I Let YouTubers Decide What I Eat For 24 HOURS!! **bad idea**

FaZe Rug
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I let some of my BRvidr friends such as Jeffree Star, Logan Paul, Sommer Ray and more decide what I ate for 24 hours.. It wasn't the best idea..

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If you read this far down the description I love you


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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 11 meses atrás
France Cabalza
France Cabalza Dia atrás
Hannah Merritt
Hannah Merritt 3 dias atrás
TECH LIFE ZONE gaming 4 dias atrás
Zain 55
Zain 55 6 dias atrás
It hit 200,000
Esther Van Sui Chin
Esther Van Sui Chin 11 dias atrás
What ur favorite food guys mine is McDonald’s
Gatlin Gibson
Gatlin Gibson 3 horas atrás
9:42 this looks messy *eats on car*
izael segovia
izael segovia 3 horas atrás
unknow turtle
unknow turtle Dia atrás
I just eat in-n-out
Mohamed Amin
Mohamed Amin Dia atrás
Subscribe to royalty family
AS_Thani Dia atrás
Rug: we haven’t have any girls yet in the video Jeffery star : 👁👄👁
Dikshant Neupane
Dikshant Neupane 2 dias atrás
Make a channel of boesly Booker and Lola like if I agree
Trcky 2 dias atrás
Not gonna lie baby food is fire 🔥
NBA Lord
NBA Lord 2 dias atrás
When it’s filmed on your bday 😎
Skyline Dior
Skyline Dior 2 dias atrás
I remember watching this on the day before school last year 😢 memories bro
Shawn David
Shawn David 2 dias atrás
Shawn David
Shawn David 2 dias atrás
Methayus Hebert
Methayus Hebert 3 dias atrás
For some reason this was in the dead meat supercuts list🤔
Mflogan 3 dias atrás
I like how he didn’t plug their channel link in his description
XDN Hayden
XDN Hayden 4 dias atrás
Is it just me or does rug look like a baby eating baby food
Plastic 4 dias atrás
when all the plaques are 2 years apart 👀
ÄléxDèPøtãtø ·
ÄléxDèPøtãtø · 4 dias atrás
FaZe Rug:im srry if im making u hungry- Me:*wants the food that hes eating**also eating takis*
King Alex
King Alex 4 dias atrás
Did he forget that mrbeast dosent live in la
Mc_ Coolstuff
Mc_ Coolstuff 4 dias atrás
Wait jeffry Star. Is a boy
iqbal rasheed
iqbal rasheed 4 dias atrás
How much do you eat!
Al_x 4 dias atrás
Anyone else notice the minecraft music in the background? 10:05
FlxmeFN JcBTW 4 dias atrás
Did anyone hear Sommer Ray say off twice like off off 15:13
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones 5 dias atrás
When he said are adults around to drink this ummm rug u aren’t an adult
Danilo Pama
Danilo Pama 5 dias atrás
Danilo Pama
Danilo Pama 5 dias atrás
Josh Mozuch
Josh Mozuch 6 dias atrás
Isn’t that your normal food I thought that you were a baby
Immanuel mikhaeil
Immanuel mikhaeil 6 dias atrás
Aiden Gray
Aiden Gray 6 dias atrás
Jesser the lazer
mankin 6 dias atrás
who wants sommer's number
LeThal_hydra150 6 dias atrás
Remover when you didn’t have to we’re a mask
Pizza Man 123
Pizza Man 123 7 dias atrás
Hudson Eifert
Hudson Eifert 7 dias atrás
He is right at the start it is tiering to think especaily at school under presure
Fe4rless _ Kill_69
Fe4rless _ Kill_69 7 dias atrás
The in an out got me hungry
Lightstorms 7 dias atrás
I’ve never been to Taco Bell
•Arrow Gacha•
•Arrow Gacha• 8 dias atrás
Faze: I’m the only youtuber that don’t live in LA Mrbeast: am I a joke to you? Or a bait?
Raze Sid Yt
Raze Sid Yt 8 dias atrás
I Let BRvidrs Decide What I Eat For 24 HOURS!! **bad idea*
Raze Sid Yt
Raze Sid Yt 8 dias atrás
Asking BRvidrs To ROAST Me... **i regret this**
Player 1
Player 1 8 dias atrás
The noddin’
Legendary Messi
Legendary Messi 8 dias atrás
He eats so much he eats and he still luks very thin
Student Makayla Reyes
Student Makayla Reyes 9 dias atrás
Why is this vid make me nauseous and so frickin full 😂😂💯🔥
Devin Hale
Devin Hale 9 dias atrás
Jakob Whitehead
Jakob Whitehead 9 dias atrás
July 3 is my older brothers birthday
Lovegospelministry 9 dias atrás
I didn't your parents had a BRvid channel can someone post their link 🔗 because rug is getting lame. Lol 😆 just kidding love your videos bro!
Sw1ft_Rugg 9 dias atrás
I’m soo hungry now
Junior Ratabua
Junior Ratabua 9 dias atrás
Bro your videos a so awsome
bigchungus the legend
bigchungus the legend 10 dias atrás
WHO world kids Summer ray
Marcus Ethan Abiera
Marcus Ethan Abiera 10 dias atrás
Sommeray is for jarvis
ML DEMON 10 dias atrás
