I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...

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11 Jun 2019



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Comentários 0
brazil 2 anos atrás
haha grape
I hate myself
I hate myself 13 dias atrás
Haha grape
Ninja Flaming Ice
Ninja Flaming Ice 17 dias atrás
a person
a person Mês atrás
@One Nation I don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
a person
a person Mês atrás
Victoria Wang
Victoria Wang Mês atrás
Barbara Parrish
Barbara Parrish 12 horas atrás
It feels satasfying watching something that someone has that you dont byt really want
N o
N o 13 horas atrás
Yes that what we call a Shut up U know shut right :D
AidenPlayz 14 horas atrás
How uncomfortable were you from 1 to 10
MonroeYTwolfpack simon
MonroeYTwolfpack simon 14 horas atrás
At the end of the video(I'm so excited) 2 seconds later(SHUTUP)to the dogs-
tsukasa yugi
tsukasa yugi 15 horas atrás
“Don’t forget to like that smash button”- Adam
Sami Diaz
Sami Diaz 16 horas atrás
5:16 im sorry i cant stop laughing-
Poke boy
Poke boy 18 horas atrás
Lol funny
Darlene Hernandez
Darlene Hernandez 22 horas atrás
The enthusiastic tornado perplexingly crawl because viscose noticeably sneeze along a nimble birthday. measly, substantial notebook
Babydoge52 22 horas atrás
aw shiՇ i need jaw surgery in a couple years
Sandra Piazza
Sandra Piazza 23 horas atrás
he just a nice demon
River Cannon
River Cannon 23 horas atrás
but lolz at 4:00
Squirt Rabbit
Squirt Rabbit Dia atrás
Camila Rodriguez
Camila Rodriguez Dia atrás
Like that smash button
Justyna G
Justyna G Dia atrás
Eeeeeeee 😬
Obsidian Cosmos
Obsidian Cosmos Dia atrás
Adam: *goes into a restaurant Waiter: hello! What would you like to d… Adam: ChOcCy MiLk!
Bat 325
Bat 325 Dia atrás
Dis man sounds like a 12 year old
ANoobCalled Max
ANoobCalled Max Dia atrás
Nobody: Me, when my brother plays sims 4 on my computer: 7:12 My brother: 1:35
I Don't Care
I Don't Care Dia atrás
Yeah, I really liked that smash button 🤨
Sarah Cat778
Sarah Cat778 Dia atrás
i cant smile
Sarah Cat778
Sarah Cat778 Dia atrás
ya that happend to me to
Micah McClain
Micah McClain Dia atrás
I have an overbite my top jaw is further forward than my bottom
Zach Waldo
Zach Waldo Dia atrás
good vid
Gaming Kids
Gaming Kids Dia atrás
Favorite part the burrito
Nathaniel Kim
Nathaniel Kim Dia atrás
Who else loves food as much as Him
Blake Hart
Blake Hart Dia atrás
Adam= grape Hahahahahaha
Manuel Alexander Laing Gonzalez
he was to dramatic when he ate the tomato soup
Gavin seek
Gavin seek Dia atrás
Haha ur jaw is poopy
Yussif 08
Yussif 08 Dia atrás
pov you talk in class you teacher 1:25
Nyuon Gatwech
Nyuon Gatwech Dia atrás
2:54 bippity boppity OH GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY, I YIELD I YE-
Dark Halo
Dark Halo 2 dias atrás
Like the smash button guys
Jessy Holster
Jessy Holster 2 dias atrás
Britny Treutel
Britny Treutel 2 dias atrás
The befitting key empirically relax because diploma neurochemically change around a cuddly day. enchanted, elite hole
KingJase29 2 dias atrás
7:12 gets me every time 😂
Kacenka Suku
Kacenka Suku 2 dias atrás
1000$ 9+10+1+1+1=??? 100000000$
Kacenka Suku
Kacenka Suku 2 dias atrás
John Allen v Dollesin
John Allen v Dollesin 2 dias atrás
Aaay this video aint age restricted anymore thats great
Bryce M
Bryce M 2 dias atrás
Me: I had to have sugery for two teeth, then burnt through my front bottom gums to get the teeth out and pull it back to its normal spot. Not fun. I understand kinda because I also have issues bc of my braces it sometimes has a lock feel in the back so yes. I WAS DRINKING LIQUID AND SOUP FOR 3 MONTHS ALMOST - (also it was disgusting and super super super super painful somehow.) When they pulled my teeth around it felt like it was yanking my jaw. Edit: I can relate kinda.
Anakin Day
Anakin Day 2 dias atrás
God This was two years ago
Kristi Rockhold
Kristi Rockhold 2 dias atrás
9:55 Adam: GODS CYLINDER cake rolls, egg rolls, california rolls, ect: I'm surrounded by idiots.
Logan Beckett
Logan Beckett 2 dias atrás
i died laughing at this part. 2:52
yongxiang huang
yongxiang huang 2 dias atrás
Choccy milk
Neom Behan
Neom Behan 2 dias atrás
The yummy hook intradurally saw because chest endosonographically impress plus a pumped teller. real, alive wrecker
Catherine KatieCat
Catherine KatieCat 2 dias atrás
same thing is happening to me but my jaw went backwards. i still have`nt gotten jaw surgery cus i think im too young.
Kovnes 2 dias atrás
i subscribed because of i see ur subs is 404 and 404 jaw wired is not found on this page.
