I Escaped to Japan's HIDDEN Mountain Village 🇯🇵 48Hrs Walking the Nakasendo

Abroad in Japan
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Japan might be known for its megacities such as Tokyo, but most of the country is just a pile of mountains. Over 48 hrs we walk the Nakasendo trail starting at the stunning village of Naraijuku, nestled in the remote mountains of central Japan. Feat. @RyotarosJapan & @sharlainjapan!

⛩️ FIND OUT where we went on our trip! ⭐ Itinerary

♨️ BYAKU NARAI | Where we Stayed

Edited by: Paul Ballard

00:00 Why Explore the Nakasendo Trail
03:39 Lunch in Naraijuku, Nagano
05:47 Staying in a Traditional Japanese Inn, Naraijuku
10:40 Tasting Bear Meat
12:28 Exploring Magome Village
14:40 Exploring Tsumago Village
15:57 Staying in a Traditional Japanese Home

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23 Mar 2023



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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Mês atrás
🍿🍿Where we went: NOTIFICATION SQUAD: These sorts of travel videos don't seem to do as well as they used to on BRvid! If you enjoyed it PLEASE be sure to like the video - it honestly makes a difference. CONVERSELY feel free to also dislike the video now that Ryotaro is finally back. For behind the scenes videos & to support what we do, check out Abroad in Japan Patreon!
Katie de Ridder
Katie de Ridder 17 dias atrás
The travel stuff is the best!!!!!
andré van der lugt
Is patreon back? I unsubbed there because there was no content uploaded
Jasper Ro
Jasper Ro Mês atrás
oh man don't say that these are absoutley my favorite vids u do
Emotion Blur
Emotion Blur Mês atrás
This is one of your best travel videos to date! I knew only about Narai Juku since i've been there, but not the whole Nakasendo trail experience. Thank you very much for sharing💗
Arienrhod Mês atrás
I loved this! Thank you
Dave435l Mês atrás
As a backpacker this is the fastest a trail has gone from 'never heard of it' to 'how much are plane tickets'
David P
David P 21 dia atrás
x Mês atrás
Do it now before vloggers ruin it
JKP Mês atrás
Yes!! If you have AllTrails, you can look up “69 Stations of the Nakasendo” to get an idea of the entire trail. Roughly 34,809 ft of elevation gain for 336.4 miles, so not as bad as you’d think. It’s definitely on my bucket list for when I’m in Japan long term… but for now, it’s just visiting family when I go back 😊
Simon Tide
Simon Tide Mês atrás
@LaNoir It's Japan, not Australia. I think even the Japanese bears are polite. XD
Kyle Taulman
Kyle Taulman Mês atrás
You know it was really nice of Chris to allow Sharla to come along on this trip with him and his boyfriend Ryotaro
Sharla: "This is my boyfriend, Chris, and his boyfriend, Ryotaro"
Bvs1q 4 dias atrás
9:11 😏
Unknown 9 dias atrás
@tom petlach he's always old
tom petlach
tom petlach 10 dias atrás
anyone notice that Rizzotoro is not aging?
Clara Carden
Clara Carden 10 dias atrás
itsaUSBline Mês atrás
Man it's good to see a travel video with Chris and Ryotaro again. It's been a while, honestly kind of nostalgic. I've missed seeing Ryotaro more often in these.
sirBrouwer Mês atrás
@jama211 it's mister Slurpy.
jama211 Mês atrás
That's Risottoro to you! 😂
My Beats are trash so am I
The editing is improving day by day. The Bear and Ninja were really cool.
Alex Dye
Alex Dye Mês atrás
This is by far my favorite area you have highlighted in Japan. Many people associate Japan with futuristic technology, but I love the history and nature. More please!
Lullaby Soda
Lullaby Soda Mês atrás
absolutely agree!
NatsumeRyu Mês atrás
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
Japan has so many different faces - and all of them are beautiful in their own way.
Stu Mês atrás
I have actually never had the desire to visit Japan. But after watching so many of your videos showcasing both the good and the bad, I am in the budgeting and planning process of making the excursion to this land of unlimited beauty! And this coming from a Canadian!! Wonderful objectivity Chris. Thank you.