Bruh I f*cking hate rug for this video I'm literally so hungry and I wasn't expecting this kind of food😫😫
Tyler Browne
Tyler Browne 11 dias atrás
Augest 17 is my bday
Anayet Enu
Anayet Enu 11 dias atrás
TTV 2008mick
TTV 2008mick 11 dias atrás
Me wanting those cupcakes but live in belguim
Bobby Elliott
Bobby Elliott 11 dias atrás
its me nichole
its me nichole 11 dias atrás
Am i the only one that wish rug call charli bro if it happened ill literally scream the heck out of my room and wake my mom up freak i really wish carli was there tho.... also we doin this rug rats lez goo
Rosa Ramirez
Rosa Ramirez 12 dias atrás
Imagine he asked me beast
Osuna Toyz
Osuna Toyz 12 dias atrás
What’s summer raes number
Bertin Tella
Bertin Tella 12 dias atrás
Sommer:need help deciding what to eat Me:She wants him to eat her up
Lubna Sohail
Lubna Sohail 12 dias atrás
I was waiting for Mr beast
AC3 Crops
AC3 Crops 12 dias atrás
All I've ate today is cereal, and its 5:00 AM im starving, honestly that baby food lookin 🔥
Night Ninja
Night Ninja 13 dias atrás
Like FaZe Rug him lot and put on face mask
cool 454sws
cool 454sws 13 dias atrás
Did anyone else here the Minecraft music
shubham jain
shubham jain 13 dias atrás
Fucking watching in quarantine
Maritza Wills
Maritza Wills 15 dias atrás
Bosley Is so cute I wish I could meet you
Shaurya Prasad
Shaurya Prasad 15 dias atrás
15:27 lolololololol
Kakashi Xeno
Kakashi Xeno 15 dias atrás
My 10 favorite video of yours
Quack Warrior
Quack Warrior 15 dias atrás
Sommer and Rug: love you 😘 Me: What????????
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 15 dias atrás
i ate my lunch....then started your this video after seeing the food continuesly my stomach's food got away and i ate dinner 2 hours before the dinners time😚🤣😂
OneShot1k 16 dias atrás
i like RED Velvet Cookies
Nessa Vanessa
Nessa Vanessa 16 dias atrás
Still waiting on the collaboration with Jeffree 😤
Andi Feta
Andi Feta 16 dias atrás
Andi Feta
Andi Feta 16 dias atrás
James Fauvelle
James Fauvelle 16 dias atrás
I’m on a diet and the cupcakes look so good
Shreyas Neupane
Shreyas Neupane 16 dias atrás
I am To Lazy to write a comment
Cian Stylianou
Cian Stylianou 16 dias atrás
Rug says he doesn’t want to eat it in his car but he eats it on his white lambo
Kristopher Ours
Kristopher Ours 17 dias atrás
Leonardo Worden
Leonardo Worden 17 dias atrás
U said do u think she will answer its a he
Veshal Mane
Veshal Mane 17 dias atrás
N you see f
Shmekat 18 dias atrás
13:09 lol
Darrell Wahjad
Darrell Wahjad 18 dias atrás
100k subs with no content challenge
I love you to rug
BITCH PLEASE 18 dias atrás
I only came here to see Jeffree Star lmao 😂 3:48 Ew I hate when the camera guy said thx bro ugh 4:58 Nah you can't beat that Logan 5:16 butter cake really?!
Sahaj K
Sahaj K 18 dias atrás
Why not Mrbeast!!!!!
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 18 dias atrás
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 18 dias atrás
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong 18 dias atrás
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 19 dias atrás
15:53-16:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nate 121
Nate 121 19 dias atrás
Just go to 7:43
Rylee DeHerrera
Rylee DeHerrera 19 dias atrás
Me when Brian is saying someone who knows food: Gordon Ramsay
Fite Casey
Fite Casey 19 dias atrás
This video was made on me b day
Sweaty Boyy
Sweaty Boyy 21 dia atrás
Congrats on 16 mil bro
Adam Kipp
Adam Kipp 21 dia atrás
This is how many times he said that’s fire in his videos 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Kaneisha Grisby
Kaneisha Grisby 21 dia atrás
You so should’ve asked Catherine instead of Austin 😂
Jaylin Santos
Jaylin Santos 21 dia atrás
wow 😮🤤🍩🍰🍫🍪🍧
KRYPTON_PHOENIX 22 dias atrás
Everyone : my mouth was watering the whole vid Me : I lost my apidite
KRYPTON_PHOENIX 22 dias atrás
Who else is watching at 3 am
Mikeeez Zized
Mikeeez Zized 23 dias atrás
If your poor 👉
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly 24 dias atrás
I wish I could call Sommer and have her answer like that lol
TheBest813 24 dias atrás
Bro sommer bad bro I'm not gunna lie
Jaysus Goated
Jaysus Goated 24 dias atrás
The pizza place was great I’ve been there but it’s in my city too and they let u make any type of pizza
kaiya mae
kaiya mae 25 dias atrás
We’re still waiting for that collab😔
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