i found my home in your arms - lofi hip hop mix

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👁 Artwork by itukai
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00:00 Citia x Facu - Última vez
02:34 J E N - divine
04:50 spencer hunt - youll be okay i promise
08:05 jhove - before you fall asleep
10:57 死と再生 - DTH&RBRTH - Sanctum
12:41 Fleeky - past
14:19 jhove - thinking back ( w adrian kelley )
16:55 nogfgoodnight - made this while messaging floop.
18:36 4u - i found my home in your arms
19:43 jhove - cloud chasing ( w flovry )
22:17 arvnd - deer lion and eagle
24:56 johnbad - shining
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15 Set 2019



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Dreamy 8 meses atrás
A little late, but I hope you appreciate it ♡ Don't forget to click on the "bell" icon to be notified of downloads :) _________ Tracklist : 00:00 Citia x Facu - Última vez 02:34 J E N - divine 04:50 spencer hunt - youll be okay i promise 08:05 jhove - before you fall asleep 10:57 死と再生 - DTH&RBRTH - Sanctum 12:41 Fleeky - past 14:19 jhove - thinking back ( w adrian kelley ) 16:55 nogfgoodnight - made this while messaging floop. 18:36 4u - i found my home in your arms 19:43 jhove - cloud chasing ( w flovry ) 22:17 arvnd - deer lion and eagle 24:56 johnbad - shining
Zolo1512 13 dias atrás
Naashira 26 dias atrás
@Anime Master BLØTH - shining you can find it on soundcloud
Anime Master
Anime Master Mês atrás
what about 25:00
Uchiha Uzumaki
Uchiha Uzumaki Mês atrás
Name for anime?
Zachary Siegel
Zachary Siegel Mês atrás
i love this
Gimbitzs Everything
Gimbitzs Everything 2 horas atrás
Have any of you had that feeling as if a hole was being burrowed into your chest like it’s constantly there you have no idea why it’s there but it is?
Itzíar 11 horas atrás
Espero que algún día estés aquí y puede que quizás leas este comentario, no lo sé, pero sé que a veces los miras. Si lo estás leyendo, que sepas que hoy he leído otra vez tu texto y esta vez lo he llorado, y he llegado hasta las dos recomendaciones que me hiciste. Aún te quiero (se me hace duro saber que probablemente esté sea el último te quiero que te diga, no porque no lo sienta) y se me hace un nudo en la garganta cada vez que pienso en ti. Creo que esto es como meter un mensaje en una botella y tirarlo al mar, es casi imposible que te acabe llegando, pero aún así, si la vida o lo que sea nos tiene unidos, espero que algún día te muestre este mensaje.
levi 12 horas atrás
Perfect thing to vibe to when its pouring rain, your desk toilet paper is blowing in your fans wind, and your nearly empty water bottle sways back and forth every time you type.
Neurosis 2 dias atrás
I need a shoulder to sleep and cry on, i presume im not the only one?
fkk25 2 dias atrás
Dont live your life trying to find the right person, try to become that person
Pumpkin Eater 69
Pumpkin Eater 69 3 dias atrás
I just wanma meet the right one already and i'm stuck in highschool during quarantine. feels like life is only slowing down when i want to get to the next chapter of my life
Christina Greensitt
Christina Greensitt 3 dias atrás
Since everyone else is sharing their love stories, I thought "why not share mine?". I got into a relationship almost 3 years ago now. It started out beautiful and we were happy. Eventually as I grew I realised I wasn't happy anymore and it just wasn't where i wanted to be. Falling out of love was hard, but I stayed for a long time, hoping that I'd fall back in love and that we'd fix our issues. Alas that didn't happen and eventually, after 2 years and 3 months, I left. It broke my heart and I had never felt so guilty in my life. I tried to move on and that didn't work out. This lead me to believe that my ex was right, no one else was going to love me. And I became at peace with that, I was happy being single; that and I was scared of commitment, terrified infact. That was until half way through December 2019. I started to talk to a guy, just trying to make a friend. I spent the whole day with him when we first met up and I enjoyed every moment. I got on the train home that night and suddenly I wasn't scared of committing, I wanted to commit and to spend my life with this person. It, admittedly, hasn't been long since we got together but I knew after that first train ride home that I was in love again, and this time I'm not going to just give it up. I can't wait to spend my life with him and I'll fight harder than ever before to make things work. Love isn't easy but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be worthy of it.
