I Got into a Car Accident

Gabbie Hanna
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25 Out 2020



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Comentários 100
Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Mês atrás
SHUT ME UP OUT ON OCT 30! set your alarms!!!
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie 4 dias atrás
Gabbie, you’re very beautiful but you’re very VERY problematic and toxic. I think you should just take a break from social media and focus on yourself. Much love ❤️
skyla arruda
skyla arruda 4 dias atrás
Stop using makeup wipes. Destroys skin.
Candy Peeps
Candy Peeps 14 dias atrás
Gabbie, I am a healer and looking for customers. I am wanting to know if you would be interested in some treatments? I really think you would benefit from them. I think you would have benefited from them earlier, but I wasn't looking for customers at that time (not this way at least). I am a Belvaspata, Sekhem, and Reiki practitioner. I also do tarot and oracle readings and am working on incorporating Psychoenergetic Healing. I'm gonna post this on the other part and send it to your IG just in case it may make it easier to see it ^^
Iain Kerr
Iain Kerr 14 dias atrás
Trust me. The majority of yt wants you to shut up already....
Nice One
Nice One 18 dias atrás
Let me kiss those toes to make it better
Gabriella Parada
Gabriella Parada 4 horas atrás
I don’t think I ever want to hear the term rush hour traffic again...or at least for like a week
Gacha Liv
Gacha Liv 4 horas atrás
My mom ran out of gas 2 hours away from our house in the middle of an interstate with her 8 year old children ._.
Gabriela Alderman
Gabriela Alderman 4 horas atrás
13 times in one year.😂😂
Kimberly Reddin
Kimberly Reddin 7 horas atrás
I ran out of gas and got stuck for hours my boyfriend reported me missing lol I live in Wyoming noone saw me for 5 hours lol
Brothers Of Games
Brothers Of Games 8 horas atrás
Ah she survived it Thats rly uhm.. Unfortunate
Bella 10 horas atrás
I hate how she talks about her life like “it can only happen to me”.... like no. You make terrible decisions and blame it on everything else. I’m sure that story wasn’t exactly like that but ok.
Daniel Newkirk
Daniel Newkirk 8 horas atrás
yeah sounded pretty much fake
Brenda Kamga
Brenda Kamga 10 horas atrás
Are you sure they told you to “get out and push?”
Emily Saunders
Emily Saunders 12 horas atrás
Super careless getting on the HIGHWAY when you know your fucking car is on empty no matter how long you've driven that car
Ang 12 horas atrás
Did she really just claim she is soooo good looking that she caused an accident? Wow!! She is delusional alright.😂 This video is just a I'M SO HOT VIDEO. Nice, very realistic.
Shay 20 horas atrás
That’s not a car accident, just a series of stupid decisions. She’s lucky she didn’t hurt anyone else.
Crescent Dia atrás
I have one question, where did you get that shirt??
Katelyn Beatty
Katelyn Beatty Dia atrás
my mom rain out of gas on a rail road track. it was also down hill. me as a 10 yr old (i’m 16 now) was freaking tf out
Katelyn Beatty
Katelyn Beatty Dia atrás
metal_up_yo_ass Dia atrás
Only you can have such a elaborate situation..make me thjnk my day to day is so boring
Zayra Nolasco
Zayra Nolasco Dia atrás
Jeez I couldn't finish your video. Your negligence to like reality is so fucking sad. You're so full of yourself it's honestly sad. I don't even pity you but you literally put yourself through that situation because you ignored all of the signs and then you put other people at risk on the freeway. Wow.
Patricia Guadalupe Mendoza Barrera
i feel like this everyone stopped watching gabbie after putting out her music hahahhaha
Veedo Veedo
Veedo Veedo Dia atrás
I mean I run out of gas all the time BUT I'm also homeless and struggling. if I had the income and bank account like gabbie, my shit would be full at all times
Veedo Veedo
Veedo Veedo Dia atrás
it had no speed while rolling backwards ... you wouldn't have died. it might hurt a little but probably wouldn't have broke anything
Eva do Couto K
Eva do Couto K Dia atrás
What grown adult doesn’t drive with their phone in do not disturb. I’m glad she didn’t hurt or kill someone.
