I got a NASCAR!

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12 Jul 2021



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Lewis Texidor
Damn dude !!!! this car used to belong to one of my guitar students. I literally was at his garage 2 weeks ago looking at it. Good to see it in great hands.
Cars Garage
The best sounding cold start I've ever heard.
"i got a nascar"
Gavin Parker
Neighbors: “Sounds like somebody is starting a NASCAR outside.”
Wait till he learns what a fuel pump cutoff switch is. It will blow his mind.
Operator Glizzy
Every time he says “10 thousand rpms” take a shot
Dark Side
I would love to be your neighbor
When he said “I apologize for existing” I felt that
Cass & Marion Castro
I would assume that we all are assuming that he forgot to flip the switch for the fuel pump.
steven woodruff
I was screaming "THERES NO FUEL!" for far too long
SK Productions
him getting a new car delivered to his house is like a neighborhood event
Says he doesn't want to break it
Lonely Sandwich
Imagin having super insane and cool cars, COULDNT BE ME
Man. That's amazing haha. I literally have the sister car to this. Same year. Ryan Newman's 12. Unfortunately my video was wrecking it XD
Imagine not being glued to your window everyday as his neighbor.
Drug Enforcement Administration
The car: bro just leave me sleep
Rafael Larosiliere
“Maybe, maybe not a police officer” the sunglasses were a dead giveaway 😂😂😂
Ben Raknes
I love how Johnny is just a random neighbor that James became friends with and got him more into cars, and now he’s tasked with helping start a NASCAR😂
Ethan Isom
He’s not just living the life but he’s curing our boredom
Noah Chetty
No cap James is the only guy I watch on BRvid that does not make me bored his content is so lit
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