I DRY AGED Steaks in NUTELLA and this happened!

Guga Foods
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After so many requests to dry age steaks in nutella I had to do. I will never let you down and today this episode is 100% requested by you. Nothing like a good dry-aged steak with nutella. If you love nutella on bread or anything why not have it with steaks.... Here is what happened.
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1 Jul 2020



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Comentários 60
Guga Foods
Guga Foods Mês atrás
You asked and I got you! Yes Angel is ok and so am I. We are ready for your next request. What will it be?
BertyMcSkerty 27 dias atrás
You should try the new wood pellet grill for filet Mingon
panggaana 27 dias atrás
Can Coke Cola be used as a 1$ steak tenderizer?
UNITED¡!WE!¡STAND 27 dias atrás
@Guga Foods try dry ageing steak in Vegemite bro💯
Mr. Peep
Mr. Peep 27 dias atrás
Царина Катюша БП
dry age with cashew fruit.
Dave D
Dave D 2 horas atrás
I wonder if you had simply salted before applying the Nutella, it may not have molded
NEOS The great
NEOS The great 2 horas atrás
At 2:56 it looks like a cake 😂
Brennan Murphy
Brennan Murphy 3 horas atrás
Please stop spitting in the eye of God, thanks.
loh culiaoh
loh culiaoh 4 horas atrás
walter white haciendo tutoriales de carne.
Dj Big Man Smith
Dj Big Man Smith 5 horas atrás
Marinate chicken in salad dressing
Dj Big Man Smith
Dj Big Man Smith 5 horas atrás
Just kidding, I love how the steaks look
eli G.
eli G. 5 horas atrás
I will listen to you before bed. That voice. ❤❤❤
WorldLine 1.130209
WorldLine 1.130209 5 horas atrás
1:00 Me: Doesn't smile Also me: Does this mean I have *dEprEsSiOn* ?
Clifford Bradford
Clifford Bradford 6 horas atrás
so I started watching this and when he mentioned the PB aged steak I went off and watched that one and the butter one and came back to this but I don't know what it was about those experiments that made you want to try this.
CSJiGSaW08 12 horas atrás
10:42 - "Ohhhh, it takes like mold LMAO!!!"
Nguyen Phu Minh
Nguyen Phu Minh 12 horas atrás
marzia’d like this
lost boy
lost boy 13 horas atrás
This is like mix curry maggie and milo at the same time
florin poenas
florin poenas 16 horas atrás
ITS SLOWED_TAMPA 19 horas atrás
jason lu
jason lu 19 horas atrás
im pretty sure it tasted like chocolate meat
Orochi Main
Orochi Main 23 horas atrás
Dry aged in ghost pepper why not
teh_r4serei Dia atrás
fact: romaine lettuce is still more dangerous than this experiment
AestheticaWolf Dia atrás
Do you need mental health support? Please take care of yourself....
Shin Jara
Shin Jara Dia atrás
Imagine CHILLS' voice narrating this experiment.
Penrose Conjecture
everyone but vegans... LOL
Cej b.
Cej b. Dia atrás
You could have handed the pre aged meat slathered in nutella and they would have probably mistaken it for a cake
d24viper Dia atrás
you should try to dry age it for half the time you did and see if it is better..
Lyndley Pellas
Lyndley Pellas Dia atrás
Most memorable line of guga food is "AND THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKES"
Cars.and_gtrs Ig
Cars.and_gtrs Ig Dia atrás
i couldn't have predicted that they wouldn't like the mouldy steak
CupvChino Dia atrás
This is fantasteak
Alex Dia atrás
Kurt0411Fifa has a cooking channel?
Idiocracy LARPer
Idiocracy LARPer Dia atrás
Here I'm just dry aging vanilla wafers in Nutella for like ten seconds. Never thought to try it on steak.