Eva do Couto K
Eva do Couto K Dia atrás
And what kind of adult with all of the money in the world doesn’t doesn’t keep a tank above 1/4. Your car didn’t “stall out,” you caused an “accident” by not being responsible
arnoldo lopez
arnoldo lopez 2 dias atrás
not going to lie apartment Gabbie had a whole other vibe to her
Jade Sandry
Jade Sandry 2 dias atrás
No one helped you move your car off the road? Woah in Australia literally everyone would pull over to help you
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia 2 dias atrás
All I see is 👃🏻👃🏻👃🏻👃🏻👃🏻
K B 2 dias atrás
I really like that you have money and you drive a 2016 Corolla that you won and you are letting it get fixed instead of getting a new car. Much Respect.
kylie day
kylie day 2 dias atrás
Wait so how did her toe het hurt?
Noah Weathers
Noah Weathers 3 dias atrás
I had an accident about three hours ago. I turned left on green (without an arrow), and misjudged the distance. I’m not injured (for better or worse), and neither is the other driver. I’m so tired of causing trouble. I’m a burden on the world and my family. I wish was dead so I could no longer risk hurting anyone else.
Arley Marie
Arley Marie 3 dias atrás
Girl I have ran out of gas in the middle of winter in BUFFALO NY, on the highway, on Christmas eve!!! I feel you lol you are not alone!
Lisa Gardell
Lisa Gardell 3 dias atrás
“So lucky to be alive” Has a few scratches on her foot
Felisha Marie
Felisha Marie 3 dias atrás
Girl if you gonna make a fake story at-least make it BELIEVABLE! Your toe broke because of what? Peer pressure? Stop it.
Stacey S
Stacey S 4 dias atrás
Your rich and you don’t have to work with dying people in a pandemic stop being so dramatic
Kaitlyn Griffin
Kaitlyn Griffin 4 dias atrás
Just a side note I’m not nitpicking anything I swear but considering what Gabbie said about her car and how well she knows it...y’all PLEASE don’t run your vehicles on empty. Even if you’ve been driving your vehicle for years,please DO NOT DRIVE IT ON E. Driving your car on E or near E repeatedly will wear your fuel pump out with can cost THOUSANDS of dollars versus the $20 and extra 5-10 minutes of your time. Just in case you didn’t know.
Kay Simmons
Kay Simmons 4 dias atrás
Why did nobody help you?? Wtf. Here in the south someone would have jumped out and pushed while you steered smh
glaco 4 dias atrás
R U OK 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Theresa Barragan
Theresa Barragan 5 dias atrás
Meee iv ran out of gas and i think like 3 time (not me my mom and dad) hahaha
Thee And Me
Thee And Me 5 dias atrás
I thought it was "intensive" purposes.. haha .. wow.. learn something new everyday...
Ivanka 5 dias atrás
sucks you survived tho
Kaché Garcia
Kaché Garcia 6 dias atrás
The second I heard the plane I quoted the cut scene before it even happened and paused to cry laughing before I could continue 😂😂 Also, have run out of gas an embarrassing number of times 😅 Absolutely terrible, but I made some good friends because of it! Glad you're okay, be safe, I laughed way too hard at this video, yay for Karen and #AllIntentsandPurposes 💖
JaeLe Black
JaeLe Black 6 dias atrás
girl you’re sus
Samantha ,
Samantha , 6 dias atrás
I wanna punch the tow truck driver 😂
RayAnne Marie
RayAnne Marie 6 dias atrás
All intensive purposes. That's exactly what I thought 🤔 🙃 ALTHOUGH THE TOWTRUCK GUY WHAT!!!! fuckin *shocked pikachu face*
Robby G
Robby G 6 dias atrás
why did you have to survive?
Katie Perry
Katie Perry 7 dias atrás
I mean. I've seen you drive girl🙈😂 Just glad you're alright 😊
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 7 dias atrás
Pretty strong and hot
Zoe Drolick
Zoe Drolick 7 dias atrás
More aggressive than monter?🙈🙊
Twiggy Stardust
Twiggy Stardust 7 dias atrás
How does this video have 2.4k dislikes but no negative comments?? STRANGE...
Twiggy Stardust
Twiggy Stardust 7 dias atrás
So weird how none of these comments are calling her out on how much she makes stuff up. Where her subscriber count, where’s the other comments. Ig the good thing is she doesn’t get views anymore ☺️
jennifer Loy fairhurst
Are you kidding? Or have you just found out it's All intents and purposes 😂 tree!
Drew McKee
Drew McKee 8 dias atrás
Anyone seen the Cobra Starship single Hot Mess cover picture? Gabbie obviously did.