Ryori Mês atrás
@Scott Pattison I agree Chris and the crew are the foremost purveyors of Japan. Put out some guide books, AIJ Travel Guides.
Scott Pattison
Scott Pattison Mês atrás
Chris just might be the Rick Steve’s of Japan!
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
Please come to Japan, there is so much to discover
Ryori Mês atrás
@danguee1 Hi come back, gut without the dengue, deguee1.
Benjamin R
Benjamin R Mês atrás
Japan is always a good travel choice. So glad I went
_SarcasMiss Mês atrás
Never stop making these content. It's inspiring a lot of us to visit Japan, and not the usual Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka route.
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
Yes, we find it very refreshing to see lesser known places being portrayed in travel blogs! 🙂
Erika Mês atrás
I nearly choked on my sweet tea when Ryotaro said his wife loves his slurp! 🤣😭🙈 Jokes aside, this is such a beautiful video! I love it when you guys walk around different parts of Japan, enjoy the scenery and environment, and taste the local cuisine 😋 I can almost feel the atmosphere! Looking forward to more of your content, Chris ✌🏼✨
Joe Scarpelli III
Joe Scarpelli III Mês atrás
I walked the Magome to Tsumago section of the Nakasendo in December, and it was very beautiful. Mountains, waterfalls, a very old tea house, and even little bells you can ring to scare off the bears! If I could do it, I'm sure an accomplished athlete like you would have no problem.
J MF 25 dias atrás
I went last fall! That same exact route. It truly is a beautiful walk.
LogicalVelocity Mês atrás
I love videos with Chris and Ryotaro. Feels like the old days. With Sharla, it's just a bonus!
Shannon W
Shannon W Mês atrás
What I love about your travel videos is getting to see the things that are off the beaten path and what you would never learn about in travel books. There is so much I want to see in Japan now that there’s not going to be enough time in just one trip.
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
It's true - Japan has very much to offer. We all live here and still get to discover new things all the time! 🙂
Mr.Unknown Mês atrás
The most impressive part of this video is how well colour matched the bear walking behind Chris and Ryotoro is. Bravo editor, bravo 👏
brianuuuSonic Mês atrás
I thought it was Sharla cosplaying it lmao
penguin9001 Mês atrás
I genuinely thought it was someone in a bear costume and was waiting for Chris and Ryotaro to do a bit or smth 💀😭
Marcus Lambright
Marcus Lambright Mês atrás
The ninja was pretty sick too.
NitronNeutron Mês atrás
@Ritz Riis you havent listened to the podcast recently. He has mentioned that he has got an editor several times.
CarbonShift Mês atrás
Editor?? That wasn't an edit, it was Sharla in a Bear costume.
21palica Mês atrás
Finally visited Japan on a business trip. Stayed at Tokushima, but visited Osaka too! I must admit, I fell in love with the country, it's nature and it's people! Watching your videos helped me blend in, knowing their customs, what to expect and how to conduct myself when interacting with the locals. Thank you for that, Chris! If you want a great panoramic shot, go to Tokushima on a sunny day, and climb up the Mt. Bizan. The 360 view is breathtaking!
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
So glad you got the chance to visit Japan 🙂
Levi Lewis
Levi Lewis Mês atrás
Mate, the production value on your videos has been consistently top-tier for years, the actual content is always an impressive blend of informative and entertaining, and the way that you balance self-deprecating humour and light-hearted cynicism with grounded humility and sincerity makes your stuff easy to watch, not to mention your roster of awesome friends. You've accomplished a lot, especially in recent months, and somehow I feel like you are underrated among your peers, and although there is an endless stream of thousands of people yelling their thoughts at you, I feel compelled to say - good work bro.
malone hart
malone hart Mês atrás
So glad Chris has focused back on BRvid. Glad he was able to focus on himself for a bit but BRvid needs Chris Broad!
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Mês atrás
Thank you so much! This year we’re going full force on BRvid, especially now tourism is back on! Will put this towards the upcoming travel series we’re working on!🙏🍻
Brock Anderson
Brock Anderson Mês atrás
Congratulations, Chris and Sharla. You both make such great content and seem like genuinely good people. To many years of happiness and good fortune.
