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Build an island and I'll pay for a trip to wherever you want.
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30 Ago 2020



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@briztley 2 anos atrás
Imagine losing to a person that didn’t even build an island in an island building competition and lost to them by half a point, and imagine losing because you couldn’t sit on the chairs
@ariqis 2 anos atrás
Fr it literally says ISLAND buildin comp. and the chair part it’s sad they worked really hard for it and deserved to one bcs it looked best.
@throwababyitflys 2 anos atrás
Ya they should’ve won it was so amazing but i could do better it wasnt even good i was lying :)
@creepypaskill5037 2 anos atrás
lol yes, idk why the teen titan didnt win or the guy at 6:57
@@creepypaskill5037 or the guy at 7:55
@Ayprr Anos atrás
The guy that lost dont need to imagine
The guy with the bar should've won, so much creativity and detail
@scottsolow2623 Anos atrás
@koopybruh.4310 Anos atrás
@silvernoob2785 Anos atrás
Yeah, I'm just so sad that MrBeast didn't appreciate that island because of the chairs.
And alcohol
@Wolf_Maste Anos atrás
@user-ll4zq8ol5b Anos atrás
Jimmy: “Whoever builds the best looking island wins” Also Jimmy: rates one of the best looking islands 2/10 because he couldn’t sit on a chair
@cometz_clan Anos atrás
@yunyun5118 Anos atrás
@Dawtmi Sung bruh u are so young
@Devil_Xanni Anos atrás
@@yunyun5118 what‘s weong with that? I‘m 10 and an 1 yr old already won one of the challenges
@tea.5376 Anos atrás
youtube is 13+ isn’t it?
@khansaalgassid422 Anos atrás
@@tea.5376 yes
@markharris5107 Anos atrás
The ratings are too arbitrary and capricious. You need to set the standards, communicate them, and use them consistently. I know it would take longer, but you could also give a score for each factor of the rating. I would have felt like I wasted my time building a beautiful island when the ratings were not fairly given.
@liamquigg4042 9 dias atrás
@xcept1281 2 anos atrás
It's kinda sad that the good islands actually got a low rating and Doof's house wins because it's Doof's house 😩
@JustNate63 2 anos atrás
yeah just because it's from a film or something doesn't mean it's epic
@GhostlyGhostGG 2 anos atrás
@@JustNate63 well its their opinion,and they are the judge,so our jobs its just watch them and give some criticism
@jamesroblox3521 2 anos atrás
@jamesroblox3521 2 anos atrás
@ManCityBarca-Editz 10 meses atrás
Imagine having the best looking island but you lost because you can’t sit on the chair
@Mitksi 3 anos atrás
imagine being the dude who built a sick island with lots of effort and hard work, and then losing bc jimmy couldn’t jump on the chairs
@princerome3854 3 anos atrás
that guy should of won
@XxXproobenXxX 3 anos atrás
I’m mad about that too
@lucasstevens5337 3 anos atrás
He should've won, not the guy that made the world's ugliest not so island
@killeranime3591 2 anos atrás
Jimmy: doesn’t allow Chandler to give Teen Titans tower a 10 after ratting it Also Jimmy: allows Karl and Chris to change they rate with the ship on the island
Imagine making the best looking island but lost because there was Doofenshirmtz’s house structure on the outside but nothing on the inside
@sword_bearer179 Anos atrás
Karl: "I've seen a bigger tree." The guy who built it: It was *BUILDING HEIGHT* WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!
@heroteydeir23 9 dias atrás
@frankiebmemes9864 2 anos atrás
doof: wins everyone who actually worked hard on their builds: ._.
@m1dn1ght45 2 anos atrás
@rokeYouuer 2 anos atrás
Work smarter, not harder.
@floppsgamingg 2 anos atrás
i hate that they do that
@shadohlojik2001 2 anos atrás
@@floppsgamingg I like it lol
@chaseroberts1990 10 meses atrás
Someone should have put on their Island 10 PC monitors for the boys!!!
@officialchef 3 anos atrás
The people who tried to make a scene out of the island (boats, bars, etc) rather than just slapping a big blocky nostalgic building are the real winners in my book.
@mundaner-1163 3 anos atrás
connextro why
@kalekilla2467 3 anos atrás
100% agreed
@mundaner-1163 3 anos atrás
@@shawnadibble9356 Reason? OP was just expressing his opinion.
