I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

The Try Guys
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Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.
Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang
“A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental"
Set Photography by JD Renes Photography
Executive Producer - Cathleen Cher
Producer - Sally Sujin Oh
Director of Photography - Adam Lee
Production Designer - Matt Soko
Editor - Jonas Thorhallsson
Colorist - Jakob Thorhallsson
Hair - David Dang
Makeup - Arianna Chaylene Bean
Stylist - Farren Jean Andrèa
Stylist Assistant - Kali Mackay
Hair for Ensemble - Cayla Solomon
Makeup for Ensemble - Kasha Lassien
Oscar Utiérre
Farren Jean Andrèa
Malan Breton
Eugene Lee Yang
Sister - Grace Yoo
Brother - Intae Kim
Mother - Terumi Shimazu
Father - Gary Murakami
Girl - Sophia Oddi
Boy - Joshua Blaine
Kim Chi
Jazzmyne Jay
Rhea Litré
Mayhem Miller
Curly Velasquez
Arisce Wanzer
Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young
Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami
Assistant Director - Clyde Goins
2nd AD - Dolly Gray
Music Supervisor - Cathleen Cher
1st AC - Dawson Taylor
2nd AC - Oscar Martinez
Gaffer - Devon Wilson
Best Boy Electric - Vince Valentin
Key Grip - Huan Manton
Best Boy Grip - Justin Lee
Art Director - Spencer Trent
Set Dresser - Devin Parker
Crane Operators - Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
Production Assistants - Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
Catering - Humberto's Catering
Weho Dodgeball
Now More Than Ever Artists
East West Players
Virtual World Arcade
Adam Foley & Ninja Tune


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15 Jun 2019

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Comentários 51 269
fake pancake
fake pancake 21 minuto atrás
This is beautiful. I remember my jaw dropped watching 'stages of life' video and this gives me the same reaction
Trashez World
Trashez World 21 minuto atrás
Literal chills! This video is one of the most beautiful and relatable pride videos this year. I am literally proud of this man so much and I hope he continues to share his inspiration, creativity, and knowledge with the world. 🌈PRIDE 4 LIFE🌈
Ticky Tee
Ticky Tee 21 minuto atrás
Maria Mabi
Maria Mabi 21 minuto atrás
Coyote 21 minuto atrás
Josh Razon-Healy
Josh Razon-Healy 21 minuto atrás
I literally was teary eyed through this whole video💛🧡♥️💚💙💜
Gabriela Rose
Gabriela Rose 21 minuto atrás
Krispy Mustard
Krispy Mustard 21 minuto atrás
The first video recommended after this for me was no burnaham my whole family thinks I'm gay😆
Alice Wolf
Alice Wolf 21 minuto atrás
So breathtaking. This is exceedingly beautiful and amazingly executed through music and dances.
izabella imler
izabella imler 21 minuto atrás
Weird flex but ok
Zion Haze
Zion Haze 21 minuto atrás
Is it come out of the closet week for the gays ?
Evalynn A-A
Evalynn A-A 21 minuto atrás
Pride month is changing a lot of people (it's a joke chill)
rifty swifty
rifty swifty 21 minuto atrás
I fucking hate these fags they should honestly shoot them selfs
Smiley Bonez
Smiley Bonez 21 minuto atrás
Cool !
the_real_moreau 21 minuto atrás
Too bad I had to do my coming out on a budget
sasori 21 minuto atrás
Donate to save lgbtq youth? The fuck is this world
Trisha Williford
Trisha Williford 21 minuto atrás
#2 On Trending!!!!!!!! So well deserved ❤
ashleeyv 22 minutos atrás
yeah thank for making me cry whilst eating pizza. Really gave it that extra seasoning with the tears.
Marge C
Marge C 22 minutos atrás
ShadowDemon17 22 minutos atrás
vash elray
vash elray 22 minutos atrás
This is Beautiful
Molly Adam
Molly Adam 22 minutos atrás
Incredible. Absolutely beautiful
Leila Azimi
Leila Azimi 22 minutos atrás
this is the most eugene thing to come out other than himself
Lyte 204
Lyte 204 22 minutos atrás
We're all happy for you Eugene!!!
ᎪᏦႮᎷᎪ ՏᎻᏆΝΘ Momo Yukki chan
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this video😍
Dream big Live well
Dream big Live well 22 minutos atrás
am I the only one who isnt shocked? really happy for him Xx
Juliette Salle
Juliette Salle 22 minutos atrás
woah, this was so beautiful.
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 22 minutos atrás
*Welp, there goes another “bisexual”...*
no on cares
CaptSky 22 minutos atrás
Got the forza horizon theme on there 🤣
Ayden Callum
Ayden Callum 22 minutos atrás
So is Gay I’m confused
lildreamysoul 22 minutos atrás
I almost cried at this?? This was gorgeous and extremely well done. As a member of the LGBTQA+ community myself, this... I felt this. My soul felt this.
