I Confronted the People That BLOCKED My Video (Rant)

Rick Beato
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What happened when I confronted the people that blocked my recent Top 20 video.


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16 Jul 2020



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Comentários 16 304
Daniel Batal
Daniel Batal 2 anos atrás
Hey Don Henley, if you just issued a blanket policy of allowing people to use your content but those videos must be monetized and you take the ad revenue, your problem would be solved. He admits he's fighting a losing battle, often against people who are highlighting his content with good intentions. Ridiculous.
Tanya Engesser
Tanya Engesser 8 meses atrás
@michael schmand ah! But does Don own the copyright to his songs, or does the record label?
ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ
@LuvBorderCollies Some bands have two winos. Some bands have two whiners.
LuvBorderCollies 8 meses atrás
@jml2621 Agree but Felder is a whiner also so maybe 2 whiners in a band was too much?
NewAgain 11 meses atrás
@michael schmand serious boomer mentality
michael schmand
michael schmand 2 anos atrás
​ @chazzmikalmikal No, youtube pays the copyright holders, not the uploader. So the original artists can monetize these videos, no need to block them. That's just the point people like Don Henley don't get.
Mario Cipollina
Mario Cipollina 7 meses atrás
Hey Rick - I was the bassist with Huey Lewis and the News for the first 20 years (the guy with the shades and cig) and Don Henley opened up for us in Japan one year. He was the MOSTnegative, pessimistic person I had ever met....example: q - "hey Don, do you want to go around the corner for Kobe beef. A - oh, they're probably closed" That seemed to be the attitude with everything. LOVE your channel.
FiveofDave Mês atrás
One of my college roommates grew up in Henley’s hometown, himself a high school drummer, and a few times tried to share his appreciation. I recall that my roommate was rebuffed and didn’t find Don to be friendly.
mwbright 3 meses atrás
You´re John's brother! Good to know you. Twenty years is a long time to work with Droopy.
Patrice Del Toro
Patrice Del Toro 3 meses atrás
Regarding Don Henley & copyrights: we are the same age, even both from Texas. We came up the same way with how the industry was & I'm never gonna be ok with how writers' royalties has taken such a hit due to technology. Residuals for original work totally sucks now. I'm not famous & I'm just as pissed as he is.
tuneman45 5 meses atrás
Remember Henley is the guy who called a journalist friend of mine to scold him over his use of an Oxford comma in a story about him.
Boromir Of Middle Earth
@larry kelley you just copied Christian Bale's character in American Psycho didn't you! Awesome quote!
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan 9 meses atrás
I guarantee you’re making these musicians MORE money, because when you dissect a great song, it makes people appreciate it and want to go buy it or stream it.
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle Mês atrás
He's also making himself money, off other peoples' copyrighted songs. Why he keeps saying he works for "free" and you "only" get $1200 for a million views I don't know. $1200 is a lot of fucking money and he clearly doesn't work for free. He gets paid from the adverts (which he has a lot of), superchats during livestreams and his products. His videos have half a billion views ffs. Even if a third are demonetised, lets say he has 300 million monetised views. That's $360,000. Say he's been at it 5 years, that's over $70k/year. That being said, it should be covered by "fair use" and BRvid should reject the claims. And let them sue Rick or BRvid if they want to challenge it.
Boromir Of Middle Earth
yes exactly
LandSnipe415 7 meses atrás
Before watching Rick's vids, I didn't know of Pat Matheny or Jaco Pastorius. No I have albums of theirs and Weather Report too. Being a life long Metal head, I needed to expand and Rick explains and offers perspectives that encourage and allow the viewer to do that. Yes, musicians actually MAKE MONEY after his invaluable critiques. Thank, Rick! Hopefully, King Crimson's management and others start to realize, that other whole generations get exposed to a lot of music on You Tube and if they do realize it and wise up and think, "Hopefully, of all that music, some of it's mine.". They'll get over it.
Jan Landy
Jan Landy 7 meses atrás
One thing you’ve left out, before BRvid the Grateful Dead encouraged their fans to record their live concerts and to spread an amazing underground compilation of their music. The reason is because it built up a Grateful Dead family and their concerts sold out wherever they went.
Dave Bartholome
Dave Bartholome 11 meses atrás
When it comes to streaming, I do sympathize with the artists. Spotify (or whoever) makes money, the labels make money, and the artists pretty much get the shaft. But going after guys like Rick-who is basically praising and publicizing their music-doesn’t make any sense.
Elle O'Kitty
Elle O'Kitty 5 meses atrás
​@Julia Tutor I understand what you are saying, but if we can leave technical definitions aside for a moment, the spirit of Rick's usage is, if anything, PROMOTIONAL for these artists. He's not taking any money away from the artists. If we decided to listen to Rick Beato's 9 second sample INSTEAD of buying a King Crimson CD (Spotify etc doesn't count since it's not significant income for the artists), then I can see how it's reasonable to invoke the copyright claim as rebuke. Or if I made a "mix tape" of King Crimson's songs for my boyfriend so he wouldn't have to buy the actual CDs. Beato's videos are conversational & educational & they DO employ clips from songs, but not to the detriment of the copyright owners. These videos do no harm. They deny zero dollars from the artists.
William Norwood
William Norwood 7 meses atrás
@Julia Tutor That is bullshit. If anything Rick should be compensated for for the free marketing he gives the artist.
Bob Job
Bob Job 7 meses atrás
Julia , if you think that using 9 seconds of a song in a video that isnt being monetized is theft , you're deranged.
Bob Job
Bob Job 7 meses atrás
I don't see how you could sympathize with a rich 70 yr old crybaby.
Todd 7 meses atrás
@Julia Tutor So which label do you work for?
Jerry Taylor
Jerry Taylor 9 meses atrás
I’m 62 and I remember so well hearing songs from the 70’s and 80’s when they played everyday. Heard them hundreds of times but listening to Ricks breakdown of every part of a song is amazing. It is almost as if I’m hearing it for the first time. You really have to know what you’re doing and Rick certainly does. But what really draws me to this channel is his enthusiasm for the artists and his appreciation for their work.