Evan D’Alesio
Evan D’Alesio Mês atrás
As someone who’s special interest is Japan, thank you Chris for posting these videos. Always such high quality and a familiar face I can watch when feeling down. Wishing you (and Sharla!) all the best in the future Abroad in Japan endeavors!!! Sending endless support from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!🤍🍜🍡🇯🇵
Tuong Thai
Tuong Thai Mês atrás
I'm so glad to see more of these walk around Japan videos! Super nice to get to see more of daily scenery and life in Japan!
Ryori Mês atrás
Marin Hrabrić
Marin Hrabrić Mês atrás
@Slim Inkognito and the British humour aswell
dggr Mês atrás
And knowing these types of videos help with Chris' health makes it all the more enjoyable to watch
Mr Me
Mr Me Mês atrás
AKiwi Mês atrás
JakobHaertel Mês atrás
Finally my favourite guest on this channel - Mr. Risottoro - is back! Loved the video, the jokes and the beautiful picures. These old Japanese towns have such a unique flair, 100% something I want to experience someday.
R.J. Gavadin
R.J. Gavadin Mês atrás
I honestly don't have the words to describe the beauty of towns like these. This is one of your best videos yet Chris. If they had internet I would move to a place like this in a heartbeat.
Edwin Salinas
Edwin Salinas Mês atrás
I don't know how long you've been putting kanji and explanations for niche Japanese things that foreigners may not encounter outside of Japan. I've been studying Japanese for about a year independently, and this little bit of editing is greatly appreciated. Sidenote, when I finally get to Japan, this might be an entire week of my itinerary.
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
We really hope you will get to travel Japan 🙂
Shavneel Nand
Shavneel Nand Mês atrás
It’s the whole set of people not just one that makes Abroad in Japan enjoyable. Really fun to see familiar and new faces and the quality of videos given.
Zach Nicholson
Zach Nicholson Mês atrás
Oh snap I live like 30 minutes away from Narai-juku! Can confirm, Nagano's "shinshu" soba is the best I've had in Japan. The valley that holds the Nakasendo, Kiso valley, is probably one of my favorite hidden gems, so many villages and places to discover. Hope y'all get a chance to explore more of Nagano in the future!
COLOURS of JAPAN Mês atrás
What a great place to live!
サカモト Mês atrás
What do you do there ?
Anton Ego
Anton Ego Mês atrás
Good old travel videos, I don’t know about other people Chris but these are my favorites amongst all your top notch videos 👍
Link Account
Link Account Mês atrás
i don't usually watch travel videos, but Chris's videos is very entertaining
Anton Ego
Anton Ego Mês atrás
@Brandon Simmons Travel + food + shenanigans = perfection
Abhijith I S
Abhijith I S Mês atrás
Ego san, it's yourself
shivam mishra
shivam mishra Mês atrás
I second that
hrlrl Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan They've really been good lately, the editing, sound quality, cinematography are all excellent
Hugo Raymond
Hugo Raymond 28 dias atrás
More often the beaten path videos like this! I love this kind of content, and would be cool to see you visit a bunch of different maintainers of different crafts that a lot smaller towns in more rural areas pride themselves on.
Kye Smith
Kye Smith Mês atrás
I love your content, it's so cool to get to see all the amazing things and locations in japan through expertly directed cinematography in the form of BRvid vlogs! P.s. Sharla is absolutely beautiful and I love that you two are together! ❤️
Sodiumz Mês atrás
Hey Chris, your videos always help me escape my busy life. I’m always stuck between my schoolwork and my cop-op work and these breaks are a life saver. Thanks for your amazing content ❤
MrBepis Mês atrás
I've missed these kind of videos so much. Just you and a guest (especially Ryotaro) showing us different views of Japan you typically don't see. MORE RYOTARO
ps4life Mês atrás
Let's pump the viewership numbers up. Love these videos. I almost cried every time I see the beautiful natural scenery. Thank you Chris for bring me the joy!
Pots Mês atrás
I just wanted to say thanks for posting videos Chris, you really do allow me to live in Japan vicariously through your camera lens and that's something i really cherish a lot so keep doing what you're doing.. ☺🤗
ehe Mês atrás
bro can u heal me
Sentinel Prime
Sentinel Prime Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan Cdawg wedding when
Victoria Zero
Victoria Zero Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan LET'S FAKKIN GO
Pots Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan I cant wait.. 🥳
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Mês atrás
Thank you! Expect a record amount of Abroad in Japan videos this year! 🙏
Tom May
Tom May Mês atrás
Of the countless videos I've watched on this channel this one in particular makes me want to book a trip to Japan immediately. If I ever do find myself fortunate enough to visit Japan, the Nakasendo Trail will absolutely be on my itinerary.
