I Eat Only Burgers For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

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Hi! Please tell me, do you like hamburgers? Those wonderful toasted sesame seed buns… and delicious smelling juicy beef patties... a slice of melted cheddar... mmm... isn't your mouth already watering by just imagining it?
Yes, I also like hamburgers. But they turned my life into a living hell and even caused me to commit a crime. My name is Stella, I am fourteen years old, and this is my story.
It all started approximately three years ago when I was almost eleven. It was only three years, but I was noticeably younger. Not only by my age but also by my mentality.
But I beg you, please do not blame my mother! She gave birth to me shortly after graduation, and even into her thirties she still did not have enough experience to anticipate this unfortunate coincidence.
Well, I was lost.
We lived in the suburbs of a big city, and we usually went shopping in a neighborhood I did not know very well. And it happened right there. When we had bought everything we needed, my mother went to get the car so that we didn't have to walk all the way to the parking lot with our heavy shopping bags.
I moved off the sidewalk a little bit while I was waiting. And I saw that there was a bus stop, with a bus leaving. And suddenly I saw my mother taking the bus! I didn't even have time to think, I just jumped on the bus, following her, and it was only when I was inside that I realized that the woman I thought was my mother, was not really her! She just looked similar, with the same hair and clothes that looked like my Mom’s. I was so shocked that I managed to travel a few miles before I got off… in a totally unknown place!
Now, I have no clue why I didn't just approach somebody and ask them for help, explaining that I was lost. I was probably so ashamed of my mistake that I just couldn't think straight at the moment, And also, I was really scared. I was walking alongside this unknown neighborhood around unknown people, trying not to draw any attention to myself.
Mom found me in the evening, with the help of the police, but I was totally stressed by that time and it AFFECTED me deeply!
Especially one episode. When that terrible day was almost over, I had become really hungry, to the extent that I got cramps in my stomach and my hands were trembling. I wanted to eat so badly that I even stopped being scared. So when I saw somebody’s untouched hamburger in a carton box on an outdoor table in some café, I did not hesitate. I don’t know who left it or why, but it did not matter. What mattered was that I still remember the taste of this hamburger, and the feeling of my hunger retreating. Also, that I felt safe while I was eating it. That was the day my eating disorder began.
After a short time I ate hamburgers for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. Actually, I was able to stuff some other food in my mouth, but with difficulty, and it always had some consequences. Fruits and vegetables smelled STRANGE now and I could get nausea from a single apple. I would get this feeling that I was putting something inedible in my mouth, something that my stomach would not be able to digest and metabolize… and which had to be gotten rid of ASAP. So if I was forced to eat something apart from hamburgers, I had to go to the bathroom to empty my stomach. It was not hard - throwing up helped me to pretend I was eating normal food.
I did not say a word to my parents, and I carefully concealed my new habit. You might ask how I managed to do this? Well, it was a piece of cake: my parents were young and they thought that food was not something that has to even be cared about that much. They almost never cooked at home and loaded the fridge with packaged products and the simplest meals which I could always cook with the help of a microwave. And also, my parents’ way of life is kind of unusual. They both work as administrators for a night club and live a more nocturnal lifestyle. So we never had dinners together. As for the babysitters… well there is nothing simpler than tricking a nanny.
When I got older, my parents decided that it would be much easier if they left me some cash so that I could order take out. And guess what I ordered? Of course, hamburgers.
The junk food did not really have any impact on my looks - I am a normal height for my age, I am neither fat nor skinny, so if hamburgers did any harm, then it was only to my hair and nails - which became dull and weak. Sometimes I got some unpleasant hives on my neck and chest, which I hid under my clothes. I also had some digestive problems… but I’d rather not talk about those.