Tucker Livingston
Tucker Livingston 9 meses atrás
i am a musician and i think this whole copyright infringement thing has gone waaaaay too far. And people out there abuse the system put in place for needful protection. The whole thing sickens me
Bob Job
Bob Job 7 meses atrás
These people obviously arent in it for the love of music. Pure greed. Any musician worth my respect would want people to hear their music just for the joy of it. I lost all respect for metallica over this same kind of crap. I cant even listen to their music anymore because the thought of their attitude about this stuff just disgusts me. It's one thing if you're a starving artist who is struggling to survive. But when you're a multimillionaire who is crying and sueing over people simply wanting to listen to your music but cant afford or justify paying for it, you dont deserve the fan base that you're railing against.
yes2day100 11 meses atrás
Don Henley is a very talented musician, singer and songwriter. I love his music. But he is, as David Geffen called him, "a malcontent." He's not happy unless he is unhappy.
Thomas 5 meses atrás
@Bob Job bit like you bob, starts with B and ends with ard
Bob Job
Bob Job 7 meses atrás
Pretty accurate take. But I'd use a different word to describe him. It starts with a C and ends with unt.
Thomas 8 meses atrás
@Joaquin Lezcano either way he’s more talented then you’ll ever be my friend😊
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 8 meses atrás
@Thomas You know who else was at some time the leader of one of the greatest bands in the world? Mike Love. Does that make him talented? NO!
EF86 Tubes
EF86 Tubes 8 meses atrás
@thomas….no jackass, my comment is spot on, you’re stupid. Btw get a clue. He was average at best. Uneducated dummies like you who worship these morons is what sells these albums because of….wait for it…MARKETING! Even at that it was only a few songs. Vocals suck, sings like a pig in heat, guitar playing….meh, drumming, what drummer? Eagles suck, always did and always will.
Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins 6 meses atrás
Have heard nasty things about Don Henley over the years. My husband and his brothers were all stagehands. Mostly setting up concerts, working them, then taking them down, loading trucks, ect. It’s very sad to know that most of these things they heard were very likely the truth.
sina-drums 2 anos atrás
I did a drum cover of Hotel California which was manually removed after 9M views and 4K comments. So I tried a collaboration, recording only the guitar intro and outro of the same song from scratch. That one was blocked too. Ok, I learnt my lesson, no more tribute to one of my favorite bands then. Well... Last week, I bought your ear training course, it's great, Rick :)
ASMR DadBod 7 meses atrás
Harkens back to the pmrc and frank zappa testifying years ago. Even John Denver got involved
RockMusicVideoReviewer 7 meses atrás
Don's a pecker. Went to a show a few years ago with signs every where stating NO Pictures. But then sings a new song called "Take a Picture". Never going to his show ever again.
Dave A
Dave A 8 meses atrás
What is even more ridiculous, they stole the chord progression from Jethro Tull''s "We Used To Know", got a R&R HOF For Hotel Cali, never mentioned Jethro Tull (who could have sued them, but didn't), And no mention of Jethro Tull. PS Clive Bunker is amazing on drums.
Gerry Nightingale
Gerry Nightingale 8 meses atrás
@Julia Tutor *Considering everything I answered from Beato's fans has been deleted, there's only the original 'Comment' to read, and I still stand w/what I wrote* ************* You watch a DVD and you'll see on it no 'Copying' and no playing the disc to others whether there is/is not any profit involved* *'Tube is profiting-by-proxy!* *It makes money from ads placed on vids, and the more popular the video is, the more 'premiums' to the advertisers in terms of cost to place commercial ads* *THAT'S THE PROBLEM* *'YT' is making huge profits and pays NOTHING in 'Royalties' to the originators*
Julia Tutor
Julia Tutor 8 meses atrás
@Gerry Nightingale Amen to everything you said...
Nic Johnson
Nic Johnson 10 meses atrás
I love how these Uber rich musicians that are decades past their prime still think that they “fight for the little guy “I really enjoy you Rick and enjoy your musicianship and your sense of humor and your personality and that’s more than I can say for most of those crustaceans that are blocking you
LuvBorderCollies 8 meses atrás
Same with mega millionaires fooling the poor into thinking they care about them, so they should vote them. Disgusting slime.
Jessrey Mark Solijon
Jessrey Mark Solijon 9 meses atrás
It's a sad thing that passion in music has turned into a money milking corporation. Sharing these kind of music through your content is good exposure to these people. Especially to people who are not into other genres of music.
encycl07pedia 6 meses atrás
"turned into a money milking corporation." It's not just music. Capitalism in the USA (and probably elsewhere) has failed because nearly all the people at the top are narcissistic s.c.opaths that have absolutely zero regard for consumers or quality. Everything is profit-driven and the rich aren't happy anymore with "only" earning $300M a year. They need to at least double that by any means possible.
Gary D Lloyd
Gary D Lloyd Anos atrás
Well, I've never seen Rick this mad, and his anger is 100% on target. How can people be so stupid? I've listened to music on BRvid for thousands of hours, and I've lost track of how many recordings I've bought because of these videos. I'm not going to buy a recording until I've heard it. But I've bought recordings just to support artists because I liked their work and wanted to chip in some money. People who are constantly trying to block great videos are just clueless. Rick talks about old people. I'm older than most of them, and I absolutely despise what they are doing. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!!
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
Where were you buying these recordings you mention of?
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 11 meses atrás
I enjoy watching Rick respond to music even more than content he provides. He was running HOT. Did you see his bouncing twitch at the beginning? Seeker of the Truth!
Malachi2020 Anos atrás
Gotta admire a guy who can be that frustrated and not drop one single F bomb when expressing it. I call that class.
Dana Thurston
Dana Thurston 11 meses atrás
We had a very influential radio station in Boston, WBCN, and they went on an anti Henly campaign...apparently Don Henly (a big advocate for the local Walden Pond Project) sued a local group of learning disabled kids who made a CD to raise money for their cause. The CD was titled EAGLES. Mind you, this was a bunch of severely limited kids selling 2 dollar CDs at bake sales in Medford.... Don the Hen had a bird and took it away from them. The Eagles, Henly in particular lost greater Boston forever, these people don't forget!
Ms Mars
Ms Mars 8 meses atrás
@ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ LOL!
Ms Mars
Ms Mars 8 meses atrás
Marie-Claude Dupuis
Marie-Claude Dupuis 8 meses atrás
Whoaa! Do you happen to have any links on this story of the disabled kids?