@perrytheplatypus4051 3 anos atrás
I agree but also it’s doof so I’m going with u r wrong
@doofus9291 2 anos atrás
i love how he always just abruptly ends these videos with no outro whatsoever lol
@starmarine1089 Anos atrás
Good job rewarding people who “worked hard” on their builds
@Thedappestdog48 Anos atrás
Thank you I need y'all to be roasting Mr beast after that
@kekoil_1392 Anos atrás
Stop crying it be a year, I don’t know why yall think planting trees and add carpet is “hard work”
@enzodefran8684 Anos atrás
@@kekoil_1392 you do realise that this dude is being sarcastic
@magnumC4 5 meses atrás
@@enzodefran8684 fr
@Incepter. Anos atrás
I really hope I could be in one of these MrBeast build battle challenges like I could build a deserted island in minecraft to casually just take home 10,000 dollars.
@Empie 2 anos atrás
Boat build deserves compensation for how bad the rating was.
@adlynawati2846 Anos atrás
True. They made Doofenshmirtz won and its not even an island. And the building arent even that great
@electron2366 Anos atrás
@@adlynawati2846 every continent is an island.
@lubimir1173 Anos atrás
@coldpolarbear2604 Anos atrás
Jimmy: We're rating by majesticness, epicness and originality-Also Jimmy: This man gets points for this pig🤣
@peppapepe1983 3 anos atrás
Becoming mrbeast's friends has actually become a career option at this point.
@krishnavignesh4597 3 anos atrás
Fake news
@kmaxwell1106 3 anos atrás
@anuragdeshpande6918 3 anos atrás
Spitting straight facts
@foxkid9994 2 anos atrás
Karl: I've seen a bigger tree. The player who built it: THAT WAS THE HEIGHT Limit WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO
@davidephrat9230 2 anos atrás
Dig down.
@thethe4643 2 anos atrás
That wasn’t the height limit bozo
@damonfischer1610 2 anos atrás
he was being sarcastic bozo
@enzodefran8684 2 anos atrás
It’s only tall and not wide......
@blobbles5973 Anos atrás
Well, it was a pretty thin tree
@Marcazz123 Anos atrás
Imagine building a really detailed and good looking island to get rated a 24/40 and get beaten by a crappy cartoon build
@tori-loo Anos atrás
When everyones just speaking normally but MrBeast always sounds EXTRA pumped for life so the people just sound bored lmao
@AstroERLC2 Anos atrás
I can’t believe nobody built Chandler’s island lol Would of been a 10/10
@myster1ou5 Anos atrás
They did, the person who made MRBeast pointing at Chandler made the Island under them, just without much detail
@Jeff-eb3fm Anos atrás
Ever since Chandler won the island everyone has been talking about it.
not anymore lol
@jocelynrowe6232 8 meses atrás
Lol cool
@merp_p4257 2 anos atrás
the island bar guy shouldve won. his build was very appealing, creative, original, and epic.
Wait which one was that again can I have a time stamp
@merp_p4257 Anos atrás
@@alexisshelstrom4139 6:57 3:33
@J-IFWBR Anos atrás
@flamie4810 Anos atrás
Karl: I'm judging based on originality. Also Karl: he made doofenschmirtz evil incorporated. It's a 10.
@gachilover420 Anos atrás
rrrrrtwoc but not when you copy it from cartoon
@clonesolar 2 anos atrás
Imagine losing to a building not related to the challenge.
@potterhead1439 Anos atrás
Karl: he litrally just planted trees Me: Thats WHAT a ISLAND has!!!
@maskedmenace18 Anos atrás
Just trees??
@maxmannanov6120 11 meses atrás
@@maskedmenace18 never seen an island?
@maskedmenace18 11 meses atrás
@@maxmannanov6120 what's an island
@Iamtheonewhofartus 10 meses atrás
@@maskedmenace18 America
@dianeneedham6703 Anos atrás
Jimmy I like how your mind works, you're Uber creative, not to mention kind, and generous at the same time, keep up the good work big guy, the world needs more people like you, and your friends; peace.
@Nivexity Anos atrás
He gave the reward to someone who failed to build an island in an island comp and the person who lost made an amazing island whom lost because of minecraft mechanics makes Jimmy sad, that's a silly thing to appreciate and compliment.
