I let Twitch Chat decorate my new room

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I gave them a bunch of money, here's how they spent it

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23 Mai 2022



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in case you missed my update video yesterday, this is an example of a more discussion-focused video in the "Dorm Room" format which I'll be uploading to this channel going forward, look for the
Will Cook
the reveal of the Fat Albert wallpaper was so horrifying. The room looks like something someone custom textured in Gmod as a joke. incredible
i think my favorite part about chat obsessing over something random is how doug always starts at denial but inevitably joins them halfway through the stream
Aside from the ball pit idea, I think buying the dog cage and locking the Garfield plush in it would have been hilarious
for the ball removal: check with local animal shelters! at mine, we have a kiddie pool we fill with ball pit balls; then we toss in toys or treats for puppies to jump in and find. the shelters will either be confused or very happy to take them off your hands
Abdul Tarsha
Twitch chat not understanding the idea of a landlord kicking someone out is probably one of the funniest things ever
Ellie Bee
Giving Twitch Chat the power to affect the real world is terrifying, imagine what they’ll be able to do with their new found powers.
This is like a social experiment on how much someone is willing to put up with for a free place to live
Chase Johnson
Now just take a moment to realize that Doug's friend is LIVING in a ball pit - currently. Twitch chat really outdid themselves this time.
Jay Kay
I love that Doug was briefly worried about not having any floor decorations
No Name Sorry
I desperately need a friend who would spend 500 dollars just to decorate my room with fat albert posters and buy me a cat with nuts out plushie I'd kiss them on the lips for that genuinely
Having watched the livestream you wouldn't believe how cathartic it was to finally see the Fat Albert posters and ball pit
Doug is almost exactly like Jerma when it comes to chat interaction, except that he only does what they're demanding about 40% of the time, but he
Benjamin Mendez
"We need the essentials" immediately looks at cardboard cutouts.
The room assembled has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Little does cherry know, there are miniature cameras places in the eyes of all 22 Fat Albert. Also, the timer is rigged to explode if any of the Fat Alberts detect that any decorations have been removed.
AJ Scholl
Doug:”he’s not living in like ball room”
Leo TheHuman
“This is like, the worst way to pay for Fat Albert posters” brand new sentence right there
Tyler feichthaler
Cannot believe that Dog has finally turned himself into a bell pepper.
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