cool lol 😄🥳
Restore Technique
Restore Technique 29 dias atrás
Thanks dude
Norbert D
Norbert D 2 meses atrás
Woah dude. This is more than some half-ass homemade DIY fun project, this thing is fucking professional. I love that you didn't make compromises, I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Nice work man.
blechtic Mês atrás
Sure, they can go thinner: just lose a couple of ICs and use a teeny-tiny battery. I'm sure the customers won't mind.
Untitled_Pribor Mês atrás
@ihaventchosenanameyet my ipad with usb c can fast charge on both sides
StolenJoker Mês atrás
@Hexality Did you even read the rest of my comment? Or are you just mad because you don’t like what I’m saying? I guess if stating facts (as in, people are allowed to comment on anything they want to in an online comments section in order to possibly have a productive discussion about whatever the topic is) is “looking stupid”, then hey, I guess I look stupid. Now, if you don’t have anything more to add to the conversation than attempted personal attacks and “this isn’t how things work” (which you’ve said twice in a row), then please go away.
Hexality Mês atrás
@StolenJoker "that's how comments section works" isn't a excuse and just makes you look dumb.
StolenJoker Mês atrás
@Hexality Because that’s how comments sections work. People are allowed to comment on things. Welcome to the internet my friend. Personally, I don’t care what ports my phone has or doesn’t have. Even today, I have a mix of cables to charge various devices that I own. My phone is also primarily charged wirelessly, so the charging port is the last thing I’m concerned with.
patrick roland
patrick roland 16 dias atrás
To get that clear of a camera angle on items so tiny. Shoutout to you for the detail and clean work
Boop Mês atrás
awesome job. Its insane that it took the eu, a coalition of many countries, to get apple to make the change lol
Wendie Homewood
Wendie Homewood Mês atrás
Wow wow and wow. Most impressed. Wish you were here when I tried to replace my iPhone 8 battery, blimey think I really messed up there. Put aside, for when I feel brave again. Boo hoo. Defo subscribed and will enjoy watching a kindred spirit pull stuff apart and get there in the end. I love every mistake I make as it is a brilliant way to learn. Once you learn how not to do something you are one step closer on the road to the how to do it camp. Any hints or tips on post battery business to get my babe to just wake up, even if it’s just to say goodbye give me all you’ve got that’s not in my cloud. He’s been replaced but he doesn’t know it. Yet. Anyhoo respect to a job well done. May all your troubles be cheap ones bi xx
Rou Lor
Rou Lor Mês atrás
So the main challenge was fitting a piece of hardware that apple solely uses to ramp up hardware prices? Glad you did it, nice work
DedSecAffiliate Mês atrás
You absolute mad lad. You installed a type C charging port in a modern iphone without having to resort to any tools that are particularly expensive. Your "CNC" skills are next-level, and I am genuinely envious of both your skills and the finished result. I wish I could pay you to do this to my phone, but I doubt I could afford it. Chances are I'll have to wait for Apple to make the switch to type C due to EU regulations. Here's hoping they actually make the switch!
Lance Allen
Lance Allen 22 horas atrás
@DedSecAffiliate nah they’re gonna stay with lightening port this year and probably switch to usbc on the iPhone 15 but idk for sure. I just know they’re sticking with lightening port this year
Lance Allen
Lance Allen 22 horas atrás
@Randy no probably have to wait until iPhone 15 because the iPhone 14 is confirmed lightening port which is why I’m probably gonna skip it and wait for the iPhone 15
Toofan Ingti kathar
I wish my ipad air 3 lightnin port get changed to usb-c by you..😁 👍👍
DedSecAffiliate 2 dias atrás
@Giovanni Aj USB C has faster data transfer rates and is much more common. Additionally, USB C devices can charge faster than lightning devices. Lastly, USB C is also reversible, so there's really no reason to keep using lightning except for lining the pockets of Apple executives. Some people say that lightning is more durable than USB C, and they're right, but I've never ruined a USB C port, and I've had many USB C devices over the past few years. I've only ever seen people ruin them if they are actually trying to ruin them to demonstrate why lightning is "better." Those are just the technical benefits for switching to USB C. There are also a ton of environmental benefits for switching to one connector standard. E-Waste is a pretty big deal, and if requiring all phone manufacturers to use one type of port can curb that even a bit, then there's really no downside to that that I can see.
