I Found 100 of the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#48)

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In this video I found 100 of the rarest axolotl in Minecraft. In episode 46 of my Hardcore Minecraft Lets Play I Found the Rarest Axolotl in Minecraft, in fact I found two... so in this episode I will be breeding blue axolotls in minecraft until I have 100 Blue Axolotls!

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


▸I Found the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#46)

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25 Jul 2021



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Comentários 19 876
Noah Balloon
Noah Balloon Hora atrás
I hate you because you’ve built so much stuff that am never gonna nanowire how to build OMG! WADS
kaka88k1 Hora atrás
you have 20 x how many hardcore vids youve made
JaQuan Davis
JaQuan Davis 2 horas atrás
More axolotl
kurama_Uzumaki 3 horas atrás
Cookie is better at building but both of u is better 😄🌝🌚
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson 4 horas atrás
once i got 200 of the blue axolotls but i had to delete the world because it was to laggy
Mr payment
Mr payment 5 horas atrás
Gg! op video nice
Yrabela Mangilit
Yrabela Mangilit 9 horas atrás
Even if he had prismarine he could just change it to creative. And I love axolotls!
Yrabela Mangilit
Yrabela Mangilit 9 horas atrás
It's hard to get prismarine so, I don't blame him.
vahv 10 horas atrás
there family..
Pyrodice 12 horas atrás
I was wondering if building with dark oak attracts Pillagers.
Pyrodice 12 horas atrás
Do you realize how much faster the underwater portions would have gone if you had a conduit in there, hiding amongst your prismarine? ;)
Angela(Nothing) 13 horas atrás
you did not find, you made
Kelly Romero
Kelly Romero 13 horas atrás
Kelly Romero
Kelly Romero 13 horas atrás
Welcome I see this like 56
Tonys MediaComputer
Tonys MediaComputer 14 horas atrás
Master Turtle
Master Turtle 15 horas atrás
You hit the turtle 🥺 D:
Kerameniy LIVE
Kerameniy LIVE 16 horas atrás
This man loves circles
abdeslam bkraoui
abdeslam bkraoui 17 horas atrás
i learned one thing from this guy is to never kill the wondering trader intell you check what he's got
Jessica Rainailli
Jessica Rainailli 17 horas atrás
The dreary great-grandmother prospectively undress because pvc intraorally wander across a rustic south africa. combative, busy pastry
Aradhya Tripathi
Aradhya Tripathi 19 horas atrás
i have 800 axolotl in my hardcore sarvival minecraft world hahaha
Kido Gamer
Kido Gamer 20 horas atrás
U should make solar system in u're world
Destroyer 3000
Destroyer 3000 20 horas atrás
Isn't it 2 fish per one baby so he only actually has 50
MasterDima1 chernovol
MasterDima1 chernovol 22 horas atrás
Wadzee i hope you know that there are 3million people in the world who love and support you no matter what, I dont know what i would do without your videos. Peace out my guy:)
Jennifer Kowalski
Why did it say : ''WadZee : 7.8B subscribers :,D
June Ermitaneo
June Ermitaneo Dia atrás
that is just 100 but using one command block to get thousands of them
Xiyang Ye
Xiyang Ye Dia atrás
COOKIEGOD COMMETED! GASP its under 15 commnets
nat nat nat
nat nat nat Dia atrás
“i’m gonna start a raid later on by accident” is just the best line in the whole video
Hector Ravinder Dutt
BRvid how dare you unsubscribe me
Cath Joie
Cath Joie Dia atrás
"Whoops I forgot to breath" WadZee 2021-
Nathan Romine
Nathan Romine Dia atrás
WadZee: "this is the only way to get these blocks (moss) in the current version of the game" New Chunk Shipwrecks: Excuse me what?
The castle looks like a ocean monument
The Crying Man
The Crying Man Dia atrás
28:37 "This is the only way to get moss blocks" Shipwrecks and bonemeal: *Am I a joke to you?*
Ryszard Sikora
Ryszard Sikora Dia atrás
You can get moss from shipwrecks wandering traders are still useless
Ryszard Sikora
Ryszard Sikora Dia atrás
Hundreds of inbred axolotls just to keep the bloodline pure, you should give them Habsurg names
Crusty Content
Crusty Content Dia atrás
He took incest to another level
Barry Bubs
Barry Bubs Dia atrás
My name is Barry! I never see anyone/anything named Barry so this is delightful
Jennifer JUergensen
they're actually called warped stems, the blue "trees" are technically mushrooms. edit: don't call me a smart alek, the red ones too.
Ruth Lucas
Ruth Lucas Dia atrás
Not to be rude but there’s a green axolotl and the green is the rarest :)
Ruth Lucas
Ruth Lucas Dia atrás
And the spawn rate is 0.0000001 or 0.0000002
Wulfkill3r221 &Games
26:15 There's gonna be many more to come. Pun intended?
qwq Dia atrás