WOW...i love your playlist man!!!!!I've always admiring your channel... from a few months ago.. I thought I would make same lofi playlist and music contents so I made a new channel for me. You are my inspiration.. And the songs are so inspirational. I hope u could keep up!! Bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rabbit Dead
Rabbit Dead 3 dias atrás
Im crying cause i didnt had a young love story
Rabbit Dead
Rabbit Dead 3 dias atrás
And i want to tell god to give me one more chance to marry the girl i loved...
LOFI mata melon
LOFI mata melon 4 dias atrás
*Immature love says :* *‘ I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says : ‘I need you because I love you.’*
cacchan 4 dias atrás
is this a wallpaper engine wallpaper
RaspberryAlexis 101
RaspberryAlexis 101 5 dias atrás
wow everyone is so nice here I feel so light and airy, Thank you so much. and to who’s reading this feeling like they aren’t special remember this piece of advice “You look at other rice balls and see how they have seaweed and filling but when you look in the mirror you just see a plain rice ball. Little do you know you have a plum on your back that everyone can see but you” (not the exact words) -fruits basket tohru Honda🍙 and for the people who always over think things and wonder if they are ever making the right choice and consistently worrying about the future. I feel you. God I feel you so much. I just man I just want to take it one step at a time it’s hard at first believe me but focus on making the right choice in the moment on the situation right in front of you. I wish someone was there to tell me that months ago. I still struggle with trying to control the future it’s stupid trying to control something I know I can’t but yet I find myself trying to scared of losing the person I cherish most and worrying if my efforts are good enough and wondering if I should do this all for one guy and wondering if he is worth it. it’s hard to unravel my feelings it’s hard for anyone to know what they truly want out of life. But know that talking your thoughts out or writing them down helps organize them and put you on a better path towards a good future where you are happy and that’s what’s life is really about being happy and peaceful. I hope this helped even one person just think a little better about them selves or there situation. P.S. I went on a rant I was not expecting so sorry for who had to read my inner thoughts I hope you have a life full of ups and downs. Full of happy and sad. Full of loving people who care about you and when you reach the end I sincerely hope you are at peace with everything you lived though ✌︎︎☘︎︎♫
Dear Letters to Loved Ones
Матвей Савич
i wanna live in Japan
J. Oden
J. Oden 6 dias atrás
I just realized. I might never be in a relationship.
oof ooofer
oof ooofer 6 dias atrás
"Life is a generous feeling, Vibes all day" those last words from a friend of mine.
yajaira mendez
yajaira mendez 7 dias atrás
Y’all heard about the riot during May
-_Diffrent Things_-
-_Diffrent Things_- 7 dias atrás
Nobody loves you Nobody cares about you Nobody understand your problems Nobody confess you Nobody is your friend Don't worry my name is Nobody :)
Pixel KatZ
Pixel KatZ 7 dias atrás
that's me and Hannah King
Alex Ng
Alex Ng 7 dias atrás
I thought i find my home in your arms, but it is already been taken.
HK 7 dias atrás
it's 51% beats and 49% them lofi arts that are on point. love the people who make such beautiful art
Scott Hedley
Scott Hedley 8 dias atrás
Hearthez brought me here
Alex Does Stuff
Alex Does Stuff 9 dias atrás
To anyone and everyone, If you're not feeling okay, just know that there will always be someone who's willing to listen, someone who's willing to hear and love you and be there by your side to tell you that everything will be alright. If you feel sad, it's okay. Don't feel guilty, because even the sad feelings are okay to have. If you're in a tough place and things aren't looking good on your end, remember that it'll be okay, even if it doesn't feel like it. Eventually it will. Keep on trying your best, because I know you can do amazing things if you try. You'll do great! So if you're feeling down, or unhappy, or just not the best, I'm here to send this message: you are amazing, you're wonderful and you are the best because you are you! And even if you don't love yourself, I know someone else will. If no one does, that means you haven't met them yet. But you will one day. And when you do, you'll be okay.
Sazan Ak
Sazan Ak 9 dias atrás
Right now i just want to be alone in a place and live My own life do what ever i want just be so far from Everyone who hurted me once
Cernius101 9 dias atrás
Love is so beautiful, too bad it’s not when it’s not reciprocal. Stay strong guys, everything will be fine.