Dan W
Dan W 8 meses atrás
@La Verdad No the Philadelphia Eagles. Established July 8, 1933, had the name first. So as you can see when the Eagles first formed there was no big deal about using the band using the name. It seems this country is so damn touchy about who or what because of this or that. Or because you have to be politically correct or in this case, it's about greed.
Bert Newton
Bert Newton 8 meses atrás
@ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ lmfao
Gary Schultz
Gary Schultz 2 anos atrás
"What makes this song great" is an opportunity to create a new audience, not a drain, Don. Fire your 60 henchmen, and move into the 21st century.
John York
John York 11 meses atrás
Anthony Metcalf
Anthony Metcalf Anos atrás
Plot twist: He moves into the 21st century but becomes Schizoid Man
Cori Ander
Cori Ander 2 anos atrás
@Dragon's Red It's like, everyone's trying to steal my weed, man! And my songs...because I have such great sh@t!
Cori Ander
Cori Ander 2 anos atrás
@bongo155 So should Rick be getting a Sync License, would that appease everyone, do you think? Is this a base that needs to be covered? How much would that cost?
Cyrus Freeman
Cyrus Freeman 2 anos atrás
THose 60 people could be promoting music on social media. You know, GROWING the audience!
William Bowling
William Bowling Anos atrás
Rick, you dont get paid for your videos. I cant tell you how helpful you are. When we get older we like to share what we know and give back. What you do is so appreciated and so needed. You made music theory fun. That's a great teacher. So much fun to watch and thank you for what you do.
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh 11 meses atrás
Rick, you are a passionate genius and an incredibly effective teacher. The music industry should recognize people like you for your immense public services. Keep up the amazing work of probing and pulling back the veil on the music.
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
What part of copyright infractions don't you understand
Ben Finesilver
Ben Finesilver Anos atrás
There's 1.5k dislikes of this video, yet not a single explanation as to why. Methinks the Don Henley team has been working overtime lol.
Tanya Engesser
Tanya Engesser 8 meses atrás
@graafisk I think Rick might have access to some of those user demographics you talk about, as I think it was the young man over on Technology Connections that once made reference to such stats on one of his videos
graafisk 8 meses atrás
For better or worse, BRvid has removed the numbers on dislikes. Personally, I'd prefer to know the statistics. I've be even happier if BRvid would break down the opinions into user demographics (professional vs amateur) - and they SO could!
Stormy Day
Stormy Day 8 meses atrás
The industry has trees and branches and much of if relies on when people F up. The d*cks that blocked the video get paid for what they do. Without that, they don’t, and they don’t care about anything, like that’s it’s for educational purposes. They just do not GAF. If they stop doing that, their business dies. So destruction of the whole music business from the big companies to bottom feeders like these guys Rick is referring to, need to all be put out of business. Rights management for sure. People need to start their own publishing companies, their own music companies, marketing efforts, etc. it was going that way in the early noughts, but somehow the bloodsuckers revamped themselves and kept their control. It’s an industry that is not needed in this world, self-propagating and highly evil in intent.
Todd Southgate
Todd Southgate Anos atrás
I honestly don't know how what Rick does, doesn't fall under FAIR USE? or FAIR COMMENT? I enjoy Rick's channel, I love that he invites an old friend of mine from Canada once and a while to play some guitar. It must be frustrating to work for the benefit of many, only to be stopped by the arrogance and greed of a few.
Silverbugle2005 2 anos atrás
Rick, your "What Makes This Song Great" is some of the best content on BRvid. Period! These idiots should be paying YOU for free advertising for their music that is NO LONGER RELEVANT! They should be thankful to you for introducing a younger generation to some great music from years gone by. Are kids today really going out and purchasing any of the Eagles music anymore? I think probable not! But they would certainly be more inclined to give it a try after watching you break it down on "What Makes This Song Great"!
Alex Font
Alex Font 2 anos atrás
Agreed ! Rick does top quality education.
Kim Aragon Escobar
Kim Aragon Escobar 2 anos atrás
Agreed mate!!! Some of the music that I love to listen now-a-days I found in the "what makes this song great"....
Fix It Again Tony
Fix It Again Tony 2 anos atrás
Exactly. What Rick does is free promotion. He is here literally telling the world about how GREAT this music is. You think people are only going to listen to the excerpts in his videos if they like the music. Hell no. They are going to jump on Amazon and buy the album and them check tour dates. This is what the record companies can't understand. They all freaked out after Napster and now all digital content is bad.
Kenneth Schultz
Kenneth Schultz 2 anos atrás
King Crimson only true fans know who they r. They should be happy that 2 generations after their debut Rick is reintroducing them to the youth of today.
XQCmoi 10 meses atrás
This rough, unedited episode is as good and charming and enjoyable as all the others. And concerning mr Henley: I don't get paid for what I've done 50 years ago. Tell me Mr Henley, why you should. I tell you, there is no right, there's just an opportunity. An opportunity you even didn't create yourself, but some guy called mr Edison who invented how to record sound. But if you still think you are entitled to, don't you think a road worker should be paid for the road he made 50 years ago, because you and your sixty employees are still walking on it?
Bob Job
Bob Job 7 meses atrás
What a wonderful take on this. Much respect. Some of these old dirtbag millionaire musicians are about the most entitled people on the planet. Its disgusting. You can be damn sure I'll never be spending any of my money on the likes of the eagles or Metallica or any of these copyright claiming crybabys. Even if their music was worth paying for to begin with.
Fiona Ross
Fiona Ross 8 meses atrás
Brilliant analogy
Norberto Salazar
Norberto Salazar 8 meses atrás
60 people in the payroll helps reduce the unemployment problem.
LuvBorderCollies 8 meses atrás
Interesting point! 👍
Shadow Rides (Kevin)
Shadow Rides (Kevin) 8 meses atrás
I had someone file a copyright claim against me of a recording I made of a concert at a local mall where my mother was singing from 1976. I appealed and won. She was singing "I Don't Know How to Love Him " from Jesus Christ Superstar. The band playing at the time was a all Accordion orchestra from a studio that I took lessons from and they knew I was recording it.
Marc E Marc
Marc E Marc 9 meses atrás
What really gets me is it falls in fair use. You took the smallest amount necessary and did commentary on it creating a whole new aspect of entertainment that is minimally reliant on the source. It’s fair use at the core.
