I made a diorama in 1 Hour vs 10 Hour vs 100 hours

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We wanted to see how much time it actually takes to build a diorama from scratch, so we decided to challenge ourselves by building the same fantasy diorama spending 1 hour, 10 hours and 100 hours on each one! Turns out, it's a pretty huge difference between them!

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19 Mai 2022



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Comentários 1 810
ThatCarlosGuy Mês atrás
I would love to see a similar video, but instead of time limits, have 3 different budget limits!
Hella Cute
Hella Cute 2 dias atrás
@Molly B
Beatriz Reis
Beatriz Reis 8 dias atrás
i love this idea
Jasonpra 16 dias atrás
M H 20 dias atrás
@Goo Gle I'm sure someone has already answered, but most of the cost is resin or paint. Paint you can get away with using lower quality. With resin, you basically just need to use less or something to replace it. Insulation foam, glue, pla filament, and flocking is already pretty cost efficient. Where im at, insulation is about $1~ per square foot for .5 in thick foam.
Sam Kaeppel
Sam Kaeppel 20 dias atrás
Instead of money or time, a finger limit.
Lyla DePaula
Lyla DePaula Mês atrás
If you're looking to do more ambitious dioramas I'd love to see one with moving parts! Like a mill wheel that spins or something I just think that would be cool :)
BewegtBauen Mês atrás
I love to bring dioramas with movement to life and I it'll be great to see such a diorama here as well. I've just built the entrance area of a castle with a moving gate and drawbridge. That's not that hard at all. There are so many interesting movements that can be integrated.
Gaming With Tika
Gaming With Tika Mês atrás
Great idea!!
Tim Weston
Tim Weston Mês atrás
THANK YOU! I've been trying to figure out what to do with the cut outs, from a tower I recently did.
Kenichi Yamamoto
Kenichi Yamamoto Mês atrás
Martina went from "I'm never doing individual bricks ever again in my life!" to "I'm going to speedrun this sh*t like a pro!"
Gaming With Tika
Gaming With Tika Mês atrás
Pretty much lol
Hot Chilli
Hot Chilli Mês atrás
There´s this 80/20 therory that says: When working on any kind of project, you complete about 80% of the work in about 20% of the time. The longer you work on a project, the more details are goonna be included but the effort increases drastically. I think that really makes a lot of sense here; as you said, the 10 hour one looks still very good, but I also think, that in your case, the time on the 100 hour one was reeeeally well spent. Your creations always impress me a lot and every diorama was incredibly good for the time you took to make it!
lennier1 Mês atrás
It's all your fault! Your amazing work got me into building dioramas and now I'm hooked.
Rubix Man The Shape shifter
well since the pandemic came around i need inspiration on a new hobby as well
MissE Mês atrás
I like how the 1 hour house almost looks like a dilapidated shack, the 10 hour house looks like a humble farmer's home, and the 100 hour house is the town tavern. You could put all 3 together a build a story of a village. I like them all!
DaleWinds 9 dias atrás
Then, you got the castle of the town, and the first brick building is the witch's hut, or something!
Ryelecs Systems
Ryelecs Systems Mês atrás
I too was thinking the same - It's like a history from 200 years ago - a small shepherds hut to a hundred years ago when it was small dwelling for a farming family up until 'present' day where it's part of a village maybe.
Main Rey
Main Rey Mês atrás
after reading this comment and watching them side by side. I agree! All of them are amazing~
John Powers
John Powers Mês atrás
@Hanna Meri As usual, great work by the young lady. But my thoughts also... the owner(s) of the original shack save/earn enough to build a bigger house and then finally the tavern (or whatever) in the end. Same plot, just advancing quite a bit over just a few years.
Hanna Meri
Hanna Meri Mês atrás
I was thinking almost the same thing- but that they looked like the timelapse/different stages of a game! like "Tavern quest" or something, where you start out with a shack but you're working/buildning up to make the best tavern in town
Kedo Mês atrás
Could you do a diarama with cheap tools and expensive tools? I want to see if the expensive tools are better :)
Starwolves57 26 dias atrás
@daryl obey An airbrush is an airbrush as long as you take care of it. A standard round nozzle with a cardboard in the other hand to direct it, becomes a flat nozzle.