Tessaalera 5 dias atrás
Since I will probably never be able to afford seeing Japan in person, your wonderful videos are always a joy. Those three towns were gorgeous!
eerielake Mês atrás
god, the production quality on these videos always blows me away. makes me desperately want to visit japan some day. thank you for the hard work!
M W Mês atrás
Chris, another outstanding video. Please never stop, you are such a natural in front of the camera and I love your storytelling. We need more of those walking-tour videos!! Love from NZ
Vugen18 Mês atrás
THIS! THIS IS PEAK CHRIS. Exploration,lore, food, a slurping Ryotaro!
Don Giovanni
Don Giovanni Mês atrás
Apparently, his middle name is Lickitung. 🤣
Nuclear Geek
Nuclear Geek Mês atrás
Love is alive and well in Japan. It's always great to see a relationship continue to blossom over time. Too bad they needed Sharla there to film it.
LogicalVelocity Mês atrás
As a fellow Canadian, I gotta support my girl! I love Sharla!
Ser Dunk
Ser Dunk Mês atrás
Renata Leite
Renata Leite Mês atrás
good thing she is great at filming 😍
Renata Leite
Renata Leite Mês atrás
\Poor Sharla....
That guy you never knew
I stayed in Magome during my first trip to Japan and it was truly magical. I didn't know much about the hiking trail there but after seeing this I have to go back sometime and experience it in full.
I knew I recognised that street in Naraijuku! I used it as a gorgeous scene backdrop in a Pathfinder Society 1st edition scenario. Love that Chris gets to show me more of it. Ryotaro was definitely channeling my old fellows playing mahjong NPCs. Keep up the attempts on Chris's life, Ryotaro! :D I think you nearly got him with "She loves my slurp". ;)
Pianoslave1 Mês atrás
I'm already planning a trip to Tokyo, kyoto and osaka this fall but this makes me want to start planning for a second trip to visit these places!
Rey187 Mês atrás
Not sure if Chris and Ryotaro realised how much danger they were in. A ninja literally snuck past them and got attacked by another unknown assailant. Glad they're fine.
Tommy Lyczko
Tommy Lyczko Mês atrás
The production quality on these videos is INSANE! Thank you for all your hard work and keen attention to detail showing us life in Japan.
ChemtrailCat Mês atrás
Loving the more regular release schedule, feels like a new golden age of AIJ :D
MAKG Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan Can't wait! W BRvidr
Dávid Lukács
Dávid Lukács Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan That's so cool!😁
talesofmichele Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan don’t over do! Don’t forget self care. Amazing work though! I can’t wait to see more.
Laura J W
Laura J W Mês atrás
@Abroad in Japan that sounds amazing!
a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus
@Abroad in Japan YOO, that's impressive- looking forward to it!
Kye Smith
Kye Smith Mês atrás
Sharla is such an adorable cutie, I love that you two are together and love when you make content together! ❤️
Dillon Mês atrás
I do wish this was a full hike. I love the last few hike videos and i look forward to seeing more if you continue to do them.
Matt Cameron
Matt Cameron Mês atrás
I definitely want to walk the Nakasendo one day. Seems like a great way to see the countryside and stop for food each day as you stop by the towns.
gardengal Mês atrás
I traveled in the late Spring-very early Summer, so caught the sakura 'season; that pleased me a lot, but I can see that Autumn has a lot of charm, too! Thanks for bringing us along : ))
Sam West
Sam West Mês atrás
What makes these towns even nicer is that unlike every other town in Japan, there are very few visible power lines.
Rad Daks
Rad Daks Mês atrás
Chris really just rotoscoped something walking behind him and Ryatoro... not once, but twice. That's dedication. I don’t even want to know how much time he spent on that visual gag.