Dwight Voeks
Dwight Voeks 10 meses atrás
Your videos and others that break down music into it's components actually allow me to discover reasons to appreciate artists that I was never drawn to before. If anything you should be paid for your promotion and championing of their music, IMHO. Each day I tune in I find new musical discoveries and appreciate. This turns into new sales for the artists. It's a no brainer.
Brennan Patrick
Brennan Patrick 2 anos atrás
Rick, literally EVERYBODY that watches even one of your videos, loves you. I hope you know that. I’m a forever subscriber. You make the most entertaining, educational videos for musicians (and music fans) on BRvid, period. Keep doing what you’re doing and people will keep discovering you and following. THANK YOU for being YOU!
Tiago 101
Tiago 101 8 meses atrás
"In 2012, Don Henley was estimated to be the fourth-wealthiest drummer in the world ... with a $200 million fortune." Isn't that enough and can't he just let people enjoy his music for free after half a century?
Default Name
Default Name 2 meses atrás
Not sure why how much money you make entitles others to take your work? We’d never say that about a poor person… and the truth must always apply across the board. However, I can’t see why someone so rich wouldn’t mind a 9 second clip being played. But hey, I’m not greedy.
Al Greaves
Al Greaves 2 meses atrás
You're a damn fine human being, Rick. And an upstanding, unselfish, incredibly gifted musician and you have helped me to move my own guitar playing towards a much more pleasing experience for myself. And I thank you from the depths of my heart.
patty7beth Anos atrás
Don Henley may - MAY- be starting to wise up. He's let Fil Henley analyze Hotel California. I wonder if Fleetwood Mac's experience recently influenced him. A Tik Tok guy did a selfie video of him skateboarding to "Dreams." The result? His video went viral, & Fleetwood Mac hit #1 with the song again - 40 years after it was last on the charts. The kids who made that video go viral - & then went & bought the song - largely had no clue who Fleetwood Mac was. They don't know the Eagles. Influencers like Beato & Fil Henley introduce this music to many who would NEVER have bought it otherwise. Watch all the young black people reacting in amazement to Hotel California - never did they ever listen to Eagles on radio or purchase their music. If established older artists want thriving catalog sales, they need to look at this issue from a new angle.
giovanni spinotti
giovanni spinotti Anos atrás
My first introduction to this business was in the '90s as a runner at the Record Plant. Don Henley was in session, he was backed by a Major and spent a shitload of money and time in the studio to produce an album nobody listened to. One thing I remember: everybody at the studio hated him because he behaved literally like an entitled ass***e.
imCurveee 2 anos atrás
Rick, I think its time to make a "Top 20 most notorious blockers" list.
Bassman 71
Bassman 71 8 meses atrás
Yes!!!!! I will block all those schmuck “artists!”
Marko Hofschneider Official
@Ryplay Of course they are #1. If they don't want us to promote their songs and give them credit for their songs, then they will soon be forgotten. Honestly, they would have broken up for good again and never tour again following Glenn Frey's death in 2016. His son should focus on his solo career
Ryplay 9 meses atrás
@coolramone 2 members (besides Henley) that were in the band before the 14 year hiatus
Ryplay 9 meses atrás
@coolramone Joe Walsh is still in the band, and Timothy B, Schmit is still in the band. So, besides Henley, 2 members are still in the band
coolramone 9 meses atrás
@Ryplay How many eagles are left? Besides Henley.
MerkinMuffly Anos atrás
This is very unfortunate, Robert Fripp should take notice and not allow this travesty to happen, I've been wondering why Rick never talks about King Crimson, now I know, pathetic.
GuitarLessonsNow! 8 meses atrás
Keep going Rick, you’re entertaining and relevant, whereas some of these dinosaurs don’t have any positive contributions to make to the musical community anymore, unfortunately.
Brian 3 dias atrás
I made a song of total silence. When you have quiet seconds between songs, you are using my art, pay me royalties for sounds of silence.
Gerald Frieberg
Gerald Frieberg 8 meses atrás
Hang in there, bro. You are ENORMOUSLY important to literally thousands of musicians out there who admire what you do ! You have POSITIVELY affected a lot of lives of many talented musicians. KEEP DOING what YOU'RE DOING. A huge fan: -Frieberg, Ohio
Francisco Fernandez
Francisco Fernandez 2 anos atrás
I just have to comment on this again. This is directly to Rick: Don't let these idiots kill your inner fire, you are a great musician, transcriber, interpreter. People LOVE what you do. Keep it up, we'll keep subscribing and supporting. These fools blocking your videos want to keep their music alive but have no clue how to go about it.
BLFulle 10 meses atrás
I'll bet 98% of the people who watch your videos have never heard of King Crimson. You were doing them a favor.
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence 4 meses atrás
I’ve never heard of them.
BLFulle 7 meses atrás
@sqidlididli I think it could be as high as 99%.
sqidlididli 7 meses atrás
Je n,Irais pas jusqu'à là
Erik Ivraeus
Erik Ivraeus 8 meses atrás
What? Really? .... you promote these songs, you explain the greatness in these songs, you tell the story behind those ..... They should pay you ! Did Sting, Brian May, Al di Meola and Steve Vai complain that you playing their songs ? No, they love what you´re doing. Keep it up, Rick !
Zach Cummings
Zach Cummings 7 meses atrás
Rick, I only recently started watching your videos. Since then, I've learned of the existence of artists and bands I'd never heard of - some of which have apparently filed takedown notices against you. I would think that it would be highly beneficial for any artist or band to expand their audience; if not for the financial incentives alone then for the love of the art and trying to get it in front of as many people as possible. How arrogant must someone be to assume that they are so famous that building their profile and pushing their music to new groups is unnecessary. Is it arrogance, laziness, or greed? Honestly, I don't think I'm interested in hearing their music -- after filing a takedown notice over a 9 second clip -- it's such a petty move -- how can that not color their music for me?
Arturo 6 meses atrás
One of the great moments in Beato history, playing the video on his phone of Don Henley endlessly whining in anger about BRvidrs promoting his music... God, Henley is one of the great songwriters and lyricists of the modern era, and also a horrid human being. That dicotomy is really sad.