Giovanni Aj
Giovanni Aj 2 dias atrás
Can you explain me why should be USB-C better than lightning cable? What are the differences???
五十嵐優人 18 dias atrás
I followed the instructions and it easily worked!
Panda Ethan
Panda Ethan 4 dias atrás
incredible job, glad my recommended works for once. keep up the good work!
Ekl Haft
Ekl Haft 20 dias atrás
Good job making it actually work. I thought you were just going to swap the connectors and call it a day.
Opal B
Opal B 16 dias atrás
the usb-c to lightning cable doesnt have certain pins for certain specific DFU stuff on the iphone like the USB-A one does so there is some loss of functionality, but recovery mode still works
flykillshot Mês atrás
I can't even comprehend what I just watched. The amount of precision and care put into every single component of this. I'm just really blown away right now. (btw just discovered your channel, Love your content, you are amazing).
Theo 15 dias atrás
Man, you're rocks! Thank You for your course !!! I've learned so much!!!
Gurujiofficial11 👉 on telegram
Write ✍️ me up⬆️ I won 🎉🎉.................
Brice 20 dias atrás
Protect this MAN at all Cost, he is a LEGEND! 🔥
Jaco Oosthuizen
Jaco Oosthuizen 16 dias atrás
Geez never knew such skills exist! Printing that PCB is so cool that you made.
Noel Negron
Noel Negron 14 dias atrás
I was watching an Acer laptop review and somehow ran into this video and sat through the whole thing. This was so interesting and satisfying.
Nullm00sE Mês atrás
From one microsolder technician to another...the Googling of something so ungodly specific, clicking on the first link and saying to yourself "this one looks pretty good" hits so close to home haha. Awesome work my dude
chris ozeneul
chris ozeneul 2 dias atrás
@unsujeto agradable ?????????/
unsujeto agradable
unsujeto agradable 28 dias atrás
Better buy an I phone whit USB c and don't waste time . Better find the solution of cheap rtx 3090 and make a 1ne what will cost not so much
Restore Technique
Restore Technique Mês atrás
Cheers mate 👍
ThatNerdHarry Mês atrás
gonna keep it real, this is probably the coolest thing i've ever seen
datguybrooo Mês atrás
definitely subbing after this. Such great content. Thanks for the vid mate.
Андрей Кошман
Конечный результат потрясающий. Посадка и отделка порта USB-C выглядят так, как будто они поставляются прямо с завода!
Adanm 6 dias atrás
This video has so much detail that you can use it as a tutorial!
PCBWay 2 meses atrás
Way to go 👍👍😇 What a huge pleasure we are to see our boards being one part of your AMAZING work!
Che Mês atrás
wow its the actual yt channel lmao
ZolEntity Mês atrás
omg pcbway
Yuxuan Huang
Yuxuan Huang 2 meses atrás
But you guys don't have your EDA, he is still using LCEDA🤣
Adba You
Adba You 21 dia atrás
This is amazing work. For you everything is possible.
GAAR MUSIC 20 dias atrás
Thank you so much!!! It did work and took less than 5 minutes!
Stephen Griffin
Stephen Griffin 21 dia atrás
Amazing knowledge, patience and skill.
Dexter Tabanao
Dexter Tabanao 20 dias atrás
This works. Recommended to try this out. Thanks a lot for your help
Praveen's Fitness Family
You did a FANTABULOUS job man.. Apple sees & noted down there's a space and make the next iphone frame even TIGHTER, so none would modify the iphone 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️.... Apple, if you really care for the WORLD'S ENVIRONMENT, you should have introduced the usb c on your phone, instead of removing the CHARGER...