Henrik Sahlin
Henrik Sahlin Mês atrás
Well he says they are there in the autumn, so probably about 4 months, just for the bear and ninja
DanteXev Mês atrás
Editor is credited as Paul Ballard. Hats off, good sir.
skilladunge Mês atrás
I feel like Inigo Montoya.
burt bacarach
burt bacarach Mês atrás
WAIT!You mean that wasn't a real bear and ninja??Now I feel cheated somehow....tho the bear looked freakin fantastic!
XSportSeeker Mês atrás
Fortunately, no real need for manual rotoscoping these days anymore... as a former editor myself, I know the pain. xD Pretty sure both Adobe and Final Cut already have automatic tools for rotoscoping relatively static scenes, but even DaVinci Resolve which was the one I was using more recently, the paid version has a magic wand you just paint over things and the rotoscoping is done automatically for you.
frog boi
frog boi Mês atrás
Please never stop making travel videos like these they are awesome !
Frag-ile Mês atrás
I am planning an autumn trip to Japan and I'd love to know when this was filmed, as the way things look this is exactly when I'd like to try to go. Coming from the frozen north my autumn happens a lot earlier than it seems to in Japan.
Sel Li
Sel Li Mês atrás
This is a really nice video. The locations are beautiful and the mountains are nice. I also appreciated the history lesson in the middle. Do you mind if I say, though, that you guys seem a little tired in it? I hope you had a good time! Also, I was shocked by the CGI bear! Because, well, it's a CGI bear, but also because it wasn't a CGI plane crash. Edit: I like when you guys walk through villages like this, whether they're abandoned or not. :)
MmYummyBoba Mês atrás
This brings back so many memories! I did this trail the last time I was in Japan. This and Miyama are definitely my favorite spots in Japan (so far). If you ever get the chance to do this, I recommend using the luggage service that transport your bags from Magome to Tsumago. There is a 1.5 hour hike that you can take between the two towns that really spits you out in nature. There are even bear bells all along the trail! Definitely recommend! Can't wait to go back
Wasting My Time
Wasting My Time Mês atrás
When I imagine a trip to Japan, this is the mental image I get of tranquil exploration. The calmness and beauty is poetic. While I feel the major cities are what I would end up seeing, this experience is what I would long for.
alibutterfly82 Mês atrás
At first I was thinking a 3-person trip might be kind of awkward, but actually I can see how this was very beneficial to have a 3rd person to help with filming duties while the other two converse or show things off. STRATEGERY. Well done.
Q2, the pensative cockatiel
Like Messi did on his honeymoon with Antonella. He brought Suárez.
Daniel Whitfort
Daniel Whitfort Mês atrás
I'm just finishing up my trip in Japan and I went on the route from magome to tsumago and it was such a peaceful walk with a really friendly volunteer giving green tea halfway
Skytwist Mês atrás
That's the happiest I've seen you in any of your adventures, Chris. A solid breath of freedom I bet :)
argo12 Mês atrás
If I were more confident with the language, this is definitely the kind of Japanese vacation I would love. Out of the big cities, in the mountains, beautiful scenery, and authentic and historic towns. So awesome.
Sheryll Mês atrás
It's not that it doesn't do well -- these city walks are wonderful videos. I think people just knew you were on vacation and didn't know when you'd be back. Now that we all know you've returned from the UK, people will start watching again. Shinpai nai kudasai.
ya boi
ya boi Mês atrás
How does your editing and camera work keep getting better every video!?
Jason Pike
Jason Pike Mês atrás
From a Twitter account I found online who recounted John's trips to Japan he states, "John and Yoko would escape the summer heat and humidity by heading to Karuizawa, a resort northeast of the metropolis, and stay at the Mampei Hotel. The former Beatle was a frequent customer at Cafe de Minoriya and a fan of their vanilla soft-serve ice cream." So I guess this rumour has some credibility.