Sage Gable
Sage Gable 8 dias atrás
Gabbie: "What doesn't kill you makes a good story." Me: "*singing the song in my head* What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little ta.... oh... guess not."
Isbet Sierra
Isbet Sierra 8 dias atrás
I used to always run out of gas!! My brother gave me a AAA card for my birthday
syretta nelson
syretta nelson 8 dias atrás
storm lopez
storm lopez 7 dias atrás
omg that is you! trash
The Shields Sisters
The Shields Sisters 8 dias atrás
Hey! Please take a few seconds to check out me and my sister's youtube channel! We put a lot of effort into our videos, and I hope you enjoy!
Jordan Devino
Jordan Devino 9 dias atrás
I’m dead af 😂 “I hit the New York time bestseller and than I got hit by a car” 😂😂 I’m glad your okay tho 🥰
Jordan Devino
Jordan Devino 9 dias atrás
St Ives acne control thank me later 😘
SteFunny S
SteFunny S 9 dias atrás
I'm glad you are okay
Teeny 2850
Teeny 2850 9 dias atrás
Of course it was a bmw
shyanne stoddard
shyanne stoddard 9 dias atrás
Good :) I’m glad you did. Don’t be shy do it again
Universum 9 dias atrás
People always hating on police, like why? 99% of them a amazing people lol Just imagine what they go through.
SimplyyCicii Xx
SimplyyCicii Xx 9 dias atrás
How is her views SO low.. wtf youtube fix this shit.. her song was amazing so was the video:/ 2 weeks under 400k views before her songs will be over a million in two weeks
Lena Covello
Lena Covello 9 dias atrás
Lol I always fill up my tank 1/4 to E just because I don’t need something like this to happen to me lol. And I always keep an Anker battery pack in my purse too!
Farid_Goat 69
Farid_Goat 69 10 dias atrás
The person who hit ur car is a mONsTeR
Hannah Kiehnau
Hannah Kiehnau 10 dias atrás
Soooo randomly watched Signs again today, randomly was like “I’ve not seen Gabbie in a while, I should see how she’s doing” and she mentions Signs!! Wtf I’m freakin out just a tad here...
Shanna Maus
Shanna Maus 10 dias atrás
They are probably from stress.
Arturo Ayala
Arturo Ayala 10 dias atrás
Almost a month after the incident... How's Karen Corolla doing? Is she better?
Haley Shaffer
Haley Shaffer 10 dias atrás
I ran out of gas with my two small children in the back on a highway in the middle of the night. I was terrified but thank God after literally 100 people INCLUDING A POLICE OFFICER just zooming past me, a really sweet couple stops and helps me.
Anna C
Anna C 11 dias atrás
“mY sTaTe TaX dOlLaRs @ WoRk” 🥴 how annoying.
Frost etn
Frost etn 11 dias atrás
Me sees the title me OH GOOD GOD AGIAN!!
Brooke Lynn
Brooke Lynn 11 dias atrás
The fact that guy gave you a brochure for a body shop at the scene of an accident is illegal like what?
kiss me under the moon light !
No what would had been magical.. Is you staying in your car, taking that phone (you was seeing all the emails pop up on) calling either AAA or friend/family, motion the other cars to go around.. And ummm sit & wait.. Yep that's it
Nora Galvan
Nora Galvan 11 dias atrás
I never have ran out of gas because I make it a point to never drive on Empty. I specially wouldn’t get on the freeway 🛣 if I was on empty.
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover 11 dias atrás
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 11 dias atrás
my mum always drives her car on E and i’m like mum you need fuel and she says no it’s ok i have loads
Green_iRis 11 dias atrás
I still drive my 2014 Toyota Corolla and I’ll continue for at least the next 10 years. She is amazing and beautiful lol
Aina Aina
Aina Aina 11 dias atrás
Who is this
Mckenna Laird
Mckenna Laird 11 dias atrás
Cracks me up that they were all telling you to push, but didn't get out to help you lmao like wtf 😂 how is that helpful?
Cian O'Halloran
Cian O'Halloran 12 dias atrás
Gabbie: Universe humbles me Also Gabbie: I drive my car with no gas and it cut out ... Not sure it's the universe
Baileigh Brown
Baileigh Brown 12 dias atrás
I'm so glad you're okay and don't let people make you feel bad for driving a corolla. Just because you have money and shit doesn't mean you need to have a cool car to impress others. That's why I love you
KENDRAndom Lee
KENDRAndom Lee 12 dias atrás
Phototropism! One of my top five favorite words!!!
maybeme8 12 dias atrás
I'm sorry, I might of missed it, but how did you get a broken toe and broken nails out of this incident? I'm confused.