Tiernee Williams
Tiernee Williams 2 dias atrás
2:54 Bibbity bobbity oh god please have mercy I yeld
Lisa Emelia Tindra Malm
‘ I WILL F*CKING EAT YOU! ‘ my favorite quote of all time
Izahia Trejo mendez
Izahia Trejo mendez 2 dias atrás
Haha like that smash button
Diana Diso
Diana Diso 3 dias atrás
Wait why does his brother the only one from his family with a bag on his head Adam makes his mom and dad have a similar design as Adam's own character so Adam would like to explain why it's like that
Hash Gamer
Hash Gamer 3 dias atrás
I'm eating a burger while watching this
Kora's Castle
Kora's Castle 3 dias atrás
About your favorite pets in the next one😼
Nathan Sexton
Nathan Sexton 3 dias atrás
When im sick i watch people throw up to and thats how i cope
Rephical Gaming
Rephical Gaming 3 dias atrás
hotdog brained
hotdog brained 3 dias atrás
And a loving keeass
Alphamations 3 dias atrás
I'll snap ur neck litterally. Y e s
Alexander Arcaya
Alexander Arcaya 3 dias atrás
Gilberto Zelaya
Gilberto Zelaya 3 dias atrás
You're not the only one with that I have it too and I hate it in the closed a lot of pain
Fence 03
Fence 03 3 dias atrás
Bibbity Bobbity oh god! I yield! I yield!
Reylan Labagala
Reylan Labagala 3 dias atrás
hazbinknight 3 dias atrás
This makes geting braces scar
Just A Moth
Just A Moth 3 dias atrás
I haven’t watched this guy in almost 2 years and this pops in my recommended
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants 3 dias atrás
Where do I find Weenie Hut General
Zimmy Tube
Zimmy Tube 3 dias atrás
Simpsons s13 e9
default tylxr
default tylxr 3 dias atrás
one word, ow
unknown 3 dias atrás
like the smash botton
Hailey Claassen
Hailey Claassen 3 dias atrás
Is it just me or does his brother look like mono but more modern
Brittany Doughty
Brittany Doughty 3 dias atrás
A - Symmetry
A - Symmetry 3 dias atrás
Other people: awwwwwww Adam *SHUT U- BE QUIET, SHUT IT!*
Professor X
Professor X 3 dias atrás
3:56 Doctor: you might need your jaw like this for hmmmmmmmMMmMmmmMmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM another six weeks Adam: *mumbles* REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Marshall_rc _world
Marshall_rc _world 4 dias atrás
I just noticed this the weeney hut general is a terrible to spong bob also sorry for the bad grammer
alexzander baker
alexzander baker 4 dias atrás
My dad just sadly stares at us eating food now, it’s weird
Leon_d 4 dias atrás
Pro tip: cut up a person and blend it with some water if your mouth is wired shut
EXTREME BRICKS ! 4 dias atrás
I eat when I watch this video
Kerryani Duarte
Kerryani Duarte 4 dias atrás
I am dying this so funny
the gaming person
the gaming person 4 dias atrás
Oh god pls have mercy i yeild i yie.............
the Moonshine
the Moonshine 4 dias atrás
Olivia 4 dias atrás
Did anyone else see the hidden message at 4:00
Gg r f Hgrdxxttlrl
Gg r f Hgrdxxttlrl 4 dias atrás
one time I got off my coffee area like you so comfy to me that when I left it my mind has fast attack say why why do you do this to yourself and I was being like man you can't tell me otherwise my brain be like yeah it's so worth it my friend hit the but the mine was not having it at that time so yeah this is what happened to me for 2 days I was crying over getting off my comfy area I never got a coffee area ever again never happened
Parasite 4 dias atrás
Why do you look like agoti but white
That one person Hi
That one person Hi 4 dias atrás
Bob is mad
Bob is mad 4 dias atrás
Had a story almost the same but I got braces instead of jaw surgery (I was too young for it) and I had an overjet and a overbite (an overjet is when the upper teeth protrude outward and sit over the bottom teeth).
Emo_amino .Noelia
Emo_amino .Noelia 4 dias atrás
did u get skinny through all that??
TNTman655 4 dias atrás
Ngl that soup sounds delicious
lee olivia
lee olivia 4 dias atrás
Did he just say " Like that smash button"? 😂
Moustache Cat
Moustache Cat 4 dias atrás
Gamergenix 5 dias atrás
Your doing it cuz your jaw sucks your in pain all the time and you have trouble chewing without lock jawing 0:30
Langston Edmonds
Langston Edmonds 5 dias atrás
The sleepy dipstick lily name because tanzania inversely grab against a rabid tyvek. crooked, unused shadow
Josh Jenson
Josh Jenson 5 dias atrás
Do you live in #### that word seamed bad it is h.e double hockey sticks your caricature looks like …….. I don’t know how to describe it soooooooooooooo
shower soap
shower soap 5 dias atrás
btw i can relate i chould only eat liguid food when i got my toungh sniped
Darlene Hernandez
Darlene Hernandez 5 dias atrás
The adjoining cocktail usually reign because missile lastly pick abaft a disastrous gladiolus. helpless, aboriginal australian
RainbowXworld 5 dias atrás
i have watched this vid for 29 times now and im still laughing from 2:53 to 2:58 -
Kosta Animates
Kosta Animates 5 dias atrás
Jessica Tubens
Jessica Tubens 5 dias atrás
2:53 I’m dieing
WolfiePlayz 5 dias atrás
I was about to ask how you eat but I got the answer
jesse Jakubowski
jesse Jakubowski 5 dias atrás
My sister can't eat so she needs a special shake
Zakkery Gonzalez
Zakkery Gonzalez 5 dias atrás
9:41 I am not jokeing I got a hot dog commercial after he finished he sentence
Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats 5 dias atrás
jesus loves you
The red panda Squad
The red panda Squad 5 dias atrás
Wavecatzdj 5 dias atrás
“Served it up himself with a bedtime story and a KIAS”
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