Starwolves57 26 dias atrás
Some effects can only be done with the right tools. That said the one hour house is the best it would look like. Just foam for construction is the cheapest material available, but you can only get a single story house, if you make the walls in the same manner, due to structural integrity. You could do whole blocks of foam to create large structures but as far as costs go you end up spending more for less detail then doing cardboard structure and foam details. Just like you can cut foam with just an exsacto knife but it take more time then a hot knife.
Al Hamdoulilah Ou Choukloulilah
Before they didn't had expensive tools so watch their past videos. I am an architecture student and i can tell you that expensive tools are mainly use just as a time saver (and it's a little more neat of course). You can do diarama with only your hands, precise knife, your tears and your blood but it is going to take sooo much longer than if u just program a laser cutter and in the end it is always more neat even if your very precise with your hands 😢
Real World
Real World Mês atrás
If you want to see really low-budget dioramas, check out the Rustic Frame channel. They do cool things practically from improvised means
Chpock SV
Chpock SV Mês atrás
Substract all 3d prints, time used factor 1,25 or so. Here is approx result.
Lilly Tenshi
Lilly Tenshi Mês atrás
I really like the comparison, it shows not only that investing more time leads to better results (meaning dont rush yourself and do things last second -like me lol) and that you put just soo much work and detailing into your pieces. Its amazing! I wonder what you do with all your projects? I mean they are all amazing and gorgeous, but do you have enough space to store them all on display or what do you do with them all?
Cinedragon Mês atrás
A great video to show to clients as well. I have had people want to have quick results because it's cheaper. But if they have the budget and give you the proper time, you can create amazing things!
Aneriana Mês atrás
The houses lined up look like a representation of one of those Medieval town simulator mobile games where your houses get nicer and bigger once you earn more coin. It was a fun video to watch, but honestly you could be building just houses for the rest of this channel's life and I'd still be watching. This is sooo satisfying to watch! I'm itching to build something like this myself now.
Elizabeth Somehow
Elizabeth Somehow Mês atrás
These kind of challenges actually show how much time creators put in their creations, even a small project takes a lot of effort. And it also shows how we sometimes overestimate our abilities to do smth in a limited amount of time, that's why you should plan stuff. Overall, all 3 houses look amazing!
silvercandra Mês atrás
Martina: *does a timed challenge* Also Martina: *makes a chimney out of individual bricks*
Dwarf_NZ Mês atrás
The results speak for themselves.
Hattie Shank
Hattie Shank Mês atrás
Martina really loves her individual brick chimneys.😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Mês atrás
I would love to see the two other projects "completed" at 100 hours. You and yours do such a wonderful job. Don't let them sit.
I like how the 1 hour house almost looks like a dilapidated shack, the 10 hour house looks like a humble farmer's home, and the 100 hour house is the town tavern. You could put all 3 together a build a story of a village. I like them all!
Ezraniac 17 dias atrás
My goodness, that texturing work/shading on the side of the 100 hour building is MAGNIFICENT! The little 'cracks' and peeling of the sides looks so good. I am also reeling at those little lanterns, so much detail!
PygmalionFaciebat Mês atrás
Your 1 hour diorama would be my 10 hour diorama. Also i like your 1 hour diorama. Its like a abandoned barn. And yes, it looks sad - but it has character... its in his own way charming, in my opinion.
SpectralArchivist Mês atrás
I hope these really put in perspective how much time goes into these for people who may complain about your upload schedule or anything like that. These kinds of projects are not fast. The more time you're allowed, the better they become. It's the same for just about any other artistic form of content; animations, stop motion, diorama creation, mural paintings, digital art; it all takes time. Keep up the fantastic work, Martina!
Alex van der Kooi
Alex van der Kooi 19 dias atrás
What a great idea this was! And I have to compliment Martina on the 1 hr house; I think I would have just chocked on the time limit there and end up with half a house and nothing else 😂😫
Risc Mês atrás
Fantastic video as always! I'd love to see you build a house/castle/village that has chunks of the roof/walls destroyed from a dragon attack or war? I wonder how'd it'd look if you could get a smoldering/smokey effect! Keep up the great work!
NEWT’s Hangout
NEWT’s Hangout Mês atrás
Love everything you guys do, thank you for all of the lovely things you do!
Dustin Vanden Hull
Dustin Vanden Hull Mês atrás
So…what do you do with all your projects? Place them in a giant display case, give them as gifts or sell them?