Sabrina Meyer
Sabrina Meyer Mês atrás
I love these kind of videos! And I think one can really see how much effort goes into making these. They let me dream of the time I can finally go and explore the country myself :) Thank you for the effort :)
Lisa Hoshowsky
Lisa Hoshowsky Mês atrás
Welp, one more reason to go to Japan. How dare you make me want to go there?! 😂 This was just so calming and gorgeous. I love mushrooms too so I’m here for all the food and gorgeous pictures. And I’m happy to see Ryotaro back😁😁
Isaac Plays Bass
Isaac Plays Bass Mês atrás
More please! Awesome to see Sharla and Ryotoro in your videos too.
food fetish
food fetish Mês atrás
Love these videos!! Never stop. I love seeing different areas I would otherwise not know to check out. So much cool architecture mixed with the nature. And the nice rooms you guys got felt so unique but also homely. Damn i wish i was in japan
Martin van den Broek
This brought back good memories ☺️. I made the walk from Tsumago to Magone in 2009. With lack of transportation options back to Tsumago we were offered a ride back to our minshuku in his mini-van by a local farmer.
Mu Mês atrás
How does Chris always show use things we've never seen before?!? For someone who's been all over Japan and shown us so much, it's surprising he can still find awesome places like Nakasendo! Can't wait for all the videos this year 🤩
yourguardianangel Mês atrás
I know the nakasendo but maybe that's because I've looked up hiking trails in a lot of parts of the world. it _is_ fairly well known, but I wouldn't say it's popular - especially outside of Japan (I mean, like a lot of countries, only certain things get popular like cities or and landmarks or specific landscapes)
Mango Shake
Mango Shake Mês atrás
@Mookie Stewart it's half the size and way more dense so there'sso much to do and explore. I could drive for 2 hours in norcal and still be looking at cornfields.
Mookie Stewart
Mookie Stewart Mês atrás
@Mango Shake ehhh its about the size of california, so its big but not massive
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson Mês atrás
He probably nabbed it from his buddy Tokyo Lens who did this same route a few months ago.
Mu Mês atrás
@deioped True. It's just interesting how many unique things Chris can find, when comparing to all other Japan based content creators
Natural Flow
Natural Flow Mês atrás
It's absolutely amazing to experience such a different perspective on life and the surrounding beauty. Almost feels like under all the things from day-to-day life, we forget to take a breath and absorb instead of being sucked into the craziness. Thank you for sharing this and I wish you all the best :)
DeeLynne1970 Mês atrás
Gorgeous video Chris! thank you for sharing another wonderful area of Japan with us❤
frances Mês atrás
I live in the mountains and love when it rains. Really makes natures colors pop. Especially the green. Love the video!
Janelle S.
Janelle S. Mês atrás
This is just beautiful, I hope one day I can travel there, it looks so relaxing
KyokoPandua Mês atrás
faffable room for the win. I love these travel videos & the cultural stuff you include is just wonderful. This place is just beautiful. keep up the great work!
Rosso Mês atrás
Sad that these travel videos don't do too well anymore, these are some of my favourite content on BRvid. Chris somehow makes Japan look even more beautiful than usual in these shots and it's so interesting to find out about these places. Top notch as per usual Chris!
Jacob Sweet
Jacob Sweet Mês atrás
Not sure if anyone else agrees with this but my favorite part about this channel is that unlike a lot of other Vlog/travel channels Chris picks locations that you truly would not have every heard of. Obscure tourists stuff that still is accommodating. So I guess this trail will get added to the list now.
LonesomeDove Mês atrás
I don't understand why youtube doesn't promote these travel type vids as much as others. These are my favorite!
fatalshot009 Mês atrás
I live in Nagano Prefecture and I had no idea that this place existed. Thanks for filming this and giving me and many others more traveling ideas!
Boredom Alley
Boredom Alley Mês atrás
Japan is just a paradise😍
Nyx Mês atrás
Always good to see more exploration videos from you, Chris. I hope you enjoyed your romantic trip!
Alice C
Alice C Mês atrás
What a coincidence! I'm currently doing the Nakasendo Trail on the Conqueror Challenges and I'm 10% done. I'm past the Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki. Cool!
Emma Mês atrás
That's so exciting! I hope you have the best of times
utterlybrilliant Mês atrás
821k viewers in 4 days?! Damn. I have been watching Chris' videos for almost 10 years and he has done some great videos in the past, but it's crazy the amount of views he is getting recently and for this video. I guess he got a bunch of new subscribers from all the collaborations in the last year. This is just a pretty basic Nakasendo video no different to any J-Vlogger that's done it, but I guess he has done very well to sell himself. He has put in the effort so I guess its starting to pay off.