IrWi 3 dias atrás
Well tbh, if anything, it's a testament to how well they're space efficient.
jaho Mês atrás
Steven Martindale
Steven Martindale Mês atrás
@Brewergamer That has to be one of the worst apple D-riding arguments I've ever read. It makes absolutely no sense, ports can be cleaned effortlessly. Also, apple is NOTORIOUS for planned obsolescence. People upgrade Samsung phones more often because Samsung actually does something new with every phone, people want new features. Apple takes an idea that Samsung had already implemented 3-4 generations prior and you iPhone shills go ape$h!t and act like its something "new". I really don't understand the loyalty some people have for a brand that tries so hard to be elite, yet is still behind Samsung flagship devices in nearly every way. Remember, iPhone is ranked 3rd globally behind Samsung. Apple needs to stop acting like a giant brat and just use a universal charging port. I do love wireless power sharing, maybe you guys will get it in a few generations, I'll take clear detailed photos of the moon with 100x zoom on my S22 Ultra while you fanboys wait :)
I'm Not Okay • 7y ago
@Daniyal Khizar omg i washed my phones every 2-3 months ever since using my Galaxy S8 and never have any issue..u name it, S8, S10+, Oneplus 7 Pro, and now i currently using Find X3 Pro, and even my mom's Galaxys A8 2018 doesnt even flinch...and how the heck 'intentionally' applies to this argument at all, where they all literally marketed their phones as water resistance, showing ads that u can go swimming with it, even taking your time to record a fricking video IN a pool..come on man...there's a fine line between a FAN and a SHEEP
I'm Not Okay • 7y ago
Funny how the same people also agree with Apple ditching the charger inside the box, with them saying that people can use old 5W charger, and then a few years after, Apple upgraded their charging speeds slowly, and then the same people again applaud Apple upgrading them, while they once said 5W is already enough, like literally fighting their life to protect the 5W war back then (LOL), then the same people just blindly close their eyes on the fact that they have to ditch their 5W charger, creating waste, and to buy 23W charger separately, without raising an eyebrow to Apple at all.. Same goes to OLED too...they once agreed with Apple, that LCD is enough, is already this n that...but when Apple moved to OLED, you all are the one applauding Apple for doing that..oh and to add more, you all literally wanted to win against android phones...saying Apple OLED is much better, bla bla bla... Come on guys...i don't hate Apple that much, but just dont be their sheep...SMH
ArjunTheGamer Mês atrás
It should also retain OTG functionality of lightning
Codermik 21 dia atrás
Great job, I'm curious what PCB design software you were using?
Subliminal_odyssey Mês atrás
Watching this video makes me realise that apple will probably sell the next iPhone with a usb-c option for extra money and the lighting will be the cheap standard model instead of them just switching all together 🫤
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Mês atrás
Wonderful! Now, I would like to see iphone 14 with type-c in the next 3-4 months:)
Hardik Srivastava
Hardik Srivastava Mês atrás
Here before this thing went viral. This definitely reminded me of Strange Parts. People like you are the reason we have glimmers of hope for a future where talent would certainly go against the dumb decisions big companies make and choose to stick with.
Merovingian1882 Mês atrás
nope talent toes the line with salary
Emilio De La Fuente Sánchez
Come to think of, he never got the change to make the iphone with the type c port thanks to his injury that force him to retire for a bit now, right? Tho he gave back the earphone-jack
Janaka Sangeeth
Janaka Sangeeth 19 dias atrás
As always, everything is super. Waiting for new cheats from your team
Kelvin Mercedes
Kelvin Mercedes 2 dias atrás
This was cool, crazy how the regular guy can do what apple doesnt
Blarnix Mês atrás
I would pay for someone to do this to my phone (once they fix the fast charging reversibility thing)
Amar Mês atrás
Very precise and professional work 👌
Schrodingers Cat
Schrodingers Cat Mês atrás
Have to admit I didn't expect much when clicking on this video but you really did an unbelievably good job on that conversion.
Restore Technique
Restore Technique Mês atrás
DADAda 20 dias atrás
Astounding work but to ask the thousand-dollar question: Did you manage to sell it?
Patrick Caetano
Patrick Caetano 21 dia atrás
This video really helped me. Thank you very much!
6StringPassion 18 dias atrás
Apple USB C to Lightning Adapter box was actually perfect for mixing epoxy all along.
ℝ𝕚𝕤 Mês atrás
so for this guy, changing the screen is actually the easyest thing to do 😆😅
Arkhemiel 2 meses atrás
This is one the most impressive things I’ve ever seen on BRvid. Video editing and quality - excellent. Voice to music volume ratio - perfect. You deserve to be much bigger. Other creators should come to take notes even if they not interested in the content. And if they are - Attention to detail, precision and camera work all A plus. If I had only one like to use for 2022 this would be it.