Bekahoot Mês atrás
I love how the houses fit together like they could be part of the same village, only the 1 hour house has just been built by some poor newlyweds who don't have much yet!
Mister Exciting
Mister Exciting Mês atrás
The 1 hour house is indeed the home of the village's witch ^^
Addicted to Music79
Or, like I thought, it could be a sort of “Pokemon evolution” of an inn, instead.. you know, the villager starts with that cabin, with one or two guests, they see it’s good, they spread the voice, the villager makes lots of money, and he can build an inn bigger than the one before, until he builds that big boy there. Oh.. I see.. Barliman Butterbur, we finally discover the story of your family😎
Gabriel Arrhenius
Gabriel Arrhenius Mês atrás
Or is a hunting cabin in a clearing in the woods, could also be a shed of the 100 hour one
Ania Mês atrás
That is exactly what I was thinking! They look like they’re all part of the same village!
Squirrelly Dan
Squirrelly Dan Mês atrás
The one hour looks like it would be a really great outhouse for the other two houses. I mean that in the best way possible of course. Great job .
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
“It’s more exciting than it sounds…” Your stuff is always amazing and exciting!
Kimberly Wolcott
Kimberly Wolcott Mês atrás
“It’s more exciting than it sounds…” Your stuff is always amazing and exciting!
L'Alchimista Mês atrás
In my opinion you managed to do everything thanks to the help of your mother! 😄 Great challenge, great music, great video! 🖤
Jeniffer-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I like how the 1 hour house almost looks like a dilapidated shack, the 10 hour house looks like a humble farmer's home, and the 100 hour house is the town tavern. You could put all 3 together a build a story of a village. I like them all!
Steve D
Steve D Mês atrás
I would love to see the two other projects "completed" at 100 hours. You and yours do such a wonderful job. Don't let them sit.
Brittney Mês atrás
Honestly this made me really curious about how many hours a day you work on your projects usually, I’m sure it’s not a 100% consistent amount every time but I wonder what the breakdown on that is!
Idon'tevenknow Mês atrás
I wanted to ask, how does someone get started making dioramas? I wish I was skilled enough to do it but it feels so daunting. I loved the last one you made! I wish I could live in a house like that.
Milena Mês atrás
It would be soooo cool if you would recreate "The Burrow", the house of the Weasleys of Harry potter, as a diorama :D Greetings from germany :)
Black Lynx
Black Lynx Mês atrás
das ware voll gut! ich liebe Harry Potter. (That would be rrealy cool! I love Harry Potter.)
Crittenz The Walft
Crittenz The Walft Mês atrás
I thought that too with how the tavern was smaller on the bottom and larger on top that it could easily transition to the Burrow from HP.
elizabeth hall
elizabeth hall Mês atrás
Konrad746 Mês atrás
This is such a good idea, I'm sure it'd turn out amazing if they did it
Grumpy1 Mês atrás
Love this idea. :)
Scott Mês atrás
WOW. The 100 - hour one is amazing. Also it's so impressive to see how you're perfecting your craft. Thanks for sharing.
Darilyn Krupp
Darilyn Krupp Mês atrás
Shared to my FB page. I wrote: Love watching her create. She draws, paints & crafts awesome pieces in a variety of mediums; always with a smile & slightly self-deprecating narrative.
The Thrifted Dragon
Was the drawing time included in each house? Love how they all turned out:) the first one definitely has a hag shack vibe lol
Stefan A.
Stefan A. Mês atrás
Even the 1 hour-house is amazing, I would never have been able to do it like this!
Kirsten Paff
Kirsten Paff Mês atrás
I feel like the level of detail on the 10 hour build is good enough that when you place it next to the 100 hour build, it still looks cohesive, like the two buildings could be found in the same town.
OMG I had the same thought
J.M.A I 12 dias atrás
I would Love to see you make an Diorama with the real Materials, Like Wood, Clay, little chains etc.
Murder Duck
Murder Duck 27 dias atrás
This is such a fun video! And honestly all of them look amazing, even the first one. Maybe you could do a similar video but with paintings?
Rooki Mês atrás
I think this video helped me realise that putting time and energy in things that i like to do is worth. Thank you for that.