The Names Kevin
The Names Kevin 10 dias atrás
whats the meaning to life? Does it matter? Mabey it will be someone, something, an answer maybe. But then what happens if I die before I found the meaning? Mabey I can find it in heaven or in my next life or whatever. Or maybe the meaning doesn't matter, and the journey is what matters. I dont know, but im going to spend my journey loving the people i love and finding as many friends as possible. That way if I die without learning the meaning of life, at least the Journey was worth it. this music really makes you think...
Sexy Pigeon
Sexy Pigeon 10 dias atrás
*Whoever Needs Music Now In these hard times, Y’all Are Free To Use Mine. Love
Gus Dapperton's Hairdresser
dude this is rly good!!! thx
Billie's Eyelash
Billie's Eyelash 10 dias atrás
omggg iluv ur musicc
* Horror * Diversion * Terraria y mas *
latinoamerica en la casa papa
Meera Sulaiman
Meera Sulaiman 12 dias atrás
if i was that girl in the pic i would’ve RAN
Sarah bts
Sarah bts 12 dias atrás
Thank you 😍😍😭
klarinett ensemble
klarinett ensemble 12 dias atrás
Subtitles: [Music] Deaf People: ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪
xvroye 13 dias atrás
I have bpd so I’m constantly searching for “the one” Relationship after relationship I couldn’t help but feel empty. Then I met him.. He was sweet and kind and cute and charming and he had this stupid humour that I found so bloody hilarious. I fell in love with him, and he felt like home. I felt safe with him. He felt like “the one” I’ve been searching for my entire life. He has bpd as well, which is resulted in me doing tiny things that upset him and hurt him more than it ever should have. On the 24th of March he decided to cut me out of his life, since then the past two “24ths” have been me crying and having mental breakdowns about losing the person that I loved the most in the world. If he reads this ever, I’m sorry for hurting you. I will always love you and I hope you can find happiness
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 12 dias atrás
надеюсь в твоей жизни все наладиться
i hate this world
i hate this world 13 dias atrás
i have no story, im just lost.
Cinnamonroll - Chan
Cinnamonroll - Chan 14 dias atrás
3 AM.
Cecília Maria
Cecília Maria 14 dias atrás
Eu baixei esse lofi mix ano passado. Ouvi ele por um tempo, mas depois o abandonei e deixei lá, perdido nas profundezas do meu reprodutor de música. Eu não tocava mais nessa música, até enjoar um pouco dos outros lofis que eu tava ouvindo. Eu não queria música com letra, pra não me distrair, já que eu tava respondendo minha lista de matemática. Daí eu lembrei desse áudio. Comecei a escutar e me veio um sentimento estranho. Eu não sei explicar. Pensei que talvez fosse porque, na época em que baixei o mix, eu tava passando por algo bom ou, simplesmente, marcante. O problema é que eu não consigo me lembrar do que aconteceu na época pra que eu me sinta assim, e isso me incomoda muito. É como se eu sentisse saudade da época, mas saudade de quê? Eu não consigo lembrar da Cecília do passado ouvindo essas músicas ou em que parte da minha vida isso aconteceu. É um sentimento feliz (e talvez meio melancólico), mas me deixa um pouco agoniada, como se eu não conseguisse lembrar direito da minha própria vida, do meu contexto na época. Eu tô com medo de tá perdendo a memória, eu não lembro de quase tudo vivi com os meus amigos. Eu tô realmente preocupada, mas tô satisfeita por ter reencontrado essas músicas, apesar delas me deixarem triste. Eu não me importo com o fato de tá no meio de um monte de gringo. Se, pelo menos, um brasileiro estiver lendo esse comentário, acho que vou me sentir melhor, já que alguém vai tá lendo meu "desabafo". Se você já sentiu a sensação de se sentir mal por esquecer algo bom da própria vida, por favor, me conte mais sobre isso. Eu adoraria saber que isso não é tão raro quanto eu pensava e que não significa que eu tenha ou irei desenvolver algum problema de memória futuramente (eu tô bem aflita) Agradecida desde já :') ♡
HEROL HENRY 14 dias atrás
day 1 of Deployment = "Explosions" "Return fire" "We need air support" "war flashbacks" after a few encounters later = "Explosions" "Chilling in a trench listening to this"
Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed 14 dias atrás
are they floating?
Ge̡҉̵o̷҉̶ i̸̴͢s̛͡a̡͡n̴͞g̸ry̷͠
Ever get that moment where you lose reality and just think your gonna die one day or "is my life even real? Or "is there a point in life?" And "what's our goal of being alive? Where is the end?"
Mr. Tork
Mr. Tork 15 dias atrás
I play this to pretend I'm not lonely.
