I *ELIMINATED* Fresh on Update Night... Twice

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Fresh pretty much big bot confirmed
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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 5 405
I like turtles
I like turtles 2 dias atrás
David Kittler
David Kittler 4 dias atrás
Lachy I suck bot Fresh bad a fudging deagle
Sarah Cutts
Sarah Cutts 5 dias atrás
you are my favorite fortnite youtuber and i have watched all of your videos
Awesome kids
Awesome kids 7 dias atrás
y so many dislikes
David Engler
David Engler 9 dias atrás
Sebse GG
Sebse GG 9 dias atrás
Fortnite Time
Fortnite Time 10 dias atrás
Code lachy
Charles Simmons
Charles Simmons 10 dias atrás
Man you such a sore loser. Really reported someone for literally just playing the game. That one report could have gotten him banned for absolutely no reason other than you being salty. Man that’s not cool at all
Charlie Omelia
Charlie Omelia 10 dias atrás
Who else was triggered when Lachy said oh I got the “rift junk”
Jay Tax
Jay Tax 11 dias atrás
2:34 ohh
Beadiest Tulip59
Beadiest Tulip59 11 dias atrás
Liam Tighe
Liam Tighe 12 dias atrás
Evan Lyons
Evan Lyons 12 dias atrás
Lachy only reported him because he hates muselk
Lorenzo Channel
Lorenzo Channel 12 dias atrás
Yo Lachy bullying fresh and calling him a bot 😂
Emery Carey
Emery Carey 14 dias atrás
Craig Nicholls
Craig Nicholls 17 dias atrás
I miss this map 😣
Lyn Walk
Lyn Walk 19 dias atrás
Lachy is the best
KNGBc yes
KNGBc yes 20 dias atrás
At 10:36 he got in a game with Toasted
Jxst701Boy 22 dias atrás
you know you re $hit @ the game when you have 0 ping and can't get double digits
iBosko 22 dias atrás
“Rift junk” “Jar Rift” “Rift jar”
Coops 22 dias atrás
WhOs HeRe In 2020 AnD aLsO hErE wHeN tHe MeChS aRe GoNe
Viyan Singhッ
Viyan Singhッ 22 dias atrás
Bouggtti Chiron
Bouggtti Chiron 23 dias atrás
14:50 Lachy:is this a joke Me:no it’s fortnite
Abdul Alim
Abdul Alim 23 dias atrás
When you see a bot say bot alert
Joshua Goodman
Joshua Goodman 23 dias atrás
Did anyone realise toasted was in his game
handoko lie
handoko lie 23 dias atrás
Dude, you are famous youtuber Lachlan Power how are you so trash? *refrenxe to another video by Muselk* (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT THINK HE IS TRASH, I JUST WANTED TO SAY IT FOR A COMMENT)
Declan Place
Declan Place 23 dias atrás
He is just a little stressed head and a loser a sore loser
A Cool VIDZ 23 dias atrás
Why did you not get the gold scar 🙀
Sukh Virk
Sukh Virk 24 dias atrás
Fresh is a bot
Jalapeño Salsa
Jalapeño Salsa 24 dias atrás
Muselk leading the mech horde which ruined fortnite back then
Sweaty Crispy
Sweaty Crispy 24 dias atrás
Anyone 2020
Landyn Smith
Landyn Smith 24 dias atrás
anyone in 2020
samuel iese
samuel iese 25 dias atrás
Lachy calls fresh a bot did anyone see the one v one lachy got cooked
Sasha Thornton
Sasha Thornton 26 dias atrás
You need to shave your beard
carter boss2009-yeet
carter boss2009-yeet 26 dias atrás
Yeet Blaze
Yeet Blaze 26 dias atrás
lachys turtleneck. lol
videoboigamer gamer
videoboigamer gamer 26 dias atrás
Lachys aim with the combat in this video is actually shit. But in his new wicks bounty video he is absolutely CrAcKeD.
Sunair Abid
Sunair Abid 27 dias atrás
Freak is only 17 years old
Aminath Zahidha
Aminath Zahidha 27 dias atrás
Fresh is a bot🤣😂
Asian Bros
Asian Bros 29 dias atrás
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen Mês atrás
Fresh is a bot
Alex Charge
Alex Charge Mês atrás
If you are watching this on Christmas eve of 2019||||||
jadon karcho
jadon karcho Mês atrás
im seeing this after one day of christmas. ill miss christmas till the next year
Alex Charge
Alex Charge Mês atrás
I am only typing cause my name is at the top of the comments list for me rite now
Alex Charge
Alex Charge Mês atrás
Rift Junks?>????????
Hazzy B Gaming
Hazzy B Gaming Mês atrás
Landon Mattos
Landon Mattos Mês atrás
He said compact shotguns are trash but what is in inventory 12:18
Jackson Mês atrás
Jackson Mês atrás
Me peels actually is not lying it was player291
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers Mês atrás
Who saw that he killed a TSM player at 12:00
Spirit Wolves Vlogs And Gaming
Daniel Chambers No, it was a TKM player
Rishik Rajaram
Rishik Rajaram Mês atrás
lachy has a beard
Jeannie Hutchins
Jeannie Hutchins Mês atrás
Lachlan :" so, what do you want?" 8:50 me: more good content!
SoaR Swifty
SoaR Swifty Mês atrás
0:19 look in the bottom left corner lol someone got ban
HarryPotter3_0 10 dias atrás
Panda Boss Gaming
Panda Boss Gaming Mês atrás
You don’t just control everything
Panda Boss Gaming
Panda Boss Gaming Mês atrás
Lachy is so annoying sometimes
AtreyuNation Mês atrás
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Mês atrás
At 2:00 the what tho 🤣
Kabir Shahzad
Kabir Shahzad Mês atrás
You’re so good at the game bro
Bob R
Bob R Mês atrás
Love your vids
Bob R
Bob R Mês atrás
I have a peely too😍
Lise Andjjb571
Lise Andjjb571 Mês atrás
Whats a rift junk
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