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 2 anos atrás
The part that gets me about this is that all these videos do is promote the music. I watch Razorfist's Metal Mythos videos. Because of his videos, I went from 4 metal albums to 67. I spent hundreds of dollars on music I'd otherwise have never bought. Because of Rick's Toto video about Rosanna, I finally got that album and it's one of my favorites. I don't see how a few seconds of a song being played is this massive violation when the end result will likely be someone buying that song, the album, or, if they're a completionist like me, the musician's entire catalogue. They're hurting their own cause by blocking content.
michael brandt
michael brandt Anos atrás
Why waste money on albums when you can download it for free ? And no, i don´t use YTD.
Bro' Dinieghi
Bro' Dinieghi Anos atrás
true, a bunch of "old" guys really too slow acting to manage anything today, in the " era of fluid entropy " or "never before period ". All can change from root in months and people often cannot be mentally resilient and surf or glide frame by frame and not like they do, preserving fortress. pls xcuse my english
Nostailigic Anos atrás
@Adam Payne EXACTLY. Henley needs Rick, more than Rick needs Henley at this point. F-U Henley!!
hognof Anos atrás
Did you know Herve works in AI? Just want to make sure everyone else knows that
Glenn Henry
Glenn Henry Anos atrás
You could not be more correct. If those idiots would realize it is further promotion for their songs, groups that in turn sell more records, CD's, tunes. Geezze they are shooting themselves in the foot.
Charlie Gerndt
Charlie Gerndt 9 meses atrás
Rick, I totally agree with your analysis of this situation. I understand that these artists started with nothing, but those days have changed. These artists who charge over $400 a ticket to see them are also unrealistic. If Don Henley has to worry about $1200 then he should be really mad at his accountants, because he obviously doesn’t think he has enough.
TightLeather023 9 meses atrás
Rick, you rule. They are screwing themselves. You're telling people about music that people maybe haven't been exposed to.
C. Nielsen
C. Nielsen Anos atrás
No, you’re the best, Rick! Nobody does it like you. I’m a hopeless guitar player, but just purchased your Beato Book as a show of support. Suck on that Henley. 🤣 Keep on rockin it, bro!
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
I'm curious why you would say as a grown man "suck on that Henley" do you also dislike Paul McCartney Gene Simmons Mick Jagger and so on and so on? And a little too old to use the word bro
Paul Manson
Paul Manson Anos atrás
Mr. Beato, you are amazing. I was introduced to you about two years ago, and I have to say that you videos are so compelling that I end up sitting in front of my computer until the wee hours of the morning watching. Often, you introduce me to songs or bands that I don't know and I end up buying their songs or records through various sources. I just can't get my head around the fact that these musicians are blocking you from promoting and glorifying their music......FOR FREE!!! Do they not see the big picture? You are essentially a free advertising agency for them and they are bitching about it. Makes no sense to me.
Chris Barton
Chris Barton Anos atrás
Don Henley has no idea how much money people like me have spent on albums and singles PURELY off the back of videos like Ricks, which bring so much music to people who otherwise wouldn’t know it exists. By my reckoning, Don owes Rick.
jay Music
jay Music 8 meses atrás
@ROCKYPLAYA Hey playa you always like your own comments? You're pathetic!!!
ROCKYPLAYA 8 meses atrás
@jay Music Yeaaaaah you're a looney.
jay Music
jay Music 8 meses atrás
@ROCKYPLAYA I actually am thank you. You're too nice! Hope you take my advice on seeing someone about....well you know. I had a close friend who showed the same signs you're showing that's why I was concerned. Good day ma'am
ROCKYPLAYA 9 meses atrás
@jay Music Damn you're hilarious!
jay Music
jay Music 9 meses atrás
@ROCKYPLAYA you should be more concerned about why you would take the time to comment on my posts. Whatever is wrong with you just concentrate on getting better.
Chris F
Chris F 9 meses atrás
I thoroughly enjoy what you do for your listeners. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
orbitring Anos atrás
Rick . . .Your value to people learning in the music business and your personal knowledge in your music experience is sensational. I have played the guitar and I haver a very, good voice [vocals] (as I have been singing since I was 5 years of age). Keep teaching the public, as your "touch" is wonderful in your contribution to music and mood of people.
Pierre Biset
Pierre Biset 10 meses atrás
This is crazy. I love music and I'm going to listen to King Crimson for the first time because of this Video. When are these old farts going to learn that you are actually helping them sell their product. Without people like you the music these old farts made 40 years ago will die slowly. They should be paying you instead!
mprime6807 11 meses atrás
Love your channel and your passion behind it, Rick. Because of the way these greedy narcissists have treated you and others like you I refuse to put any money in their coffers. It's so ignorant that they continue to squeeze the very people that promote them for free.
Immanuel Can
Immanuel Can 2 anos atrás
Rick: I discovered you by accident. But I have friends in "the industry" who tell me you're "the real deal." I agree. I enjoy what you do. You're not only a musician, but you're a natural teacher as well. People should leave you alone to do what you do. Keep doing it.
Immanuel Can
Immanuel Can 2 anos atrás
@MarcosElMalo2 Well, he just also seems a very nice, personable guy. He genuinely likes what he's doing, and makes it impossible for watchers not to like it too.
MarcosElMalo2 2 anos atrás
Immanuel Can Rick does this very difficult thing of appealing to both the layperson and the expert at the same time, while boring neither. For the layperson, one of his videos might be like a music appreciation course, giving the viewer a next level of understanding of what makes a song great. The very same video provides deeper analysis that gives insights to the trained musician exploring her or his craft. A lot of Rick’s analysis goes over my head when he gets into musical theory, yet he’s never boring. I suspect that Rick’s ability to engage and appeal to all levels comes from decades of teaching experience.
Johnny C
Johnny C Anos atrás
From Midnight last night I started watching your "Top 20" videos till 7 this morning. I learned a lot from you about music, bands that I have never came across. It's very frustrating when we can't hear some songs properly. Keep your chin up ol' chap, you have a lot fans here.
Vimla Prabhakar
Vimla Prabhakar 7 meses atrás
You are doing great Rick for the music lovers, unique and a genius!. I've been following you over the last two years. Quite interesting and fascinating to know about what goes behind making of great music. Felt really surprised at the reasons why your videos are blocked. Guess they are the losers!
mikhailv67 10 meses atrás
The musicians and management companies that block Ric are truly taking gun to their feet. Ric has got my music interest started all over again and his analysis of music is the best music lesson you’ll ever get.
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle Mês atrás
Blame BRvid for not standing up to their claims. Rick is clearly covered by fair use, his channel is literally educational and he only plays snippet of the songs.