Loh Wen Tao
Loh Wen Tao 16 dias atrás
Why don't we take a step back and relax in these trying times eh.
Maïmara L
Maïmara L 16 dias atrás
this is the best comment section i've ever seen, everyone is so lovely and comprehensive, hold on my depressed fellas !
Muhammad Ibrahim Shamim Siddiqui
I know it's there... One day I'll find it... With you...
Yuphii 16 dias atrás
don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms no, really, don't
IJustLoveMyPain 16 dias atrás
I can't love people. It's a feeling unknown to me .... It's not that I hate them. It's just that I can't. I have tried, but nothing.
• Eveesal •
• Eveesal • 16 dias atrás
My favourite bit is with the anime characters
Jack Umbaugh
Jack Umbaugh 16 dias atrás
When I was extremely young I'd always watch my older brothers playing games and Super Mario 64 was one of my favorites. Hearing the piranha plant lullaby in "past" nearly broke my heart. It's a song that reminds me of being small. Trying to learn and keep up playing games with my brothers. It reminds me of the great man who composed it and the pain of when I learned he'd passed away.
i wanna cry all day
i wanna cry all day 16 dias atrás
I want to be in love with someone, but I don't think I can.
Netta 16 dias atrás
lionheart gaming
lionheart gaming 17 dias atrás
Before I met her I felt dead. I don't anymore. I can't ever feel dead again.
Yes Epic
Yes Epic 17 dias atrás
this is 100% my favorite lofi mix, nice job!
Person 17 dias atrás
Man I wish this animated picture is on wallpaper engline
Tim Llamar
Tim Llamar 17 dias atrás
this is my 7th time coming back here , and i just think to myself , lol i hate being lonely, i just want someone who cares and loves me unconditionally , but lol thats never gonna happen, im too desperate, ive been waiting my whole life yet, not a single i have been with is long enough to be called "being in a relationship" now , its just never going to happen lol its hopeless to fall inlove w/someone again, i'll just be rejected again lol
Michael Matzar
Michael Matzar 17 dias atrás
whats up with all the solar powerbank crap
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 18 dias atrás
Awwwww I want a cute boy to lean on my shoulder like that.......
Dorian SantoS
Dorian SantoS 18 dias atrás
Can I ask what you use for editing audio and talking parts. Aspiring creator inspired by u
EvoLution - EvoTV
EvoLution - EvoTV 18 dias atrás
The background has a vibe to it.
l l e n
l l e n 18 dias atrás
Just imagine, finally finding the one you truly love, and then the person you love embraces you and everything feels so soft and you feel so relieved that you start to cry tears of joy and the world around you just disappears and all you feel is the comfort of that person's arms and your warm tears falling down your cheeks.
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 18 dias atrás
for me it's only a dream
izuku Midoriya
izuku Midoriya 19 dias atrás
My best friend is exactly 20 hours away from me, we call everyday, we have been through good time and bad times, relationship problems to weddings, crying to laughing. She's my everything and I would do anything to meet her. When we talk about meeting each other I actually tear up, I don't think she knows how bad I want to see her. She's helped me through therapy, she made me stop cutting myself, I was going to commit suicide but she was there for me, I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend. She is the best and one day I hope to meet her, I know it will take awhile but I can wait a few days, months, years, decades, for her. I would wait my whole life if I had to. I can't believe I met someone like her, we are like sisters. She's been through a lot and I support her and I love her so much. Somedays when I'm sick I fight through it just to talk to her, somedays I think about killing myself or hurting myself but she's there. There is honestly no better friend than her. Thanks Kellie.
Bllly P
Bllly P 19 dias atrás
I’ve been in one of those moods and recommended knows it so might as well jump in. I’m 20 and have been single for my entire life. I wonder if I’ll meet the girl that makes me happy and wants to be around me but as of rn I’ve been living in the friend zone wondering when things are gonna change. I’m told I’m good looking and that I have so many good personality traits but time and time again I’m told That “I’m attractive as a friend but not much else” it stings but I guess someday I’ll find someone else that’s attractive as a friend and we can be attractive as friends together
The_only_undertale 19 dias atrás
i've lost the home i once had, it hurts more than i could imagine without him..
Yuqing Jin
Yuqing Jin 19 dias atrás
All the most beautiful moments are in student time
ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง 19 dias atrás
why do i feel there should be like a lofi cafe or something where lofi listeners can meet other lofi listeners and just bond & talk about their problems and just hugs (。•́︿•̀。)
Hao Hao
Hao Hao 4 dias atrás
i agree !
