I Delivered a Penny to MrBeast!

Ryan Trahan
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1 penny. 30 days. 14 MILLION MEALS BABY!!!!
donate here -
tyler's penny video -

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29 Jun 2022



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What a beautiful and original series. BRvid definitely needed this, thanks for the penny!
Stephanie 21 dia atrás
I love that Jimmy made sure to set up a big finish line for him. He really didn’t have to make all of the effort setting up fireworks, having his family out, etc. but the fact that he did made this even more epic for Ryan. He already made such an incredible impact and it was super cool that Jimmy set up the finale he deserved
Abilicious Bakery
Abilicious Bakery 14 dias atrás
I just binged watched this whole series. After watching your “surviving on a penny for 7 days” last year, I was so inspired, and need to watch this one. You have saved MILLIONS of lives Ryan, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful journey you have embarked on, and took us all with you. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts. Thank you.
Ted Yue
Ted Yue 10 horas atrás
Bro, I literally cried… this series is so legendary, from selling water, to food deliveries, and of course window cleaning and taking care of pets. This man showed us all that what seems impossible at first will seem like a very stupid thought after we have accomplished something. Don’t give up, always get up from “the great reset” and come up with “the game plan”. The most inspiring and funny documentary/series I have watched in my life. Thank you Ryan Trahan for being such an inspiring, kind and really hardworking person!
JediFrog 14 dias atrás
I'm not even joking when I say this is probably the best BRvid series to ever have been created, ever, of all time. All of the memories you made, the people you met, the entire journey, starting from absolutely nothing but a penny in LA then traveling across the entire United States while forces actively worked to inhibit you from getting there and still pushing through, never getting discouraged, never losing hope, always putting your best foot forward, taking nothing and making it something, living on the street and having the time of your life, everything you've done has been amazing. I have lived through this challenge in 1 day vicariously through you, and I can say that this series has not only given me motivation in life, not only helped me realize I can do more than I think, but best of all, has given me how I'm humanity again. You met so many amazing, kind people, willing to help in even just small ways, showing that even small acts of kindness can still make a difference. This is not your average BRvid video series. This is something I would pay for just to show my friends and family and experience with them. You have done something so amazing, and I am so grateful to have someone like you in this world, even if I don't actually know you. You are amazing dude.
Coconut Ice
Coconut Ice 14 dias atrás
I just finished watching this series, ryan you are GREAT!!!!
what a journey it's been! this series has been an inspiration to us all, congrats!!! ❤
pouu ktin
pouu ktin 21 dia atrás
for almost 3 years now, and I finally see him getting the attention he deserved, keep going, Ryan 👊🏻
GippyHappy 3 horas atrás
This should legit be made into a documentary. Or a straight up movie. It really was a heartwarming trip. Thanks for everything, Ryan! and even more so to all the kind strangers out there that not only helped make this possible, but restored a little faith in the human race.
krln 8 horas atrás
Honestly, just wow. Ryan has really traveled across the whole america and used so much of his energy and personality just to earn a huge ammount of money for american people in-need. This will really change alot Ryan. I watched every second of this series and it was much better than any netflix movie to me. For all of you that are reading this comment right now, have a beautifull day and please never give up on your dreams and goals. I Love y'all <3
Assassinlo 22 horas atrás
This series was so special to me and everyone else when it ended I literally was tearing up this was such a beautiful series Ryan hope you come back soon take as long as u need we understand ❤️ you Ryan
Ryan should get an exclusive youtube award for making the best series of all time
Christopher Avalos
Christopher Avalos 10 horas atrás
props to ryan and the cameraman for going through this with him
J D 14 dias atrás
the best thing you've taught us is that everywhere around us there's people who are kinder than we can imagine, so the best thing we can do is to be as kind as the people you met through your adventure in the world right outside our doorsteps.
Constant Dreams
Constant Dreams 5 horas atrás
I’m a bit late on this hype train but I just have to say this was amazing and you deserve all this thanks for your hard work Ryan.
Meredith Mansfield
Meredith Mansfield 14 dias atrás
"running is free!" -- literally this made me smile so hard. you are an angel of a human.
Twilight Knight
Twilight Knight 10 horas atrás
I'm not afraid to admit I cried. Thank you for bringing us along, it was a wonderful journey for an even more wonderful cause ❤️
Nick DiGiovanni
That is the coolest penny I've ever seen.
MAS Aviation
MAS Aviation 21 dia atrás
I’ve watched the whole series every single day and you put so much talent in your videos i loved the whole series and it’s sad it’s coming to an end and i wished that you will make more videos i support what your doing right know and it’s awesome well that’s it end of the series. Love it ❤️
VersionYahya 15 horas atrás
Bruh this literally made me cry at the end of this video cus i never taught this was gonna be pulled off like that
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