FH_Mio Mês atrás
Your shots are always so beautiful, the production quality is truly on par with what I used to see on like tv reports or documentaries (but even better bc of the fun commentary 😊) This also straight up went to my japan travel recs haha I'd love to hike a part of that trail! It looks so calm and just remote enough for what I need in my life atm...
B J Mês atrás
Love this look at an amazing part of Japan. So beautiful!
Jethro Tan
Jethro Tan Mês atrás
Love the travel videos, very inspiring to get to know some of the less known beautiful places in Japan and totally visited some of the things you have done in past videos. Also went to Narai Juku with some friends last year in the same ryokan and it was amazing!
Porkchop1999 Mês atrás
Thank you for the awesome video~ I love to see videos like this exploring Japan, Thank you for bringing us all along for the trip, I hope it was an amazing experience Thank you for your hard work, Keep it up m(_ _)m (Also glad to see Ryotaro again for the first time in a while) I hope everyone is having a lovely day, Have a wonderful rest of your week, Be safe and Take care out there wherever you are (^=W=^)7
EvenSteven Mês atrás
I could never get enough of these travel videos, a slice of the past in a modern context showcasing the beauty that is Japan.
Aghinari Mês atrás
Loving this content. Definitely putting this on my to do list for my next trip to japan ☺️
Neon Knight
Neon Knight Mês atrás
The urge to travel every time I watch your videos gets so much stronger. Thanks for cool videos like this Chris!!!
Kristin Mês atrás
Absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing! These are the kind of adventures I want to do whenever I visit Japan.
Miki Im
Miki Im Mês atrás
Thank you for showing the world a side of Japan people like to pretend doesn't exist. I love videos like these that show what the country side is like. Looking forward to more hiking/walking videos this year
Walt Lodes III
Walt Lodes III Mês atrás
LOVED this video! Missed these kinds of videos, as you always put so much attention to the details around you, and it's fascinating for someone like me who can only hope & dream to go to Japan someday! So kudos to the return of these videos!! Also, you made autumn in Japan look stunning!! Great to see adventures with Ryotoro as well, and now Sharla! yay! Thanks again for this video, it really hit the spot!! Looking forward to hopefully more!!
TechHeadHD2 Mês atrás
Time for another walking across Japan video! This is gonna be fun :D
mabuse786 Mês atrás
I loved this video a lot! It was entertaining, gave me a lot of insights into not so well known parts of Japan. Thank you and enjoyed it. 😀👍
Jessi McClue
Jessi McClue Mês atrás
Love your videos!! I can't wait until I get to explore Japan!
OBi Fox
OBi Fox Mês atrás
I walked from a JR station to Tsumago and then to Magome (downhill direction) in one day a few years ago. The sunset from Magome is spectacular.
Simon Verhoeven
Simon Verhoeven Mês atrás
I really love these travel videos, especially where you visit old villages. So it's indeed a shame they seem to be doing not as well as they used to.
DarkWatts Mês atrás
I really like the more intimate videos like this one where you spend more time in an area vs going to 50 place. Also these places are beautiful
Danni Mês atrás
Nice to see Pete last time, and Sharla and Ryotoro this time 😊 Will Natsuki, Connor and Joey join you during the other videos in this series?
HailHydra27 Mês atrás
As long as Genshin is still around we won't get Taken For Garnted
Soren The Dane
Soren The Dane Mês atrás
I'm hoping Felix joins him at some point
Eli Ben
Eli Ben Mês atrás
I hope we get to see more of Felix and Chris hanging out
itsjust dhass
itsjust dhass Mês atrás
@Zinras oeyyyyyy
Zinras Mês atrás
@D U He's being Taken for Garnted.
SuperRusty Mês atrás
Video has more of a classic Abroad in Japan vibe. 10/10 would watch again.
Kellie S
Kellie S Mês atrás
We walked from Magome to Tsumago a few years back. Unfortunately just a day trip from Nagoya but fantastic nonetheless. We were there in Winter but would love to go back during other seasons. The views along the way are spectacular and the villages are both amazingly beautiful and welcoming.
KillerTacos Mês atrás
Another top tier video Chris! Loving these walking/fitness-related videos so so much. It always brightens my day to see a new upload from you, especially this close to each other! Also 10:20 was a missed opportunity to edit the word "LAFFABLE" on top of Ryotaro haha
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