you should get a conduit, so you dont have to worry about drowning! it would also like very nice
kverlinna Dia atrás
cookie do dhat also!!!
Marianne Decipulo
Marianne Decipulo 2 dias atrás
Wadzee acookiegod beat you cus he got 200 blue axolotls
WYATT Smith 2 dias atrás
Is it possible to incorporate a melon mansion underwater…
WYATT Smith 2 dias atrás
Like that beautiful mansion…
Michael Krajsic
Michael Krajsic 2 dias atrás
How can he do this stuff???
Hayley Calvert
Hayley Calvert 2 dias atrás
Hayley Calvert
Hayley Calvert 2 dias atrás
tell me how can i find the blue axolotl
Gurzafar Singh
Gurzafar Singh 2 dias atrás
These axolotls living better than us
Krew 2 dias atrás
Wad Zee?nahhhhh more like Cat Wad Zee
aries&qwerty 2 dias atrás
I can’t even make this in a day :v so talented
Nick Callahan
Nick Callahan 2 dias atrás
repair the reefs!1!!1
Shado Z
Shado Z 2 dias atrás
j sue
j sue 2 dias atrás
Next video, name all the axolotls.
Matt. Bill
Matt. Bill 2 dias atrás
Love this build
Autumn LaPointe
Autumn LaPointe 2 dias atrás
Why you use undertale music
Teng Her
Teng Her 2 dias atrás
2 blue ones? 8 divided by 2 is 4 0.04% chance!
Jonathan Luna
Jonathan Luna 2 dias atrás
You could have kept both name so there kid Is blue berry
Darsh makkar 9d Roll no.23
lovwe u bro
Bailey Tomes
Bailey Tomes 2 dias atrás
You can use copper and amethyst to make a spyglass. I am a big fan
Ismaeel Barry
Ismaeel Barry 3 dias atrás
my last name is Barry
Attlaan 2 dias atrás
Then where is Larry?
Kylee Alma
Kylee Alma 3 dias atrás
bruh i know theirs meant to be only blue axalotls but put some fish and others
Mum to Son
Mum to Son 3 dias atrás
U could make a axolotl statue in front of the pointless tank
ItsBird 3 dias atrás
Wadzee is just making Minecraft look better
Widya Marta
Widya Marta 3 dias atrás
Can a have 2 pls the axololt 😅
Attlaan 2 dias atrás
/summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:5} Only works on java
Angels Hell
Angels Hell 3 dias atrás
Oh my goodness this is madness its beautiful
mo 3 dias atrás
every video he make 2things 1 build melon farm 2 do content
paeten brown
paeten brown 3 dias atrás
should have made a ship in a bottle smh
Gavin Golden
Gavin Golden 3 dias atrás
My dog is name is Ruby
Pia Claudine Del Mundo
make the nether NOT the END and i mean the NETHER in the overworld
Pia Claudine Del Mundo
why is the intro subscriber billion
Martiya Touserkani
Martiya Touserkani 3 dias atrás
The axolotle isnt the rarest in the game. Its a chicken jokey with full enchanted diamond armor
Rebecca S
Rebecca S 3 dias atrás
Rebecca S
Rebecca S 3 dias atrás
Why did you not call it mastic
Axolotl hoolio
Axolotl hoolio 3 dias atrás
Name one hoolio
Der Freshe guy
Der Freshe guy 3 dias atrás
Bro, u found a modified jungle edge in the adventure time to find the corals
Roblox Voilet
Roblox Voilet 3 dias atrás
What if a Zombie comes out of no where and kil ur axos -
Berry Blue
Berry Blue 3 dias atrás
"Oh sea pickles!,,forgot they existed" . -Wadzee
star lia
star lia 3 dias atrás
they are all inbred...
Maribel Menese
Maribel Menese 3 dias atrás
I promise wadzee will soon build the universe
WNIP 3 dias atrás
0:04 when the whole world subs to wadzee
Puhtaeoh 4 dias atrás
Helo pepol
Mu'taz Hafiz
Mu'taz Hafiz 4 dias atrás
Mine Most loves video In this channel is pointless building
ElishaJesse Sandoval
ElishaJesse Sandoval 4 dias atrás
u lost wadZee
Alicia Carillo
Alicia Carillo 4 dias atrás
So know i know thats why my world dont have trophical fish cuz wadzee already got every single trophical fish in minecrafy
Luna Smolčić
Luna Smolčić 4 dias atrás
I like you dragon
Nida Kashif
Nida Kashif 4 dias atrás
if you wanted to know blue axolotls aren't the rarest if you see on the Minecraft caves and cliffs trailer you find a green axolotl that is even more rare than the blue axolotl
Inandan 4 dias atrás
12:03 is it just me or this kinda looks like a blander
gabbydapoe fernandopoe
Wadzee cookie god beated you with 200 axolotil
Harshit Mishra
Harshit Mishra 4 dias atrás
Emmanuel gangan
Emmanuel gangan 4 dias atrás
Try build the chaos caverns
Najwad2aky ramadhan ghassani putri
You like axolt
Jack Lennox
Jack Lennox 4 dias atrás
he should have made like a spongebob house in the tank
Muffinology 4 dias atrás
you should place a beacon in that desert-would save so much time
xXMemes_R_DreamzXx 4 dias atrás
Bro imagine if the rare axolotls just…. Died. And he didn’t get to breed more of them
crazygeckoboy 4 dias atrás
i love your vids
ToxicUnicorn 4 dias atrás
I love your decoration good skills
Pichu 4 dias atrás
Cool video
꧁༺卩尺ㄖ千千乇丂ㄖ尺༻꧂ ꧁༺丂.༻꧂
Imagine dying after all of this work
kyankiko15YT 4 dias atrás
Why no green ax
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