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11 Jun 2019

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If any of you have a similar problem, talk about it! As you can see, silence won't lead to anything good.
Thelove Guy
Thelove Guy 23 horas atrás
I don't really like hamburgers country for me I'm sorry if you like it
Manipull World
Manipull World 3 dias atrás
ACTUALLY HAPPENED powering stone
Maddy Padgett
Maddy Padgett 4 dias atrás
Okay kool
Aeleen Reyed
Aeleen Reyed 5 dias atrás
good so good😍😍😍🍔🍔🍔
ANNAMMAL SUNDAR 7 dias atrás
Your right
GamerDragon 07
GamerDragon 07 45 minutos atrás
Her: eats burger *skinny legend* Me: eats a salad *stomach beings to inflate like a balloon*
Aminah Tribble
Aminah Tribble 3 horas atrás
tune untuned
tune untuned 3 horas atrás
-Victor is that you?-
Angie Huertas
Angie Huertas 4 horas atrás
Riley plus mya equals life Rufino
U telling me she didn’t eat a burger till she was ten
Kathy Gannett
Kathy Gannett 4 horas atrás
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 4 horas atrás
TheGachaWolf Studio
TheGachaWolf Studio 6 horas atrás
ye ye corn
ye ye corn 8 horas atrás
I have never tried one but And I don't like them.
Nicole Zhou
Nicole Zhou 11 horas atrás
I don’t like them even though if you like them
JeanPaul Gaultier
JeanPaul Gaultier 18 horas atrás
```Whos watching this while eating a hamburger cuz i am```
Jeadryl Gabayno
Jeadryl Gabayno 18 horas atrás
Jeadryl Gabayno
Jeadryl Gabayno 18 horas atrás
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper 19 horas atrás
Well can you eat other junk foods
LiptonRed Gameplay
LiptonRed Gameplay 20 horas atrás
Burger king foot lettuce
Jessica Prado
Jessica Prado 20 horas atrás
No eww
Lorne Dunn
Lorne Dunn 21 hora atrás
Clear Flip
Clear Flip 21 hora atrás
Do you have to make a sad story!?!😭😭😭😭😭😭
Colin Cahill
Colin Cahill 21 hora atrás
Your literly meen to diskribe the perfect burger
Dee Reyes
Dee Reyes 22 horas atrás
I Hate Hamburgers
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno Dia atrás
Me:Don't do it My brain:*HAMBURGER*
Elijah Pogi
Elijah Pogi Dia atrás
my mom is older im gast 7
Mariette Bazalar
Mariette Bazalar Dia atrás
I ate hamburgers when I was 13,14
Angel Adhazi
Angel Adhazi Dia atrás
If your watching this don't steal burgers even if you work in a burger place
Angel Adhazi
Angel Adhazi Dia atrás
I had burgers today ☺
Zhou Chen
Zhou Chen Dia atrás
aepp !
aepp ! Dia atrás
why tho😂
Regina Golebiewska
No becaos it sueks the thaste its gross
Zouzou Ess
Zouzou Ess Dia atrás
That is not good
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez Dia atrás
I love shusi 💗💗💗💗🍣🍣
zdzislaw brzozowski
Emma Woods
Emma Woods Dia atrás
What!? She can’t eat pizza !?
Kevin Kalonji
Kevin Kalonji Dia atrás
boring =-= +_+
Khuslen Tsogtnemekh
I hate burgers because i dont eat vegetables
Jubaedah Edah
Jubaedah Edah Dia atrás
is this true? becuse i relly want to know
SamLoves Anime
SamLoves Anime Dia atrás
America/Alfred F. Jones from the anime Hetalia much?
LPS_ FAN 2 dias atrás
Lauryn Irons
Lauryn Irons 2 dias atrás
Am I the only one that doesn't like hamburgers
Graciela O
Graciela O 2 dias atrás
I love it
Puffy O
Puffy O 2 dias atrás
I love ❤️ bugers
Bhavika SRIVASTAVA [07C15M]
If u read this Read more
Md Salam Ansari
Md Salam Ansari 2 dias atrás
Sissy Issy
Sissy Issy 2 dias atrás
Nasreddine El-Dahabi
Nasreddine El-Dahabi 3 dias atrás
It’s not good for breakfast
Freya Chadwick
Freya Chadwick 3 dias atrás
no I don't like hambugers
Wofs Master_61
Wofs Master_61 3 dias atrás
I dont like burgers
stella pruszyńska
stella pruszyńska 3 dias atrás
Im stella
Kaluv Roberts
Kaluv Roberts 3 dias atrás
Why does it seem as tho they use the same voices and names from time to time and just with different stories. Cause I've heard this voice on their channel before🙄😑😐🤔
Sooner gamer
Sooner gamer 3 dias atrás
her:eats 900 burgers gets thin me:smells 400 burgers gets fat
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