Padyatra Mês atrás
Amongst all YT miniature and diorama creators I am watching, I must say that your paint job is most realistic. Even in close details all the woods and stones look real, I couldn't almost tell if they are made or real. And those pins as rivets on doors and windows. Huge talent. BTW, transition from regular light to dramatic dark, that's is also huge filming and editing skill. Kudos
Ehppy !
Ehppy ! Mês atrás
Honestly for an hour, the little house is really impressive! The textures look really good to me. But of course they just get better and better. The ten hour is really nice, cozy, also great textures and I really like the paint job. But the 100 hour house is STUNNING. I love the shape of it, and the miniatures bring a lot of life to it. So many details packed into that thing. The little lamps might be my favorite, so cute.
Ian Daysh
Ian Daysh Mês atrás
@csbruce I think with an extra 30 minutes of painting all 3 would fit in the same diorama as different levels of opulence.
csbruce Mês atrás
What would the one-hour house look like with another 30 minutes of painting?
Hope Gold
Hope Gold Mês atrás
Yeah. I disagree the 10 hr. Is the best value. The 100 hour is worth every bit of the time.
David James
David James Mês atrás
Wow, amazing work! That final diorama might be one of the best ones you've made yet.
Tibbe Dam
Tibbe Dam Mês atrás
15:00, wow, just wow, what a cool shot! This looks so epic! Another great video from Nerdforge! Thank you for this epic video! You're the best!
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Mês atrás
As always, love watching you create. Wish I had your painting skills!
Robb Stark
Robb Stark Mês atrás
I really enjoy this channel, you're very talented and charming. I especially loved the wall paintings you did for your brothers.
coronae16 Mês atrás
As someone who has a horrible way of gaging results for my own builds, this is a great way to set realistic expectations for myself when I do my builds. Great job!
CatsAndPokemon Mês atrás
K J - Princess Aria
Same. It’s a good reminder not to be too hard on myself and to trust the process, since the first hour (or whatever the equivalent is for whatever project I’m doing) really isn’t going to look perfect. That’s why I also appreciated that Martina started putting the clock in her video so you can see how much damn time everything actually takes! BRvid vids tend to give us an idealized view of the creation process lol. Glad she shows us all the bumps in the road and time it takes to make these amazing projects. (Also btw it’s gauging! That word is a weird one, it gives a lot of people issues lol.)
Fips von Fipsenstein
Wow, this looks amazing. Since you've done some great medieval buildings, have you ever thought about recreating Skalitz? Or Talmberg? Or just individual buildings from KCD? I would celebrate that.
Adriaan Scholtz
Adriaan Scholtz Mês atrás
you two are inspiring as hell to watch, thanks for all the great content, if I had money I would've supported more
Nova Tolleson
Nova Tolleson Mês atrás
This is one of the best videos yet!!!! It's what every maker should show their potential clients so that they know what IS the difference between "rushed" and "we've got time" jobs are like. And how much forethought, time, and just assembly time is needed to make a most excellent creation!! Thank you for this!!
The great and loveable peridot
I would love to see all their dioramas in one and making a huge fantasy, mid evil, adventure map kind of thing. It would be so cool
Rayna Roades
Rayna Roades Mês atrás
Just opened BRvid and saw a new Nerdforge, that just made my day better! You're such an inspiration!
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr Mês atrás
I agree
I know the feeling
D1Turtle Lunn
D1Turtle Lunn Mês atrás
Same had a bad day but but now I can go to bed happy thanks
Juu Be
Juu Be Mês atrás
Same 🥰
Ariana Arjmandi
Ariana Arjmandi Mês atrás
same here :")
Fräulein Herzlieb
Fräulein Herzlieb Mês atrás
Awesome work! I would love to see a LOTR-Diorama series! You are so talented! Keep it up!
Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket Mês atrás
Loved this project idea! Would love to see it with again, maybe painting or leatherworking or cosplay… maybe something with coding! Your final evolution of the house is spectacular! Thanks for all the hard work!
Starship Quail
Starship Quail 23 dias atrás
I have so much respect for diorama artists. I can't really do 3D, so this is so impressive! This makes me want to try clay again.
Elizabeth Britton
Elizabeth Britton Mês atrás
The timed projects are so, so good to help anyone with understanding or improving project management at their current skill level.
ModernRemade Mês atrás
What you were able to accomplish in 1 hour alone is mind-blowing to me! That 100 hour is on another level!