Johanne Adler
Johanne Adler 20 dias atrás
im so so fckin glad i have this one person in my life. without him, i would probably be dead rn. fuck.
정민 20 dias atrás
God I wish that were me :(
Akane san
Akane san 20 dias atrás
To all the people unhappy, holding their tears back, to those already crying, or just sad without knowing why, I'd like to say something. Y'all listening? Well. It'll get better. No matter how, no matter when, it'll get better, and I'll be supporting you all the way. You're loved and you matter, so don't give up. Never give up. I'm about to cry too, but I promise you everything will get better, and soon, we will be able to smile without any weight on our hearts. I promise you.
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 18 dias atrás
thanks for the support :3
SHayden 20 dias atrás
I lost my home, waking up without is pointless for me rn :'(
정민 20 dias atrás
SHayden 😊
SHayden 20 dias atrás
@정민 Thanks.
정민 20 dias atrás
SHayden We’re here for you in the comments :)
Romina Torres
Romina Torres 21 dia atrás
Amo la tercera cancion..
S A D B I T C H 22 dias atrás
I miss the times when Im nott cinfessing my feelings to my crush before it causes a cold friendship
It's Kryms0nzZ
It's Kryms0nzZ 22 dias atrás
if its an anime what is it?
It's Kryms0nzZ
It's Kryms0nzZ 22 dias atrás
is this an anime or just art? the art is dope asf
Ravιᴋ 17 dias atrás
Sorry it is an anime. I found out it is called TSUKI GA KIREI and this ist just artwork of it by itukai.
Ravιᴋ 17 dias atrás
It's art
fluffy clouds
fluffy clouds 22 dias atrás
"Well, we're alone again..." "Yeah heh." "Do you...Do you mind if I just..." -rests head on her shoulders- "..." *He falls asleep on her shoulders, On a warm day. Her shoulders are so warm and sensitive* ... *There was silence till her bus stop* "ALRIGHT YOU SACK OF SHIT. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LEANING ON MY SHOULDER!!!! HUH?!" *She throws him to the wall on the bus* *Lesson Learned. Never rest on a girl's shoulder, Especially after school.*
Commander Jameson
Commander Jameson 22 dias atrás
There are still many secondary schools in Malaysia that have many Islamic textbooks for their secondary students to believe that there is death penalty in Islam for ex-Muslims but denied by Zakir Naik and Mehdi Hasan based on Quran to Prof Richard Dawkins Mehdi Hasan publicly said that the Quran has no words which related to death penalty for all ex-Muslims after being asked by Professor Richard Dawkins the gnostic atheist Mehdi Hasan @w03A Zakir Naik @JWFw That entire message may be sent to more than 200 recipients through e-mail immediately @t
Nepkae 23 dias atrás
Will someone ever love me? Will someone ever hug me back when I hug them? Will I ever rub my head against someone's head?
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 18 dias atrás
CozmicPlayz Minecraft
CozmicPlayz Minecraft 23 dias atrás
I have a theory I feel like everytimes we sleep we have some sort of dream. everytime. but the sad part is when you wake up, sometimes you won't remember the dream that well, unless you sleep good.
C.C. But on a different Account
;w; bootiful
Fox 23 dias atrás
Тёма шевцов
Тёма шевцов 23 dias atrás
слидан какой же ты охуееный
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 18 dias atrás
Ursula Rowe
Ursula Rowe 24 dias atrás
i just need a hug right now
Ursula Rowe
Ursula Rowe 16 dias atrás
@Ravιᴋ aww thank you
Ravιᴋ 17 dias atrás
I give you virtual hug *hugs you
Гоша Эбланж
Гоша Эбланж 18 dias atrás
I also
Newt0n 24 dias atrás
reading the title made me think of this girl that i really liked and i was jealous that she was so pretty and popular and all around nice. i always though she was way out of my league and i’d never have her so i dated one of her friends that were more self centered and it drove me into a brief depression. she broke up with me because i was too much for her hands and i was left alone in the dark. it seemed like i had no one but i felt a hand on my shoulder and there she was. its the first girl, i never thought she’d be so careful with someone as fragile as me, it was nice. we started talking more and i told her my feelings, but she was getting over someone and wasnt ready, so i waited. it felt hopeless until that same hand returned and took mine. it was nice for that moment to be happy, and lucky for me that would keep happening thanks to her. :)
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