Sam Gallagher
Sam Gallagher 12 dias atrás
Congratulations on dandelion!!!
Darlene 12 dias atrás
What would it take to shut you up.
JennyApostolos 12 dias atrás
thankfully nothing serious happened to you.
Emma Bourne
Emma Bourne 12 dias atrás
I enjoy your videos where you just sit down and talk to us
noot noot
noot noot 13 dias atrás
Breanna Monahan
Breanna Monahan 13 dias atrás
Paul Dee
Paul Dee 13 dias atrás
I severely doubt anyone would have told you or even suggested that you should put your car in neutral and then stand downhill of it. Unless they wanted you to die.
Audrey Nicole
Audrey Nicole 11 dias atrás
I don't believe a lot of this story. The police telling her if she wants to file a complaint, the tow truck driver just towing her off the expressway and not to a gas station? Idk maybe it's just me.
Journea 13 dias atrás
Literally never driving my car on E ever after hearing this story.
Bull Shit
Bull Shit 13 dias atrás
I work roadside assistance. Please pay attention to the incline before you attempt to push. If the car is more likely to roll backwards than fowards, throw your car into neutral, INDICATE (hazards don't alert drivers as to your intentions when reversing) to the shoulder you’re trying to get to, and reverse your vehicle off of the road. Obviously only do this if there is ample space behind you to carry out the manoeuvre. But do not, under any circumstances, EVER try to push a car UP even the smallest of inclines. And as a general rule, call the police the second you run out of gas in a dangerous situation. The operators will dispatch traffic control or the equivalent for you, and while you’re experiencing an adrenaline rush, a level headed operator will be able to tell you what to do in your situation. I hope this helps somebody.
Candy Peeps
Candy Peeps 14 dias atrás
Hi, Gabbie, I am a healer and looking for customers. I am wanting to know if you would be interested in some treatments? I really think you would benefit from them. I think you would have benefited from them earlier, but I wasn't looking for customers at that time (not this way at least). I am a Belvaspata, Sekhem, and Reiki practitioner. I also do tarot and oracle readings and am working on incorporating Psychoenergetic Healing.
Jaz 14 dias atrás
I thought it was all intensive purposes.... lol
Sadie Dascher
Sadie Dascher 14 dias atrás
I can't even count how many times I have ran out of gas along side a highway, never a situation like that. Thank God you're okay!! 💛💛
julo 14 dias atrás
ty for spoiling that movie
HK Stans
HK Stans 14 dias atrás
You're more likely to die of a car related accident than of COVID - there ya go Gabbie, take off the mask and let your skin heal.
Kyleigh Hemmingson
Kyleigh Hemmingson 15 dias atrás
I have a 2015 corolla and I love it so much.
Julia Mary
Julia Mary 15 dias atrás
didn't look to see who posted this video and i thought it was emma chamberlain in the thumbnail
Tori Bielewitz
Tori Bielewitz 15 dias atrás
Ran out of gas trying to leave after breaking up with my boyfriend.
Childhood Nostalgia
Childhood Nostalgia 13 dias atrás
.. My ex boyfriend was trying to leave when he cheated on me (his plan was to drive to the girls house) he made a big deal about it and stormed in his car and started it and the car didn’t even make it down the road before he called me saying he needed help lol 😂
Mila K
Mila K 15 dias atrás
Sorry why do people hate her?
Childhood Nostalgia
Childhood Nostalgia 13 dias atrás
Because the made a big thing about her being a shitty singer who’s annoying and desperate for attention. I don’t even know
ellie the potato
ellie the potato 15 dias atrás
Dont worry my mums car has stopped in middle of road before and multiple times ran out of fuel
Hamza Mubarek
Hamza Mubarek 15 dias atrás
I was rewatching Davids blogs and wanted to see what you was doing
Alex 16 dias atrás
"I got in a car accident" Me: ugh again? again? a-fucking-gain?
Jøåň Møãñ
Jøåň Møãñ 16 dias atrás
Yeah, she is clumsily Great
Gabbie Taylor
Gabbie Taylor 16 dias atrás
What dose not kill you make you sStronger
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