Your future boyfriends
Your future boyfriends 22 minutos atrás
zanderb 22 minutos atrás
How to get on the trending page Step 1: "I'm gay"
neversmile 22 minutos atrás
The only thing positive about pride month is HIV
Justine Chloe Pendon
Justine Chloe Pendon 22 minutos atrás
Is he really gay?
Rebecca Mitchell
Rebecca Mitchell 22 minutos atrás
Stunning ❤️
tinaa x
tinaa x 22 minutos atrás
so emotional, so raw, so well thought out, so real. this really is a masterpiece Eugene. you fucking DID THAT. i'm so happy for you. the power this video holds is unbelievable. we love you
Kayus- Jayus
Kayus- Jayus 22 minutos atrás
OrchidTheLil Sakura
OrchidTheLil Sakura 22 minutos atrás
This is made to make people support LGBT+.
JustAbby 22 minutos atrás
First scene made me cry already. This makes me proud and full of hope with hearts ❤❤❤
ZION PLAYS 22 minutos atrás
Meredith Hardy
Meredith Hardy 22 minutos atrás
This is so beautiful. Eugene really outdid himself.
Blue Hood
Blue Hood 22 minutos atrás
This is so beautiful 💜💜 I'm crying. So proud of you Eugene 💜💜💜
natrocks 03
natrocks 03 23 minutos atrás
So you're telling me you guys couldn't tell he was gay?
Leah 23 minutos atrás
I got lost in the art and beauty and pain expressed, thank you so much for sharing. The world needs more acceptance ❤️❤️
Variety Colors
Variety Colors 23 minutos atrás
I broke down at the club scene, and it really hit me again at the scene where people were pushing/comforting him cause that's the sad reality of this. I loved this so much.
Username 23 minutos atrás
Eugene gay is...not a surprise?
Hazel Peng
Hazel Peng 23 minutos atrás
Jong 23 minutos atrás
nobody: Keanu Reeves: Your breathtaking!
Marcelo Osanai
Marcelo Osanai 23 minutos atrás
Kermit of Rivia
Kermit of Rivia 23 minutos atrás
The gays have invaded BRvid. Abandon ship! Save yourselfs!
paansy 23 minutos atrás
holy shit . this genuinely made my heart hurt , wasnt expecting to cry like this !
Leo Alnilam
Leo Alnilam 23 minutos atrás
Shit dude
Maggie McCann
Maggie McCann 23 minutos atrás
Eugene this was so beautiful.
Julianne Mica
Julianne Mica 23 minutos atrás
this had me in goosebumps
Marisa Mitchell
Marisa Mitchell 23 minutos atrás
I can't express in words how much I love this!
Matilda Beven
Matilda Beven 23 minutos atrás
I fucking loved this, I’m so proud of Eugene for having the courage to make such a beautiful piece about a controversial topic which display this kind of raw emotion, overall I’m crying
Cellulitesally1 23 minutos atrás
Trump hates fags so does America
Sophia Nam
Sophia Nam 23 minutos atrás
This made me cry... so rich with emotion
Amie De Angelis
Amie De Angelis 23 minutos atrás
Amazing piece of artwork celebrating your coming out. Congratulations Eugene much love for you ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
SAMZIRRA 23 minutos atrás
Am I supposed to be crying? Because I can't make it stop. Pretty special piece of art here.
Mr. Burger
Mr. Burger 23 minutos atrás
Do people need to make such a drama for a sexual orientation? Why don't you just live life and when someone actually asks you tell them you are gay. It's not a big of a deal. :v
Charlotte Darjuan
Charlotte Darjuan 23 minutos atrás
We are so proud of you.❤️
Stephanie Buendia
Stephanie Buendia 23 minutos atrás
this is so beautiful that i'm crying
Lyn Abrahamson
Lyn Abrahamson 23 minutos atrás
I am so happy about all this!! I am so proud of you Eugene!!
Levent Suer
Levent Suer 23 minutos atrás
This is really great.
Natalie Bishop
Natalie Bishop 23 minutos atrás
Omg this is amazing❤️ I’ve never seen anything more pure and beautiful like this before😍 I love it so much❤️😭 you did a wonderful job Eugene❤️🏳️‍🌈
Essence Williams
Essence Williams 23 minutos atrás
this is so beautiful! thank you for your courage, your creativity and your strength!