Lee Offender
Lee Offender 9 meses atrás
Dylan's the one who kills me. Remembering back when anybody could do a dylan song and it not only carried no offense, but purportedly flattered him. Now, he's as much an ham fisted money grubbing corporate exec as the worst examples.
Jamway of Aiken-Augusta rock band
Sad to see such a talented Giant prove to his own fans that Don Felder was correct about the greed.
Kit Darcy
Kit Darcy Anos atrás
What "Just some Guy" said. Who would reject Free Advertising? Some musicians are so anal they are blind to what is happening here. I have bought so much music because I like some rift I got a sniff of and wondered how the whole album went. I guess critical thinking is in short supply now days...
Jeff Duggan
Jeff Duggan 11 meses atrás
Imagine being in the band with Don. What a nightmare. Read Don Felder's book.
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
So because something is written down it's true? you probably believe in the Bible too
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
I would love to be in a band with Don Henley regardless of his shortcomings which we all have. Being in a band with an amazing musician like him and becoming rich why wouldn't anybody want that who is a musician?
Chris Zwolinski
Chris Zwolinski 7 meses atrás
Rick, Thank you for all you try to do. I find you top 20 videos entertaining and educational. I find it very hard to believe that you are being blocked when you are giving these bands free advertising. I’m sorry for the hassles these greedy groups put you through.
Jack Palazzolo
Jack Palazzolo 10 meses atrás
Bottom line Rick. I can live without the Eagles. Can’t live without your videos. Monetary reward aside, you win. Count me in for your fees, dude. Your stuff is brilliant.
maxthomas78 2 anos atrás
Aren’t they missing the point? A lot of these bands stopped being relevant a long time ago. Your videos actually promote and encourage people to seek them out. I turned your Top 20 ballads and solos videos into playlists on Apple Music. I’m now listening to stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have.
John Athanasiou
John Athanasiou 2 anos atrás
God bless you maxthomas78!. These bands will continue to be irrelevant, no matter how good their music is simply because of terrible, short sighted content blocking policy of screwing over content creators like Rick who are not just giving them free advertising of their music but also introducing a whole new generation to it. The other day at the supermarket I heard a kid humming "Angie" by the Rolling Stones & I asked them where they had heard that song. Imagine my shock when they replied "From Rick Beato, boomer....get with it man" even though I'm an X gen pmsl
CHOCOLATE BLEU 2 anos atrás
Praise you Science the power of the internet! Awesome to hear.
j freed
j freed 2 anos atrás
There are some really good bands that"aren't relevant" for four decades while still I believe musicians and music fans could get something out of listening to them, if they only knew the bands existed… for example, I didn't use know who Grand Funk Railroad were. I only discovered The Meters in 1992 because of RHCP.
Julie Costello
Julie Costello Anos atrás
You keep on teaching Beato! Don't worry about it, we love your videos. Although back in the day you weren't so promotional with your stuffs. Just saying 😊
Not Applicable
Not Applicable Anos atrás
Hey Rick isn't it also true that once you bought an album you're not really paying for the plastic it's printed on but the rights to listen to that music? And wouldn't that be for life? If so bands like the eagles really don't have anything to complain about considering I've already paid for that right 3 or 4 times, over the years. I mean I'm almost 53 years old now I started out buying albums on 8-track then records then tapes then CDs. I agree with you 100%. I don't think Don Henley or any of these superstar musicians have anything to bitch about either
taistyveg Anos atrás
Hi Ric. Love the channel and the content. Since watching you I’ve bought several single songs and a couple of albums off the back of what you’re doing. Surely this is the modern way to get content out of the back of the cupboard and out into the real world. Plus the record companies can see profit for them and the artists they represent from your and other BRvid posts👍 Keep the content coming. Lovin your work 👍👍👍
Johnston Lowry
Johnston Lowry Anos atrás
I guess the problem is that there is so much abuse of copyright. It may be a lawyer or company, not the artist. I concur that context is what matters in this sort of reportage and there are a strikingly large amount of people and organisations that lack discretion which is what lies at the heart of all good enforcement. I'm enjoying it regardless.
denadear 2 anos atrás
Rick, I feel your pain, man. I literally had a video slideshow of my family's trips when we lived in Italy. I do not make money at all for these videos and I posted the video for friends and family who weren't there and I put songs that were reminiscent of my time and they were very meaningful to my experience. I literally have SIX, if that, subscribers (family) and maybe over 100 views only (mostly me just reliving my time there). The first one demonetized, like it even mattered. The second one they completely removed claiming copyright. I can't even play it. I can't even SEE it! I made it on an old laptop. I can't even get it back. And for what exactly? I bought the damn song on my ipod originally. It is bullshit. These people make enough money to live comfortably the rest of their lives and I am just trying to make memories for us. So damn stupid!
Paul Carr
Paul Carr Anos atrás
Rick keep doing what your doing man. I love your channel.
Prism on the the horizon
Wherever possible I always go to the artist's channel as we need to support our musicians! What your channel does Rick is puts those musicians in our minds, I often go straight to listen to a couple of the artists as I might not have listened to them for a while, usually I've already bought a CD but I strongly endorse supporting our musicians because they deserve to be compensated for the work they do. We have to support music!
Michael Brenton
Michael Brenton Anos atrás
I agree 100 % with you Rick! You are one of my favorite guitarist Rick. Something needs to done about this. Way to go Rick. Hendley, Metallica, & many others are terrible people man!
BJ Perrett
BJ Perrett Anos atrás
Awesome material, Rick. Stay the course, buddy,.... you're doing great & spreading the wealth (knowledge of music). SF, BJ
Steve Silver
Steve Silver 2 anos atrás
Thank you for all you do, Rick. A couple of thoughts after watching this: -- Where is Don Henley getting those numbers? And out of those "billions" of uploads, does he differentiate those that are fair use and those that are not? Does he even acknowledge the fair use doctrine in copyright law? -- I know you think your testimony won't make a difference, but I disagree. You have credentials as a musician, a producer, an educator, and a social media influencer. You have over a million subscribers, something that most senators can't claim. You have over 35 years of experience in the industry. What you say is important -- otherwise, they wouldn't have called you to testify. These are the people who make laws and set policy. If you think those who testify have no influence on politicians, please look up Fred Rogers and his testimony in the late 60's defending public television from proposed budget cuts. He almost singlehandedly was able to convince the chairman to change his mind through his power of persuasion. What you have to say is important for the country to hear. It is tempting to be cynical, but I do believe that individuals can bring change given the right circumstances. We are with you.
briteppr62 2 anos atrás
Where is Don Henley getting those numbers, indeed!