Leonardo Zoffi
Leonardo Zoffi Dia atrás
"If it doesn't put a smile on you, you have something wrong" Vegans: 👁👄👁
InspiRE not inFIRES
I honestly don’t feel safe
Vivaldi Dia atrás
Where my german fellas at 5:53
Ima Grumpybird
Ima Grumpybird Dia atrás
WTF is wrong with you??? Do not eat decomposing meat.
Jibril Evans
Jibril Evans Dia atrás
Putting chocolate on your meat. How naughty.
Brandon Spark
Brandon Spark Dia atrás
only here for 6:57 🤣🤣🤣
MrKaje72 Dia atrás
Guga is gradually trying to kill his assistant
Kabron Manpson
Kabron Manpson Dia atrás
I’m vegan
Adamska Makarov
Adamska Makarov Dia atrás
This is how the last of us started.
Conway 2 dias atrás
This man really ate rotten meat.
Yurian Durian
Yurian Durian 2 dias atrás
Why tho?
Richard Zilver
Richard Zilver 2 dias atrás
Hey dummy, the red liquid that leaked out from the steak is not blood - how is it possible that you actually believe that it would be blood?
Sara Crewe
Sara Crewe 2 dias atrás
Red liquid coming out of meat isn't blood, it's water mixed with myoglobin, which is a protein within the muscle.
Luis Rodolfo Maier Cooper
The less you touch the steak on the grill you will get a better outcome. You be spinning the steak around and around. You just move twice. Depends if you want the grill mark on the the steak you just move it a little but still in the video you cook the steak like 4 times on each side and moving around constantly.
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 2 dias atrás
"a little bit of salt" ...
rideswithscissors 2 dias atrás
I would say that if you coated it in something that keeps the moisture in it isn't really dry aged. And for all of you who are freaked out at the mold, you have never seen an aged ham before trimming, have you? And what about cheese? Mold! If it tastes good and you don't get sick, it is good.
Young Jesus
Young Jesus 2 dias atrás
You made the WRONG move pairing that with garlic. You should have done maybe nutmeg or cinnamon. I can't eat red meat anymore but I can't imagine the quality a good peppered steak with garlic going well with the chocolate profile. Personal opinion They slapped in appearance though, that man is a master of the blade and grill
T.O.B. Really Alive
T.O.B. Really Alive 2 dias atrás
2:23 Dani likes to know your location
Bertram Nielsen
Bertram Nielsen 2 dias atrás
“Everyone love steaks I mean everyone” Just forgot every vegan and vegetarian
thatdutchguy89 2 dias atrás
Crxptrxp ;
Crxptrxp ; 2 dias atrás
Honestly i love eating nutella with salami, idk what it is but the sweetness and the umami mix sooo well.
Emmanuel Rondozai
Emmanuel Rondozai 2 dias atrás
Yes everyone yes vegans you too
Curtis Kay-Lassels
Curtis Kay-Lassels 2 dias atrás
maybe you just have to dry age it for a shorter time?
Mando Anon
Mando Anon 2 dias atrás
What did I do to deserve this recommendation? God my eyes 😞 channel tho 😊
OmG SicK Clipz
OmG SicK Clipz 3 dias atrás
I’ve got a great one and vary interesting, try dry aging in wasabi. I would love to see the outcome lmao!
Ben Singer
Ben Singer 3 dias atrás
Nice jahb everybahhdy! :)
aimrobot 3 dias atrás
But what happend to the nutella? D:
177013 3 dias atrás
Kinda looks like a yeast more than a fungus
grinkster 3 dias atrás
I understand why he cut the rib bone away from the steak. But at that point I realized this was going to be a fail. Can't eat a good rib or rib eye steak without the rib bone cooked with it.
mark daniels
mark daniels 3 dias atrás
Who is this guy? a vegetarian would eat meat after hearing his voice, he should be in commercials.
sailcat662 3 dias atrás
Your voice is like nutella.
SD ll r087
SD ll r087 3 dias atrás
Damnnnn Nutella, you *_T H I C C_*
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