@Hams_Real 5 meses atrás
2 years later and this still slaps
@etch3146 2 anos atrás
the one with the blue vines and bar was so pretty and decorative though. i think that one should've won especially since they were competing in a island building competition. the winner's island has literally nothing to do with an island
@lucy-qs3vn 2 anos atrás
timestamp for when they say winners ?
@mayo_mayop 2 anos atrás
@@lucy-qs3vn 10:46
@wyatt4727 2 anos atrás
@ahaokatano3153 2 anos atrás
Ya, should've won
@carlitomaroto574 2 anos atrás
The blue vines is for nether update
Jimmy: **says they will be rating on originally** Jimmy at the end: **makes the most unoriginal island win**
@marcussoder1579 Anos atrás
@kittengamer1915 Anos atrás
It wasn't the most unoriginal
@kittengamer1915 Anos atrás
And also it wasn't Jimmy it was mostly Karl chris and chandler
Yes sirr
Oh this is why my notifications blew up
@alloysiusdrake105 2 anos atrás
the one with the bar was so creative and cool, that one deserved to win
@Marcazz123 Anos atrás
@Dark_Official69 Anos atrás
I agree
@Wedowhatever7 Anos atrás
Door deserved to win
@donkbonktj5773 Anos atrás
That's a fake opinion of yours because you highlighted the top comment in blue, did ctrl + c and then ctrl + v.
@c.barrett5114 11 meses atrás
The shipwreck one was definitely the most original and creative!
@soyunpark8607 Anos atrás
An unfinished Technoblade statue has a lot more meaning to it now
@RAJ_GADHAVI Anos atrás
Bro it hurts 💔
@LdoeLastdoe 4 meses atrás
@ellabellaboo2681 Anos atrás
I wish someone would make Ireland technically it's an island that I love
@scottsowers754 3 anos atrás
I love how Jimmy is trying to keep the scoring professional and Chris and Karl are just geeking out
@celestetorres4741 3 anos atrás
Scott Sowers frrrr!!!
@eatyourcreal9365 3 anos atrás
@xx._CrownedKat 2 anos atrás
Imagine losing to someone who didn’t stick stick with the actual theme of “island” 😐🤚
@deadempire9277 2 anos atrás
rack is my friend lol
@anthisschan988 2 anos atrás
@@bluesea8259 thank god bro my condolences.
@user-kt3su8hb2s 2 anos atrás
@@anthisschan988 dude
Dear Mr.Beast I love your videos they are so cool and bingeable and easy to get into and are really creative and make my day. Thanks for the hard work jimmy
@maddieeee72 Anos atrás
can we appreciate Chris’s hat-
@ardanidk 2 anos atrás
Someone: *Worked so hard on their island adding so much details and buildings* Racky: *Builds a simple cartoon building* Yay I won
@HelloLola589 2 anos atrás
FIRST and there right now 280
@thethe4643 2 anos atrás
@@HelloLola589 congrats?
@HelloLola589 2 anos atrás
@@thethe4643 I just wanna to say that bit rude don’t u think since I never asked
@AmongUs-ze4ig 6 meses atrás
Legends say that the guy is still telling his joke.
@jasoncurtis1804 3 anos atrás
Mr beast just doesn't appreciate how hard terra forming is
@iykigugu6798 3 anos atrás
Your right
@iykigugu6798 3 anos atrás
@Angelina Brown
@lubimir1173 Anos atrás
i feel the most creative builds were the bar and ship
@rutaibaariza3305 2 anos atrás
I love how absurd and funny the judging categories are.
@rizdog5735 2 anos atrás
More like how absurdly they stick to the judging categories they created.
@MagmaYT7513 Anos atrás
Or they couldve used stairs for chairs but they wanted to make they’re island pretty
@indoraptergen4231 Anos atrás
Nearly every minecraft challenge ends with evil tower winning
@zeno_kun8250 8 meses atrás
They create these building competitions while they don’t even know what an end crystal is💀
@mommailim9616 3 anos atrás
Someone : *literally made the most detailed build* Mrbeast : 6/10
@BFF-Petagie 3 anos atrás
@zabooka 3 anos atrás
Oof Roblox yes
@adriahogue1651 3 anos atrás
@kiziania4436 3 anos atrás
Mr. Beast has standards
@enterthezone8419 3 anos atrás
300th like
@lact0semilk594 Anos atrás
I realized Jimmy's principles of Epicness, magesticness, and orginality. the acronyms would be E.M.O
@VaterUnser19951 2 anos atrás
I'm questioning the judges here, they rated the two buildings on an island over all the other islands. I guess rich people get to choose whatever they want though huh.