Semaj_502 2 anos atrás
100% Agree with this
No_peaches_808 2 anos atrás
hope rick sees this
Benn M
Benn M 2 anos atrás
Rick, hope you take this to heart.
jeff2235 2 anos atrás
Damn, that was inspiring! Well said too!
Miramar Gustofson
Miramar Gustofson Anos atrás
Mr. Beato's demeanor, incredulousness, and good humor is the stuff of Dad's that everyone wishes they had.
Miramar Gustofson
Miramar Gustofson 11 meses atrás
@jay Music not my best (shrug)
jay Music
jay Music Anos atrás
What a stupid remark
SMR 10 meses atrás
I like your channel and watch it regularly, but this video was done when you were angry, and so we see the poor preparation and rambling arguments. I for one think copyright holders have every right to protect their creations.
Jackie Scum
Jackie Scum 7 meses atrás
Not only that he’s ranting about censorship and he tells his sidekick to ban somebody in the chat. Quite hypocritical isn’t it.
Dan Halstead
Dan Halstead 11 meses atrás
I understand artists going after imitators and others trying to leverage their music for profit or rip them off without paying royalties. I don't understand them going after non-monetized videos just praising their work. There must be an easier way to distinguish between the two. And Mr. Henley paying 60 people a week to stifle his own publicity is pretty insane.
Mk Mclachlan
Mk Mclachlan 11 meses atrás
As someone who rushed out to buy albums after watching your videos, you bring artist's music to a million more people as free advertising for the artists...this is the music machine wanting to control their slice in an extremely shortsighted manner.
curiousnomad 2 anos atrás
I can’t tell you how much music outside of my usual realm that I’ve come to appreciate ( and buy) because of Rick’s videos. The artists should realize his educational aspects and musicological aspects FAR outweigh the small snippets of the songs posted. He’s not stealing, he’s telling the world LOOK HOW GREAT THIS SONG OR ARTIST IS!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 anos atrás
Absolutely. Rick is sharing his love and knowledge of music with the world, and these poor millionaires just can't help but try and stifle all that because they're seeing a tiny dip in revenue or whatever. The dinosaurs will all be dead eventually.
Kyle P
Kyle P 2 anos atrás
Im a metalhead and I love the Chainsmokers now. Go figure.
Mr Bob
Mr Bob Anos atrás
Henley is like the crazy old neighbour that watches through the window and curses at the world going by 😜
workablob 7 meses atrás
You are a national treasure, Rick. Just talk to the camera more :)
Stormeyworld Anos atrás
You would think they would appreciate being promoted! I have found lots of great music because of watching videos like yours. It sucks that they have blocked a lot of your videos. I can understand that they might be upset because a lot of their music is being downloaded for free but at the same time they are being heard for the first time by many young people that haven't had the chance of listening to their music before because they weren't born yet, were too young or hadn't discovered a certain genre of music. BRvid needs to do something about this problem because I think it's just going to turn off a lot of BRvid creators that actually enjoy making these song reaction/music review videos.
Warship From Elsewhere
Warship From Elsewhere 8 meses atrás
I know this is old but these “management companies” are actually doing their artists a disservice. Infringement would generally mean that one is “taking profit away from” another. Anyone want to find the person that heard a 9 second clip of XYZ and figured they would NOT buy or find the entire song, and instead continuously replay the 9 seconds of a 10 minute video?? NOW, how many, myself included, have heard a 9 second clip, and immediately had to go find the actual song?! How many of us now play songs we’ve never heard before by artist that have since fallen into obscurity? Heard a bass line on a “10 best” video, from “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter… maybe single-handedly responsible for my love affair with the bass. Come to find out the song is about Bud Dwyer’s suicide, from from Harrisburg PA, of which I saw live on TV when it happened because it was a snow day off from school. If not for people like Rick and the like here, spending hours upon hours to bring these artists to the masses, FOR FREE, then where would they really be right now?? The reality here is the management companies are grossly misunderstanding the “Zeitgeist” of the time and actually costing their clients money and FREE EXPOSURE to MILLIONS that they would NEVER be able to reach on their own. Ask more modern artist, 50 Cent for example, that actually leak their own debuts and find ways to for their music to get “shared” because they understand exposure is exposure and blocking these videos only cuts their own throats, ya know, since no one is deciding to rock 9 second clips vs finding the actual recording and being introduced to something they otherwise would not. Fight the good fight Rick! And greatly appreciate all your work and dedication, and trust me, YOU are making these guys way more money than their management companies taking their money to hire… let’s say, 60 people to sit in a rooms and completely stifle their exposure instead.
Bradelina Gomez
Bradelina Gomez Anos atrás
Rick, you're doing these musicians a favor, not just promoting their work, but revealing the genius of their work that novices like me would never grasp. You analyze at a level that even should I study music theory I will never understand in the way I do watching your videos. All of your work is inaccessible by artists. Nobody is doing the work FOR THEM that you do, and your doing it for free. Love you man! You are freakin awesome. Their mgmt is damaging the artists interests, not protecting them.
Frieda Bokorny
Frieda Bokorny 3 meses atrás
Haha! And that from the guys who stole their greatest hit from Jethro Tull while beeing only the warm-up.
Kenton Kruger
Kenton Kruger 4 meses atrás
Yeah I fully get artists being pissed off at the BRvidrs who simply press play on a video, bob their heads up and down while the song plays all the way through, then say "I like it, it was good. Like and subscribe!". Repeat. But this channel is nothing like that.
Boromir Of Middle Earth
jay Music
jay Music 7 meses atrás
@Greg Henderson you made it easy
Greg Henderson
Greg Henderson 7 meses atrás
@jay Music good one 👍
Brucellosis 9 meses atrás
They should be paying YOU for your promotion of their music!
Wolfgang1782 11 meses atrás
It’s always about money, not about the skills and knowledge that it takes to create a channel that is consistently informative and stimulating. I would have thought that by the time it takes someone to attain a million subscribers, BRvid would take up the fight themselves on balance of quality content.