Aldave RJ
Aldave RJ Mês atrás
Let's Talk About Computer Science
Bro billionaires only see the money first not the environment profits is the first thing we fighting for
Zonkobel Mês atrás THE ORIGINAL
The Brown Rat
The Brown Rat Mês atrás
he just copied the other guy who did the first type-c Iphone
Lisa Rayner
Lisa Rayner Mês atrás
I agree. Unique level of brilliance.
youssef sayed
youssef sayed 17 dias atrás
This video really helped me. Thank you very much!
b1tter 24 dias atrás
You did an amazing job 👍🏻
AHmed Sazzad
AHmed Sazzad Mês atrás
Thank you for this video. he's one of my most favourite tech BRvidr after marques brownlee ❤
EMPH 19 dias atrás
This is madness! Great work!
Restored Channel
Restored Channel Mês atrás
You have the patience of an angel! That looked impossible in so many ways. "We are idiots" had me LOL. Brilliant work as always!! Cheers mate
Aizuddin Yusoff
Aizuddin Yusoff 29 dias atrás
When you say no functionality loss, I was wondering if you actually do something also for wired earphone. Like you modified the usb chip to actually transmit audio. But this is still really good video and a very detailed one.
Fahad Yousuf
Fahad Yousuf 23 dias atrás
Absolutely brilliant hack. Awesome work!
text me on telegram at Rachhloves
Thanks for watching up👆👆 I have a surprise🎁🎁for you!!
El Leon
El Leon 26 dias atrás
best 16 mins of my life. this is amazing!
Lance Lascano
Lance Lascano Mês atrás
Dude this video made me subscribe to your channel. You talent and skills is highly impressive.
PlaceInSpace Mês atrás
This is one of those ideas which sound simple on the surface, but are actually incredibly hard. Good job.
PlaceInSpace Mês atrás
@Isaac Jacobs Obviously not, apple is probably used to this, but for an individual to do this precise work without a mass factory is hard. Also he edited an already made iPhone 13. In the factory, the wont have that middle step of the lightning adding and removing. Also designing this is hard.
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Mês atrás
But not at the manufacturing stage.
jay punzalan
jay punzalan Mês atrás
Tim Cook: a guy from youtube was able to build usb c in a iphone from his room with a bunch of scraps Apple engineer: but i'm not that youtube guy
Matthew Tesch
Matthew Tesch 20 dias atrás
This is incredible. The lightning connector honestly just pisses me off. It's an inferior product put in as a cash grab. I'd like to see someone power and send data to a 4K monitor over that cable, or even just transfer 100 watts over that power delivery system.
Sitges Villa Apartment, Neil Scott
I still for the life of me dont understand why Apple just doesnt go with the flow sometimes, USB C is here to stay and that Lightning port is so outdated and to be honest its just as fragile as the old 32 pin connector we had....
Suffering doesn't like me
As a man who only took apart my old iPhone 5s screen just to check what it looks like inside and closed the screen but found it couldn't restart anymore, I am really impressed.
Tarik M
Tarik M Mês atrás
Being an engineer at heart, I love when someone calls out a big tech like Apple w/ examples, for their incredible stubbornness that only serves the dark-pattern of locking to their absurd "lightning cable" standard. Crazy that Apple, a company that takes pride in creating the best product for its users, argued "regulatory action stifles innovation" when EU had to force them to move to USB-C. This example clearly shows that they could put a USB-C without any major design compromise. Do better Apple!
SOON 28 dias atrás
@blise518B Yeah na
blise518B Mês atrás
@qasmokes idk how you drop your phone on the charge port while there is a pug inside. Thats definitely not the problem
qasmokes Mês atrás
@blise518B It does. When you drop your phone it lands on the phone cover instead of the charge port
blise518B Mês atrás
@qasmokes yes but that doesn’t change charge port durability in any way.
qasmokes Mês atrás
@blise518B Did you not use a phone cover?
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Mês atrás
This video should have never been because it should have been USB C when the iPhone X launched. But, excellent job. Well done ♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥
Super YT
Super YT Mês atrás
Wanted to thank you for a great vid. Helped a lot. I've been trying to get going in both soft soft and didn't get very far. TNice tutorials vid helped a
Gemima Michel
Gemima Michel 13 dias atrás
I can not believe that is working perfect. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Genesis Nayr
Genesis Nayr 15 dias atrás
Installed, everything works, thanks!
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