@ml5431 2 anos atrás
do you not know how many islands there are there are literally 100 do you think he can do all of those he only has one self he doesn’t have a clone he can’t do them all
@VaterUnser19951 2 anos atrás
@@ml5431 Then wouldn't it make sense to only review the islands and not the buildings as that was what the competition was for? annd yes you can review 100 Minecraft islands that fit inside a square, Otherwise why would he have 100 contestants?
@VaterUnser19951 2 anos atrás
@@sethgowen Complaining is a choice I can make if I see something that doesn't sit well with me. Why ask me why I complained?
@tennebrae2606 2 anos atrás
Wtf does that have to do with being rich? Its their channel and challenge
@stephenwilliams6268 11 meses atrás
It’s funny how Karl said “this is pretty creative” when there is only one parrot 😂😂😂
@claresingh8089 Anos atrás
I just learned a new lesson: never say " i dont care if I win" infront of Jimmy
@a_aarchy3324 Anos atrás
Same with “I will not get out first.”
Who else loves jimmy’s energy
@KarpoFN 3 anos atrás
I like how they gave the real islands a low score, and the meme islands high scores.
@digitaru 3 anos atrás
begone bots
@jackplay6446 Anos atrás
The fact that Chris has played Minecraft for a long time and has yet to see some of the most basic things
@neckguy 2 anos atrás
The way chris looked at the camera when he rated the winning island was.... interesting
@hamza.kuder1 Anos atrás
1:27 Chandler is funny af 😂🤣
@ayemar4573 11 meses atrás
@betsyreader1404 2 anos atrás
It would be cool if you did one of these but in space 🤔 imagine what people would make I feel like there would be a lot of aliens.
Fly high Techno! I love the island that kind of looked like him. Also hooray Dreams channel beat MrBeast Gaming in subs lol
@user-yq4nu9wj3p 2 anos atrás
I like how originality was one of the things things they were looking out for just to let the least original building to win
@TheKillerPotat0 Anos atrás
Looking back at his vids it’s so trye
@RossVA Anos atrás
imagine being the guy who lost because jimmy couldnt hop on a chair 💀
@corgibozo23 Anos atrás
Why is it based on the chair and not the whole island?
@RossVA Anos atrás
@@corgibozo23 IDK,
Can we atleast give the man In a Patrick fit respect?
@FunkyRDavid Anos atrás
so were not gonna talk about how chris is wearing a flex steal hat,ok
Karl: im voting on originality Also karl: rates a 10 on a copied build from a show
@kingofbaconreal Anos atrás
imagine losing 10K because of a chair
Chris: What kinda island is grass and dirt? Chandler's island: Am I a joke to you?
@yesno8216 3 anos atrás
the island has a name jeez it’s Jeff
@SM11Football 3 anos atrás
Don’t read my name
@@yesno8216 Oh no, he forgot to say the island name, off with his head!
@blazethedragon7462 2 anos atrás
I mean I understand for content reasons you'd want to pick the stuff that is the most entertaining but when there is 10,000$ on the line that can be devastating to someone who genuinely needed it and so puts their all into said competition only to lose to someone who quite frankly really doesn't care about winning and really wont be impacted in a meaningful way by winning...
@Vassilinia 2 anos atrás
Them's the breaks. Being in a rough spot is pretty bad but it doesn't make you entitled to the money any more than the next guy.
@blazethedragon7462 2 anos atrás
@@Vassilinia it was less about their situation and more about their effort put into winning
@superman1949 2 anos atrás
well said! They should have re considered their decisions when the theme is literally to build a built that is the most *island looking*
@woahquill1334 2 anos atrás
It’s jimmy’s money. He can give it to whoever, no competitor is entitled to it regardless of the competition. It’s just how it is lol
@figurethenoob261 2 anos atrás
Dude, imagine losing to a cartoon tower.
@Luna-123World 7 meses atrás
8:27 Just made my day so much better
@frostfox2411 2 anos atrás
I want MR BEAST and his friends to try and build things like this. Please try this idea out, I think it would be a fun and interesting project for Mr beast to do. Maybe they could all rate each other’s builds, like how they rated these islands.