Creepy Princess
Creepy Princess Mês atrás
Ha! another level... get it cause it's a two story alright i'll see myself out for that joke.
K J - Princess Aria
@Nixie Starlight it’s not a competition, there are no rules she has to follow. The form this “challenge” takes *changes depending on what you are trying to demonstrate.* If you’re doing it to be funny/entertaining (like Drawfee), you might go high to low. But when you’re trying to show how much more involved your projects can get when you have more time, it’s more logical and entertaining (imo) to go low to high like Martina did.
Cinder Mês atrás
@Nixie Starlight ive only seen it the other way
Don Sample
Don Sample Mês atrás
And another 30 minutes…or even 10…devoted to the painting could make the first one look a lot better.
Your Shoulder devil
I usually see them done in this order, the challenge part is just trying to get it done and there isn't a rule book to it or anything so it's doesn't really matter how she does it. You can't really say she did it "wrong" of there isn't only one right way.
Patrick Retsel
Patrick Retsel Mês atrás
You guys are so talented, I just love everything you do…..amazing…….thank you for sharing your passions with us…😎
Martin Brown
Martin Brown Mês atrás
I love watching ALL of your content!! I’m not a modeler, but I would like to give it a shot just because you guys make it look so easy and interesting!! ❤💯
Casey Fields
Casey Fields Mês atrás
Amazing! I love the comparison of spending time on projects. I love your designs, each have their own character to them and allows you to add to them later.
Jump2218 Mês atrás
I love your paint jobs. They are so good! Even the 10 hour one!
T.C.Damen Mês atrás
Great buildings, would love to see the 1 hour house finished as well as the 10 or 100 hours houses
Kroiden Fravest
Kroiden Fravest Mês atrás
I really like watching how the colors change and make your creations come alive in a way. Please continue creating.
CaptainElf 21 hora atrás
Someday I hope to be as good as you at arts, keep making these videos they're fun and motivational and I really look up to you
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Mês atrás
I''m so jealous of your painting skills. You make it look so god darnn easy! Great work!
Jennifer Thorsen
Jennifer Thorsen Mês atrás
It would be cool if Nerdforge tackled other challenges like this but maybe have a budget limit instead and then forge all different houses into a bigger diorama village! Not sure if it would be possible but fun challenge 😊
Jazmin Phillippa
Jazmin Phillippa Mês atrás
"Overall winner - Best value" I love that! Great job guys, you rock! Love the stone to wood 100 hours build, it's stunning & so cleverly made.
Rowan Brierley
Rowan Brierley Mês atrás
What I would love is for her to recreate one of my fantasy settings from a novel I want to publish. A pipe dream, I know, but it would be so cool to see her take on it
MonkeyShred Mês atrás
The vision and creativity in each one of your builds continues to blow my mind. I don’t know how you do it 😍
RayBs Mês atrás
This is a great demonstration of time and effectiveness. Your fantastic 10 hour one looks as good as your 100 hour one but the 100 hours has so much more going on. Obviously 1 hours is not enough to get to the level of your skill but it appears 10 hours is. Amazing. My 10 hour one would look like your 1 hour so could imagine the absolute mess I would get for 100hours hahaha.
John Simmons (ARKboozie)
Golly, you're fun. Thank you for the thoroughly entertaining video and for the passion you put forth in what you do.
epcellolover Mês atrás
OMG! The stained glass details were amazing!! Love it!
Jiggsy's Shed
Jiggsy's Shed 14 horas atrás
This is an awesome video and a great way to demonstrate to people what they can expect if they give you a certain time limit for a project. Awesome work
Lucine Delétang
Lucine Delétang Mês atrás
I would LOVE to see interior design as well! Like making a house but with big windows and we can see inside. Awesome.
Kathy26 Mês atrás
I love to watch you create those amazing art pieces😍 also the music is always incredible😁😍
Thiago Mizutani
Thiago Mizutani Mês atrás
Your work is amazing! I really love and enjoy to see you making all those dioramas, armors, blades, and everything! I wish I could have those abilities (and tools, and space) to do it myself! haha
sexyricheboi Mês atrás
This actually is super helpful for my time management...... its so good to see the time all next to each other.