Danny Sartain
Danny Sartain 9 meses atrás
Thank you Rick for what you do. I enjoy all your videos. And I've learned a lot about guitar because of you.
David Kenneth
David Kenneth 9 meses atrás
Sorry to hear these things are happening Rick I like you and your input .thank-you!
SixtyNine Tele
SixtyNine Tele 2 anos atrás
I’m convinced if Don Henley walked into a restaurant or a pub and heard a starving artist play an Eagles tune he would sue them.
I9s7lam5is S3tu1pid
I9s7lam5is S3tu1pid 9 meses atrás
No doubt. No doubt.
sound guy
sound guy Anos atrás
ASCAP & bmi surely would !
Steven Heath
Steven Heath Anos atrás
And the Restaurant probably wouldn’t charge him for Dinner cause he’s Don F$&king Henley and anyway Felder wrote Hotel California which is their most famous song
Michael Meichtry
Michael Meichtry Anos atrás
@Jean-Claude Arsenault Yes - Hotel California played nonstop on the radio for decades. Whenever that tune comes around I curse myself for not leaving the house carrying earplugs.
Zibbe Zabba
Zibbe Zabba Anos atrás
I'm convinced that Don Henley (and all the other mega status musicians) played covers at some point in their careers without the hassle of being sued. These people are greedy to the core. They get to the top and pull the ladder up after them.
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Anos atrás
Hi Rik, Alison and Terry here in the UK, we really appreciate your time and skills with your videos, Please continue as you are an inspiration to us. You teach us so much and we feel your passion for music.
Marilyn Manord
Marilyn Manord Anos atrás
Thank you Rick. I appreciate what you do. I live on a very, very, tight budget. Otherwise I would LOVE to have access to all your stuff!
Mike Henson
Mike Henson 8 meses atrás
What's rediculous is the fact these so called "artist" have the funds to pay people to sit and watch for somebody using they're music, when they've already gotten filthy rich off of it, all because they're scared to death you or anyone might make a few hundred off their product for simply promoting and praising their work. They deserve to be forgotten.
Heiko Säle
Heiko Säle Anos atrás
I was doing a lot of live streams with classical musicians last year. They were playing classical pieces from baroque to the 19 hundreds, nothing newer than that. The artists were visible on screen the whole time playing these pieces, the recording setup was okay but not super professional, nothing like a commercial CD recording. Almost every single piece in these live streams was claimed by record companies, mostly Universal. I objected to all these claims, all my objections were denied with a pre-formatted answer that basically said "we asked the copyright owner and they said you're lying" (I'm paraphrasing). It's absolutely ridiculous!
John Baker
John Baker 2 anos atrás
What the music industry fails to realise is that videos like Rick's introduce artists that many may not have heard about or have forgotten them. The music industry should look at it as free advertising for their artists. I have been listening to Rock music for over 55 years and I find it sad that many of my favourite bands block their music being heard. Keep going Rick - may not always agree with your choices, but boy it is great to watch your videos !!
Luciano Luisi
Luciano Luisi 11 meses atrás
Bravo Rick,you are making a wonderful service to culture helping people to discover what’s inside a good piece of Music and more ,L Bernstein did it wonderfully for classical music a long long time ago .what you are doing is not only very helpful is necessary!!! Forget (or forgive..) them and keep going!💪💪💪
jay Music
jay Music 11 meses atrás
Boy I hope you're not comparing Leonard Bernstein to Ricks BRvid channel
Jim Munhall
Jim Munhall 10 meses atrás
Rick, I love you man. It’s pathetic what some of these people whine about. I appreciate you and now after seeing this I’ll support you even more. You stated my true feelings about this and I’m not even a You Tuber except for a watcher and supporter.
Paul Sarran
Paul Sarran 9 meses atrás
Rick, your channel is awesome! You are such an inspiration, and it is clear that you have a great love of music. That is what I like about your channel. Sad that Don Henley doesn't feel like he's made enough money with his music. Probably made millions. Most of us have not. But I'm happy with what I have done.
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson 9 meses atrás
The greed of Dom Hembly and the Sneagles is incredible. Years ago, when they went on their first big comeback or retirement tour, or whatever it was, I thought it would be fun to go, till I found out tickets were over 100 bucks for nosebleed seats. I'm surprised they didn't send someone around to unplug our amps when we did a Sneagles cover in local clubs. We dropped their tunes anyway - plenty others to do.
Richard Willford
Richard Willford 8 meses atrás
Well, ahead of the same tour, apparently they put Joe Walsh on a contract as an employed musician. Gotta slim the costs and maximize the amount of bucks to be made! Let's hope Don was able to buy a few more cars for his many homes, and that Glenn Frey could take all his money with him to heaven!
Metric Deep
Metric Deep 2 anos atrás
I bet there was a time when Don Henley was thrilled that anyone bothered to give his music a listen.
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 10 meses atrás
Rick, you do a brilliant job. Pay no attention to the detractors. You’re just wonderful.
Pete Klimek
Pete Klimek 11 meses atrás
You are so positive in your amazing reviews of music. Please stop wasting time and energy on this. You are way BETTER than Mickey Mouse 'politics'...
Jean Bakula
Jean Bakula Anos atrás
A lot of these artists should be glad you take the time to introduce young people to the great music we were used to back in the 70s and more. Love your videos, Rick. Keep on keeping on!
InventorZahran Anos atrás
If I was a professional musician, I would be honored to have someone as knowledgable as Rick analyzing my music. And besides, any amount of exposure is essentially free advertising!
Mia Hess Music
Mia Hess Music 9 meses atrás
Thank you, Rick!! I will never buy another Eagles album, and I'll tell people to throw theirs away. I hope their bundles of dough will make them happy. Covering a song to me, is an honor! Just say it's an Eagles song; give themn credit. Selfish and stupid and short-sighted.
Craig T
Craig T 8 meses atrás
Rick We love you and love your videos One day I hope to buy all the educational products you make and join the your club you and your content are a no brainer To support you I have learned so much from you and your guests I look forward to seeing everyone of your videos Please don’t let the Turkeys get you down Look at all the people you’ve exposed to great artist and groups that were big and still are a new generations find out about them by watching your content Bravo 👏🏻 Best wishes always from Las Vegas Craig A huge fan of yours This video is 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Out of 5 Thank you 🙏 Rick and your crew
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