@Jxeon_ 3 meses atrás
the technoblade build didn't age too well
@nootnoot2068 3 anos atrás
Karl: he's just planting trees Jimmy: *sweats*
@user-pp4kn8tq7c 3 anos atrás
@MrMobiIeGaming 2 anos atrás
While everyone is comparing the one who won and the ones which actually had good islands, I’m just amazed that Chris doesn’t know what a END CRYSTAL is.
@terribleveteran7678 2 anos atrás
All the boys were confused
@heatherb517 Anos atrás
9:58 the reason why I love Karl and Chris together 😆
@tylerwhite738 Anos atrás
@k.r.animations Anos atrás
@cimbakahn Anos atrás
I like the one with the hot tub and tiki bar, and the one with the trees at the end better.
@ferhles Anos atrás
You really should've added a criteria to which they'd have to worry about "Chairs have to be sittable".
@long_strong8843 Anos atrás
Why does Jimmy just boss everyone around who’s in his competitions
@subvrzn9131 3 anos atrás
Every time Karl sees a new island Karl: “This is easily the best island”
@JimTim365 3 anos atrás
@blue-hl8gy 3 anos atrás
They all look so trash smh. If i had a pc and played mincraft i would get 10k easy. Any time ive ever built something it looked cool asf.
@mr.anmanator Anos atrás
I must say I loved 2:45 island would've loved to see the finished product
@kaywee4200 Anos atrás
I really stan for that Breme troll. He knows what it is and still stays true to the bruh meme gang.
@ellalabay 9 meses atrás
When jimmy said "Why are there pigs here??" Got me good 😆😂
@ariqis 2 anos atrás
Someone: *working hard on their island and adding a lot and such good details and buildings* Ricky: *builds a simple cartoon building that wasn’t even in the title of the best “island” building comp* great I won No hate yes it was their choice his money so he could give to whoever but thought this was kinda messed up
@wilterrico7641 3 meses atrás
Now jimmy can do challenge in real life
@TuanNguyen-ez5hh Anos atrás
I love how chris is wearing a flex seal cap ''NOW THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE''
@blazekit2694 2 anos atrás
I like how this is a island competition and they skipped almost all of the ones that are an actual island
@dorottyadotty2159 2 anos atrás
They can't rate every island in video
@Bot-ee6bh Anos atrás
He came from playing Minecraft with a laptop to owning one of the fastest growing channels on youtube
@DefectiveJoker 7 meses atrás
I love the buildings ❤
@coupe46 3 anos atrás
*Whoever builds the best looking island wins* Random guy: *Builds Doofenshmirtz tower and wins*
@spencerpofahl8116 3 anos atrás
it looks like ass too, that's why at the end they were like "oh shit we actually let that pile of shit win"
@jemimaschipper3277 3 anos atrás
Did anyone realize that the ender portal was leading to a awesome island. That's what I think
@individualism5711 3 anos atrás
@something3476 3 anos atrás
It sucks...why did they pick that. Total shit
@havenhardison1849 3 anos atrás
Spencer Dontaskmebitch Yea i agree
"Woah this island is beautiful!" chandler:"bro look at these pigs"
@katieair2350 2 anos atrás
can we just acknowledge that Chris is wearing a flex seal cap
Mrbeasts editor just made this video better.
@ZebzyZane 2 anos atrás
No one: Literally no one: Karl: This is easily the best one so far
@MrGrey2727 4 meses atrás
To this day, we never found out who the breme guy was
@itsavery4649 3 anos atrás
Mr beast: We’re gonna have people build their own island! Chandler: *I already have one though*
@randomguy5128 3 anos atrás
@katiemcvay8234 3 anos atrás
Wish my husband could meet you guys.....
@deadshot1599 2 anos atrás
chris:"karl give it a ten so doof wont win " chris :"yay doof won"
@kenastro Anos atrás
Them: We are gonna judge regarding epicness, majesticness and "originality" Also them: Yeah doofershmirts one wins In my opinion the bar one was more creative and epic than just a cartoon building in an empty island (which isnt even supposed to be in an island)
@NoobzzbooN 11 meses atrás
Legend says kids are still waiting to hear Blazing Vacuum’s joke
Legend has it that Maddy still hasn't picked up the phone to this day.
@getjiggywitityk Anos atrás
Me and my friends: Mrbeast: Karl and you are relatively the same height Chris: Mm, no Im about an inch taller
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