Breathing_ Human
Breathing_ Human 23 minutos atrás
Dan Howell and now Eugene
Maddie Burke
Maddie Burke 23 minutos atrás
This is such a moving thing to see and also having Eugene as an idol of mine, this is extremely moving and I’m grateful for it
Hanson Ky
Hanson Ky 23 minutos atrás
Karen Elizabeth
Karen Elizabeth 23 minutos atrás
Buddy, we knew
Ritika Menon
Ritika Menon 23 minutos atrás
I didn’t expect tears.
noelle thull
noelle thull 23 minutos atrás
I’m 13 and female and just figured out I’m bisexual and my mother is bisexualphobic (is that what you call it? Idfk) but she supports me being gay. What am I supposed to do? She thinks that bisexual people like boys and girls because they have a mindset of “a hole is just a hole”. I’m stuck in a loophole because I’ve had some very traumatic things in the past and things occurring right now. My mental state isn’t that good and I don’t know if I could handle coming out to her, but I want to come out and be open so bad. I want to be supported and this video helped me calm my nerves a bit. Just seeing you going past the struggles and imagining me going through some of my struggles really helped me. Thank you Eugene! You are really an inspiration to people still in the closet or out of the closet. I love you so much and fully support you however you choose to live! ❤️❤️❤️
Beach Ball
Beach Ball 23 minutos atrás
Well fuck it if everyone’s going gay I might as well join
Jungkookie Jeon
Jungkookie Jeon 23 minutos atrás
Woah Eugene i didn't know you have some grooves in you. You dancing, the choreography, the story.. it's all beautiful
YOONSeokMIN daddieS
YOONSeokMIN daddieS 23 minutos atrás
One word i did while watching *cry😭* Please dont tell me a was the only one
Kayla The Awkward
Kayla The Awkward 24 minutos atrás
this was so beautiful.
Catalina Ortiz
Catalina Ortiz 24 minutos atrás
Yoooo I love this
Sonal Sharma
Sonal Sharma 24 minutos atrás
absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. love u Eugene
PedroLolaMendez 24 minutos atrás
I thought Eugene was already out!
My45 24 minutos atrás
The music video is actually Eugene's journey of finding out who he is and coming out to his sexual identity. The first part is about his parents' initial thoughts of him having "girly" behavior such as putting on lipstick, this can be the general attitude from parents to Asian kids who want to break the "norm" from the Asian household. The second part is him in the church (?), or the environment that is mainly in favor of heterosexual, monogamous relationships, and being in that environment instills fear of coming out. The third part is Eugene in finding his sexual orientation. He saw the beauty in both men and women, but he was drawn more to men and the female that he used to know accepts his identity. And then he joined the drag! He enjoyed it but then someone (or the police) found out? I don't understand much about this part. And he was hit by all the white-dressed people, and the color - white - is referring to anti-LGBTQ+, in contrast to the black (or even the black sheep) - is referring to pro-LGBTQ+. While his stand in the society is still "controversial"/verbally attacked by both sides, he is sure never back down. The last scene, is Eugene standing like a queen, with his own support group.
Anna 24 minutos atrás
This is the most epic coming out video of all time Thank you for sharing with us Eugene, I know it’s been difficult trying to fit into societal standards over the years- especially in the public eye. You’re so incredibly strong and brave to share this part of your life with us.
Teresa Ziada
Teresa Ziada 24 minutos atrás
I'm crying this spoke to loudly to a lot of us! I'm so proud of you I love you, you give me strength!
Uriel Howard
Uriel Howard 24 minutos atrás
it was amazing, i didn’t know how to describe what i felt after watching it but the LGBTQ community shouldn’t be outcasted but welcomed with open arms by everyone
Alliot Jhor
Alliot Jhor 24 minutos atrás
This is so powerful. I cried.
khalil bedard
khalil bedard 24 minutos atrás
Fuck the lgbtq community and fuck gay people I just came hear to dislike this dumb ass song🤣
JuicyyFrewt 24 minutos atrás
who else already knew Eugene was gay
Earl Earl
Earl Earl 23 minutos atrás
Most already thought he's anything but straight.
Éliane S. Desjardins
Éliane S. Desjardins 24 minutos atrás
It was truly beautiful and you've said a lot without saying a word! It's a really powerful message that hits right in the heart and you have all the reasons to be proud
dappyyD 24 minutos atrás
Wow. Beautifull!
Jennifer Field
Jennifer Field 24 minutos atrás
Incredibly moving
Philip Sunday
Philip Sunday 24 minutos atrás
That’s why in the end of the day you’ll never be happy with life
Sam Du
Sam Du 24 minutos atrás
This is ❤️
Merry Cherry
Merry Cherry 24 minutos atrás
This is such a powerful video, especially near the end where you can hear the background noises and Eugene is just staring at us. It made me feel really uncomfortable and I feel like that's how the LGBTQIA+ community feels, uncomfortable and judged. What an amazing video!
punjabiqt08 24 minutos atrás
Why does gay mean feminine?
Abi A
Abi A 24 minutos atrás
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. This is beautiful.
Tracie Hoyos
Tracie Hoyos 24 minutos atrás
Beautiful 🏳️‍🌈💖
Stephanie De Dios
Stephanie De Dios 24 minutos atrás
Eugene has such a beautiful mind
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken 24 minutos atrás
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