Rian Lynn
Rian Lynn Mês atrás
This is so cool! I wonder fi you stared with the 100 hour instead of the one hour if you'd have tricks that would of helped you save time. Either way, you put so much into these and it really shows, its such a joy to watch you do these! As always for some reason I really like the clock going.
AnibalVGM Mês atrás
I was just wondering when a new Nerforge video would drop and this turned out to be one of my favorites so far, impressive as always, big love and respect to you guys.
Marcella Tapp
Marcella Tapp Mês atrás
You are incredibly creative. These are brilliant and I love watching you in your creative modes whatever they may be.
Gwen M
Gwen M Mês atrás
i really love the stained glass windows and the lanterns on the 100 hour one. awesome work exited to see more :)
Kennet0508 Mês atrás
Video skills increasing, Editing skills increasing, miniature skills increasing, painting skills increasing, production value increasing. You out there doing next level stuff! love it!
Voxylem 25 dias atrás
We can really see you improve over each video. The result is getting really professional and I think your projects are now looking really serious
Jonathan Yu
Jonathan Yu Mês atrás
15:47 10/10 transition to a beautifully shot painting montage. Well done!
Zephyr_doesart Mês atrás
This is very cool to see! The builds are great. Also I'd love to know what music you're using for the longer building time-lapses? It sounds very epic.
greenmoneyfairy Mês atrás
It was very interesting to see how you divided up you time for the different stages of the build. It definitely demonstrates how much time is needed for the painting. Also I would say adding the physical texture to the model definitely mean even with the smaller painting time on the 10hr build wasn’t as noticeable as make detail appear could happen quicker.
Ky Wilcockson
Ky Wilcockson Mês atrás
Each time I think that you have exceeded expectations you come back with something even more impressive. Awesome job, can't wait to see what's next.
Aurelius Bodhi
Aurelius Bodhi Mês atrás
beautiful and creative as always ... that was amazing to watch,, i hope you can post videos more often , this is amazing
kesooo Mês atrás
It would be super cool to see you make a Zelda diorama someday !! I think the general Zelda themes fits your style perfectly :o)
Music Girl
Music Girl Mês atrás
I always love watching your videos they always inspire me to create especially when I'm having an art block but on another note the dioramas came out so freaking cool !!!
rdgk1se3019 Mês atrás
This video proves that when you take your time, you can build well detailed quality models/dioramas.
Nina Leski
Nina Leski Mês atrás
Now I want to build my own, sadly I don’t have any materials.. it looks soo cool and is so inspiring!
Jennifer Lawson
Jennifer Lawson Mês atrás
This video is so important to all of us as creators. It shows how more time definitely creates masterpieces but it also shows how limited time can be more profitable but less on details. I loved the last one immensely it is not only an incredible build but it really shows how your detailing and inspiration is key to creating something awesome
Dog News
Dog News Mês atrás
Extremely talented, this video certainly inspired me😊
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
I love watching ALL of your content!! I’m not a modeler, but I would like to give it a shot just because you guys make it look so easy and interesting!! ❤💯
This Is Jasmine
This Is Jasmine Mês atrás
Wow this makes me realize how much time and effort you put into your works now that I see a numerical value of the hours you put into your works which doesn't even include all the designing and planning for the parts. As a person who does art as just a from time to time hobby, this was amazing to see.
Psycopathicus 2 dias atrás
See, here we see the difference between the self-critical eye of the artist and that of the common layman - because personally, I think all three of these look pretty good. Yes, the first one is obviously kind of rough-looking, but I have seen some old shacks that actually look a great deal like that - a darker wood plus the effects of time and weather does tend to make things kind of monotone.
krimhorn Mês atrás
Martina's 100 hour: What I see in my head. Martina's 1 hour: Still better than what I actually make. Simply amazing all around.
Carrie Mês atrás
These make me think of different house levels in a game. You start off with the basic one and upgrade it to the last 😝 They look awesome, even the first one!
Wil Burr
Wil Burr 7 dias atrás
Having spent the last seven days crafting two trees (that still aren't finished), this video was incredibly validating.
Amy Srp
Amy Srp Mês atrás
I love this concept! I know you spend a lot of times on all your projects but it's cool to see the actual difference time makes on a project.
Debbra Lehrman
Debbra Lehrman Mês atrás
I like the 1 hour house. For the time you had you can say what it is. No having to guess. All three are great.
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